Saturday, August 30, 2008



I saw an uncle in the bus yesterday wearing a snug round-neck, puff-sleeved leopard-print tee with high-waisted black pants and gold cuffed chains HAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAH. But then he let me go before him with a smile on his face so now I feel bad for laughing at him. =/

I haven't done my work-outfits entries for quite sometime, but here is one of today's outfit-- from work to play! :)

I still religiously document my work outfits every day though (to delay going to work WTF); when I run dry of things to talk about I shall post them up k-- all 3-4 weeks worth of them. :P

Hurrah for Fridays! :)

And this is what I wore for meeting up with my high school friends! :)

I was wearing the same top from work-- tucked it into my ball-skirt for work, and pulled it out for play! And yessss, I brought a change of shoes. *shy* Wearing kitten mules seemes inappropriate for Friday night drinking what!

And omg, I have absolutely NOTHING to wear in S'pore! I have quite a bit of working clothes here (enough for me to wake up and just pull on something and still look reasonably put-together and fresh), but I am out of going-out clothes! And going-out outfits are the most crucial of them all, 'cause they depict personal style the most right. :( I didn't bring much (play)outfits over, 'cause apparently I thought I'd be too busy to have a life. -_- It feels weird though, 'cause back home I have a somewhat extensive wardrobe, but in S'pore I feel like I am without an arm and a leg. T_T

Must. Pack. More. Clothes. Over. When. I. Go. Home.

This is Topshop's changing room btw. Sigh, my friends could only meet up at 7.30pm, but I finished work at 5.30pm sharp (self-declared wtf). Going home and coming out to the city again was not an option, so I did what any self-respecting girl would do-- I went shopping. And I reserved 1 pair of shoes, ('cause I didn't want to bring a box of shoes along with me for dinner and drinks), paid for another pair of shoes (but left it at the shop to retrieve them another day), and spent SGD100 on tank tops in Topshop. T___T (Tank tops for layering! I have never ever purposely bought basic tops for layering before; everything that I buy must always come with a twist-- but hey, I think I am going to have fun experimenting. ;) )

I must claim the money back from my stupid friends!! Had they met up with me earlier, my bank account wouldn't have suffered. T____T

Oh ya, When I was in the mall, an old guy came up to me and started talking to me in gibberish. I was running late and therefore quite impatient, so I kept interrupting him, shrugging my hands and shaking my head apologetically at him. He stopped, and told me in a matter-of-fact way, "I am Japanese!". That was when I figured out that the nonsense he was spurting out was Japanese wtf. But anyhow, he kept on repeating the same line a few times over-- "I am Japanese!", and expected me to join him in the conversation. -_- It took him awhile to realize that we are not from the same hometown WTF, and after that he asked me for directions to Suntec City in English. Before he walked off to the direction I pointed him to (correct directions la, I only give out misleading directions to people when I am in a prankster mood or if the person has body odor HAHAHA), he spinned around and told me in his solemn, crisp Japanese accent, "You are beautiful!" followed with those little "ehh"s and curt nods that Japanese people seemed to like to incorporate into their conversations.

A compliment is always good to brighten your day! Even when it comes from a dirty old man wtf.

VERY IMPORTANT, please do my shoe poll on the right side of my blog!!! It's VERY VERY VITAL OK! (If some other poll comes on other than the shoe poll, just refresh the page, 'cause there are a few polls going on my page now)

What happened was, I stumbled into this shoe store-- OK FINE IT WAS NOT A CHANCE ENCOUNTER, my friend brought me there during lunch break, and having seen some shoes that I liked, I hunted and searched all over to find the shop again (it's quite hidden!)-- and omg, I LOVE the shoes so much. BUT! They are considerably more expensive than the usual price I would pay for shoes. I would say, around Topshop shoes' pricing or slightly lower than that? :(
I had so much fun in the shoe shop though, I spent easily an hour in there, despite the fact that the shop was barely bigger than a shoebox, no pun intended. I even started chatting with a few ladies there-- we asked each other opinions on the shoes that we were trying on; we eyed shoes that each other tried on and proceed to try on the same pair wtf; we complimented each other on the existing shoes we had on etc.. Girl bonding yo! :P

And the sales lady is seriously amazing. The shop doesn't put out all their shoes on display, and after seeing 2 pairs of shoes that I took out from the display shelves (mary-janes and oxfords), she started taking out shoes from the stockroom which she "thinks that I will like", and boy, was she spot on! Every pair she brought out elicit a little gasp of delight from me. T_T And now I want them all. T__T

If it was only one or even 2 pairs, I wouldn't really give much thought to it, but we are talking about a few pairs here (actually I bought one already *shifty eyes*), so it would add to quite a bulk of an amount. T__T But they are really cute, HOWWWW. I don't know why I have been having such a shoe obsession recently too... I think it's to make up for my lack of interest in shoes in the past (another story for another day :P).

So anyway, if I want the shoes I should go back by Monday to get them, the shop sells very limited amounts of each design and theysell out relatively quick too. SO HELP ME, do the poll k!

Baby, you don't have to do the poll, I know your stand WTF.

And speaking of shoes, Jing and I were having an inspiring conversation about shoes, and LOOK AT HER DRAWING OF A PAIR OF SHOES THAT SHE WANTED TO ILLUSTRATE TO ME:



Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Huddled in my bed corner.

The last thing I feel like doing now is blogging.

Just got off the phone with the boyfriend; he is on my way to Mambo. Take away the fact that I wish I can go club in KL, to just meet up with everyone and let loose and be crazy, it was the manja, teasing, giggles-filled short conversation we had that put me in this craving, delicious mood. What I'd really like to do is just curl myself and hide at the corner of my bed, and run through all my happy memories with the boyfriend. Unfortunately, this mood comes with side effects, it makes me acutely aware of what I don't have with me now. Which is basically everyone I love... and just home, in general. :(

This is one of the lingering consequences of going home for the weekend. Once I am back here by myself, I will be struck by a bout of homesickness. I will feel down and just.. bored. Especially often, the first day I am back in S'pore would be a Monday. Take Monday blues, and add on the the severe case of feeling homesick, and you get a very sad hui wen indeed. :( Not to mention that my parents and sister(s) were supposed to to come down to S'pore this coming weekend-- I was looking forward to it for a couple of weeks already; planning where to bring them, thinking of what to wear etc. But now they are not coming down; instead, the the whole family is going to PD/Ipoh for a family trip-- without me. :(

Ok, let's not be sad here. I am going to upbeat. 'Cause... I will be going home next week! Next Tuesday, in fact, haha. Took 2 days leave, and am going to go zoom-zoom to and fro on an airplane to save time. I am not so spoiled and depressed that I have to purposely take leave to go home in the middle of the week k!! I have some personal matters to attend to, which I may or may not blog about. Personal matters which involve a dinner function. -_- But anyhow, my 2 days at home would be packed, 'cause I made bookings for a facial (oh lord, save my skin) and a hair appointment! I really can't stand my hair now, regrowths are just so ugly! Not to mention that my rebonded parts are growing out, and now my hair is taking on an unruly feel. T__T Which brings me to my dilemma, I have heard that when people with dyed hair re-straighten their hair, their hair will go bonkers!! Like it will just become extremely dry twigs, and err that's not a look I am going after wtf. But rebonding is sort of a must for me, 'cause my hair has a natural wave which I don't really like. Not to mention rebonding my hair doesn't make my hair flat, in fact, it controls it a bit, 'cause really, I have extremely thick bushy hair. :( Another option I am considering is to relax my hair, but I don't personally know anyone who has done it before... Anyone here has tried it before? What do you all think about it? :)

Anyway, guess who was back in KL last weekend wtf.

Dragged the sisters to Ms. Read (or is it Delicious now?) 'cause I was craving for their food for some reason.

Me: Ms. Read! Ms. Read! Ms. Read!
Jing and Teeny: Can't we go Nirvana? Or mamak?
Me: WTFF why so cheap!
Jing and Teeny: We know you earning Sing Dollars now laa!

Heee, I have to admit, earning in SGD has its perks. But heyyy, I even gave money to you girls ok! I am such a generous and kind-hearted sister. *touched by own actions WTF*

Successfully dragged my sisters to Ms. Read, hurrah!
(Which explains the forced grins on their faces, hahaha)

With Jing. Wearing one of the vintage dresses I got from Lapsap last week!
I couldn't help feeling like Flinstone with the white collar I had on WTF.

Pretty rose blossom button earrings!

My sister's, bought for RM2.90. When I heard of its price, I told her, good job good job.
Haha, that's how we sister is like! We pride ourselves on getting the cheapest things, and we commend each other on our efforts each time! :P Like "Try harder" or "Keep it up", hahaha, we are thrifty cum smart shoppers k. :D

Food, oh delicious food!
I crave for good food SO SO MUCH at home-- food in S'pore is not anywhere comparable to M'sia. :(

Oreo smoothie, for my lethal sweet tooth.
I don't usually have a particular sweet tooth, but I do after missing desserts in S'pore! :P

My duck confit angel hair pasta.

Jing's Ayam Percik rice (it has some fancy Malay name, but I suck with Malay nowadays, so, sorry! =/)

And err, 'cause I forgot to take pictures of Teeny's spicy crab linguine, here's a representative WTF.
Those are pinchers! *defensive*

Chocolate Pavlova, which comes highly recommended by the sisters.

And sticky date pudding, which comes highly recommended by me!! :)

My first encounter with sticky date pudding is at the ski lodge during my ski trip in Melbourne, and it was love at first sight! Since then, I could never find this dessert... But now I have done so! :D And boy, it's GOOD. :)))

Antique-looking belt is love!
Pardon the pariah-way I tucked it in though, haih.

Clambering onto the table top to catch a top-down picture of Teeny.

But when it came to Jing, I refused to take such pictures of her, and insisted on taking from bottom-up. The reason? "EH YOUR REGROWTH DAMN UGLY" Hahahha poor thing she got opressed 'cause of bauty reasons wtf. The Hoe sisters maintain high standards on vanity WTF, hahaha.

Ending with some outfit pictures. :)

Teeny with her really cute dress! :)

Jing, ala Alice in Wonderland.

Carrying a Kate Spade woven picnic bag, I expected the boyfriend to have something to say about it (I saw him later during the day). Just like as expected, the moment he saw the bag, he went "Woww that is really...err... boxy..."
HAIHHHH the boyfriend needs more training! :P

If you are wondering why I still blogged despite stating that it's the last thing I want to do, it's 'cause writing things down helps me put things into perspective. :)


Updated: Just when I was feeling all miserable for myself, some high school friends started messaging me on MSN.. Turns out that there are quite a few of us working in S'pore!!! And we are meeting up this Friday!! I am feeling warm and quite excited now. :)))
I guess it's true what they say; there is always a silver lining. :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Lapsap sale.

Well, not really. More like Lapsap buys. -_-
'Cause I didn't take ANY pictures at Palate Palette! I have been there a few times too many (not that I am complaining :P), and there's only so many times you can see the same pictures of the afro carousel horse and the hula hoops and whatnots right. If you feel compelled to revisit those past entries I have done on Lapsap, just click on the 'Revel in Events' tag! But knowing my luck, the pictures would probably have their bandwidth exceeded or something, HAIH.

Had I met a lot of people there, I would probably have whipped out my camera to go clickety-click too, but unfortunately I was there too early! I reached Palate Palette practically when it just opened-- whereas most people would be there fashionably late. :( It's not 'cause I am kiasu ok! (fine, partly wtf) but 'cause I have other places to go to after that. This is what you get when you have less than 2 days at home-- you're just trying to rush rush rush. :(

Okok, moving on the pictures pictures!

Pardon the woozy eyes, I blame the sun!<=(
Oh ya, this is the vintage-inspired brocade skirt that I mentioned here! :)

Teeny! I have been eyeing her MiuMiu-esque skirt for ages, and have been pestering Teeny to sell it to me. T_T
Everyone, help me persuade her to give it to me! ;)

The first picture is to enable a closer look at my skirt, and the 2nd picture is to lend a more intimate perspective on my.. collarbone, hahaha! It's a big thing ok, there was a few years in my life which I have lost my collarbone (puberty wtf). T_T

My skirt again! The color is actually darker in real life. Am excited about this skirt 'cause I took something that people would consider to be frumpy and outdated, and revamped it a bit! :)

On the way home from Lapsap...

Reckless on the road.
Teeny: Ehhh the lighting here very nice! Faster! Let's take pictures together!
Me: Errr, aren't you driving now?
Teeny: Ya. But never mind, the lighting very niceeee!
Me: *whips out camera*


And errr, the pictures below aren't actually Lapsap-related, but they were taken on the same day, haha.

Went to Chawan in Bangsar with the boyfriend. :)

Chawan is the latest eatery in Telawi Bangsar, and it's situated right opposite Bangsar Village 1 (same row as Nirvana). Apparently it has became quite the hotspot for night yumcha sessions! :)

Chawan is good for their many types of coffees, from all the different states of M'sia!
The boyfriend ordered a Tupai (translated to squirrel -_-) something, whereas mine is the Kopi Kemaman (from Terengganu, also one of their recommended coffees!)

The menu comes with the extensive list of all the different coffees-- along with a comprehensive description, including its flavor/aroma and its origins.

The boyfriend: Bee, actually I wanted to order the Hang Tuah kopi...
Me: Oh, why didn't you? (*shaking head inwardly 'cause I thought Hang Tuah sounds more manly than a Kopi Tupai wtf)
The boyfriend: 'Cause.. *points at the menu and reads out loud* The Kopi Hang Tuah is popular amongst the older generation.
I scared you laugh at me. :(


The boyfriend's Nasi Dagang with Gulai Ikan.
Nasi dagang is basically glutinous rice mixed with brown rice-- definitely a healthy option! :) Until you start eating the really thick and creamy gulai ikan, haha. Thumbs up for the fish (resembling fish curry, but thicker)!

My nasi Briyani.
Since Melbourne, I have started on this quest on looking for the perfect Nasi Briyani in KL! (Surprisingly, Melbourne's ones are the best I have eaten so far =/) Oooh, maybe one day I should do an entry and pit all the good KL nasi briyani's against each other, haha.

Alright, am done with the non-lapsap-related things, moving on to the happy buys of the day! :D

Kitschy kiddy envelope clutch!
Brightly-colored, random, childish-- I couldn't say no! :P

Fierce mustard yellow patent pumps! It's not really obvious from the picture, but the back of the shoes is made of satin-- an interesting touch on the shoes! Brand new, and a steal at RM15! *proud face*
I actually already have a pair of happy yellow wedge pumps-- but they're a little too happy for work! So I am going to save this pair for work-- the pointy toe screams RAWWRR POWER WOMAN. :P

White dress with a ruffled tier skirt and studded details.
This dress is actually self-designed by the buyer-- which means that there is only one of this around! :P Love the bronze studs at the bustier and straps, add on a little bad-add attitude to the pure, girlish demeanor. ;)

Another creation by said buyer-- B & W checkered cape-jacket.
I think I am going to have fun experimenting with this piece! :D

ZARA mandarin-collared sleeveless dress-shirt, for work.

Newest additions into my vintage dresses:

The yellow shade is not so bright in real life! Love the floral prints in the really soft pastel palette. :)))

This dress actually hits mid-calf; I am still in a dilemma whether or not to alter it and make it super short, or leave it as it is! Any suggestions? :)

And the back (or is it the front -_-) has this cute round white fabric buttons, reminds me of tong yuen, HAHA.

Faded denim dress with white daisy embroideries and daisy appliques! So sweet! :)

Love the start white collar against the floral background! :)

Hot pink polka dotted dress with a full skirt. I love full skirts, 'cause you can go swish swish swish in them. :D

English Garden overalls! :)
Eh, waitamin, upon closer look, why does the cut bear such close resemblance to our secondary school pinafores. -_-

And this really really cute collar accessory! :))))

My mom is playing dirty now. -_-
This time when I went back, I found out that she has moved all my boxes and luggage bags of Melbourne clothings into my room!! (Previously they were kept in other areas of the house), so now my room is so tight and cramped and obviously very, very messy. :( I guess this is her way of getting me to clear out/tidy up my clothes; I have to admit, previously I was quite complacent, I mean, my clothes were happy being situated in the study room and my brother's room what! And I am getting quite stressed out, 'cause I don't really know how to get rid of some of my clothes-- I really don't have time to post up sales. I can't bear to just throw them away, that's for sure! :( I did toy with the idea of keeping a lookout for any junkyard sales to book a stall and get rid of my things for once and for all; but this is not really a feasible option, 'cause I myself am not too sure about my work schedule and when I can be back. =/ Looks like the only solution now is to move everything to S'pore. -__________-