Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Magic tricks.

Hello, everyone!
Today, I am going to perform some magic. :)

Well, well, let me just rewind a little and update you guys. ;)
See, what happened is was, last week I got my pay.
My first paycheck ever.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is when the magic comes into place!

I assure you, the paycheck looks much more... presentable in real life, hahaha.

And let's see what it has transformed into!


Work clothes up first!
The stripes are a very dark peach, almost brown, and shimmery!

I am trying to add on more varied pieces into my work wardrobe. I am bored with work clothes. :(

Knitted vest with a little skirt and pockets, this would look cute in layering with slacks! :)

Gray chiffon and lace blouse.
For days when I want to feel less like a power woman, and get more in tune with me soft, feminine side wtf.

I know it looks like shit against the gray bedsheets, but it's really quite nice. T_T

Ok, done with work clothes! Let's move on to the more fun things. :P

A corset tube top with an ehnic feel-- the fabric reminds of me the kebaya kains? :)
And the best part is, it gives me quite a mighty cleavage when worn, hoho.

Indulging in my childhood! All of you know Peter Rabbit right! And Brer Rabbit from Enid Blyton, haha.
I love this necklace, it just has this childish charm written all over it. :)))

If anyone even dares to suggest 'Playboy' when they see me wear this, I swear I will whack them up. -_-

A vintage-inspired navy velvet brocade skirt with a gold embroidered band, which I wore to Lapsap in Palate Palette on Sunday. Only a teaser picture here wtf.
And stop looking at my boob and concentrate on the little bit of the skirt that you can see!

Heeheehee, top with carousel horses! This top is horribly me: whimsical, random, and superbly kiddish, haha!
The lovely owner of Tea & Sympathy purposely remade this top for me. *big teary eyes*

Denim high-waisted paperbag skirt.
You can't really see the paperbag ruchings of the skirt here, but oh well, nevermind, keep a lookout for it when I wear it! :P

Moving on to my happy buys of shoes!

Happy heels number 1!
The colors are way way more vibrant in real life-- a bright lively orange and brown.
I love how kitschy they look, and it also has this retro feel to it! :)

I hate to admit it, but sometimes I do feel bored of the gladiator sandals trend... Which is why we need more unique, pretty sandals! ;P
The sandals are a deep red, the design very nice right. :)))

Happy shoes number 3!
Whenever I see these shoes, I think of "Blue Cheese", which is super apt! 'Cause it's electric blue patent, with the funky holey cream yellow front, haha. Okok, I shall stop being so cheesy, no pun intended, HAHA.

There are actually more things which I bought from the Lapsap sale, but I shall put them in a separate Lapsap entry!

But I shan't leave out the creme de la creme of my buys. ;)
A little reward myself, and also something to commemorate my first ever real paycheck...




Hello, lover.

Finally got myself a pair of Chanel sunnies, after talking about it since last year!

I am really sorry that the pictures sucked, I was in a rush when I was taking these pictures.
More pictures next time when I wear them out aight! :P

But it's really kind of sad, 'cause this is actually not the pair of sunnies I have been coveting from a long time ago! :( For almost 1 year I was going back and forth, deciding whether or not to get it, but I never did. The thought of forking out such a huge amount of money for 2 tinted lenses made me heavy-hearted wtf. Not to mention my track record with sunglasses/spectacles made me think twice (leaving them behind, breaking them etc.. -_-). In fact, about 3 weeks ago I was in Chanel Singapore lovingly poring over my dream sunnies, but I still couldn't bring myself to pay for it then and there. "I will use my first pay", I told myself, and walked out of the shop.

Well, guess what. It is sold out already! T___T Both in Chanel Singapore and KL, and they are not bringing in any more stocks of that particular pair!!! In the end, I had to choose another one. This teaches me a valuable lesson-- sometimes there is no good in being too cautious in your purchases, look at where it lead me! Being an impulsive shopper has its merits ok. :(

And sigh, it's such a pity that when it comes to sunnies, the design don't really matter, because most importantly, the sunglasses shape has to fit you. 'Cause if it was up to me, I would have bought the sunnies with the trademark Chanel quilting at its side! But they make me look like retarded beetlebugs, haihhh.

Oh ya!

This skirt I was wearing here was also part of my payday-splurging-scheme. :P
Striped high-waisted front, and a doodled floral full skirt!
Wearing happy peach pink retro wedges here. :)))

My beloved sisters:

Jing, and her trademark Velvet-Ribbon pose, haha.

Don't mess with the Hoe sisters, or a fat lip you will get! :P

Pretty bangle-- beaded and fully embroidered, it reminds me of fairies somehow! :P
And please don't get distracted by the hair on my arm. T___T

My weekend back home started on such a wrong foot, it was almost a recipe for disaster.
A fight with the boyfriend almost as soon as I reached home.
Getting stuck in a jam for 2 and 1/2 hours with the sisters in KL. We all haven't had anything to eat at all for the day, and we were hungry and frustrated, but there was nowhere we could go. was almost in tears thinking of the time I was wasting! :(
Because of the huge delay in the jam, I had to cancel out on dinner with the family-- I made an appointment with the whole family 'cause I wanted to treat them to a nice dinner with my first paycheck. I felt so bad. :(

But I guess all things have a way of working out for the best. :)
Though the jam was so so bad that I thought I would be in a foul mood forever, the laughs and excited chatter the sisters and I kept up during our lunch/dinner more than made up for it.

I've made plans with the family to bring them out next Sunday, and nothing is going to stop me this time! It's daddy Hoe's birthday. :)

My Sunday was surprisingly quiet, besides Lapsap, I spent the entire afternoon and evening napping with the boyfriend and watching The Simpsons together. The movie was released when I was still in Melbourne, and we made a pact to watch it together when I get back. 1 year later, we finally managed to catch up on this date of ours. :) His room is always awfully cold, so I bundled myself up in a freshly-laundered long-sleeved shirt of his, with his Homer Simpson T-shirt underneath. Add that to tight cuddles, and I would say the date went pretty well. ;)

I gave some money to my grandparents when I was back. When my grandma saw the bundle of notes in my hands, I thought she almost cried. She told me to keep the money to myself to "buy something to eat", but in the end, I managed to persuade her to take the money. I was all choked up then. The moment just felt incredibly personal and... raw.
But I wouldn't give it up for anything. :)


Oh wow, guess what! It's the 20th again!
Pay day for August (month 2) has arrived, oops. HAHA!

ps: This entry was actually completed last night, but I couldn't publish it 'cause of the wonky internet connection, rawrr!


Joshua said...

I have resorted to having open your blogposts one by one as loading the whole thing takes too long, T.T

I love the hippy floral skirt look! You should join lookbook! We need more Malaysians!!!

The red sandals remind me of the blue ones in YC's blog! Though knowing you and your sisters' shopping skills, you managed to get it at a steal price! (300 pounds damn a lot can.)

mustardqueen said...

eh why all ur shoes got holes wan wtf airy ar HAHAHAHAHAHA and BOO did u PS my arms in e lapsap pic in e car? cos cos cos if u didnt my arms damn skinny whee~~~~ <3

jmeei said...

T__T at you giving your grandparents money part dunno why but I feel so proud for you

Eh can you perform magic for me too :D

Mei said...

I thought of my late grandma when you mentioned about giving money to your grandparents T_T

I feel warm reading about it coz not everyone does that, they would rather splurge the money else where.

Sheryl said...

oh kerazehh bunch of sisters!
and oh gosh, i see four x's. i wish i get a pay check in four digits orite.

Anonymous said...

hails to fellow uob!
im frm uob HQ frm kl =)

Anonymous said...

hello!!! i haven't been commenting, but rest assured, i've been a silent reader drooling over your buys :P just finished my attachment so now have more time and energy to blogstalk :P

my mng sunnies ciplak-ed the chanel sunnies design cos they are exactly the same! but mine broke already :((( the shape damn flattering right? i love it, but what to do...not meant to be *sigh*

btw, the tiered lacy top that jing is wearing is gorgeous! mind asking her where she got it? :) thanks!

Anonymous said...

Oh god.

Hui Wen, you are the best example of the saying that money can't buy you class; or elegance for that matter.

Sweetheart, sometimes, less is more. And why don't you just tape the word 'Chanel' to your forehead if you want the whole world to know that you can afford it.

Chelle said...

Do more magic lovin it..hoho

revel in me said...

joshua: Eeek, so sorry! :( But it always load ok on my side (whether in KL/melb/s'pore)! :(

Hahaha, shy lar, all the people in lookbook are so super gorgeous! T_T And oooh, I remember YC's blue sandals!! It's super gorgeous! But at 300 pounds, AIKKKSSS. I got mine at 1/10 of the price, and in SGD! :P

mustardqueen: YAAA I noticed my shoes are all holey too, haha! Even the peach pink retro wedges!!! <3 Haha, you memang lost weight what! :)

jmeei: :) Thank you, I feel very proud of myself too! :)))
Hahaha, can can, I can make things disappear too! Like.. food WTF.

mei: :( So sorry about that! :( Don't know la, it just made me really, really happy to give my grandparents money. :))))

raggamuffin: Haha, why crazy! And aiyo, I am working what! If I get paid less than 4 digits, I would be underpaid ok! T___T

anonymous: Haha, actually I am not working in UOB! :P I am in audit, but I have a UOB account! :P

foongjin: Ya laaaa I was wondering why I haven't seen you for so long! T___T Yay, so does it mean you're bumming now? ;) And ohhhhh, I think the sunnies frame is the universal... err shape la! Hahaha, that doesn't make much sense, but yaaa, this particular shape always suit me best! :)))

And ohhh, she got it from Topshop! :)

sara: Hi dear! Obviously you didn't read my entry. :) You are half-right, I DO want the whole world to know... that I have gotten my first paycheck, and I wanted to share with people what I have gotten to reward myself. :) Maybe you have worked so long that you are jaded, or maybe you are still schooling and hence not understand how it feels to work so hard and get reimbursed for it... But for the meantime, having my pay is a novelty for me. It's a proud moment. :) And in actual fact, the main part of this entry is the last part of the piece-- the most significant moment of getting my pay is not actually getting my sunnies, or paying for my clothes; it was actually passing on some money into my grandparents' hands. :)

chelle: Hahaha, these magic tricks exhausts quite a bit of resources, so I need to refrain, refrain! :P

mustardqueen said...

Sara, seems like posting this kinda comment doesn't make you look classy either... oh well... sad case

Anonymous said...

love all your clothes!!!
more pics plz :)
have a sweet day

Kathryn said...

omgosh.. i cant wait for my own magic trick.. hahaha
and i am happy for you babes! : )
you deserved big checque : )

Suet Li said...

DONT TELL ME YOUR SPENT ALL YOUR PAY?!?? *naggy mom voice wtf
but good job! wtf

Anonymous said...

yaya like what jam said the grandparents part nearly moved me to tears must be pmr *excuses

and why your boobs so big *envious stare WTF

Anonymous said...

Hey, where did you get your vest? I've been looking for something like that for a year! :(

Alex Yap said...


You must be having a very very big paycheck.

Do you still have money left till end of the month?

Good job.

k said...

deng. i agree wit joshua.
why does your blog take such a hideously long time to load?!!!

not that it makes me stop reading i though. haha your blog is my ultimate bimbo blog guilty pleasure.

where else can i look at freakin fabulous clothes i can never afford for free? haha

Anonymous said...


oh ya, where do u get all these clothes? u don't shop in dept store do u? boutiques?

Vivien said...

everyone can emo :D but we gotta remember, why god gave us eyes in front and not at the back of our heads; for us to look forward and forget the past :D tho, i dont know what happened.. smile! :) omg, how you know i dance to saturday night fever!? T_T now everyone knows my secret.. :X oh! btw, i found a high heel door stopper! so cute right!<33

Vivien said...

everyone can emo :D but we gotta remember, why god gave us eyes in front and not at the back of our heads; for us to look forward and forget the past :D tho, i dont know what happened.. smile! :) omg, how you know i dance to saturday night fever!? T_T now everyone knows my secret.. :X oh! btw, i found a high heel door stopper! so cute right!<33

Anonymous said...

nana: Hahaha, 'cause I blogged halfway and suddenly got emo! Thus the abrupt sad ending. T_T And omg ME TOOO, I LOVE sudden peekaboo-back clothes! Like.. lala I am kinda slutty but not really, HAHAHA. Ooh, your dress sounds gorgeous! <3 And wth?? Work on a sunday??? :'(
No,not slutty at all !I think that's even sexier than some dresses which just reveal E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G you know?Yeah,I am working in F&B line,so working on a Sunday is a norm!:) Hmm..I see you have an angry fan,guess some people just aren't happy with others just being happy no?Anyways,I love love love yr blog post ths time around! And,where's the Lapsap post eh?

Anonymous said...

Alamak.Now you know my secret.
I have goldfish memory so I copy first to the comment box.Ekeke.

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: Thank you, my love... <3

anonymous: Haha, but some people complain that I post up too many pictures.. T___T But thank you so much, that's sweet! <333

baby kat: You don't want to perform magic if it means you have to slog for it.. T____T But awww, thank you, dear, love love to you too! :D

suet: Haha, no la no la! Half of my pay is allocated to my family and bf (and me WTF), and another half is for buying furniture.. T____T

aud: Hahaha, why so easily touched! When I PMS I only get angry easily wtf. Your turn is going to come soon right! *clutches hands*
And haihh I also dunno why so big wtf.

i-ling: Which vest, dear? Is it the knitted pullover? :) I got it from KL! Sungei Wang or Times Square, I think! :)))

alex yap: Haha, not a big paycheck, but I guess 'cause I am earning in SGD, it lends me a slightly bigger advantage when it comes to purchasing power. And heyyy, I do have money saved up k! :P

skim: THEN HOWWWWWW! Post less pictures ar. T__T
Hahaha, why are you so sweet! <333 But HAIYOHHH you CAN afford my clothes ok, most of my clothes are really cheap! I am sure you know from Ting right. T__T

stupidsaragoaway: Thank youuuuu love, I feel so protected now.. T____T Hee, and thank you for the sweet compliment! :D Well, I don't usually shop in department stores, 'cause usually the clothings aren't really trendy? Not to mention they aren't even cheap to begin with... Yup yup, you got it right, I do shop in boutiques, especially with all the mushrooming of little shops-- bangsar, hartamas, d'sara perdana, ara d'sara, even in places that you wouldn't really exepct! Like SS2 and DJ.. :P And I also shop in junkyard sales/flea markets/bazaars, I am quite a cheapo when it comes to clothing. :P

penguins: HAHAHHAHAHA what kind of random proverb is that! HAHAHHAHAHAHHA! No la, nothing sad/bad/emo in particular happen, just felt.. lonely and homesick I guess. :( And HAHAHHA don't worry, I do saturday night fever too! Along with the hand movements HAHAHA. And omg, where did you find the stopper? Sounds so cute! My friend gave me a banana doorstopper for my b'day. -___-

nana: Haha, why are you so cute!!! I was wondering to myself why you copied my text there, I was thinking what do you want to highlight! :P Yayaya, I think backless dresses are the ultimate teasers! 'Cause you could be all prim and proper in front, then WHAM sexyback! :P About the angsty person, if I am going to have all you nice people telling me sweet things, I should be able to take some slagging from some people! :P And ohhh, yaya, I remember you're self-employed + in F&B! Such discipline to work on weekends. T___T

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