Thursday, July 17, 2008

Teeny red shorts.

While weighing the weight issue (wtf) with Jaclyn...

Jac telling me that her mom offered her monetary rewards if she loses weight (as if she even needs to! -_-):
hui wen- -I sold my soul for soles says:
hui wen- -I sold my soul for soles says:
but even if mine gives me money to lose weight
hui wen- -I sold my soul for soles says:
it wont work
hui wen- -I sold my soul for soles says:
i rather eat
hui wen- -I sold my soul for soles says:
and bluff her that i become slimmer alrdy
hui wen- -I sold my soul for soles says:
but actually everyday wear black around her WTF

And when Jac started droning on about how FAT she is (this is the cue for everyone to roll their eyes):
hui wen- -I sold my soul for soles says:
any more skinnier, u will be jac in the box wtf
hui wen- -I sold my soul for soles says:

coz so small can fit in the box wtf

And look what makes the boyfriend tick:
insidious embodiment says:
i am damn impressed
insidious embodiment says:
insidious embodiment says:
i just installed my fingerprint on my pc
insidious embodiment says:
now i dun have to put any password
insidious embodiment says:
just swipe finger for anything and everything which needs password
insidious embodiment says:
then will use my fingerprint...
insidious embodiment says:
insidious embodiment says:
can assign diff fingers to diff passwords
insidious embodiment says:


Lest you all think that I am so lazy to blog that I just post excerpts of my IM conversations, here are pictures from my weekend as I promised! :P

Kin Kin dry spicy Pan Mee! Really famous in KL-- I would give you the address/directions, but I am too lazy to look for it now. Might update the location later if the boyfriend is willing to impart with his mighty navigation knowledge wtf.

The secret to the most exciting Pan Mee! A thrilling ride through and through. 'Cause you have to eat it with their chili, and trust me, they don't get any spicier and syok than this! :P

Supper with the sisters. Supper is a very common occurrence in the Hoe household-- we have to meet the 8 meals a day quota WTF.

Simply threw on the first dress that caught my eye in my cupboard. 'Cause it was just a casual outing! And that, is my Charles & Keith sandals which I bought one day because my heels were too painful. T___T Damn expensive (after conversion), heart painnnn. T___T

The many faces of Teeny wtf:


And ooooohhhhh, if you're a fan of milk teas, you really should try the White Milk Tea in Old Town (where we were)! It's damn damn damn good! Once you try it, you can't really go back to normal teh tariks!!!

With Jing.
After snapping this picture, being the obsessive compulsive camwhore I am, I snatched the camera to check the picture (don't bluff! I know all of you all do this too! :P), and exclaimed, "shit, why am I the only one so blur in this picture!!!"

Then Jing replied me: Eh, are you sure you haven't passed away already, and now you are just a ghost ar!

And then she is damn bad!!! We were laughing really hard at something, and Jing snorted and spurted out a small crumb of roti bakar, and it landed at the corner of my face!!!


Then she forced me to stay still so that she could take a picture of my "Marilyn Monroe moment". T____T
(Can you see the dot at the corner of my eyes wtf)

Sunday! Errr only pictures of my outfit, 'cause I was sick (runny nose) and had no mood whatsoever, for anything. Damn sad right, my last day at home-- considering that I was only home for effectively 1 and 1/2 days, and I was sick and blah! :(

Wore something bright and cheery to lift my mood.

I actually knotted a red polka-dot scarf on my vintage bag, but you can't see it! T_T
It just looks like a huge wad of.. fabric from here. T__T

My very narcissistic attempt to show you the details of my top! It's a really pretty top, with embroidery and netting and a cut-out neckline! :)))

Ok, I have one question to ask you all ok! It's purely a hypothetical question (for you lucky non-working people wtf)... But when you start working, the right thing to do is to take portion of your earnings to give to your parents right? What proportion do you think is appropriate?

I plan to give my grandpa and my grandma each a sum of money... Just 'cause they are so cute and worried about me working abroad. And also, I think they really contribute so much to our family. My dad asked for me to give him SGD500 each month!!! 'Cause he thinks that I can't save (HE IS SO WRONG, but I don't dare to show him my bank balance, 'cause what if my parents say, oh you have so much money, we don't need to give you allowance!! *untrusting wtf*), and he insists that he will help me "save" the 500 bucks. -___- 500 is quite a significant chunk from my salary ok! T__T So now I am confused, how much should I give to my parents? Should I even give any? My mom tells me that I don't need to, they have enough of it; but I reckon it's the right and filial thing to do?


ally said...

my sister gave my mom 500 when she started working too! but cause she lived at home and didnt rent out la so maybe you might want to give something that's a bit more realistic and appropriate to ur situation.

and why u post picture of pan mee on ur blog T__T u just made me extremely hungry.

mustardqueen said...

i think 100 for ur ever supporting sister should be sufficient, as in 100 each... give ma ma and ye ye 500 ringgit each la!! =D they'll be so effing happy i tell you they'll open an account specially for you at Bank Simpanan Nasional wtf

Sophia said...

I think RM400-500 is more than sufficient. But like Ally said, whichever is more realistic in your situation cos you're living away from home and have to pay for your rent and food, etc. Provided you have stopped using your dad's CC? :P

You can give more when you are more financially stable. That time you will only give during CNY as an ang pau, I think. At least, that's what my parents do la.

Anonymous said...

I agree with ally and sophia.. I gave my mum rm500 every month.. but my mum complains its little cos I still live and eat at home and uses the groceries.. -_____- and i did gave my mum rm1000 last cny.. :)

For my grandma i just go visit her occasionally with some gift or food.. I think that's sufficient (considering my dad and his siblings gives her allowance and she doesnt go out that much..she's damn rich i tell u.. -____-)

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

I think that's really alot, since you just started working, but yep, giving parents money when you start working, I feel it's a must. :)

Anonymous said...

I say don't need to give them, meh! :D Your 500 would not make a difference to them (Pei si wtf, inside joke! =P) but will make a hell of a difference to you! ;) (Eh, actually i didn't read what you wrote but shall jump into the bandwagon of discussion WTF!)

And and and you supposedly died because you fell asleep in the bus and reached home too early because you floated back remember? :D

And and and and i seem to look very bad in pictures nowadays (ONLY HAPPENS IN YOUR BLOG WHAT IS THIS!) i shall e-mail you a very flattering shot of me later so you can post up, wheeee! :D Shucks, i'm damn super hyper at this hour, lol! :D

Loveeee you, gossip session tomorrow! *mwah mwah* <3

alea amin said...

eh you back in msia?? how come!!~

omg im so lost long time no online edi!!! T____T

eh i like your shorts wtf.

Andrea Eames said...

Those red shorts are awesome!

Suet Li said...

i think you should minus out all your expenses first (rent,food,mrt?) and then count from there. i think 30-50% from that is good, and you HAVE to save the rest ok in your bank account! but anyway if they die die dunwan to accept then just buy gifts ar?

Rileen Aya said...

>_< is it me or i think giving 20-30% out of your pay is enough? (to dad + mum + grandparents) XD THAT would be if you're paying for your rent.. car.. travel expenses and all la. even if your mum says its alright, i think you should still give, abit.

as for your sisters =x treat them for meal enuff d la hahaha

c r y s t said...

I...only during...CNY.. *hides* OK, don't follow. It isn't the right thing to do. *whistles*

Anyway, me love yr red shorts!!! :D So 'happy'!!

And goodness sake, pls la upgd yr Photobucket account or upload pics thru Blogger DUH!!.. :( Was trying to browse thru yr archive but all pic-less :(

jeanchristie said...

i allocate $500 for my parents monthly and still can live comfortably la.. so should be fine.

its only painful when i think of it in totality .. like $500x12x2.35 .. cos it means i could've technically "saved" that much more


Gwencws said...

I agree with Suet Li's comment. Minus all your expenses and stuff and give an appropriate amount out of the extra money u have. But make sure u have savings (emergency money) and can live comfortably lar and still can shop to keep u sane (de-stressing, u know!) xD. That's what I'd do once i start working. =)

dy said...

i think have to see how much you earn. last time i earn only rm1400 a month(first job), i give my dad rm200 or rm250 a month. then give grandparents and younger sibling (only first salary) rm100 each.

if parents said no need, just give also ler. they will be very happy. if they duwanna take, treat them for nice dinner or something. =)

Anonymous said...

oh em gee what bag are those, super cute!

revel in me said...

ally: Your sister works in is it! :P And HEEE the pan mee is damn good! Are you back in KL already? GO EAT! :D

mustardqueen: 100 per year la wtf. And even then it's when I get married, as ang pao wtf. Unless you get pregnant and marry before me wtf. Ya la, I know I will make grandpa and grandpa so happy and proud. T__T

sophia: Once I get my salary, I won't use my dad's card anymore! But at the moment, I do sometimes, 'cause my salary is only coming in mid-August, how sad is that you tell me! I agree with you though, I think giving money is more practical when we earn more.

alison: Haha, I really want to give my grandparents some money! But maybe from my first month's wages la, I don't think I can maintain it for long. -_- As for my parents, I highly doubt that my RM500 is going to be of any impact to them. -___-

siewkwan: Ya! I feel SGD500 is damn a lot too! But then hor, my mentality is, we should only give money when we can actually afford it. Most of my friends working in KL don't give money to their parents-- simply 'cause M'sian wages are too pathetic, and it's hard enough to survive on 2k. I am only considering giving my parents money because technically I have a higher earning power from the S'pore exchange rate.

jing: YA LAAAA they all one meal can eat 10k. My RM500 is enough to pay tax only. T____T But 500 bucks to me is very substantial, can buy a lot of things wtf. T___T And eh, when ugly, please don't blame my blog, pictures don't lie wtf. Mwahh love you! :P

alea: No la, I just went back for the weekend! How's Malacca! :) And thank you! <3

a cat of impossible color: Thank you dear! :D

suet li: Trust me, my dad will confirmed accept wan, he damn no shame. T__T Errr, I MUST save money while working in s'pore, else it will defeat the purpose of me working here. :( 50% of the remaining is still a lot to give I feel! :(

rileen: Haha, I agree with you!! :P Yaaa, I am paying for everything: rent, traveling, food... And rent here is crazy-- it can go up to 900plus SGD!!! And HAHA, I think my sisters will gladly swap the meal for a top or a pair of shoes wtf.

cryst: Haha, but I like your example!!! wtf No la, I can completely understand ler, in M'sia, it's a little difficult to give money to parents, when the salary is so meager (when you first start work)! And HEEE thank you, I was worried the red shorts too funky for people to accept wtf. And BOOO why you never update and read everyday! I don't like Blogger 'cause the pics come out small! :(

jean: Haha, giving $500 is not possible for me la! I don't live comfortably, I need to shop. :P And in any case, saving is of utmost priority to me while working here!

gwen: Savings + shopping funds is a must! Hahaha! Sighhh, dunno la. My parents are so rich, they really don't need my money. My dad only wants me to give him the money so that he can help me save. -_- Does he think I am 9!!!

dy: WOWWW, means you gave away about a quarter of salary! *respect* But yea, I agree with you that even if parents say that they don't want the money, if you insist, it will really make them happy. :P But actually... I am thinking more of gifts. I told my mom I will buy her a LV/Chanel when I can! :P 'Cause honestly, 500 bucks is really nothing to my parents, they will treat it as loose change. As much as it is true that although the amount is small, and it will mean a lot to them-- my parents are quite.. unsentimental people, haha. They WILL give it to my sisters as parking money or buy groceries from Tesco or something. It will just be.. money to them, not my hard-earned money. :( Which is why now I am thinking of gifts! :P Money for the first month, then gifts. :)

anonymous: Hee, which bags are you referring to! :P If you're talking about the 2 bags I was using in this entry, they are both vintage bags! :D

Anonymous said...

Yeah.good tops lol. :) And and,hmm yeah I think u just give whatever u are comfortable with,its the thought that counts.Like me,I pay for the house and the house expenses and others is all for me.Can la!Lol.Kau tim adi.

Anonymous said...


so how you coping with auditing?
i did that as my first job and quit 6 months later..
well.. i dont give money to my parents.. i just pay my mom's credit card :)

siaolee ( the girl who spotted u at bangsar )

Anonymous said...

1 year and a half in Singapore, yet to give them anything from my own pay, other than a Coach purse to my mum. Ah yes.

Good to stay anonymous as somedude. :P

I don't know. You'll figure out after your first month. I always thought our starting salary is never enough, with the outings and foods in Singapore. There isn't much else to do in Singapore but spend.. OR more audit assignments. :(

Hanis Zalikha said...

I love your c&k sandals! Oh I used to work in MMJ, and only got like rm1200 a month. I gave parents rm500. And the rest for the next month survival. Haha.

revel in me said...

nana: I asked you a trick question!! So it was topSSSS huh... T_T Jealous! And haha, you mentioned that you paid for the house, I hope you don't mean that literally! T_T And, hee, yaaa, most importantly is giving what I am comfortable with. *shifty eyes* haha!

siaolee: OMG OMG are you serious! I am so touched, seems like there are some auditors (past/present/future wtf) reading my blog. *sniff* Oh no, why did you quit! Did you work in one of the big 4? :) Were the working hours too shit? Or just the work too mundane? :( Hmm, so far I have only been on the job for a week, but previously I have also interned for 2 months.. I will say the job is FRIGHTFULLY boring. And I hate it that it seems the norm to work past 7.. Once it reaches 6 (my client's closing time), I am like, yay let's pack up! But my seniors will still be furiously typing away and I will have to wait for them. -_- Admittedly, I still have the luxury of finishing my work on time, 'cause I am given the easier sections for now. But I look at my senior (always working till 12,1am and this is not even peak period yet!) and reporting to managers and getting screwed by them, I really can't accept this as my future. :(

somedude: HAHAHAHA why you want to stay anonymous! 'Cause never give money to your parents is it. So if you see my blog suddenly become anonymous then you will know how much I give! *shifty eyes* Hahaha! Omg, where/what are you working in S'pore as? I totally agree with you, S'pore can be really boring, there's nothing to do but shop and hang out (as of other places wtf)! But I think I might also do what you're doing, give gifts! But not pay my mom's credit cards la, it is way way more than my salary. T___T

revel in me said...

hanis: Hehe, can see my C & K sandals clearly ar! I thought the picture was quite dark.. But it has cool studs on it, very nice! C&K is opened in KL already right? :) But I heard t's 20-30% more expensive in KL though! T_T And what is MMJ! Metrojaya? Marc Jacobs? T_T And you're so filial, gave almost half to your parents. T____T *kowtow*

Anonymous said...

i'm gonna start work in sg soon too!
and i was thinking of only giving 100 to daddy and 100 to mummy! lol

deep down u know they actually don't need our money for survival rite, it's the thought that counts the thought that counts!


btw, i tried coffee club wasabi prawn salad today and it is so NICE!

eggster said...

how much was that pair of sandals that you got from c&k spore? i wanted to get it the other day from pavilion but it was rm75.90. mehhssss i don't know why i didn't buy it considering usually i willing to spend a bomb on flip flops. kill me pls T________T

actually i don't think the amount matters, its the thoughts that count : ) but it would be nicer if you give it to em in the ang pau form after you got your first salary. nicer that way and i think thats the olden day rules. HAHA wtf am i saying : D

revel in me said...

eevon: Are you seriousss!! :))) So you;re in S'pore already? :) When are you starting! Where! As what! :P And haha, ya, I know it's the thought that counts. <3 100 sounds doable!

And yayy, did you try the salad 'cause of recommendations!! <333 IT'S JUST SO EFFING GOOD RIGHT! <333

eggster: Omg, great minds, great tastes! Teehee. :P I think I got them for about 30plus SGD, which means it is still cheaper in KL!! EEEPPPP KILL ME NOW. T__T Faster go get now! I don't know about KL, but in S'pore, sizes run out suoer fast. =/ Haihh, but actually 70over for a pair of sandals IS quite ex. :(

And ahhahaha why you so cute! Ang pao =olden day rules, HAHAHA.

Anonymous said...

Gave mum and dad S$1000, granny is when on CNY, wil give hundreds at least, and give allowance and pay for sis living expenses and studies in singapore.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. You prolly wouldn't know who am I anyways! I'm just a random reader. :D Plus, yes, good to stay anonymous.

I'm in a mid tier auditing firm. Participating in the ICPAS games next month? Might see me then.

Regardless, good luck!