Saturday, August 09, 2008

Haih, only me.

Today is S'pore's National Day, and the agenda for the night was fireworks!! Do you know how much I love fireworks!! I tear whenever I see them. T_T
And not just fireworks, we made plans to see fireworks on a yacht!
(Jiren's friend has a yatch. Why are some people so rich. T_T)

But we also made plans to eat crab noodles. And we got held up at dinner (food took too long to serve wtf), so we missed the fireworks show. T____T
I ended up watched fireworks on TV while sucking on crab claws. T___T

At least the crab was peeled for me, haha, I am so spoiled! Usually I don't take crabs if I don't have the boyfriend with me-- he's usually the one who will painstakingly, lovingly de-shell my crabs and prawns for me. :))) Sometimes my mom and dad might do it for me, if they are in a good mood wtf. It's not that I am such a princess that I need people to serve food right up to my mouth, but I honestly SUCK at peeling crabs. When I knock the hammer on my crab to break the shell, I will mis-knock, and the crab will fly to another table-- true story. T___T


Ok, let's go to a recent update about my life-- my face is currently SCARRED. T___T

Sigh, I don't know why am I always sharing my embarrassing tales with people, but here goes wtf. Yesterday morning at work, I went to my locker to retrieve my laptop... And in true blue klutzy hui-wen fashion, somehow when I closed the locker door, it bounced back out just as I was straightening up; the metal locker door hit the middle of my face really, really hard. The next thing I know, there were 2 scratches down my face, and they were bleeding. T_____T

So as of now, I have a scratch about 1 inch long down my forehead, and another one on my nose bridge right between my eyes. I can cover the forehead one with my bangs, but the cut on my nose is pretty glaring. And I can't stop looking at it from the corner of my eyes (crossed-eye wtf).
How to go out like this. T______T

And all my friends/colleagues are so bad! When I show them my cuts, the first that two of them said nonchalantly was: "Did you walk into a pole?" What is this, do I look that careless! And three of them asked me why am I so cartoon, 'cause this type of things only happen in cartoons. -__- And an uncountable amount just laughed and laughed. T__T

Only the boyfriend is supportive and caring. When I told him about the cuts, he told me "Poor baby! For someone as vain as you, this must be the worst thing that can happen". He knows me so well, haha.

Haihhh, this type of things can only happen to me. Haih, only me.

Backlogged pictures from Jac's visit in S'pore! Back to a time when I didn't look like I was an extra in a war movie. T_T

Smalls, Jac, me, Erin.

We were planning to go to Sentosa for some beach sun boys (for the single girls only *shifty eyes*), hence the beach babes outfits and the peek-a-boo bikinis! :) Actually, I was quite emo, 'cause I purposely dressed down, 'cause I thought we would be going to Sentosa straightaway and thus would be stripping down to our bathing suits. But instead, we decided to browse in the shopping mall and leave the beach for the evening! So I spent most part of my day feeling frumpy. I hate that feeling. :(

I only brought one pair of bikini to S'pore, and for reasons beyond me, I brought along the size 14 one. -________-

We went to Marche! I have heard a lot about Marche Singapore, how it is so much better than the one in M'sia (Curve), so I was excited! :)

Colorful bikinis are love (especially if they are not size 14 *bitter*)
And omg, my hair looked so blond. =/
I looked really really tired here, 'cause I was sick. More on that later.

And that is the Marche 'passport' I was holding! For people who are unfamiliar with Marche's runnings, basically, the restaurant has a 'market' concept. In M'sia, you are presented with a sheet of paper called the 'passport', and at every stall that you order form, a chop will be stamped on it. At the end of the meal, you will tabulate the expenses based on your passport; a fine of RM200 will be imposed if you lose your passport. =/ But Marche Singapore has swipe cards as passports! :)

In front of one of the 'stalls' with Erin and Jac. Don't ask me why we were wearing such sombre colors!
I love this picture, it really has this market charm. :P

I wasn't kidding when I said I am a very big eater. T_T

The amount of food that Jac and I ordered for ourselves. I admit, we got carried away wtf.
Pork knuckles, seafood pasta, stewed mushrooms, salmon chowder, fried calamari rings. And you compare it to Smalls' sausage at the far left of the picture. -_- Haih, why are we so greedy!

Jiren, Erin and me and assorted balloons!
Do you see the 'cow' peeking through the 'window' hahahahahha.

Halfway browsing through the stalls to decide what to order, I got distracted by this array of colorful balloons! I went up to the balloon stand and shamelessly asked the nearest waitress "Are these for children only!". Thank god she said I was free to take one! 'Cause even if she had told me that it is for children only, I would have taken it by force. :P

Girls with Marche cow! Sunbathed Jac, Erin, Smalls, me and my surgically-attached balloon. :P

The sad story is... I was actually sick for most part of the day, and in the end, I couldn't take it any longer and decided to take a raincheck on Sentosa to go home and rest. :((( So I have no happy bikini pictures with the girls. :((( The only thing I have is this picture in Facebook where Jac tagged me as her mobile phone, 'cause she was texting me when the picture was taken. T___T

I went home to rest so that I could be energized for Ministry of Sound on the same night! :P Clubbing pictures will be posted another time, 'cause there are so many of them. =/

Jac and Small's last day in S'pore. T___T
In fact, Smalls left very early in the morning, we bade goodbyes in tight hugs and bleary eyes. :(

Brunch at Copanhagen, which is really famous for their English tea menu. :)

Pretty Jac and Erin. :)))

Pretty Jac and Emo Jiren, HAHHAH.
I am going to compile a collection of emo pictures of Jiren!! :P

Mey and I.
You know how there are good hair days and good face days? I think there is such thing as good skintone day as well! How else could you explain why I looked so fair. :)))

Jiren, resident pimp. Haih, you have to see our clubbing picture to understand la.

Jac's last text message to me before the plane took off:

"I got lost in Chloe on the way to my gate. But then right Burberry caught my attention then I almost forgot about boarding..."

Hahaha, my friends are such bimbos! :D

The extremely delicious food:

My iced coffee. Look at the adorable mini jugs which held the sugar and milk! :)

Jac and Jiren with their pots of tea. They are in their twenties going on to 85, I swear!

Dory fillet sandwich-- the fish came in 2 servings, one deep fried one and another one in cream sauce. And there was the lightly boiled shrimps, hard-boiled egg... This was really scrumptious!

Because the rounded knife amused me so.

Everyone, meet Selfish pasta! Haha, ya, the pasta is really named as such.

Jiren and I were supposed to share the sandwich and the pasta together, though I did joke to him while we were ordering "It's called Selfish pasta! Are you sure you want to share?" to which he shook his head and reassured me that of course he will share.

The moment the plate of pasta was placed in front of him, he held up his fork and spoon and went "Oh my god, this looks damn good wei, I am not sharing anymore!" -__________- This pasta got spell cast on it is it! Really make people selfish. -__________-

Yummy scone! I really miss the one in Mt. Dandenong, Melbourne though. :(

Taking embarrassing pictures outside of designer shops. :P

Jiren was damn mean! We were making a ruckus whereever we went, so whenever we leave a designer outlet, he will apologise to the sales assistant: "On behalf of my girl friends, I apologise for their behavior" wtf. -______-

Shoe-shopping! Hahaha, trust Jac that though we were running late for the airport, she still wanted to do some shopping first. :P

That reminds me, Steve Madden blood red CFM satin pumps, to get or not to get! :D

Starry print and rocking horse pendant, can you tell that I never want to grow up wtf.

I like this picture, 'cause there are so many pairs of legs here! :P
Sexy legs on the left belongs to Abby, and the 1 meter long one on the right belongs to Mey. First time wearing my new Nine West shoes-- I have decided that Nine West kicks Aldo shoes in terms of comfort!

And that marks the end of my fabulous fabulous weekend with the flat hair flat. Of course, more clubbing pictures coming up soon! But going over this set of pictures really made me feel so nolstagic. :( Though it was barely 2 weeks ago that we were all together, strangely enough, it already feels so long ago, like it was a happy memory etched in another lifetime. :(((

Girlssss come to Singapore more ok?


Then you will make me a very very happy girl. :)))


Mei said...

Argh...all pretty girls!

"On behalf of my girl friends, I apologise for their behavior" - Jiren is damn

Sophia said...

I think it's spelled as "yacht" not "yatch" ;)

Steve Madden shoes are supposed to be the comfiest of all so maybe you should buy them. I don't think Nine West heels are comfy at all. Hurts like a mofo!

Anonymous said...

Yr Nine West heels is hott! :)

Ashleigh said...

Which Steve Madden pair???

Hahaha!!! I love the way your friend apologises for you & your friends' behaviour!! I shouldn't tell my friends though... They might get ideas...

Anonymous said...

I LOVE THE NINE WEST SHOES!! <333 Should i buy a pair as well ar! T___________T My wardrobe is short of a pair of CFM shoes! ;D

revel in me said...

mei: Hahaha, ya la, I don't know why I have such pretty friends also! <3

He is damn sarcastic, and damn MEAN! He is always threatening to throw me out of the car (when he fetches me).. T__T

sophia: Haha, I know! Sigh, this is what you get when you don't proofread your entries. =/

Is it! I haven't heard that before! But the Steve Madden shoes that I like, it's like freaking 4 inches high, so I am not sure how comfythat is going to be. T_T And haha, I don't know, but this pair seemed to be working fine for me! Just that they are a little too high, so it makes walking a little.. akward.

nana: HEEEE, thank you! I chased after it from KL to S'pore. :P

asleigh: Haha, it's in Takashimaya, I don't have pics to show! But if I get it, it will definitely be the most CFM shoes that I own. :D HAIHHHH my friends are too mean to me! :(

jing: Eh got get la! It's cheaper now.. T______T Get it in yellow, the mom will pay, haha! :P

Anonymous said...

cheers to carving great lives out of ourselves :) i want bak guaaa *slurp* u singaporean?

Anonymous said...

Ooh! I love the place! The food is so damn nice!

revel in me said...

samantha: Haha, nono, I'm Malaysian, I am just working in S'pore! :)

forbidden tales: Oooh, which place! :P