Saturday, August 30, 2008



I saw an uncle in the bus yesterday wearing a snug round-neck, puff-sleeved leopard-print tee with high-waisted black pants and gold cuffed chains HAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAH. But then he let me go before him with a smile on his face so now I feel bad for laughing at him. =/

I haven't done my work-outfits entries for quite sometime, but here is one of today's outfit-- from work to play! :)

I still religiously document my work outfits every day though (to delay going to work WTF); when I run dry of things to talk about I shall post them up k-- all 3-4 weeks worth of them. :P

Hurrah for Fridays! :)

And this is what I wore for meeting up with my high school friends! :)

I was wearing the same top from work-- tucked it into my ball-skirt for work, and pulled it out for play! And yessss, I brought a change of shoes. *shy* Wearing kitten mules seemes inappropriate for Friday night drinking what!

And omg, I have absolutely NOTHING to wear in S'pore! I have quite a bit of working clothes here (enough for me to wake up and just pull on something and still look reasonably put-together and fresh), but I am out of going-out clothes! And going-out outfits are the most crucial of them all, 'cause they depict personal style the most right. :( I didn't bring much (play)outfits over, 'cause apparently I thought I'd be too busy to have a life. -_- It feels weird though, 'cause back home I have a somewhat extensive wardrobe, but in S'pore I feel like I am without an arm and a leg. T_T

Must. Pack. More. Clothes. Over. When. I. Go. Home.

This is Topshop's changing room btw. Sigh, my friends could only meet up at 7.30pm, but I finished work at 5.30pm sharp (self-declared wtf). Going home and coming out to the city again was not an option, so I did what any self-respecting girl would do-- I went shopping. And I reserved 1 pair of shoes, ('cause I didn't want to bring a box of shoes along with me for dinner and drinks), paid for another pair of shoes (but left it at the shop to retrieve them another day), and spent SGD100 on tank tops in Topshop. T___T (Tank tops for layering! I have never ever purposely bought basic tops for layering before; everything that I buy must always come with a twist-- but hey, I think I am going to have fun experimenting. ;) )

I must claim the money back from my stupid friends!! Had they met up with me earlier, my bank account wouldn't have suffered. T____T

Oh ya, When I was in the mall, an old guy came up to me and started talking to me in gibberish. I was running late and therefore quite impatient, so I kept interrupting him, shrugging my hands and shaking my head apologetically at him. He stopped, and told me in a matter-of-fact way, "I am Japanese!". That was when I figured out that the nonsense he was spurting out was Japanese wtf. But anyhow, he kept on repeating the same line a few times over-- "I am Japanese!", and expected me to join him in the conversation. -_- It took him awhile to realize that we are not from the same hometown WTF, and after that he asked me for directions to Suntec City in English. Before he walked off to the direction I pointed him to (correct directions la, I only give out misleading directions to people when I am in a prankster mood or if the person has body odor HAHAHA), he spinned around and told me in his solemn, crisp Japanese accent, "You are beautiful!" followed with those little "ehh"s and curt nods that Japanese people seemed to like to incorporate into their conversations.

A compliment is always good to brighten your day! Even when it comes from a dirty old man wtf.

VERY IMPORTANT, please do my shoe poll on the right side of my blog!!! It's VERY VERY VITAL OK! (If some other poll comes on other than the shoe poll, just refresh the page, 'cause there are a few polls going on my page now)

What happened was, I stumbled into this shoe store-- OK FINE IT WAS NOT A CHANCE ENCOUNTER, my friend brought me there during lunch break, and having seen some shoes that I liked, I hunted and searched all over to find the shop again (it's quite hidden!)-- and omg, I LOVE the shoes so much. BUT! They are considerably more expensive than the usual price I would pay for shoes. I would say, around Topshop shoes' pricing or slightly lower than that? :(
I had so much fun in the shoe shop though, I spent easily an hour in there, despite the fact that the shop was barely bigger than a shoebox, no pun intended. I even started chatting with a few ladies there-- we asked each other opinions on the shoes that we were trying on; we eyed shoes that each other tried on and proceed to try on the same pair wtf; we complimented each other on the existing shoes we had on etc.. Girl bonding yo! :P

And the sales lady is seriously amazing. The shop doesn't put out all their shoes on display, and after seeing 2 pairs of shoes that I took out from the display shelves (mary-janes and oxfords), she started taking out shoes from the stockroom which she "thinks that I will like", and boy, was she spot on! Every pair she brought out elicit a little gasp of delight from me. T_T And now I want them all. T__T

If it was only one or even 2 pairs, I wouldn't really give much thought to it, but we are talking about a few pairs here (actually I bought one already *shifty eyes*), so it would add to quite a bulk of an amount. T__T But they are really cute, HOWWWW. I don't know why I have been having such a shoe obsession recently too... I think it's to make up for my lack of interest in shoes in the past (another story for another day :P).

So anyway, if I want the shoes I should go back by Monday to get them, the shop sells very limited amounts of each design and theysell out relatively quick too. SO HELP ME, do the poll k!

Baby, you don't have to do the poll, I know your stand WTF.

And speaking of shoes, Jing and I were having an inspiring conversation about shoes, and LOOK AT HER DRAWING OF A PAIR OF SHOES THAT SHE WANTED TO ILLUSTRATE TO ME:




mustardqueen said...

*shakes head in disbelief* I always thought Jing might have a LITTLE bit of the artistic genes but NOOOOO her penis drawing proved me wrong T_T Even before I read the chat log i thought it's somethign horny/kinky about shoes in bed wtf sighh.... Oh err whatever it si UR EARNING SING DOLLARS fuck u T_T

*~The World is My Catwalk~* said...


Thanks for the lovely comment! You have a cute blog!!! I like your shoes!!! And your colorful outfits are just LOVE!! heeehee

I'll keep this on my favorites list!!

Muff Stit said...

hahaha thats a crazy ass drawing!

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

I kept staring at it for the longest time, and no, I'm sure, it certainly doesn't look like a drawing of a shoe at all!!! From every angle!!!Wow, the japanese is so sweeet!N I think we use the same camera!! Canon Ixus 75?

revel in me said...

mustarqueen: HAHAHHA I know I was beyond belief too-- how ugly could someone's drawing be HAHAHHA! EH continue discussion tonight ya! T_T

the world is my catwalk: Hahaha, you sound so chirpy and hyper! My type of people, hee. THANK YOU! <3

muffstit: YESSSS how can anything be so OFFFFFF! Hahahahahha!

siewkwan: Tell me about it! It looks like phallic art no matter how you look at it right!! And still Jing insists it's a pair of shoes. -____- And the things which looked like a pair of testicles are the 'bow'. -________- Sometimes I am ashamed to be related to her, haha. OHHH I use canon 70! I love canon, it serves me the best. <3

Hanis Zalikha said...

the shoes oh my oh my. and the top. i like the colours! i love your combination!

Anonymous said...

i love those shoes u r wearing!!! may i knoe where did u get them from?

Anonymous said...

miao~~~ u look so sexy in the 1st pic! and nice shoes btw!

Anonymous said...

err not 1st pic.
the topshop fitting room photo shoot i mean. lol.

eggyoke said...

where in singapore you're working? wanna meet up for coffee?

revel in me said...

hanis: Why are you so encouraging.. T__T I actually quite dislike what I wore, 'cause went straight from work-- I felt sweaty and gross! :( But thank you, dear! <3

anonymous: I got them from nine west, dear! :)

miss hazel: Hahaha, thank you! :)))

eggyoke: I am at raffles! :)

Anonymous said...

if the shoes are comfy, then GET IT!!!! comfy and gorgeous shoes are worth buying because they are so hard to find!

and i love your pucci-ish top! very very nice! :D

Anonymous said...

eih!!! why make fun of my gf's drawing? I think it's damn beautiful and artistic. It looks like a pair of shoes. It definitely does. Just stare at it long enough and you'll see it

Anonymous said...


I live in Singapore and love shoes too! Can you tell me where to find your much coveted oxfords and mary janes in this blog? Is it some where in Raffles? have u chcked out Glass Slipper yet?

Hope you got your shoes!!

ineedmoredrama said...

nothing wrong with bringing a change of shoes. it's totally practical!

Anonymous said...

SAM, YOU BLUFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF! ;P He was with me when we read this post that day and he was telling me it doesn't look like any pair of shoes, then i hve to slowly describe to him, HAHAHAHAHAAHAH! :D

revel in me said...

foongjin: Haha, it's now YOUR gorgeous pucci top! :P And /boo, I have listened to your advice! If I don't have enough money to eat this month, you come and belanja me k! :P

sam dang: Okies!

valerie: HIIIII!! Are you s'porean? Intro me to nice places to shop please! :P Oooh, I know of the glass slipper! Haven't been to the shop yet, but have always seen their shoes in magazines, gorgeeee shoes I might add! :) And you got it right, I saw the maryjanes and oxfords in Raffles! Clifford center! :) Heeeee, are you one of those who voted YES to my shoe poll!! :P

evie: A girl after my own heart! <3

jing: YA LA why is your bf such a suck-up! :P Omg, I can't believe you even tried to describe. -_- There is no way about it, IT IS A PENISSSSSS

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info, think i know which shop, it's on the ground floor and called Alegra, oh wait, that's at The Arcade :P another shop to check out!

Yes, I am S'porean and love to shop! But shopping in HK is even better, so save your money and go there during the sales. I got a black Miu Miu (only IK) from HK.

If you like to know places to shop, to many for me to list, just read Smitten, a local shopping mag! It's ALL there, updated every month!

Good luck!

p/s - no need to vote for shoes la, I will always say YES!

revel in me said...

valerie: Oh oh, it is Allegra!!! Haha, 'cause I cut in to Arcade through clifford center so I got confused! :P Yay, fellow shopping crazed partner! I do read smitten! But I don't really like the clothes there though, a little different from my style... And I guess I still prefer clothes in KL, they are cheaper, haha! But I always feel like buying the shoes in the mag though. T_T And aah, HK! I haven't been there since I was 17!!! Am planning for a trip soon! <3 When is the best season to go ya? :)

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