Monday, August 25, 2008

Lapsap sale.

Well, not really. More like Lapsap buys. -_-
'Cause I didn't take ANY pictures at Palate Palette! I have been there a few times too many (not that I am complaining :P), and there's only so many times you can see the same pictures of the afro carousel horse and the hula hoops and whatnots right. If you feel compelled to revisit those past entries I have done on Lapsap, just click on the 'Revel in Events' tag! But knowing my luck, the pictures would probably have their bandwidth exceeded or something, HAIH.

Had I met a lot of people there, I would probably have whipped out my camera to go clickety-click too, but unfortunately I was there too early! I reached Palate Palette practically when it just opened-- whereas most people would be there fashionably late. :( It's not 'cause I am kiasu ok! (fine, partly wtf) but 'cause I have other places to go to after that. This is what you get when you have less than 2 days at home-- you're just trying to rush rush rush. :(

Okok, moving on the pictures pictures!

Pardon the woozy eyes, I blame the sun!<=(
Oh ya, this is the vintage-inspired brocade skirt that I mentioned here! :)

Teeny! I have been eyeing her MiuMiu-esque skirt for ages, and have been pestering Teeny to sell it to me. T_T
Everyone, help me persuade her to give it to me! ;)

The first picture is to enable a closer look at my skirt, and the 2nd picture is to lend a more intimate perspective on my.. collarbone, hahaha! It's a big thing ok, there was a few years in my life which I have lost my collarbone (puberty wtf). T_T

My skirt again! The color is actually darker in real life. Am excited about this skirt 'cause I took something that people would consider to be frumpy and outdated, and revamped it a bit! :)

On the way home from Lapsap...

Reckless on the road.
Teeny: Ehhh the lighting here very nice! Faster! Let's take pictures together!
Me: Errr, aren't you driving now?
Teeny: Ya. But never mind, the lighting very niceeee!
Me: *whips out camera*


And errr, the pictures below aren't actually Lapsap-related, but they were taken on the same day, haha.

Went to Chawan in Bangsar with the boyfriend. :)

Chawan is the latest eatery in Telawi Bangsar, and it's situated right opposite Bangsar Village 1 (same row as Nirvana). Apparently it has became quite the hotspot for night yumcha sessions! :)

Chawan is good for their many types of coffees, from all the different states of M'sia!
The boyfriend ordered a Tupai (translated to squirrel -_-) something, whereas mine is the Kopi Kemaman (from Terengganu, also one of their recommended coffees!)

The menu comes with the extensive list of all the different coffees-- along with a comprehensive description, including its flavor/aroma and its origins.

The boyfriend: Bee, actually I wanted to order the Hang Tuah kopi...
Me: Oh, why didn't you? (*shaking head inwardly 'cause I thought Hang Tuah sounds more manly than a Kopi Tupai wtf)
The boyfriend: 'Cause.. *points at the menu and reads out loud* The Kopi Hang Tuah is popular amongst the older generation.
I scared you laugh at me. :(


The boyfriend's Nasi Dagang with Gulai Ikan.
Nasi dagang is basically glutinous rice mixed with brown rice-- definitely a healthy option! :) Until you start eating the really thick and creamy gulai ikan, haha. Thumbs up for the fish (resembling fish curry, but thicker)!

My nasi Briyani.
Since Melbourne, I have started on this quest on looking for the perfect Nasi Briyani in KL! (Surprisingly, Melbourne's ones are the best I have eaten so far =/) Oooh, maybe one day I should do an entry and pit all the good KL nasi briyani's against each other, haha.

Alright, am done with the non-lapsap-related things, moving on to the happy buys of the day! :D

Kitschy kiddy envelope clutch!
Brightly-colored, random, childish-- I couldn't say no! :P

Fierce mustard yellow patent pumps! It's not really obvious from the picture, but the back of the shoes is made of satin-- an interesting touch on the shoes! Brand new, and a steal at RM15! *proud face*
I actually already have a pair of happy yellow wedge pumps-- but they're a little too happy for work! So I am going to save this pair for work-- the pointy toe screams RAWWRR POWER WOMAN. :P

White dress with a ruffled tier skirt and studded details.
This dress is actually self-designed by the buyer-- which means that there is only one of this around! :P Love the bronze studs at the bustier and straps, add on a little bad-add attitude to the pure, girlish demeanor. ;)

Another creation by said buyer-- B & W checkered cape-jacket.
I think I am going to have fun experimenting with this piece! :D

ZARA mandarin-collared sleeveless dress-shirt, for work.

Newest additions into my vintage dresses:

The yellow shade is not so bright in real life! Love the floral prints in the really soft pastel palette. :)))

This dress actually hits mid-calf; I am still in a dilemma whether or not to alter it and make it super short, or leave it as it is! Any suggestions? :)

And the back (or is it the front -_-) has this cute round white fabric buttons, reminds me of tong yuen, HAHA.

Faded denim dress with white daisy embroideries and daisy appliques! So sweet! :)

Love the start white collar against the floral background! :)

Hot pink polka dotted dress with a full skirt. I love full skirts, 'cause you can go swish swish swish in them. :D

English Garden overalls! :)
Eh, waitamin, upon closer look, why does the cut bear such close resemblance to our secondary school pinafores. -_-

And this really really cute collar accessory! :))))

My mom is playing dirty now. -_-
This time when I went back, I found out that she has moved all my boxes and luggage bags of Melbourne clothings into my room!! (Previously they were kept in other areas of the house), so now my room is so tight and cramped and obviously very, very messy. :( I guess this is her way of getting me to clear out/tidy up my clothes; I have to admit, previously I was quite complacent, I mean, my clothes were happy being situated in the study room and my brother's room what! And I am getting quite stressed out, 'cause I don't really know how to get rid of some of my clothes-- I really don't have time to post up sales. I can't bear to just throw them away, that's for sure! :( I did toy with the idea of keeping a lookout for any junkyard sales to book a stall and get rid of my things for once and for all; but this is not really a feasible option, 'cause I myself am not too sure about my work schedule and when I can be back. =/ Looks like the only solution now is to move everything to S'pore. -__________-


estherlauderlyn said...

!!!!! Your last dress!! That's the fabric of my curtains back home in kl... swt.

Anonymous said...

hey, hope u stil remember my last comment to u was abt "mac eye liner". owels, am using pencil eyeliner, not yet to the GEL >.< probably u can gv it a try to "power point eye liner pencil "(something like that). it's really good i would say.. mahahaha. btw, i cant imagine hw's ur room like wth all ur apparels, dressesss.. mahahaa.. girls.....

revel in me said...

estherlauderlyn: HAHAHAHA are you serious??? 'Cause as I was posting pictures, I was thinking to myself, hmm, actually this looks like curtains, haha! :P

tracy: Powerpoint pencil eyeliner, you say? :P Okok, I will give it a try, 'cause I really want smudge proof eyes! T_T And haha, you DON'T want to imagine the state of my room... It's enough to induce depression! :(

Anonymous said...

I adore the collar accessory.. I been looking out for one since the miu miu SS collection....

I hope i can find out of my own soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Whenever your sisters have opens a flea shop, put it up so I can raid it ;) I'm a friend of Erin's, so you can sell to me when I'm in Singapore :) Set-os?

Anonymous said...

Lol!Not self employed la my dear.I work in Laundry Bar,if you know the place! Lol. I wish I was tho.Lol.And oh,love , my wish is granted nw that you posted the Lapsap buys.Hehe. If you were to sell ur stuff,please do inform me first okie.I would be the first to stand in line.I love alll yr stuff..So far so nice! =) And,I think so far only Bangsar offers the best boutiques..others so so only..

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

WAHHH, the food looks good. Thanks for the information, will definitely try it out!! :)

Wah, I also cannot imagine being in your will feel like going out all the time cuz your room is so cramp right? haha

Anonymous said...

have you tried the Nasi Briyani at Restoran Ismail in TTDI (same row as domino's pizza)? super yummy

mustardqueen said...

ehh ismail always damn pack must go try =D and hor... T_T do i really have to sell my miu miu in(copy)spired skirt to you T____T I SEE HOW OK!! summore u want my chanel in(copy)spired sweater... why all my clothes inspired but none of it are genuine wan wtf =(

Anonymous said...

your shows so cheap! damn value! :D love the white self-designed dress and the daisy denim one!

and ahem. i've just cleared out my wardrobe, so i have plenty of you know what to do hohoho! :P :P

Anonymous said...

SHOES*** stupid typos are what happen when one tries to read blogs, refresh malaysiakini and sms at the same time :(

Katie ♥ said...

I buy your clothes I buy your clothes! :D But I'm already having to hide my stuff 'cause my parents are coming for a visit, so I don't think it's feasible for me to buy anymore la wtf.

I love the last dress! and the second last! and the third last also! wtf love all la :D

eh actually i wanna buy some of your previous clothes la but how, we are, er.. 8000km away from each other, haha!

revel in me said...

anonymous: YAYAYA, the buyer which I bought from told me she "shamelessly copied Miu Miu", haha! <3

i ling: BOOOO why only if my sisters set up a flea market! What about MEEEEE.. T__T Anyway, my sister has opened an online shop:, go take a look! :)

nana: IS IT! But I remembered sometime ago you mentioned that you are self-employed/work alone or something along those lines! Did I remember wrongly. =/ Anyway, haha, OF COURSE I know laundry! Do you only work at nights then? And hee, thank you, dear! <3 Ya, I agree bangsar boutiques have pretty decent stuff, but they are often pricier! So I have to go dig-dig at other places. ;)

siewkwan: Yayyyyy, nasi briyani kaki! :P OMGGG is that why I am always out, like it's my subconscious!! Really la, my room is too messy now, sigh. :(

iua: ARE YOU SERIOUS??? I stay really near there! :))) Omg, now I can't wait to go back to try it! If it's good I will give you hugs and kisses, haha, 'cause I really have been looking for good nasi briyani for AGES!

mustardqueen: YAAAA must sell! :D And is Ismail always packed? I don't know leh, it seemed to be always closed though ('cause we are around that area very late wtf) -_- GIMMEEE THE GOODS YA! <3

foongjin: Hahaha, I understand! Even the bf also ignore me 'cause of Anwar wtf. And yaayyy, those are some of my fave buys too! :P

katie: Haha, then I pass you the dresses AFTER your parents' visit?? *scheming wtf* And BOOOOOOO Air Asia flying to Melbourne now, I wanna go I wanna go!!! But got no leave.. T___T

Anonymous said...

Lol!No not only at to in's linked together gether ma..U have Facebook? So where to usually ?Bangsar is where I'd be.After shopping can go for drinks ma. ;)))

Simon Seow said...

Ah, Chawan serve Nasi Dagang. Will go there and try one day.

Anonymous said...

hey dear, was wondering if you could recommend some nice places to shop in Singapore. boutique shopping preferably. :)

revel in me said...

nana: OHHH yaya, I forgot about Italiannies! :) You mean where do I go to shop usually? Haha, EVERYWHERE. :P But I don't really go to Bangsar for drinks though! Not sure why.. -_- Maybe 'cause of the parking-- of lack of it! =/

And yuppers, I have FB, you can add me with my email address! :)

simon seow: Yaa, go try! But my bf said that the nasi dagang is so-so only, 'cause apparently the rice doesn't have enough 'oomph'!

anonymous: Hey love, sorry for the delay in replying! Are you in s'pore? :) Hmm, if you're looking for cheap clothes, try bugis street, it's really stuffy and hot and feels like hell in there, but there are a few kiosks/stalls which sell really nice clothes! :) And obviously, Far East! The lower floors for the cheaper clothes, and the higher floors for the most adorable boutique-- but they are quite pricey! T_T Good for occasional splurges though. :P And erm, apparently Suntec has a lot of boutiques, but I haven't gone exploring yet; but the whole stretch of City Hall definitely has a lot of places to shop! :)Actually, the whole of s'pore is filled with places to shop, haha.. Even in Raffles (where I work), there are malls after malls to tempt me during lunch time! Don't forget those neighbourhood malls, they have little boutiques as well! :)
Anyway, back to my question, if you're working in s'pore and do not go back to KL often, then by all means shop in s'pore; but if you do go back to KL consistently, my advise is that KL shopping is much much much cheaper! Which is why nowadays I don't get much shopping done in s'pore. T_T Hope this helps, and happy shopping! <333

Anonymous said...

Hot pink polka dotted dress with a full skirt.

hey, let me know if ur selling this dress yeah?
n price too of course ;p

ps: i didn't know how to contact u, hence the comment here. (:

revel in me said...

anonymous: Sorry love, I didn't see your comment! Alrighty, I will keep you in mind if I sell the dress! :)

Anonymous said...

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