Monday, July 14, 2008

That very exciting thing.

SIGHHHHHHH. I am back here. :(

My weekend was great! Rushed, tiring, but great nonetheless. My only regret is I feel that I didn't manage my time well enough. :(
And I didn't go to Bijou Bazaar! EMOOOO. First bazaar of the year which I have missed. T__T For you lucky people who got to go, update and let me be jealoussss k! :P

Just a few pictures from my weekend! 'Cause I need to be at client's place at 8am tomorrow. T___T It takes me 1 hour plus to reach there. T_____T So you can calculate what time I need to wake up. T____T

I reached at 3am (the bus departed from Johor's immigration center at 12am, I do not even dare to imagine how fast the bus driver was going!=/), so don't fault me if I look a little worse for the wear ok! :'(

In the car, off to have my favorite siew yok (roasted pork) in KL!

I swear to god, this roasted pork is THE BEST IN THE WORLD. No pictures, though I have gazillions of it in my laptop, 'cause I couldn't resist taking pictures of it everytime I am there. Capturing perfection on film, how often is that! ;) I promise I will blog about the siew yuk soon ok, I swear to god, you won't regret it-- it comes with the HIGHEST HIGHEST HIGHEST recommendation from me! :P

And my top is yellow, I have no idea why it appeared white-ish in the pictures above.

Sunshine couple! 'Cause I was decked in yellow, and him in orange, haha!

Hahaha why do I look so angry!

I find it an extreme challenge now to dress up, 'cause some of my things are still at home, some are in S'pore. AAH I KNOW! Buy new wardrobe in Singapore WTF.

And have you all been to the paid toilet in KLCC before? It is situated on the 2nd floor (if I am not mistaken), and you need to pay RM2 per visit. I have always wondered how it is inside, especially with the boyfriend telling me about the time he went. I know, damn gay right, why he went and use a paid toilet! Don't men pee in bushes and walls, hahaha.

Anyway, I really needed to use the washroom, and when the normal public toilets were filled with people, I decided to give the RM2 supposedly 'luxurious' toilets a go.

My verdict? Save the RM2 and go have a yummy roti canai.

The toilet looks exactly like the normal toilets situated on other floors! Save for the two sad aromatherapy candles at the basin. I expected its interior to be lavish and in full grandeur. And it's also not exceptionally clean. Its only saving grace were the Body Shop toiletries, which you're free to use. There were hand cream, face mist, hand soap etc.

Body Shop products!
Needless to say, I used damn a lot of the moisturizer-- to make my money more worth it wtf.

Oh no, am I turning into a Singaporean!!! Ha ha..ha *shifty eyes*

With my exceptionally supple hands! 'Cause drenched in hand lotion, heehee.

Anyway, I mentioned here that I have something exciting happened over the weekend.
Well, if you carefully observed the KLCC washroom picture, you might have gotten a hint! :D :D :D

Something I have acquired over the weekend. :))))

Isn't she a beauty! :))))

And no, I didn't splurge my salary on it! In fact, what salary. -_- Yes, my salary (for month of July) will only come in mid-August! The company expects us to eat grass for these 1 and 1/2 months is it! T____T In fact, this is from the ringgit that I have saved up. :))) I decided that since I am going to be in S'pore, I would splurge my Malaysian Ringgit on something! And I can't think of a better investment (ya, bags are investments, didn't you get the memo wtf).

In fact, I decided around the time I was to leave to Singapore that I would get this bag, but I was too busy packing and stuff-- so I actually told the boyfriend to help me put down a deposit (money which I gave him-- I don't use the bf's money wan ok), and I myself would pop by Marc Jacobs to get the bag myself when I am back in KL. It wouldn't make any sense if I pay the boyfriend the full amount, and have him buy the bag for me right! 'Cause we all know the bestest feeling is when you walk out of the designer shop with its paperbag on your arm. :P

And yuppp, usually shops won't allow you to put down a deposit, and come back to get the bag. And this, is why having a bright cheery smile and building rapport with the SAs become so important! :P I was sort of debating whether or not to get the bag a few weeks ago, and started chatting with the SA, and she sort of promised to reserve the bag for me; and she also gave me her contact details! This is why I could call her to inform her that the boyfriend would be popping in to put down my deposit. :)))

More pictures!

Hello, beautiful gold plated lock. :)))
And I also adore the icy blue shade, it's really unique, I reckon! :)

And it's quite a slim/flat bag, which is great because this type of bags are the easiest and most comfortable to carry around.
And I love the fact that they have 3 compartments-- I can be rather messy!

Mmmm. And in case you wonder why didn't I get the Stam instead-- it's really quite heavy, and I feel that the structured design reminds me quite a lot of my Miu Miu Nappa tote!

But after I bought this bag, I realized it's quite heavy too. -__-

Aaaah, I think my quota for the year has been fulfilled! Next step, Chanel 2.55 WTF.
Now now, allow me to go have my happy dreams (BEDTIME!), I promise to be back with more pictures of my weekend! :P


Anonymous said...

excellent purchase ;D and yes, youre right- bags are an investment. so are shoes. how heavy is this bag compared to the stam? sometimes when i put too many things inside mine it feels like my arm wants to break at the end of the day. we have very similar tastes in bags! *chanelbuddies*

The Faux Fashionista said...

Le sigh. When only I will get my Chanel?? Every year the price goes up and the value of Malaysian Ringgit goes down :(

The bag is cute - vintage and kitschy, though I wouldn't be able to pull it off and I would never think to buy an icy blue bag. I'm a boring person at heart :D

Anonymous said...

hi mate, this is the canadin pharmacy you asked me about: the link

Anonymous said...

why are u so rich how do u save T________________________________T

Vivien said...

haha i didnt know about the bazaar! bijoubazaar posted it 2 days before the event -_- i want to bang walls and die now T.T T.T T.T ohmygod, the bag is so.. so sexy! wtf. i want to steal it and make love with it :O :O

Anonymous said...

SOOO GORGEOUSSSS! *tears* ;) Eh, i thought u were suppose to leave at 5? I came home that day at 4-ish, waited for you till 5, went to your room and still didn't know you were gone! (Cos there's still mountains of clothes and accessories! -_________-) WHAT IS THIS I DIDN'T EVEN GET TO SAY GOODBYE! *emo*


Hanis Zalikha said...

YOU ARE ONE LUCKY WOMAN *kylie singing i could be so lucky, lucky lucky lucky in the background*

Ashleigh said...

You bought MARC JACOBS???!?!! O______O *faints*

Hanis Zalikha said...

or is it I should be so lucky, lucky lucky lucky? i dont know lah its one of her old songs, masa dia berambut besar.

revel in me said...

xen: Now that I have the bag, I really think it's AS heavy if not heavier than a Stam! T__T Just carrying the paperbag with the nag inside that day, I felt like dying. -_- And HEEEE, cheers to great taste! <3

faux fashionista: Haha, which is why I got mine last year! But sighhh, a 2.55 is my ultimate! Short term goal wtf. :P Haha, why is an icy blue bag adventurous!! Blue is boring in a way what :P

tzeching: Haha, 'cause I saved up to go on a trip with the bf, but it didn't materialize! And I have some money from selling my clothes.. :)

penguins: EHHH I thought you asked me about the bazaar sometime ago! Why you missed it! T_T Nevermind, we both console each other ok, haha. And OMG OMG I think you put it in the BESTEST way! I would totally make love with my bag too. HAHA. :D

jing: Sigh, 'cause KL got stupid protest, and thus got roadblocks-- mom asked me to leave earlier! I thought you didn't care no more, 'cause you didn't even bother to say bye... T___T And BOOO, ya la, I didn't pack much this time! MY SLIP you idiot, you didn't pass it to me! And your giant Selfridge earrings. T___T

hanis: HAHHAHAH WTFFFF! Sigh, you're on your way to be a high-flying model, I sure your bags would be way more canggih ok! T__T

ashleigh: Haha, YAAA! Why you fainted! :P

Anonymous said...

I am in the service line,F&B to be precise.Lol.I like being independent,it gives me more security than just depending on people.And also spending ur hard earned moolah...Lol the satisfaction.I kinda guessed what you were doing when you said you were in KLCC in the post.Lucky you!Yeng as in yeah,maybe motorcyclists yeng.Haha!Bijou was okay,not bad.But got some great buys also la,like a 5 ringgit top lol!

yishyene said...

You have such nice thick hair!
I feel like a cancer patient when I see it and then think of my own hair.. GRR

Vivien said...

ya you told me but when i checked bijoubazaar, got no updates so i pissed with it and sulked for two days which was thurs & friday.. while the bazaar was saturday & sunday!! i didnt check the site lor!! T.T wtf damn sad wan ok. haha yaa, go shopping to ease our souls :D like chicken soup! hee, yes la omg the bag is so .. orgasmic wan!! *dies*

Anonymous said...

Yay, mummy got a new Neverfull GM from Hong Kong! :D Got new school bag wtf! :D

Anonymous said...

OMG WTF! how much is the bag can u please tell me so that i know how much do i need to save from now on!!! gahhhhhhh

Sheryl said...

i'm quite jealous. -___-

revel in me said...

nana: Haha, now that I am working, I am damn bad for myself!!! 'Cause it's my own money, no one can tell me what to do with it. T__T And HAHAH why you so smart!! You mean you knew I was going to get a bag?? Am I that transparent. T___T And wheee, RM5 tops are good bargains! Nice tops I hope? :D

yishyene: HAHAHHA YOUR COMMENT ALWAYS CRACK ME UP WAN LAAA!! Boo, I actually think my hair is TOO thick! It took me 7 hours to straighten my hair last time! T___T

penguins: Haha, why you let it slip out of your fingers! Should I post a reminder on my blog for you next time. T__T But never mind, there's always the next one! I think they are coming on more often now. <3

jing: WTF why is mom so random!!! But the GM... not really school bag!! More like luggage bag wtf.

emily: Haha, are you referring to the MJ bag or my mom's Neverfull wtf! Heeee the bag is the last one! <3 It was actually almost 9k, but I got it for a discount! :)))

raggamuffin: Haha why got -_-!!! Do you think the bag is ugly. :(