Monday, August 18, 2008

Kamikaze/ Food spurt.

I think I am a superhero wan. -_-

I reached S'pore at 5am yesterday. I slept for 1 hour, and went to work.
The things I do to stay home just a little longer.

It's amazing that I am still standing after a long day of work.

But not for long! I really need some sleep, I can feel my brain shutting down.


Home was good. :)
Though it was only 2 weeks since I have been back, there are all these little subtle changes at home.

The new Saga at home; bloody car has finally arrived. I find it quite funny actually, 'cause sometimes my sisters and I act snobby and swear that we will never drive Sagas, and look at what car my dad got Teeny, hahaha. But it really is kind of ridiculous, 'cause the whole point of getting a cheaper car for Teeny is 'cause she will be going to Melbourne next year, hence the car will only be used for this year. But of course, due to Proton's inefficiency, we only got the car half a year after we bought it. -_- And now Teeny is going to drive the car for about 3 months before her uni semester is over, and then the car will be idle (everyone else at home already has a car), HAIH.

My room, which has turned into a mini warehouse for Jing's baby-- Velvet Ribbon and Teeny's friend's shopping site. -______-

My brother's voice has gotten deeper again. Did that boy swallow a lion or what??

Teeny's new hair color. And let's not forget Jing's regrowth wtf. I am going to force that woman to go do our hair together soon!


An 1-hour nap is too short! T_T
I am too lazy/tired to upload pictures from my weekend, so I am going to take the easy way out, and post up some backlogged pictures that I uploaded last week to blog but didn't get to it, 'cause I was too busy replacing all my bandwidth exceeded pictures, rawr.

I thought to name these batch of pictures "Food Spurts", 'cause well, if you frequent my blog enough, you'd know that I am mad over food. ;) I get very happy when people read my food entries, and visit those places/consult me based on my recommendations! And also, I get a sense of thrill whenever I check my site referrals and I find that people linked to my blog 'cause they googled a restaurant or a certain type of food. I feel like I am doing my part for spreading the love for food, hee. Anyway, I understand that droning food entries might be boring at times, so I am going to save the food reviews for new/worthwhile restaurants, and what you will see sometimes are sporadic short entries of random food that I have eaten (and what I wore, hahaha), hence the term "Food spurts". :P

(Pictures are from my pre-work era wtf)

The poor boyfriend who layan-ed me after work every evening to bring me out for dinners and such.

Back then, I didn't fully appreciate just how much effort when into a simple action like that; but now that I have started work, I understand that some days after work, you're so tired you just want to crawl into bed and not come out. But yet he accompanied me almost every night, entertaining to all my whims and needs. *teary*

We went to Vietnam Kitchen!

Where I had a drink with matched the color of my dress WTF.

This is called the tri-colored...err, drink, haha. A Vietnamese special, it's made of cendol, red bean and mung bean (i.e. green bean).

Spring rolls! I love Vietnamese spring rolls-- the only problem is that I usually feel like eating 20 at one go. -_-

Seafood noodles.

Which is making me a little queasy in the stomach now, 'cause I have noodles almost everyday for lunch. -_- Haihh, but I am talking crap la, come 12pm tomorrow, I will be thumping on my table (and stomach wtf), yelling "LUNCH TIME!" at the top of my lungs and march off to the nearest food court for yet another bowl of noodles. -_-

The boyfriend's Vietnamese fried rice... which didn't taste very Vietnamese at all, haha.
I only took this picture to pacify him 'cause he gets emo when I only take pictures of my food. -_-

Outfit for the night. :)
I love love love the clutch I was carrying! It is really roomy, I can even fit my waterbottle in there, and no one knows the better! :P

Things that make up the outfit that is the color of cendol wtf.

And the pretty back of my dress! :)
Pay attention to the pretty, erm carlights in the background too, haha.


From Vietnamese to Chinese wtf. Dragon-i was on the menu. :D

The tube I was wearing actually has this long drape flowing down the front all the way from the bustier, but it doesn't really show in the pictures. :(

And wow, my waist looks so small in the first picture! *big shiny eyes* Is this a sign that I should wear black more often. -__-
Btw, if you haven't realized it yet, black is one of my least favorite color. I am not one to be a wallflower WTF. Haha, no la, maybe 'cause black doesn't really go with my personality or something, but I am more of a bright happy clappy colors type of person. :P

Dragon-i in Sunway Pyramid! Which was really nicely decorated, I feel.

And I am sorry that I am so jakun, I think probably half of the people in PJ have tried Dragon-i before, but it was only my first time!

Me likes Dragon-i in Pyramid, because it has ceiling-to-floor windows overlooking Sunway Lagoon! Kind of lends a nice, romantic, candlelit dinner effect. :D
And also provide great inspirations for dreamy, gaze-into-the-future poses apparently, haha.

Moving on to the food:

Sea coconut and longan drink, very yummy.

Siew loong pau, one of the recommended dishes! :)

My la mian, signature noodle dish, and also a trademark Szechuan specialty if I am not mistaken.

Comes with fried pork chops, le sigh.

And the boyfriend's la mian, with braised pork ribs. Thumbs up for this too!

I don't know, quite a few people who have been to Dragon-i came back with mediocre to bad reviews about the place, but I pretty much enjoyed my experience there! Food was good, and I really liked the ambience (and the view) of the place... Definitely a place I will go back to. :)

My crescent-shaped floral print clutch. Place there to subtly hide my satisfied bulging tummy. :P

And me loves the big-ass vintage ring that I added into my collection recently! Though I get a lot of exclamations whenever I wear it. -_-

Looking through all these pictures, I can't help but think about all that I am missing out on.

Before I left for Singapore, occasionally the boyfriend will throw me a pout and tell me "But I won't be able to see you in your working clothes!" or "We can't have dinner together after work!", and I will just wave him off dismissively.

But nowadays, when I stride in the underpass tunnels, the corridors of shopping malls, or even just walking across the street, I see young working couples everywhere, hand-in-hand, a familiar face for each other after a grueling day of work.

Isn't it sad, that this is a new chapter of my life, and I can't do it together with you. I can't tighten the knot on your tie before you go off to work, or give each other goodbye kisses every morning before heading off to the daily grind. I don't have lunches with you to look forward to at work, I don't have a pair of arms to run into when I step out of the office.


On nights like this, I can't help but think about all that I am missing out on.


k said...

i think we're both nocturnal cause everytime i check you JUST updated or something haha

Suet Li said...

the last part so sad :(

Vivien said...

hahaha if I mass produce the mugs, I might be rich because there 99.9% of women (and some men!) adore shopping!<33 hmm maybe i shall do that! ;D how can you NOT love polka-dots!?!?! insane! they are so retro and groovy! haha, i sound like some kind of 70s' mama T_T don't be sad :( i like your happy bubbly posts! think of a world with rainbows, unicorns, big apple oreo donuts, polka dots, seriously awesome bargains! & err cute flying pigs that don't poop. (if not, we kena ._. )

Vivien said...

because 99.9% of *

Mei said...

I love the picture of you showing the ring, very pretty =)

I believe long distance creates a stronger bond between you and him, a few years down the road, you and him will be able to share all the bits and pieces of life together with greater appreciation =). (I wanted to say live happily ever after -__- but just in case you think I am still 3:( ).

Ashleigh said...

There's a saying, absence makes the heart grow fonder and another contrary saying, out of sight: out of mind. I've no idea which to believe.

My bf will be working on a cruise ship as a chef soon so we won't be able to see each other every other week. Only like once every 3 months. =( I'm going to be in your position too... *wails*

c r y s t said...

Same here.

When I got this job I told my bf I can finally dressup like an OL already (my first job required me to be in uniform) and he told me, what for, he can't see me in my office attire T__T

I got emo everytime I saw couples having dinner together after work while I tapau my own bread from Kings wtf..

Morning time I saw couples in the car together for work, the guy driving while the lady damn syok sleeping beside !#%&(*. I got emo coz I need force myself to stay awake and drive to work myself T__T

Anonymous said...

i am damn emo now.

after reading ur post i realized that even though i am back in kl i have noone to tie his tie for or kiss him goodbye anyway T_________T

my life is meaningless wtf

mustardqueen said...

hahaha everyone talking bout sad stuff and aud say no one to tie tie wtf -___-

OH YAH pray for me my hair wont bleed and pink bubble foam again please T_T Dear lord T_T haha see u this weekend -_- and i didn't know cellnique closes on tuesday -_-

Anonymous said...

y so sad wan? exactly the same feelings i had when i was in uni, i see uni couples walking into LTs holding hands and greet each other with a hug when they meet in the canteen after a long day of classes

revel in me said...

skim: Haha I AM nocturnal, during my bumming days I slept at 5am averagely. Which is why it's absolutely KILLING ME to wake up at 7 everyday now. T__T

suet li: I know. :(

penguins: Hahaha, you crazy woman. I love polka dots! But I know of a lot of people who don't, pffahh! And ya la, you sound like those who dance to saturday night fever WTF. HAHAHAHHA <3333 that's such a sweet description! I didn't blog is so happy! With hygienic pis somemore wtf. Thank you dear! <3 But I am allowed to be sad/emo sometimes right. :(

mei: Awwww, thank you! :D :D :D And sigh, what you say may be true, at least, it was what I told myself before I made the decision to come over.. It is still what I tell myself when I am all alone here and I miss him so. But logic means nothing when you crave for a big bear hug, I guess. AAAHHH you mean fairy tales don't exist!!??? Haha!

ashleigh: I think both are true to a certain extent... And as cliched as it sounds, you have a control over which the outcome is. Awww, you poor thing, LDR sucks! But don't worry, I assure you, you both will emerge stronger and better. :)))

cryst: EXACTLY!! T___T From the tapau/eat alone part to the seeing couples playfully chatting in the car on the way to/from work, it makes my heart PAINNN... T____T

aud: HAHHHAHAH why you like that! You have darren and jeff what *wink wink WTF
You have so many people who love you with you in KL! T__T

mustardqueen: Haha, so far got bleed or not? And oops, I know cellnique is closed on tuesdays! But I didn't tell you, 'cause I thought you went to pay yesterday already! ('cause you said the RM300 used for cellnique already)

revel in me said...

eevon: Oh noooo, if I see that I will get even more emo! 'Cause I really miss those carefree relationship moments, when all it matters is which classroom you can sneak into to steal a kiss or two.. Not that we did, of course! *shifty eyes* And also, 'cause I miss my non-working student life wtf. T__T

Anonymous said...

hui wen you make me hungry each time i read your blog haha :)

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

Your ring very nice!

Hm, look at the bright side, erm, absence makes the heart grow fonder? Sorry, I don't really know how to comfort ppl...but cheer up k! :)

But I can imagine you can do that(the tighten tie and bla part) so happily after the both of you got married, haha, I think too far.

Ashleigh said...

ok all that food is making me hungry! awesome pics

S (formerly of Modern-Guilt) said...

I really like this post, so much going on, it reminds me of live blogging almost :)
I love the all-black outfit, it looks great on you - it almost looks like a really awesome catsuit!

yishyene said...

Everyone has said so many things and so now I feel like there is nothing left to say.. except.. "Time and tide waits for no man".

(It just seemed like something wise to say).

Anonymous said...

hui wen, u r so skinny!! I've been following ur blog for sometimes and i think u've got even thinner. Tell me how to achieve that plzzzz~~ Btw, the all-black outfit looks great on u!

Anonymous said... sad. :(

The poor boyfriend who layan-ed me after work every evening to bring me out for dinners and such.

" Back then, I didn't fully appreciate just how much effort when into a simple action like that; but now that I have started work, I understand that some days after work, you're so tired you just want to crawl into bed and not come out. But yet he accompanied me almost every night, entertaining to all my whims and needs. *teary* "

THis is so true! ahaha.
I never know working can be so tiring T__T and yet i am being so not understanding when he's late bla bla bla lol

revel in me said...

kat: Haha, that is a GOOD thing! :P

siewkwan: Hee, thank you! Which was why I put on such a cheesy pose to show the ring. :P Haihhh, absence also makes the heart aches and ber-emo! :( But hahaha, you're right, the thought of tightening the bf's tie in the future did cheer me up! If he doesn't want to buy chanel bag for me, I can also use the same approach and strangle him WTF.

ashleigh: EATTTTT! I am spreading the joy for food, haha. Thank you! :)))

s: Live blogging? Haha, I just think I yak too much. :) And nono, it isn't an all-black outfit! I was wearing this pair of zipper dark denim jeans.. But hot catsuit? I dig that idea. :P

y: HAHAHHAHHAHAHAHHA WOMANNNN HAHHAHAHAH you totally crack me up EVERY SINGLE TIME!! Why are you so crappy ar

jing2: No la no la! I think in that pic it's all angles, 'cause the last time I have checked, I am still blubbery.. T_T And it's not all black! I was wearing dark denim. :P

miss hazel: Hahhaha ya la! Why are we such demanding gfs ar. Haih, it's like that wan la, if they want to date high-quality girls. *flips hair* HAHAHA

Anonymous said...

i browsed through to ur previous posts and man!! u've lost so much weight! especially in that black tube top! how'd u do it???? i wanna lose weight tooooo!

and erm, i dun know kit mey personally. hehe... just stumbled upon her blog from another friend =p *tries not to sound like a freaky stalker* but seriously, small world out there! ;)

last part is so sad! but u should be happy that u actually have someone! unlike me. pfft! =p

ally said...


but tube tops dont fit me very well :(

and yah why the end part of your post so sad :( nvm la at least u guys aren't too far from each other mar! always look on the bright side!

Anonymous said...

Hey babe,haiyo yr post was all nice and happy,the ending didn't quite blend in well.Felt a bit emo pulak after reading that.=(
Anyways I love love love yr green dress!U always surprise me with the sexy back thingy lol.I have a thing for these kinda dresses.And,I just got one yst while shopping in One U!With chain strapped neckline too!=) Oh,U looking FAB FAB FAB in that tube top and skinnies3> I didnt go to Lapsap,cos I had work.It was kinda a last minute thing,so couldn't make it.Hope you had great buys!Post em!

glory said...

that food looks so yummy an so your your style and blog...
saludos de mexico

Danz said...

Yeah, I think I'm losing way too many brain cells by not sleeping enough. Bad habit but I seem to be most productive late at night/early morning.

Your outfits are wonderful! The green dress with the brown belt is a fabulous combination and I also LOVE your oversized vintage ring! Oh yeah, and the food looks soooooo tasty.....

Thanks for your comment. Would you be interested in a link exchange?

revel in me said...

liz-josey: Haha, I swear to god! That black tube picture is a FLUKE! Angle plus black, I think.. I swear to god, I am not so thin. T__T And oh oh, don't worry, I am an avid blog-stalker too. *shifty eyes* :P

ally: Why you like the tube! Can't even see it clearly in the pic. T_T And why won't tubes fit you, you're so skinny! *jealous* Haihh, s'pore is near, but it's still 5 hours away. :(

nana: Hahaha, 'cause I blogged halfway and suddenly got emo! Thus the abrupt sad ending. T_T And omg ME TOOO, I LOVE sudden peekaboo-back clothes! Like.. lala I am kinda slutty but not really, HAHAHA. Ooh, your dress sounds gorgeous! <3 And wth?? Work on a sunday??? :'(

glory: Hehe, thank you very very much! :)

danz: YAAA I find that I feel most alive at night! And now I am making myself sound like an owl. -_- Thank you, love! <3 Sure sure, I will link you up! :)))