Sunday, August 03, 2008

Hello from home!


I had such a fulfilling day today! :) Rushed to a few places-- Topshop/Karen Millen/Principles etc clearance sale, Bijou Bazaar, missed a movie with the boyfriend (-_-), and caught another movie with the sisters (Sex and the City (SATC) yo!).

No pictures of my weekend yet, but I do have some of , err, work outfits yet again. :P

Monday: The skirt is navy, btw. Navy blue for Monday blues wtf. And my new Navy-inspired Charles & Keith pumps. Sailor love!

Tuesday: Black & white striped Zara shirt, b'day present from Smalls. Haih why are my friends so practical. :P

Wednesday: The necklace I was wearing is also another gift-- part of my Christmas present from Jac, which came along with matching earrings and a really slutty Topshop top. A top which the boyfriend has banned me from wearing btw. -___-

Thursday: This shirt is actually a semi-oversized boyfriend shirt! And may I introduced you to my outrageously overpriced F21 skirt. T_T I bought it 'cause it came with a pretty gold tassel chain belt, haha.

Friday WTF.

No pictures of Friday 'cause it was a community service day for the company! And the picture was actually from tonight-- I was looking rather worse for the the wear 'cause I cried and cried during the SATC movie! Was I the only one. T___T

The movie was so so so niceeee!! All the clothes, omg. T____T I was literally gaping and gasping at all the beautiful clothes shoes bags belts jewelry OMGGGG. And ya, I know, it's kinda stupid to watch SATC in M'sia-- I mean, it's amazing that they didn't sensor the movie title to ... and the City" WTFFF. But all the girlfriends I know have watched the movie! And anyhow, I had fun dressing up for the movie with my sisters-- we even had someone asked us whether we were tourists. -____________- Anyway, the boyfriend has already downloaded the movie for me, I am going to catch up on all the censored sex scenes, HEEHEE.

And you know what, I did an inventory check that day, and I found out that I have about 16 white/cream dress shirts/tops for work purposes. And these are just the plain-colored ones-- they exclude striped/printed ones. -________________- And definitely more than a dozen of black skirts. WTFFF???? Since when did I collected all these things??? Did it all stemmed from an innate urge to dress like a banquet waitress wtf. -____________-

Since I was on the subject of SATC, here're some pictures of our little dressing-up. Yuuup, we purposely dressed up for a movie. But really, did you expect anything else from people as vain as us wtf. :P


I was going for something playful (yes, SJP is HEART HEART HEART in my books), and ended up looking ike a 50's pin-up girl. T__T

At least I have the butt for it.. T___T
And I love the corset-like tie-ups of this high waisted shorts, but previously I was too fat to put them on. But now I can! :D

'Cause I was too skimpily dressed for the cinema...

Vintage scarf as as a pashmina. Doesn't seem very practical, but it kept me warm! *defensive*

Jing. If you love her clothes, don't forget to check out Velvet Ribbon k! :)

Teeny. Look at the poor thing! She was (and still is) lobster red-- induced from all the sun when she set up a stall in Bijou Bazaar. Is that why she wore white to create a fairer illusion ar.

And YESSS we got damn a lot of stares in the shopping mall. At one point, we were thinking of putting a sign on us that says We just came back from a wedding dinner to be less inconspicuous WTF. And when Jing saw her boyfriend's friend, she tried to hide from the friend, hahaha. But jokes aside; I am not sure whether it is a good thing; but we are pretty much used to getting stares and looks for being a tad overdressed sometimes.

And damn sohai, we were running terribly late, but we had to catch dinner before that. So instead of the nice girlie dinner we envisioned, we ended up eating at the kopitiam-concept eatery right next to the theater. -_______-

'Kan-cheong', impatient looks, 'cause I was really worried about missing the beginning of the movie (we were really late).

In the end, we did miss the introduction part. T___T

Hahaha! Both my sisters looked so out of place in a coffeeshop setting. :P

Reasons why we missed a bit of the movie:

Why can we never resist camwhoring in front of mirrors. T__T
Our downfall wtf.

SATC girls! :)))

Aaaah, I know I have mentioned already how insanely good the movie was, but AAAHHHH IT WAS SO INSANELY GOOD!Everytime a new outfit comes on, I'd be AAHHHHHHH *insert orgasmic moans* Especially the part where they featured different wedding gowns from Christian Lacroix, Lanvin, Vivienne Westwood etc etc! *swoons*

That reminds me, sometime ago, I came across an article which stated that it is possible to purchase couture wedding gowns from the likes of Karl Lagerfeld and Christian Lacroix in KL.

Excited, I brought it up with the boyfriend and made him promise to get me one for our wedding. He then asked me how much it would cost. A very excited me told a very pale, ashen him that it'd be about 20k (quotation gotten off from the article). But then, I changed my mind and quipped, "But how ar? It has always been my dream to wear Vera Wang!"

He then said, "If you wear Vera Wang, I Tare Wang (tak ada, meaning: don't have money)"


Before I go off, let me give you guys a little eye candy.

Nude picture of me WTFFF.
Gosh, I really looked so nekkid here. -_-

Anyway, I am back in S'pore now. I didn't cry when saying goodbye just now! Unlike 2 weeks ago. *pats back*
Is it 'cause saying goodbye gets easier each time, or is it because I have gotten stronger? Or maybe I have just became a better actress.


Anonymous said...


why werent u at bijou bazaar we saw mustard queen! and i borrowed an umbrella from her wtf

Suet Li said...

YOU ARE CRAZY OMG how can anyone possibly have sooooo many clothes!!! it's been 3 weeks already and u still never rewear your clothes!?!?! I HATE U wtf joking la but maybe i do..or i dont..hmm u'll never know wtf

Anonymous said...

hiee huiwen! i've been a long time reader but first time commenting... really enjoy reading your blog and LOVE your new office wear segment!! :)

& happy 2 years! :D

Anonymous said...

thursday's outfit a bit lost identity ... albeit it was a pretty skirt

Anonymous said...

I saw you on saturday when u were leaving bijou bazaar(when I just arrived!). Didn't get to say hi because you were on the other side of the road :/

revel in me said...

tze: DAMN TOUCHING RIGHT THE MOVIE. T__T Which part did you cry ar! *bonding time wtf* I was there! But already eating banana leaf rice by the time you girls called me. NICE OR NOT THE BAZAAR! :)

suet: Hahaha, it has actually been 5 weeks, I think! Err, I haven't really repeated clothes for the past 2 years, so this is nothing WTF. Do you hate me more now. T__T

sue-n: HIIII! Aww, you're too too sweet! Comment more la, I like to know who is reading! :) And are you working? I actually thought people would be bored seeing what I wear to work. T___T

h-tas: Hahaha, what do you mean lost identity! Lost hui wen's identity, or just sesat in general WTF. It was actually pretty cute in real life, I think! But the skirt is a little loose on me. T__T

rg: HAHHH really arrr!!! Omg, were you wearing a high waisted skirt, and sunnies and you had green on your outfit??? Haha, sorry I am always checking out people. :P And BOOOO I must have looked HORRIBLE to you then! 'Cause I got a heatstroke. T___T Wore cardie and high waisted jeans, HAIHHHH. T______T Will blog about it soon. T____T

Anonymous said...

which friend did she see????

The Faux Fashionista said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Faux Fashionista said...

Oooo I see bootay! :D Malaysians are ruuuudddeeee (not ALL, but many)....they like to stare just because they can't be bothered to dress up themselves

I'm so envious of you la I also wanna go shopping all the time and go home once a fortnight :(

p.s. I also cried when I watched SATC

Anonymous said...

i'll be starting next month.. audit too :P and you do look a bit like fiona when u smile!

revel in me said...

sam dang: Some girl... I was trying to hide, so I am not sure, haha!

faux fashionista: Ooooh, did you like the bootayyy you seeeyyyy??? Wtf trying to hard to rhyme, haha. YAYAYA M'sians always always stare! But I am ok with it, got used to it. It's kinda fun to flick your hair at them and just get on with life. :D And BOOO I never shop ALL the time ok! T__T And sigh, what to do, I really miss home. :( I am just trying to go home as much as I can now. :(

PS: which parts did you cry at! :'(

sue-n: You will be going to heavennnnn... T_____T Haihhh try telling my seniors wtf. They get such a kick making fun of me! T___T (that's what my friend said, but I don't think so, she is TOO TOO TOO pretty! <3) Aaah, audit as well? Which firm? Bif 4? :)

Are you nervous excited scared depressed!!! :P

mustardqueen said...

hello nekkid sister wtf... W.W My shoulders not so red now already, even my tan line is gone! =D And i'm not that black la, but my arms are now darker than jing's arms which is record breaking wtf T___T see u again in 2 weeks time wtf

k said...

cb at least you have ass i have NO ASS. i am flat ass. i tell you wen i wear jeans got SPACE at the back enough to store fruits wtf.
no but really i have no ass.
you are so lucky to have ass cause chinese girls usually are flat ass.

and the end of my very long comment on the ass.

Anonymous said...

shit im the only one who hasn't watched satc! but if watch in msian cinema they got censor ar!

and and haha i dont think u and jing were that overdressed! teeny a bit la but i <3 her outfit /boo

Anonymous said...

You are so beautiful <3
where did you get the blue flower you had in your hair?
its the same one that hui ting has in her hair right?
they look so good on both you and her :)

Ann said...

Thanks for commenting on my page. (: Your work outfits are so cute. Love them.

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: WAHHH so fast not red? Is it 'cause you poured the whole bottle of lotion, hahaha. :P HAHAHAH 'cause no one in the house is darker than jing right! *shifty eyes*

Yea, show you my nude side again in 2 weeks' time wtf. <3

skim: HAHAHHAHA your whole comment is ASS-BREAKINGLY funny. :D :D :D Booo, it's not that fun to have a big butt too ok! My mom asked me, "what will become of you after yo give birth?" T____T And you have long legs! Legs over ass for me. :D

aud: Why you never tell me!! Then we could have gone to watch together. <3 Haha, I didn't think I was overdressed, more like UNDER-dressed wtf-- my butt cheeks were showing! T___T

/boo let me know how the mediacorp thing goes. <3

mel: And you're too too sweet! <333 Haha, you won't believe it, but I got the blue corsage from Axcezz many many years ago! Like when I was form 2? Teeny's one belongs to my mom, if I am not mistaken.. We have this whole garden of corsages, hahaha! :)

blahsayblah: Haha, thank you! :)

Sophia said...

Hah I loved SATC too initially but then now I think about it, I'm quite annoyed about it.

Has Teeny lost weight? I remember you said she was on some crazy diet. You should tell her I said that I think she has! She looks amazing :)

Katie ♥ said...

I love your corset-like high-waisted shorts!

Prettyyyyyy <3

Btw happy two years!
I remember the first time I came across your blog, it was October 2007 I think, from purplemascara.

They kept talking about hui wen and her sisters' awesome fashion sense. I knew a hui wen who had sisters (and omg she erm has no fashion sense wtf) so i thought its her!
But it was you! And I got hooked! And in december i saw you in valleygirl taking about ten pieces of the rack! haha!

wtf i sound damn retarded T_T

Anonymous said...

yessss that was me!!! hahahah you probably heard me saying Oh my God or something. Because when I saw you & your sister(who I sometimes buy clothes from :p) I quickly nudged my bf & told him who you were lol. You looked fine!!! Although I am usually walking around partially blind because I don't wear contacts. But I am sure you looked fine :)

Anonymous said...

YES i'm feeling scared +excited + nervous and i dont want my holidays to end! i gave myself a 2.5 mth holiday; just bumming ard before i enter "heaven"... hahahaha. yea one of the big 4.. have been listening to soo many scary stories (late working hours & mean seniors that is) there's this post where u mentioned that your seniors are all so pretty, sort of gave me hope too!! hahahaha..

Anonymous said...

nana: WAHHH, what a coincedence!! You were at Luna Bar right?? Haha, yaya Jing remembers you! :P Glad that you love the glads (no pun intended wtf) :D And hahaha honestly, I don't really put much heart into what I wear! I just run through during the weekends what I feel like wearing the following week, and I follow suit. :P And what do you mean what's the plan back home! :D

Lol! What coincidence you're talking about? Nope,not Luna,Sanctuary Lol! And,urm I guess I know now what you did back to KL lol.Hey,wanna ask right,where usually Teeny buys her clothes.Looks really nice la. :)

The Faux Fashionista said...

The bootayyyyy I seeeeyy is sexxxayyyyy lol :D

Is quite annoying, but sometimes I like to be perasan and think they're staring cos I'm hot :P Need to boost my ego every now and then hahahaha

I'm sucha cry baby la cried so many parts, the worst was when Carrie got jilted at the wedding and how she holed up on her "honeymoon". I felt sooooo sad for her, my heart felt like it broke okay! Then when Samantha said goodbye to her model bf I cried too cos I'm like, "but he really loves her!!!!!!" And the way they broke up was so sweeet....did you see his sad puppy dog eyes? :(((

revel in me said...

sophia: Why do you think SATC is annoying now! :(

And yayaya she lost quite a bit of weight! :))) She sure damn happy to hear this. <3

katie: Hahahaha your whole comment damn funny la! :P Wow, means you haven't been reading my blog for long ! :) I think I browsed through your blog roughly the same time too! :D HAHHAH wtff another hui wen! Who are the 'they' who said my sisters and I have great fashion sense? *shy* And BOOOOO I swear to god I was holding so many pieces 'cause it was sale time! *shifty eyes*

rg: Haha why you nudge your bf! Did you tell him, "look at those bitches"! 'Cause sometimes I do that, "eh look at those sluts" WTF. And omg, why my memory so good wan! I am damn impressed at myself, and my ability to check people out now! *pats back* You are damn pretty and hot omg! 'Cause I remember looking at you and thinking "who said M'sians don't dress well! They can fight with S'poreans anyday!" while battling with my heatstroke, that is. :P Love your green skirt! <3
(and boo, are you trying to tell me that I looked fine 'cause you were partially blind T__T)

sue-n: Haha, you're considered very brave, my love! Right before I started working, I only remember feeling depressed. T__T And a 2.5 months holidays was a great decision! :))) I had a 6-months one, and it was the best days of my life, haha. :P Don't worry about those stories, I think it pretty much depends on the department/individuals. And this sort of things would be prevalent in any office environment, so don't sweat over it. :) GOOD LUCKKK! :)))

nana: Haha, I always find it a coincidence when people who read my blog buy my things/my sis' things! And even the fact that of all buyers, you were the one with a little bit of drama, so my sister remembers you. :P Boo, she told me Luna! Or was I just day-dreaming again. :P She usually buys her clothes online, I think! :) And she also likes checkered and striped baggy long vintage dresses-- she is the only one tall enough to carry them off! :D

faux fashionista: HAIHHH you win la, you're better in rhyming than I ma. :P HAHHAHA OBVIOUSLY they stare 'cause we are hawddd! *flips hair* :D I cried at the whole auld lang syne part! I thought like damn sad, why some people so happy, some people so sad.. T__T I also cried at the Samantha part! T___T How can they break up, they were so perfect for each other.. T__T Absolut vodka <333 And I also cried when Miranda and Steve got back together... T___T I also cried when Big dumped carrie at the wedding, the carrie whacked flowers in his face and collapsed into charlotte's arms, and charlotte looked at Big so angrily! I cried at a lot of places.. T___T

Sophia said...

Oh no la don't hate SATC the series but the movie. It was a bit of a cop out. Annoyed at Big, annoyed that they made Miranda and Steve fall apart when they were perfect, annoyed at how Charlotte was just for comic relief, annoyed at Samantha and Smith's relationship, annoyed that now suddenly Stanford and Anthony are friends when Stanford had a perfectly fine relationship before with Marcus... Bleah! :P

Tell Teeny she did a great job cos she was on a diet for not that long right? The weight loss is very significant! Tell her to divulge her secret and tips to me :P

Anonymous said...

I've been a long time reader but first time commenting... really enjoy reading your blog and LOVE your new office wear segment!

Anonymous said...

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