Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Bijou Bazaar.

This entry was written on an idle Monday.
Idle because I was sick. And in worklife, sick = MC! Which really, is the most glorious thing in the world. :P

If anyone asked, I was homesick wtf.
*shifty eyes*

This's all going to be about Bijou Bazaar! :)
Oh ya, that reminds me, the last time I was back home 2 weeks ago, Bijou Bazaar was held in Strudels. When I told Smalls that I was to go home the weekend which just past, and Bijou Bazaar was on as well, she asked me whether I purposely arranged my trips so that I could attend these fashion bazaars. I didn't ok! T__T

In the car:

I am the perfect epitome of how age isn't a barrier to acting cute. -_-

And my bad for wearing a flowy chiffon lace camisole tucked into my high-waisted jeans-- it makes me looked like I have a tummy! T_T

I do have a tummy, but that's another issue wtf.

Nice or not the little bows in my hair! :)))
I was channeling a vintage Alannah Hill vibe that day, hee.

We actually dropped by at this clearance sale in Bangsar Village before heading to Bijou Bazaar. The clearance sale SUCKED. SUCKED BALLS. SUCKED MY BALLS, if I had any, that is. There were brands like Reiss, Principle, Topshop/DP/Ms. Selfridge, Karen Millen etc, but the clothes were ugly and expensive! They basically just took things that they couldn't sell off in the sales, and plop it there with the same price tags. BOOO. Wasted my morning, I could have slept in more! :(

Anyway, the real reason why we wanted to make it to Bijou Bazaar is 'cause beloved Teeny had a stall there! :) (Actually even if she didn't have a stall there, Jing and I will still scurry over, but don't let Teeny know wtf)

Teeny and her little stall at the poolside! :)

Aesthetically, the stall is pretty, and strategic. I mean, look at the sunlight dancing on the gentle ripples of the blue-tinted pool water! BUT DO YOU KNOW HOW HOT IT WAS. That was how Teeny turned black. T_T

Sisters. :)

We were there around noon-time, which was considered early, since the place only opened at 11am. According to Teeny, sales was kind of slow, which was why she kept on rushing us to show up as soon as possible. Is it 'cause we are pretty and can attract customers, HEEHEE.
Sigh, I asked Teeny the night before whether she wants a polaroid picture of me to attract people to her stall but she ignored my good intentions WTF.

Slow sales, said a morbid Teeny.

It was early so I didn't really see people that I know! So I was resigned to photoslut with Miss Bug Eye wtf.

Doesn't our skin look magnificent! :)))

Aah, wonders of sunrays. :)))

I AM BEING FUCKING SARCASTIC OK. Fuck the sun la! It was so bloody hot I thought I would just melt into a pool of wax! But maybe that's the only way I can get out of my high-waisted skinny jeans WTF.
I was seriously in one of the most unsuitable and wrong outfit-- cardie? Check. Super-tight high waisted skinny jeans? Check. Layering with chiffon that sticks to your back? Check. Gladiator sandals? Check.

I almost DIED. T__T I swear to god, I suffered from a mini heatstroke. T__T

But damn, I love my cute little cardie. :))) I have 3 cute granny-ish cardies! Cost me a mini-bomb, but I can't wait to make up outfits with the rest of the two :)))

Picture stolen off Teeny.
I have no idea why was I cupping my boobs. -_-

With my darling sister in her pretty dress which would later leave eternal tanlines.

My breakfast/brunch/lunch-- so cute right!!
And that's a tuft of grass on my cupcake, if you didn't realize.

But of course, cuteness is temporary and fleeting. CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP I went; I was too hungry! :P

With Julie! Who was off to the MTV Asia Awards. the lucky woman.

And check out what she said about me in her Bijou Bazaar entry:

darling huiwen.
who is back from singapore for the weekend. and seeing her is such a delight lar.
anyone who've had a conversation with her will know why. these kinda ppl radiate happiness u wanna stuff them in your handbag. hoho.

I am going to completely ignore the happiness part and just focus on the fact that people think I am thin enough to be stuffed into handbags!!! :D

HAHAHHAHA and we were damn sad, we tried to create the illusion that Teeny had a lot of customers by flocking to her stall and pretending to buy things, HAHAHHAHA.



Anyway, that's all I have on the bazaar-- didn't take much pictures 'cause firstly, I didn't really meet anyone 'cause it was still early and I was only there for less than an hour. Secondly, I have blogged so often on Bijou Bazaar already! *click*

I didn't buy much this time around, which is quite a turnaround for me, as some of you might know. :P Only 6 things for me this time:

- Topshop pinstriped blazer
- Ms. Selfridge fitted jacket
They are both brand new with tags, and I got them for RM70 in total, aahh! :)))
- Tie-dyed scarf-- for work
- Vintage dress shirt-- for work
- Vintage color-blocked pink wraparound dress
- Vintage mustard yellow anorak jacket-like top, this is friggin' awesome. :P

No pictures of them though! 'Cause I left some at home back in KL... But if you all insist on pictures, we can make Teeny take pictures and send to me, HEEEE.


Tadaaa! My hands are so fast when I am shopping! It's a skill, I am telling you. ;)


mustardqueen said...

Eh edit it la it's MTV not JTV wtf hahahaah JAPAN TV ISIT wtf hhaahaha EH why la u wanna put me to shame!! =((( My business turned out ok after u left ok. u bring bad chichi isit T____T

k said...

hahaha I WAS JUST ABOUT TO COMMENT on e jtv thing.
if you don't mind me asking...
what size do you wear? i wanna see if your e same size as me so i can buy ur shits off your blog.

also how tall are you?

Suet Li said...

i was there!!!!!!!!!1111111111 my first bazaar! only bought a pair of heels but it's ok i'm learning! slowly..

Anonymous said...


Was in Singapore over the weekend (Singfest was AWESOME, btw! I WANT TO JUMP JASON MRAZ :D) and it was blazing hot! Everyone was perspiring and gross but youuuu.... I don't even see a bead of sweat!

How in the world do you do it? ;p

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: Ooops sorry la, I didn't proofread. Haha, but aaah, your business could have been BETTER had you taken up my polaroid picture offer! :P Pffft, you could have easily earned more with a few clicks in selltrade. :P

skim: Ehhh fuck you all la why pick on me.. T__T Edited already, haha. I am a size 8! And why you want me to reveal my height! T___T Too short, love, too short for you. :P

suet li: HAHAHHA I heard from my sister! She said "suet came running to us holding a pair of heels and asked excitedly '20 bucks only! Should I buy!'" and I could so imagine you doing that. :D Go to more bazaars! Then you will pick up the art of digging. :D

joyce: HOW DO YOU KNOW IT WAS HOTTT... T____T And omggg I am so jealous now! I love jason mraz, I saw him perform live before, and isn't he the most charming entertainer!! <333 Haha, I was sweating la! But I think 'cause most of the pictures were taken before I officially started sweating. :D I am a puteri lilin through and through ok, so trust me, I do sweat! I mean, perspire. :P

Unknown said...

babe your photo in our booth is in my blog :D

ally said...

T_T good thing u said u had tufts of grass out of ur cupcake i was wondering what the green things were. cendol cupcake. oddness wtf.

Rileen Aya said...

i was wondering why none of you were sweating too -_- i'd be melting into a puddle already wtf.

dear kim, she is a midget. i bought her "dress" which turned out to be ... not even a long top. haha

Amigo said...

Hey...i've been reading ur blog for quite some time...Indeed, as other readers have said before, reading ur posts make people feel happy and cheerful. :-) I'm studying accountancy too and i'm living away from my hometown as well. So, i can really relate to u when u talk about how u miss ur family! ^_^

revel in me said...

ami: Haha, yaya, I have checked it out already! :P

ally: HAHAHAH why you so sohai! And /boo, cendol cupcake sounds like a feasible plan wtf. Just you watch me reap its rewards wtf.

rileen: Did it look very hot? Why all of you wondered the same thing! :P

And BOOOOOO do you have to reveal my height here WTF. I am so sorry love, I really could wore it as a dress. T____T

adelyn: HEEEEE, you just made ME happy and cheerful! :D You just started your accountancy course? :) We homesick people have to stick up for each other. T____T

Anonymous said...

r u r u going to watch the stupid island's hari kemerdekaan fireworks thingy? what u gonna do to celebrate their N day haha

Rileen Aya said...

because you all look so unsweaty and unoily and fresh and happy and matte looking and shinefree >_< how is that possible what kinda makeup you use :(((

but from ur pics u really dont look like your height la. you look a hell lot taller than dat. den u can wear all those tops as dresses. im sooo jealoussssssss

revel in me said...

eevon: Haha, I pray that the yatch plan goes ahead! :P

rileen: HAHAHAH why you can come up with so many terms for em, unsweaty! Hahaha! :P I use Chanel foundation, which is supposed to be matte, but I often look like an oilstick after 1,2 hours. T___T

Haha, that's the only thing I ma thankful over my height for! :P