Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Huddled in my bed corner.

The last thing I feel like doing now is blogging.

Just got off the phone with the boyfriend; he is on my way to Mambo. Take away the fact that I wish I can go club in KL, to just meet up with everyone and let loose and be crazy, it was the manja, teasing, giggles-filled short conversation we had that put me in this craving, delicious mood. What I'd really like to do is just curl myself and hide at the corner of my bed, and run through all my happy memories with the boyfriend. Unfortunately, this mood comes with side effects, it makes me acutely aware of what I don't have with me now. Which is basically everyone I love... and just home, in general. :(

This is one of the lingering consequences of going home for the weekend. Once I am back here by myself, I will be struck by a bout of homesickness. I will feel down and just.. bored. Especially often, the first day I am back in S'pore would be a Monday. Take Monday blues, and add on the the severe case of feeling homesick, and you get a very sad hui wen indeed. :( Not to mention that my parents and sister(s) were supposed to to come down to S'pore this coming weekend-- I was looking forward to it for a couple of weeks already; planning where to bring them, thinking of what to wear etc. But now they are not coming down; instead, the the whole family is going to PD/Ipoh for a family trip-- without me. :(

Ok, let's not be sad here. I am going to upbeat. 'Cause... I will be going home next week! Next Tuesday, in fact, haha. Took 2 days leave, and am going to go zoom-zoom to and fro on an airplane to save time. I am not so spoiled and depressed that I have to purposely take leave to go home in the middle of the week k!! I have some personal matters to attend to, which I may or may not blog about. Personal matters which involve a dinner function. -_- But anyhow, my 2 days at home would be packed, 'cause I made bookings for a facial (oh lord, save my skin) and a hair appointment! I really can't stand my hair now, regrowths are just so ugly! Not to mention that my rebonded parts are growing out, and now my hair is taking on an unruly feel. T__T Which brings me to my dilemma, I have heard that when people with dyed hair re-straighten their hair, their hair will go bonkers!! Like it will just become extremely dry twigs, and err that's not a look I am going after wtf. But rebonding is sort of a must for me, 'cause my hair has a natural wave which I don't really like. Not to mention rebonding my hair doesn't make my hair flat, in fact, it controls it a bit, 'cause really, I have extremely thick bushy hair. :( Another option I am considering is to relax my hair, but I don't personally know anyone who has done it before... Anyone here has tried it before? What do you all think about it? :)

Anyway, guess who was back in KL last weekend wtf.

Dragged the sisters to Ms. Read (or is it Delicious now?) 'cause I was craving for their food for some reason.

Me: Ms. Read! Ms. Read! Ms. Read!
Jing and Teeny: Can't we go Nirvana? Or mamak?
Me: WTFF why so cheap!
Jing and Teeny: We know you earning Sing Dollars now laa!

Heee, I have to admit, earning in SGD has its perks. But heyyy, I even gave money to you girls ok! I am such a generous and kind-hearted sister. *touched by own actions WTF*

Successfully dragged my sisters to Ms. Read, hurrah!
(Which explains the forced grins on their faces, hahaha)

With Jing. Wearing one of the vintage dresses I got from Lapsap last week!
I couldn't help feeling like Flinstone with the white collar I had on WTF.

Pretty rose blossom button earrings!

My sister's, bought for RM2.90. When I heard of its price, I told her, good job good job.
Haha, that's how we sister is like! We pride ourselves on getting the cheapest things, and we commend each other on our efforts each time! :P Like "Try harder" or "Keep it up", hahaha, we are thrifty cum smart shoppers k. :D

Food, oh delicious food!
I crave for good food SO SO MUCH at home-- food in S'pore is not anywhere comparable to M'sia. :(

Oreo smoothie, for my lethal sweet tooth.
I don't usually have a particular sweet tooth, but I do after missing desserts in S'pore! :P

My duck confit angel hair pasta.

Jing's Ayam Percik rice (it has some fancy Malay name, but I suck with Malay nowadays, so, sorry! =/)

And err, 'cause I forgot to take pictures of Teeny's spicy crab linguine, here's a representative WTF.
Those are pinchers! *defensive*

Chocolate Pavlova, which comes highly recommended by the sisters.

And sticky date pudding, which comes highly recommended by me!! :)

My first encounter with sticky date pudding is at the ski lodge during my ski trip in Melbourne, and it was love at first sight! Since then, I could never find this dessert... But now I have done so! :D And boy, it's GOOD. :)))

Antique-looking belt is love!
Pardon the pariah-way I tucked it in though, haih.

Clambering onto the table top to catch a top-down picture of Teeny.

But when it came to Jing, I refused to take such pictures of her, and insisted on taking from bottom-up. The reason? "EH YOUR REGROWTH DAMN UGLY" Hahahha poor thing she got opressed 'cause of bauty reasons wtf. The Hoe sisters maintain high standards on vanity WTF, hahaha.

Ending with some outfit pictures. :)

Teeny with her really cute dress! :)

Jing, ala Alice in Wonderland.

Carrying a Kate Spade woven picnic bag, I expected the boyfriend to have something to say about it (I saw him later during the day). Just like as expected, the moment he saw the bag, he went "Woww that is really...err... boxy..."
HAIHHHH the boyfriend needs more training! :P

If you are wondering why I still blogged despite stating that it's the last thing I want to do, it's 'cause writing things down helps me put things into perspective. :)


Updated: Just when I was feeling all miserable for myself, some high school friends started messaging me on MSN.. Turns out that there are quite a few of us working in S'pore!!! And we are meeting up this Friday!! I am feeling warm and quite excited now. :)))
I guess it's true what they say; there is always a silver lining. :)


Christian Girl in Harrods said...

Awww, wanted to comfort you at first, but then YAY got classmates reunion, so nice! :)

And I'm first yay!

I wanted to comment on a few things, wait I forgot...

What's relax hair? Do it la, so that we can see. It sounds good, cuz it's relaxing.

Wah the rose bud earring, I have the same one!! But bigger, and it's pink. Is it plastic sculpture like topshop's? Mine is and same price too, but in pounds. I thought mine was cheap!!! :(

I like grey and red! and your box. Ok, too long la, comment next time la

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

I mean same price as yours...why I so cheong hei...sorry.

Anonymous said...

hey dear, was wondering if you could recommend some nice places to shop in Singapore. boutique shopping preferably. :)

mustardqueen said...

EH parents not going ipoh!!! good news right your happy on someone's loss wtf cos we cannot eat there -__-
Anyway dear lord my nose is so bulbous I wanna cry T___T and i look so long in one shot and so big in another shot must be consistent wan u know wtf!! -______- Eh next time I cook e pasta for u damn easy only just drench everything in extra virgin olive oil can liao im a genius =D

larnee said...

hey hey...

i recommend NOT rebonding. my mum gets it done often and she dye's her hair too. And so yeah... when she rebonded her hair... That was like soooow wrong!! It became like twigs. NOT recommended. Not sure what relaxing it... i think it's rebonding without the ironing part. But maybe u should go for that option instead.


Anonymous said...

huiwen, i did relaxing before! the first two day my hair was so damn straight, and ... after i washed my hair on the third day, no one noticed i actually straighten my hair, not even myself T__T so don't waste your money on that!

c r y s t said...

my hair damn f.l.a.t. after relaxing.. T______T

Anonymous said...

I did relaxing before! -.- Costs me Rm 400++ when i had short hair, very emo! It's exactly like straightening la, why didn't u ask me wtf! =P

Muff Stit said...

thanks for your love and support and kind wordssss! :) quick go crack your head on that name. And congrats for bagging yourself one of the earrings. Pop us an email regarding your postal address and details ok?

and ur bag is love, however boxy it is :)

mustardqueen said...

MUFFIN AR THE BAG IS MINE OK!!! OI hoe hui wen why u didn't credit me huh later u blatantly claim its yours how how how and dun la fold my belt liddat la later the cardboard inside folded not nice like ketupat howww!!!! T___T

revel in me said...

siewkwan: Haha, ya, I was fretting in the train just now-- WHAT AM I GOING TO WEARR!! Haha!
Hmm, relaxed hair is another type of chemical process (I think) which is similar to rebonding, but it's supposedly less damaging! And oooh, I think I have the same Topshop earrings you're talking about!! I got them for SGD3. :P But ours nicer, 'cause erm, got more petals wtf. :P

anonymous: Hey love, I saw your comment in the previous entry, but I haven't gotten to replying it! WIll reply you in that entry? :) 'Cause I need some time to compose my thoughts on all the shopping places in S'pore, haha!

mustardqeueen: HAHHH really ar? WHy are they not going? Are they waiting for me.. *misty eyes* As for consistency, haih, ask the photgrapher (Jing) and the model (you) la! I make a really mean aglio olio! <333

larnee: OH NOOO are you serious?? That's what I am afraid of! :( My hairstylist told me that, and this friend of ours also warned me. SHITTTT! I don't want to live with bushy hair. :(

hoi gi: HAHHHHH!! T___T Actually I have heard of that before too! But my friend did it, and her hair still looks pretty straight to me! But maybe she blowdries.. SHIT I AM SO WORRIED NOW! HOWWWWW!!

cryst: Where did you do it? :) Means your hair remained straight for a long time? :)

jing: OH YA HORRR! :D EH how was it ar? Did it remain straight? I was in melbourne when you did it, so I didn't really witness the effects! =/

muffstit: Haha, I can't believe I got the earrings! Poor Liss! T_T Thank you, loves, keep up the good work! <3

mustardqueen: Aiyo I didn't blatantly claim the credit.. -___- I didn't even say that the bag is mine. -___- And boo, I HAVE to fold the belt, if not it will unravel! :(

Anonymous said...

i need shopping kakis so i can excitedly exclaim GOOD JOB, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK and share bargain hunting tips with T___T my sister and friends not into shopping wan. damn sad T____T

Anonymous said...

I really admire you & your sisters for putting an effort to dress up every time you go out! :) plus Jing wearing red stockings! & you with that gorgeous vintage dress!

Anonymous said...

Okie! Got it! Anyways right I noticed that three of you loves vintage.Since when this love for fashion and vintage came about and how you guys realised it?Lol.Just wondering.Yeah and relaxing doesnt really help.Less than a week the hair will curl/wave back .Tried and tested!! yeah AND I need shopping kakis too!Any vacancies available???

Agnes said...

ahhh you and your friends always dressed up so nicely! the way you match your clothes with the right accesories and shoes... mmmMMmm... i'm loving it xD...

I am searching for a rose bud earring too.. =( can't find it.

mustardqueen said...

CHEH I VERY SAD!!! Cos firstly rg say i dress like no effort i wanna cry already T____T and agnes dunno we are sisters T______T lagi wanna cry omg T__________T

Agnes said...


sorry now i know =x...

don't cry *hidehide*......

no wonder both of u looks pretty alike =x..... haha...

Sue Lin said...

Hey! If u ask me ur doing great there in Spore girl! My first few weeks, even in Msia with my family and everyone, i was really depressed. Hope it gets better for u after some time =)

Anonymous said...

Hi, once again I visit your blog. Reading your blog really make me feel depress because I am going to have the same life as you because I am going back to M'sia early November with my family after my convo and I will be working at S'pore early December =( I lodge my residency application already my dad wants me to go back badly. I guess mainly because I am the youngest and the spoiled one at home. 4 years in Melbourne, I really don't want to go back =(

Have a great week ahead =)

-the one opposite SEF-

revel in me said...

foongjin: Then how can you still be friends with them.. T___T Disown your sister too.. WTF T__T Come singapore to find me, I will make you very happy, haha! :P

rg: Haha, actually, we didn't put much effort into it!! Aaah, I think I am going to blog about this, haha. :D

nana: OH, I got into vintage when I was in melbourne, and I go to flea markets, and there are a lot of vintage shops there as well! Vintage clothes appealed to me 'cause most of the time they are a little quirky and off, which is quite me. Plus, vintage stuff are one-of-a-kinds, I hate wearing the same thing as everyone else-- which is partly why I don't usually shop in Bangsar and whatnots. Teeny got into vintage when the vintage trend caught on in M'sia-- what with all the never-ending junkyard sales; and it suits her style, she is tall and vintage clothes are usually oversized and longer. You many notice that Jing seldom wear vintage clothes, that's her style is more girlie/luxe/slutty (wtf)... We all have very different styles actually. :) But yeaa, I feel that the vintage trend is a little overrated in M'sia now, in fact, you may remember I did a rant on it once:
Everyone just seemed to be simply buying vintage dresses, and I feel that it has lost its meaning somehow. Vintage is supposed to be personal in a way. :(

agnes: Haha, oh no, jing and Teeny are my sisters! And we can't go out if we are not dressed properly.. T__T We just like to have fun with fashion. :D And ohhhh, try Curve bazaar for the earrings, if not, go to Topshop they sell lovely ones, and I don't think they are that expensive! :)

mustardqueen: When did rg said that you don't dress with effort! -___- And err people think that you're my friend 'cause I look young or you look old. T__T

agnes: HAHHAHA it's ok! And eeek, teeny and I look alike meh? T__T

sue lin: Aaaaah, I am depressed la. Hate what I am doing, and where I am. :( But I am just.. too cheerful for my own good, I guess. -_- Unfortunately, things won't get better!! Peak period coming soon! T__________T

the one opposite SEF: Awww, please don't say that my blog depresses you! :'( Oh no, poor thing, then what about the residency application-- you have lodged it already, so you're just going to leave it? Alternatively, you can just apply offshore, come to s'pore for a bit, and when you officially get your PR then you decide when you want to go back.. :) I have a few friends working in s'pore now who are doing the same thing-- they are either still waiting for their PR or they have already gotten their PR, but they will just work in s'pore for short term, and when the time is right (near future, of course), they will go back to melbourne. :) Just think of the bright side, love-- you have your family here; your dad obviously loves you a lot... And working in s'pore is quite ok in terms of remuneration, and I feel that learning-wise, it's quite valuable; melbourne is just too slow. So it's not all bad! :)

Agnes said...


i have to get educated about your life. =x... i am confused. LOL. I think all 3 of u look alike~~ all so pretty and stylo xD...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you are right. Work in S'pore means I am closer to home and I can go back home every week because I stay at Muar, 2 hours drive from S'pore (I hope you know where is Muar). Furthermore, one of my brother has houses in S'pore but he is not there atm because he works in Beijing. My another brother who live at JB go back Muar every Friday because his daugther is there with my parents. So basically I can go back Muar every week if I want =)

But then I am sure I will miss Melbourne if I go back. I know nothing about S'pore. I will definitely lost my way if I go there. On that time, maybe I need your helps =) I will stay at Katong or near Orchard if I work in S'pore.

Where you live?

-the one opposite SEF-

revel in me said...

agnes: Nvm, it's still not too late to get educated wtf. Haha, thank youuu! <3

the one opposite SEF: Ohhhh, you're so lucky!! I think going home every weekend (or at least having the option to) makes a whole world of difference! :) And yes, of course you'll miss melbourne, but think of s'pore as a short stint, a little get-away, I mean, in life we always have interludes, so this is just one of it. In the end, you will still go back to melboune, and that is what matters! :)

Btw, I stay in sembawang, I think it's quite near to katong! All I know is it's 6 stops away from orchard, HAHA.