Thursday, August 07, 2008

Lost and found.

Let's kick off with visuals from my past weekend wtf.

The glory of PINKNESS.
Antique pink earrings, pink curtain dress (T_T), and erm, pink cheeks!

Can you imagine it, I changed into this outfit right after Bijou Bazaar-- in fact, I brought this outfit change in a paperbag to the bazaar and left it at Teeny's stall! That's how vain I am. Why waste any opportunities to dress up wtf.

Jing's bestie, Joshua, asked me: "Whatever do you need an outfit change for?"
Me: 'Cause I am meeting my boyfriend later, I must change to something demure and romantic! *feigns shy smile*

Actually it's 'cause the boyfriend cannot accept high waisted jeans yet WTF.

I am serious! When Jing wears her high waisted skirt, her boyfriend asked her why is she so nerd wear her skirt so high. -_____________-

My sisters call this my curtain dress. T___T Or when they are in a good mood, they call it the PJ dress. T___T
WHYYYY it is a pretty dress whatttt. T___T

And my crazy sister. Who just came back after closing down her stall at Bijou Bazaar.
I think the sun evaporated her brains a bit, haha.

The next batch of picture are from Sunday, where we caught The Dark Knight! Heath Ledger is SOOOO GOOOOD as the Joker, it blows my mind! So sad that this is the last we can see from him. :(

At a Taiwanese restaurant in Gardens (I forgot the name, it's Chui something; but it's right next to the escalators leading up to GSC Signature cinema):

Only one picture of the place-- it is always always packed, for some reason.

My well-trained boyfriend!!! Who ordered a pink drink to match his pink shirt. :))))

Ok, fine, he didn't, but I could hope that it's the reason why he ordered the yummy watermelon milk. :P

Our food!
Lazy to describe the food la. But it was decent, but pricey though (about RM20 for a set meal excluding drinks). I think it was about RM70 for the both of us!

Worth a visit you like to try out new restaurants like I do. :P But if you're stingy like how I am too wtf, go to Shihlin for their Taiwanese snacks! Mmmmm to their oyster mee sua and XXL chicken chop. I am known to sneak in the chicken chop as a snack for movies! :D

I wore different sides of earrings. This is what happens when you rush me! And 'cause I am funky like that la. :P


I wore green to watch Shrek, I put a flower in my head for Sex and the City, so of course I went all black for The Dark Knight. :P
And is it only me, but during the movie, everytime I see Batman's silhouette against the night skies and I see its ears pointing upright, I feel a crazy urge to laugh. -__-

Anyway, to the topic on hand: aaah, what I have lost, and found recently. :)

I have lost a bit of weight for the past few weeks, and though the rvelation was joyous at first, I realized that along the way, I have lost something else too-- my boobs. T__T
HOWWWWW to be thin and flat; or to be fat but boobsy! Why is life so tough wtf. What will you all pick? :P


- This is all pretty exciting... I have found a place to move to! Yes, people, I am movinggggg! 'Cause my stay at my aunt's place now is only supposed to be temporary, as my cousin (whose room I am living in now) will be back from Dubai in September. I will be moving to another cousin's place, and trust me, this is much much much welcomed. I have been scouting around for a room for the past month or so, and really, the rooms are horrible, and the idea of staying with landlords are just eeky-- I have had seen more than my share of dodgy rooms and landlords. And HDB flats are just the most depressing things ever. :(

I went to see my cousin's place last week, and it's pretty decent-- new and renovated. :) And I quite like my room, it's spacious! And it does not come with any furniture. The bad thing is, it is going to cost a bit for me to furnish the room. The good thing is, I can decorate it the way I want to! :) My aunt and cousin kept on advising me to just buy cheap furniture and get it over with, but NOOOO, I can't imagine staying in an ugly room, I will be so down. :( I will be going over to Ikea this weekend to see what I want to buy, so exciting! :D How should I decorate my room ar!

And in case you're wondering how the room I am staying in currently looks like:

The picture is small 'cause I got it off one of the old pictures archive.

Just add tons and tons of clothes strewn around and shopping bags all over, and you pretty much get the current state of the room. :P

My cousin sister who is working in Dubai now is an architect, which explains the gorgeous room! The wardrobe is awesome too, it's covered with this stunning Thai silk curtains. :)

That reminds me, wardrobe! I need to buy a huge huge closet for my room. :D

- I found out that the boyfriend told his friend, who happens to be my colleague AND mentor in my department, to bully me more to 'toughen me up'.
I will show you what is tough, RAWRRRR!

- I also found out that my senior thinks that I am bubbly, chirpy, friendly, hyperactive, lively etc. Then he proceeded to recruit me as one of the committee members for the Recreation Club for the department. He said they need more people like me. -______-

- I found out that my dad got the credit card bill (expenses accumulated from before I started work/first month of work), and he is not happy. Oh shit. Just when I plan to go home for the next 2 weekends!! Should I cancel my plans. =/

- After being busy with work for the whole day, I moved back to my computer and was greeted with the MSN message window of the boyfriend who was trying to IM me. I saw his MSN display picture, wham! my heart was flooded with love and I broke into a tiny smile. I found out, that I love my boyfriend, a lot a lot a lot. :)


Anonymous said...

Nonononononono, i love the pink dress to bits! :D My friends are the one calling it the curtain dress! ='((( And PJs, MEANIES! *pouts*

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

HAHAHA, why are u like that? Wearing matching outfits to watch movie. That's the first time I've ever heard! But you are cool, no worries. ;)

When I read your title, I thought you lost some earrings and you found it, haha, cuz I'm always like that.

mustardqueen said...

oh yeay!! my picture Imma steal it *alarm ring wtf* err, eh you siao la haha always come back later I don't miss u how!?? gimme a chance to go down Singapore to find you cannot meh -_-

Anonymous said...

oh why? I love your pink dress. Where did you get it from?

btw love your blog.

Anonymous said...

lol, this is so random, but the last part, wham! reminds me of the 80s song haha

so i read e final part from the wham thingy to the tunes of 'pop! there goes my heart'

lyrics worthy lol

Anonymous said...

i love the shoes u wore with the pink dress. Very very very lovely ^^

Mei said...

When you said you can decorate your own room, the first thing that comes to my mind is - you need a HUGE wardrobe! lol.

Love your pink dress too, it's lovely =)

Anonymous said...

ur pink dress + shoes u wore is so pretty!!! hui wen, i agree with siewkwan, matching outfits to watch movies :D, you're really creative + cool! i must try that someday.

k said...

omg hahah WHAT IS IT with guys and high waisted things?
i wore high waisted denim shorts the other day and my friend asked me why i want to make my butt look so long.

and my besties bf told her her high waist skirt was "unacceptable".

haha at first we thought it was just kuching guys but we conclude its just guys EVERYWHERE.

Katie ♥ said...

HAHAHAHAAAHAA i agree with the statement that guys cannot accept high-waisted bottoms.

My bf threatened to break up with me when he heard that I bought three high-waisted skirts last week *shy*

The worst part would be the first time I wore my high-waisted shorts in front of him.

He said I look like an aunty, cannot accept wtf heart painnnnT_T

revel in me said...

jing: OH YAAA now I remember, it was your friends! :P And yes yes, I can see from how you stole my dress that you love it to bits. -___-

siewkwan: Hahahah what is wrong with it! You mean other people don't do it? *shifty eyes* Eh you damn lucky! 'Cause I always lose my earrings too, but it ends there wtf, 'cause I can never find them again! :'(

mustardqueen: What's with alarm ring? Burglar alarm ar wtf. Boo, why are you so mean to me, I never said I come back for YOU also wtf. Come find me! National day weekend ya! :)

joan: I got it from Melbourne! :) And thank youuu. :D

anonymous: Hahahahhahaha you ARE seriously random! :P What song is this? I don't recall at the moment any song which goes wham! The only song I have in my mind now is POP goes the weasel. T___T

jing: HEEEE thank youuuu! 'Cause people don't usually notice my shoes. :P They are vintage-inspired shoes, they only come in one pair! :D :D :D

mei: Hahahhaha have you considered a career as an interior designer? 'Cause you would know your clients so well, HAHA. But I am worried, 'cause though the room is big-ish for s'pore's standard, I don't think it's big enough to fit a wardrobe big enough for me! T___T

sue-n: Heh, thank you, my dear! And /boo, so nice of you, very rarely people call me COOL wtf. <3 Hahaha, try it, it's really fun! What if you have to watch Cicak Man ar, then what would you wear WTFFFF hahahahha.

skim: Hahhahahah ok this is the first time I have heard this: high-waisted shorts make butts look long hahahhahah! At least he has a sense of humor. :P And BOOO why does your bestie's bf think it's unacceptable to wear high waisted bottoms! It's, em, unacceptable! wtf. I don't get why men are so against them, they are fierce!<3

katie: Ehh why your name has neh neh in it! Ah neh neh ar wtf. Hahaha, why is he so mean, threatens break up just because you bought high-waisted items. T___T If my bf dares to suggest that!! Well, he wouldn't be my bf in the first place wtf. Your bf really very harsh!! T___T Must give him lessons wtf.

Ashleigh said...

To Skim: NO way!! My bf LOVES me in high-waisted stuff. He says it emphasises my waistline. As it should... Heh.

I LOVE your pink vintage earrings!! So cute!! And the dress looks so sugary sweet & demure! =D

The Faux Fashionista said...

Hehe your matching outfit to outing habit is so cute! Its probably a lot of fun too, I think I'll try that some day :P

My bf thinks high waisted skirts are hot :D I'm not really a fan of high waisted jeans though, but high waisted slacks are okay (they make ze legs look milesss long!)

Oh, and I choose flat but thin! As long as its not pancake flat can already T__T

Anonymous said...

i rather be thin and flat!

(cuz that's what i am now wtf)

revel in me said...

ashleigh: Haha, good on you, you have a fashion-forward bf! :P And you can see my earrings? It's actually cuter upclose. :D

faux fashionista: I think my bf is ok with high waisted skirts NOW (last time he was disgusted with them wtf)! HAIHHH my bf is the most most conservative person when it comes to fashion. You can imagine what a mix matched couple we are! -__- Haha, I also think I choose to be thin! But I am not. T__T

revel in me said...

tzeching: Haha, you're beyond thin already, you're so skinny! /boo

jmeei said...

Eh how come I didn't see you at the bazaar :( I saw Hui Ting when I was there (for five minutes wtf)

Eeflin said...

eh I like your pink dress la.. but I would only buy it if it were white just because my skin tone cannot wear that kinda pink wtf (actually I cannot for life imagine myself wearing something pink >_< wtf)

revel in me said...

jmeei: I went off early! 'Cause of the heatstroke I was suffering from wtf. When will I see you again.. T___T

eeflin: Boooo/ You have admitted a willingness to wear a dress WTFFF, good job good job, hahaha! Eh I got from Melbourne, you go look around la! Maybe they still have white. <333

Anonymous said...

boyfriends just can't accept high waisted stuff!

Anonymous said...

omg...u r fugly..

revel in me said...

PM: Haha, yaaaa, I think most of the fashion trends now, guys HATE 'em! Eg: Wedges/platforms, granny dresses, high-waisted stuff.. HAIHH how la like that!

anonymous: Did you stalk all my entries? 'Cause funny eh, at the moment, most of my pics are not showing due to exceeded bandwidth, how can you tell? :)