Thursday, August 14, 2008



ARGHHHHHH. I hate it I hate it!
No kidding this time, I really am going to go pro.

Pro for my Photobucket account that is, haha. It's so annoying to have ugly 'Bandwidth Exceeded' pictures plastered all over my blog every 2 days! GRRRR. I am seriously going to have to talk to my dad about 'borrowing' his credit card for the upgrade. I don't have a credit card of my own! Neither do I plan to apply for one in the near future. One being, I don't think I trust myself with a credit card yet. I mean, the novelty of earning my own money and having the freedom to spend it however I want to is still present, so let me find the balance between indulging in my hard-earned money and saving it up first. :) Secondly (and the most important reason wtf), I don't even meet the annual income requirement to apply for a credit card. -______________- This is too depressing, starting at the bottom of the rat race, sigh!


I was going to do up a minimal text, photo-intensive post, 'cause I was all tired from rectifying the pictures' problem. But something cropped up. I am now not in the mood for anything, not even life.


PFFFFTTT I wasted about 1 hour trying to use Flickr to upload pictures, bloody site, it's so unuser-friendly! 'Cause I met Audrey online (she always has the same 'Bandwidth exceeded' problem as well), and we starting sharing solutions. I think we just post too many pictures la, HAIHH.

Anyway, I gave up on Flickr, am using Photobucket again. If any of you know how to use Flickr, kindly dish out some tips to me k! 'Cause I just find it really, really tedious. :(

I think the only plausible way to get about with this problem is to post less, less, less pictures. Sigh.

But before that, let me entertain you all with some GNO pictures. *stubborn wtf*
Pictures from last month, our last GNO together.

Our gorgeous outfit pictures!
I think there is something about dusk and rain. :)

Jing. Pinstripe 50's poster girl.

Teeny, vintage lovechild.

Me, your neighbourhood flamenco girl. :P

We went to Victoria Station, because firstly, we remembered that the place is quite cheap. *hangs head low guiltily* In our defense, we were really broke! :(
And secondly, the restaurant carries a lot of childhood memories for us-- when we were young, my parents used to bring us there relatively often. :) However, I think we haven't been back since about 8 years ago!

We were there quite early, hence the really empty restaurant.
It was quite eerie, that is, until the dinner crowd started pouring in and we had strangers puffing clouds of smoke into our faces. Grr.

Jing, jubilant over her RM3.80 milkshake.

I mean, seriously, I think even mamaks and kopitiams priced their milkshakes more than that! :P

Teeny's sour face while she perused through the menu.

You might remember that some time back, Teeny went on an extrement protein diet. Well, this was the first day of that diet! And a strict diet it was-- no carbs or sugars of any type. No wonder she looked so grumpy!

My food:

Shark's fin soup.

I know, a pretty strange starter for a Western meal right? :) But this soup brings back memories; my mom always ordered for us to share when we were young. :) When I was a kid, shark's fin was something rare and precious (like a gemstone wtf) to me, so I always felt very spoiled when I got to have it! :P

Potato skin, I honestly this is one of world's greatest creation!
Unfortunately, more often than not, they are ghastly overpriced, and I just can't justify forking out RM10 for 2 pieces of tuber skin WTF.

My deep fried stuffed chicken.
Tasted average, but I can't resist pointing out how much it looks like those fried garoupa fish they serve in Chinese restaurants! :P

Teeny zen-ing while Jing and I munched our way through warm buns and french fries, hahaha.

I have just dyed my hair then, look at how dark it was! It is almost gold now. :(
I have to purposely make a trip down to KL soon to do up my hair! Can't. Stand. The. Way. It. Looks. Now.

With Teeny during happier times (i.e. before we ate carbohydrates in front of her) wtf.

... compare it with...

Teeny who has given up on life, HAHAHA!
Haih, this entry should have been named 'the many faces of Teeny' wtf.

I hate camwhoring while I am wearing headpieces... Looking as if you planted a flower in between 2 heads is not a flattering look. -_-

Why hello, guess who got her first pay? ;)

Seeing my bank balance flashed before me, almost made working worth it. Almost.
I have worked hard for this, I think a little self-gratification is in need! :P

Hmm, I have started on my shopping frenzy already, I foresee more shopping adventures to come when I am back home this weekend. :D If everything goes well, I am going to do up a shopping post, as I am actually pretty excited about the things that I have gotten so far! :)

And oooh, Lapsap sale this Sunday! Haihhh, it's getting increasingly hard to explain to people that I DO NOT choose dates which have bazaars to come back. -_______- But erm, see you all there! :P

And oops, I found out that my ATM card can be used as a debit card as well! UH OH.
Let's hope it doesn't break like the last one. -_________-


Anonymous said...

hey. why do you even need a photobucket? doesn't blogger allow u to post pics from ur own files?

Anonymous said...

hey there lovely, don't fret! you've always cheered me up with your lovely posts(: it's so wonderful seeing you have such a zest for life, love, your friends and family. don't let anything get you down, yeah? i never do comment cause i'm kind of a lurker and would risk sounding creepy but ohwells(: have a great day:D

jmeei said...

There there Hui Wen *pats

I can still see your photos though! Like the recent ones

Vivien said...

awww, smile! i think i found a way to make shopaholic mugs! :D

Mei said...

I can see your photos too.

Hope you are feeling better now. Take care!

jeanchristie said...

Oh you know what? For Citibank you can actually get a CC on our low income -_- That's what my colleagues (who are "foreigners") told me .. Now if only I can remember where I chucked my half filled form ........

Cheer up babe, think of happy things like your trip home! :) Are we having lunch tmr btw?

revel in me said...

anne: Oh, 'cause firstly, blogger only allows me to upload 5 pics at a time, which is quite time-consuming. Secondly, blogger resizes my pic to a much smaller size, which I don't like! :)

dawn: T___________________T Thanl you thank you thank you! You are not lurk-y or creepy or anything, in fact, you just dished out a good pick-me-up to me. :)))

jmeei: Haha, why pat only, like so cold! Sighhh 'cause I spent the whole night rectifying the problem. -___-

penguins: HAHAHAHAHHA is that your way to make me smile! :P You're terribly random. <3

mei: Haha, 'cause I've replaced all the pics! Thank you, dear. :)))

revel in me said...

jean: Haha, yaya, Mey told me about it- CC companies make leeway, because they want to secure us as customers. But nah, I am not keen on getting a CC at the moment!
And yaya, shouldn't be a problem! :)

k said...

....the fabulous life of the hoe sisters...

Cynthia said...

i go through the same photobucket problem problem -_______- what i do is i make multiple accounts now. at first it was just 2 or 3 accounts i interchange, then the problem still came back :( Now i have like more than 10 HAHAHAHAH im serious.

i tried using blogger, flickr, whatever, for some reason i still like using photobucket. So there you go! problem solved! make more accounts!

mustardqueen said...

there a PRO button in the blogger uploading shit where they dun resize your picture one... When I say pro is cos i cant rmbr e name and it's so pro u click they won't resize, genius! :D oh well, photobucket getting easier to use so what the hell la, weve already created so many accounts why not a few more lalala~

Anonymous said...

i think the bandwidth exceeded has to do with how many times your pictures are viewed. so, that means you traffic is high. :D

Anonymous said...

Ohh! I just realized that ur hidung is so sharp and long! very pretty! gahhhhhhhhhh! jealous! :(
i've a short and round nose, not to mention the bigass nostrils wtfffff!

btw, what brand of eyeliner do u use? :D

Anonymous said...

Lapsap sales this Sunday???? where where :p how do you keep updated with all this!

Anonymous said...

i have 3 photobucket account in total. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Anonymous said...

hey, can i know which saloon u go to?i like your hair. :)

revel in me said...

skim: Hahaha, that sounds like a bad movie! Or a cheesy chick lit. :P

cynthia: HAHAHHA omggg I do that too! I have 6 accounts!! So you win la, haha. And it gets so irritating right, when one account's bandwidth is exceeded, then you have to start logging into other accounts one by one to see which one has a fresh start on monthly allowable bandwidth. T___T HAHAHAH I thought I was the only sohai one who does it! :P

mustardqueen: Is it? Where is the button? If there is really such a feature, I might not mind using blogger, I *think*!

danielle: Haha, yaya, everytime a picture is loaded/viewed, bandwidth will be 'used', or so to speak! Last time I could manage with 2, now I have 6! -___- And best of all, I use my bf's emails for the other ones, 'cause each photobucket account requires a unique email address! And he doesn't know, it has been for 1 year plus, HAHAHA!

miss hazel: HEEEEE actually I get that a lot from people! *shyyy* But actually I don't really like my nose now, ever since my mom told me that I look like andy lau, I have been quite paranoid about it WTF.

Ohhh, I use MAC! :) At one point, I was dabbling with a lot of other eyeliners, but in the end, I went back to MAC, 'cause somehow I looked prettiest with it. :D

rg: YAAAAA, it's on! Did you managed to go to the last one? And haha, one of the sellers at the sale (owner of tea & sympathy) emailed me to inform me! :)))

vvens: I have 6! Does it mean I win, HAHAHA!

anonymous: OHHHHHH, thank you! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it when people ask me who is my hairdresser, because I honestly thinks she is AWESOME! :D She is Yen, from Wenawave in Times Square (3rd floor if I am not mistaken). She is the first hairdresser I have had who actually makes me like my hair for the first time on my life-- I swear to god, I have had a hate-hate relationship with my hair practically most of my life prior to this! ;)

PS: Ehhhhh I actually really hate my hair now! I will be going back some time in sept to redo my hair! :P If you go over, don't forget to mention that you got to know about her from me, then hopefully I can talk to her to give us discounts, HAHHAHAHA! 'Cause quite a few of my readers became loyal customers of her after reading my blog! <3

Sophia said...

It's really easy to use Flickr, easier than Photobucket, I think. Which part are you having problems with? The upload? Say all your pictures are in one folder, if you want to upload them all, just click one, hold down the Shift key, and click the last picture of the lot that you would like to upload and you would've selected all of the pictures. So no multiple going back to the folder to pick which picture you would like. Otherwise, you can click, then Ctrl+Click the next picture if there's only a selected few you want to pick. That way you can select more than one at a time to upload.

I use LiveJournal and they have their own photo uploading site that I use and never seems to run out. I can also control that only people on my Friends List can view them and so if they try to upload it on their site (ie steal my link), it won't work.

Have you thought about maybe using Imageshack? :)

.:Baby Gin:. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
.:Baby Gin:. said...

hey posting straight from blogger is a lot easier. and they store your pics in a photo album if u ever need to retrieve them

and they make a smaller thumbnail of the original pic..hence the image shown on ure blog is the created thumbnail. so u still have ure pic there. when its clicked on its the original size. and their large size pics are quite big lor @_@ even medium i feel quite big adi

Anonymous said...

MAC? the gel type that comes in pot?


Vivien said...

eh really! can use permanent markers! or mug-paint (is there a name for it?) or something mah! :) i made you smile anyway, right :D hee. and oh my god, i totally love the flamenco-inspired dress because i love polka dots!! T_T

Anonymous said...

Lapsap sale?When eh?I wanna go also. Plus yeah random is actually a very norm thing here.Lol.

Julie Ann said...

eh you are back?????

Anonymous said...

hey gal... why dont u create another photobucket account since the current account u r using is like... overload or something, hahaha...
oh btw, u r using MAC eyeliner? me too! well, i found that MAC's eyeliner doesn't smudge at all, especially the POWER POINT xxx- the one im using now. my previous eyeliner was by SHISEIDO, and it smudged ... urgh >.<
anyway, i really like ur blog, especially abt SHOPPING. wahahahaha...

Anonymous said...

oops. just read ur old comment to ur friend abt the "creating new account". alrite, leave that part. haha ;)

jeanchristie said...

Yayyyyyyyyy lets go Ikea next. Btw, I'm running on a tight schedule next week, so let me know your plans!

Anonymous said...

heya! to answer ur previous reply fom ages ago... yeah, i'm in melb! =)

i actually stumbled upon ur blog from kit mey's blog...
feel free to visit mine ^_^

and keep uploading pictures!!!
please =p
i sometimes get my style inspiration from u!!! hehe ;)

revel in me said...

sophia: It's not the uploading I have problems with, it's the part where I upload the pics to my blog! 'Cause it seems that I have to manually add the links one by one, and that's too tedious. :(

And I have tried imageshack before, but somehow I don't like the interface. -_-

baby gin: HAHHH they store it in a photo album?? Is it? Where! How to retrieve pics from it? Why I so noob wan. T__T And I myself find that their large pics quite small for my liking. =/

miss hazel: Yaya, the gel pot! My sister used to use MAc's liquid eyeliner, it's pretty decent as well, but removing it is a BITCH. And hahaha, but I look like andy lau wor! T_T

penguins: HAHHAHAHAH so are you going to mass produce shopping mugs or what! :P <333 I love polka dots too! Most people don't, I think. Boo to them! :P

nana: It was the recent Sunday! Oh dear, I hope you went! :(

julie: Hahahaa, yaa! For the weekend! Coming back again the coming weekend. :P

tracy: Hahaha, ya la, I have 6 accounts now, and I have a feeling I need a new bf so I can have a new email address for account number 7 WTF. :P What is powerpoint xxx! Mine is the gel pot one, is it the same? And actually, this MAc eyeliner still smudges for me, but at least the damage as compared to other eyeliners I have tried is not as severe. T_T And aww, thank you, my pleasure! <3

jean: Haha, sure... I am thinking of wed or thurs! :)

liz-josey: Is it!! Do you know kit mey? :D Hahaha, but I think I post too many pictures sometimes! T__T And awww, that's flattering to hear! <333

Simon Seow said...

Good mah, it means you got many readers.

.:Baby Gin:. said...

but their large pics are abt the size of your pics in better quality!! lol..

i think its a google photoalbum..i forgot.. u click on the pic den u see whats the url la..

revel in me said...

simon seow: Haha, don't have la!

baby gin: But some of my pics I want them even bigger! Haha, don't know how to explain.. Usually scenery pics or pics with a lot of people, I want them extra large so people can see everything! If I do via Blogger, it will come out smaller than I want them..