Monday, August 11, 2008

Room talk.

Besides the cuts on my face, I now have a huge pimple on my cheek. My face is ruined, ruined, I am telling you! :( And the worst thing is, it hurts. You know how there are different 'grades' of pimples? Like a mini-spot (which you can whine, but in actual fact you know that it is nothing a little dab of concealer wouldn't do), then there are the angry red ones, the white-pus ones, and then there are the ones which really, really hurt. This one hurts everytime I talk or smile! :(

It's placed right on top of cheekbone.
God, when I asked for higher cheekbones, this wasn't what I had in mind. -_-

Last week's work outfits, because some people seemed to like them so much, haha. I get emails asking me to sell my work outfits! Why oh why. T_T

No Monday work outfit, 'cause thanks to the mighty forces up there, I was on MC! *kisses floor*
Didn't put much effort into my outfit 'cause I was suffering from Tuesday blues wtf. It's really tough to bring myself to go to work after having Monday off! :(

Matching green bejeweled pendant. :)

I knotted a scarf around neck (and ended up feeling suffocated during the day wtf), going for an aristocrat look! :P

Haihhhh, but my colleagues said I looked like an air stewardess. -__-
The whole day they were asking me, "Where is my orange juice!" -___-

Wearing a Vanessa Bruno dusk turquoise top which I thrifted! Tell me I am good. :P
It really is a pretty top, I couldn't really capture the details, but the the front and back and belt are quilted. :)

Casual Friday!
And if you have known how much this dress cost, you would be green with envy. :P

It comes with a bow on the front, not sure whether you all can see it. :)

And please let me indulge in a moment of narcissism here, I looked so pretty here! T__T *touches my scarred face with bitterness wtf*

And I have something to add: in all my work outfit pictures, it appears that my face is very fair, but my body is very dark. Basically, the lighting in my cousin's room is very, very bad. Where the mirror is, there is a small panel of a window on top of it, which is why my face is always cast with light, whereas my body would be hidden in shadows. It's not 'cause I made myself up like an ah kua ok. T_T

Ohhh, I went to Ikea yesterday-- to scout out furniture for my room! :) Am I weird because I felt the happiest in the children's section. I was literally smiling ear-to-ear! -_- Their furniture are just SO CUTE! I was so tempted to climb into the children beds (seriously, their designs are very innovative *defensive*), 'cause I was thinking I might just be able to fit considering how short I am. T_T But the kids were throwing me territorial looks and I got nervous after lurking in the shadows for too long WTF.

By gosh, I am so super stressed now, furnishing my room is going to cost a bomb! Not 'cause I am planning to buy super expensive furniture whatsoever, but just imagine having to get a bed, mattress, study table, chair, wardrobe etc. And this would be coming out of my own paycheck, it just doesn't feel right to take money from my parents. :( Although, if they want to sponsor me a mattress, I wouldn't mind wtf. 'Cause with my budget, I can only get a cheapo mattress. With the risk of sounding spoiled, my dad has always insisted on getting good quality mattresses, because we spend 1/3 of our lives on it! But I guess I will have to make do with a lumpy foam mattress. :(

At one of the showrooms in Ikea-- got bored of getting inspirations (and looking for cheap beds wtf).
I was wearing a red bow in my hair, but in this picture, it looked as if I drew it myself with Paint. -___-

Trying to take a picture of my top/dress-- it is actually very pretty, the bib is made of chiffon. :)))

I felt pretty sad browsing around in Ikea. The last time I was in Ikea with a purpose was when the Flat Hair Flat moved into the flat. :((( I was walking around, and I actually recognize bits and pieces of our home then... The colorful kiddy pictures we hung in the kitchen, the funky paper drawer in my old room, the pink mat of Jac's, the red flower that we always play with while having our girlie talks in the living room. Was it really 1 and 1/2 years ago that we built a home? And now, I am trying to build another life.

Enough with the emo talk, let's get back to... the life I am building. :)

After my purposeful Ikea trip that day, I pretty much have a good idea of what I want for my room. I am thinking of all white furniture, with colorful accents here and there. Very me, I think. :) Well, to be honest, I was actually thinking of all white with pink and red tones, but I think the boyfriend's manly side will be stifled when he stays over, haha.

But I have a huge huge dilemma! Should I get a queen-sized bed or a single-sized one? A single bed is actually sufficient for me, since I pretty much sleep like a corpse wtf. But as the boyfriend will come down sometimes to visit me.. and the sisters have also made plans to come for shopping trips, having a queen bed would be good! I mean, if I get a single bed, and when the boyfriend comes over, he has to sleep on the floor, that would make a very sad picture right. :( But getting a queen bed would be much more expensive (for the bedframe), not to mention that the mattress would cost more as well. And there would be space constraints as well. I know just the single and queen bed that I want, it's just a matter of choosing which one.

And what about wardrobe!

Haha, wait let me relay my MSN conversation with Jac:

Me: Howwww queen sized bed or single bed!
Jac: Just get single, at the rate you are going home so often now, your bf won't have a chance to go to s'pore also. Use the space and get a bigger wardrobe
Me: But he will be coming in the future! Need to think long term right :(
Jac: Think long term. Exactly! That is why get bigger wardrobe


Okies, back to wardrobe. Omggg, I have no idea wardrobes are so expensive, a 4-door one would easily set me back about SGD800!!! -__- And when I imagined my room's layout before heading to Ikea, I always thought a 2-door closet would suffice. But omg, I didn't know a 2-door wardrobe is so small!!! I have never had a 2-door wardrobe in my life, the one in my room is a 4-door unit, and even then my clothes are all over the house because I don't have enough space. My mom's wardrobe unit is an 8-doors one, and she shares the same fate with me-- she puts her clothes in our study room (another 4-d00r wardrobe there -_-). 2-door wardrobes look so claustrophobic. :((( I am thinking of either a 3-door or a 4-door now, depending on space (and monetary wtf) limitations. Worse come to worst, I will just leave most my clothes back home in KL, and every time I have worn something, I will bring it back to KL to keep. -__-

HAIYAAA DAMN STRESSSS what to doooo. But quite exciting too. Though I have to remind myself not to get too acquainted with my room, 'cause after all, S'pore is not really a long term stint. :(

Oh ya, will you all judge me if I buy a miniature kid's rocking horse and put it in my room! It will look really cute. :P


Mei said...

I was in the same dilemma before I moved into my new place. A queen size bed for more comfort or a single with more space...I ended up with a super single guest bed.

There's an extra bed under the one that I am sleeping. So when there are guests, I just need to pull the guest bed out. If bf comes, super single is just nice - get to hug your bf tight when you sleep ;)

All the best for your furnitures hunting =)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

get a super single ler, if u're not sure if you're gonna stay there for more than a year, just get a really good mattress from neighbourhood places, they'll give discounts ma hahaha! then no need bed frames *shifty eyes*

do u need to have most of your clothes hung? if not then buy the ikea metal tray/basket thingy la (=P wat wat wat?) it's cheap n it's nice *shifty shifty eyes*

thennn u can save ur money to buy horsey ke? kiddy tables n chairs ke? and all the UNNECESSARY stuff hahahahah >.<

*reflecting* yer y am i like that?

Anonymous said...

oh i didn't mean u don't have to get a wardrobe! still need la but no need 4 doors adi haha

Katie ♥ said...

you are so skinnyyyyyyyyy T_T

k said...

queen size bed.
sexy time wtf

mustardqueen said...

hahaha kim omg HHAHAAHAH


EH, u put rocking horse there later no space for us to sleep how?? sleep on rocking horse ar wtf?

Anonymous said...

hui wen, I would like to see what's inside your bag. I think that would be interesting! :D

Sophia said...

Do they have Double Beds in Singapore? It's a tiny bit smaller than a Queen but bigger than a Super Single. I agree on spending on a mattress, though. I slept on an IKEA mattress for 2 years and my back got seriously fucked over with it. I'm now using a Sealy Posturepedic and it's like heaven! Pretty pricey, about AU$2000 but worth it in the long run. Besides, mattresses last forever. But not sure how that would work if you do end up living in Singapore for a short while only.

Hehe I saw that you rectified the spelling of yacht on your previous post but you missed the second "yatch" in your fine print! :P So funny la you correct one but not the other hehe.

Anonymous said...

Hmm..if not permanent get a single sized one.If not why buy a queen sized ?Hard to shift la next time.And right,yeah I also am curios what is inside yr bag?maybe u make that yr next post okie?xoxo

The Faux Fashionista said...

You are good. <--referring to Vanessa Bruno blouse.

Nice outfits as usual <3 Teehee your colleagues are so funny, but I do see their point about the air stewardess part lol. The outfit was cute though, but I don't like being stifled at the neck, it makes me feel like I have a fat face :D

I had the same dilemma as you when I moved into my first apartment in the US, I ended up getting a full-sized (somewhere between single and queen, fits 2 people) and I've never regretted it. What I suggest is getting a single bed and perhaps a foldable/inflatable mattress for when the boy/sisters/friends come visit ;)

Anonymous said...

Jing, i would like to see who you really are because I AM JING! :( Wtf, this comment sooo pointless but i emo cos there's other Jings! ='(

revel in me said...

mei: Yaya, actually a super single was my top choice, but you may notice that I didn't mention it in my entry as my options... 'Cause it's really difficult to get super single-sized comforters and sheets!! T_T Haha, I know it's damn superficial la, but if I have to sleep on ugly sheets, my sleep would be ruined wtf. Thank you, love! <333

forbidden: Haha, which means to less space and less money! Uh-uh! :P

eevon: Haha, NO LA, I am not going to stay here for less than a year! Such a short stint meh!! What could I possibly learn like that. :) And oh god, my aunt and cousin asked me to just get a tilam and sleep on the floor, and I was so shock and disgusted I nearly died. =/ Haha, I don't really need my clothes hung, most of my clothes in KL are still in luggage bags or boxes anyway... But I thought it'd be good to be organized. And working clothes need to be hung! Hahaha, why all your ideas so.. low cost wtf. But yay, then more money for kiddy things and CHANEL! :P

katie neh neh (???): Ehhhhh I am far from skinny la! -_- I think we might be about the same size! ;)

skim: HAHAHAHA, vote noted wtf.

mustardqueen: Haha, what, you think I buy 4 door to put my KL things??? It's to put my s'pore buys la, hahaha! Don't need to eye my KL wardrobe space, they are off-limits. And insufficient wtf. Boooo, fun what, we can have girlie chats on rocking horses! :D

jing: EHHH are you my blood sister!! Haha, why are you son random! Hmm, I have never thought to do it before.. :P But I am scared la, my bags are all damn dirty inside, HAHAHA.

sophia: Ohh, I don't think they have double beds here! They might have it in other more exclusive furniture shops, but I really don't have time to go look-see. I am just going to get everything from Ikea, so that they can one-shot deliver and assemble everything for me. :P And aaahh, I think I definitely cannot afford an AUD2000 mattress for the moment! ;)

OMGGG I didn't even realise!! I am just the most careless person la. :(

nana: Haha, regardless, I don't think I will move my furniture la! Too mafan wtf. But single how to sleep with the bf!! And HAHAHAH why you all so random wan! Is it 'cause we share the same random trait wtf.

revel in me said...

faux fashionista: Hahaha, THANK YOUUU. <333 And yaaa, I don't really like having something tied around my neck, but I got used to it. -_- And gosh, your face is nowhere near fat ok! -_-

But if I get an inflatable mattress thingy, I can't sleep with the bf together! :(

jing: HAHHAHAHAH why you feel threatened so easily wtf. <333

Katie ♥ said...

haha the neh neh is a long story.
can call me neh for short wtf.

eh seriously you are getting skinnier day by day! soon you will be thinner than jing??

i once asked my bf whether he thought i'm as skinny as you, and he said no. of course then he hastily added that i am damn pretty la wtf :D

Food Promotions said...

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You are such a fashion it :)

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mustardqueen said...

hahaha wtf reveAl in me hahahaha stupid ppl keep wanting to promote their blogs -__-

The Faux Fashionista said...

Hmm, any chance you can put your mattress and the inflatable side by side? :D Or get one of those futon thingies la, most of the time its single then when u unfold it becomes like a queen sized! Is quite cool, then you can decorate with pretty pillows and such :) I wonder if they have those in Singapore...

Anonymous said...

haha... then i guess i shall use jing2 if i want to leave a comment here in the future :D Anyway, I think having a look at what's inside other girl's bag can be fun. Like this web site here

revel in me said...

NEH NEH wtf: Haha, no la, I think I am starting to put on weight again! 'Cause I hate work wtf. And nono, I don't think I am skinner than you la... And haha, so he implied I am ugly is it. T___T

foodpromotions: Usually I hate dingbats who advertise on my blog, but hey, for a food-lover like me,your concept is pretty good. :) Good luck with it!

mustardqueen: Hhaha ya la reveal in me sounds like a porn movie. -_- Check out the blog, it's quite useful, it introduces all the food offer! We can go seek ideas for our GNO! :D

faux fashionista: HAHAHHA matress side by side-- we did that when he came to find me in melbourne! 'Cause my bed was those 2 mattresses stacked on top of one another type of bed! :P

jing2: HAHAHA why you so cute! I apologise for the fact that I have a sister who is obsessive over her name. -_- And omg, the site looks so cute! Some of the bags (and contents) there are really interesting, what if I bore you all with mine! Haha! :P

Anonymous said...

bigger wardrobe definitely!!! :D

Sue Lin said...

Love ur casual Friday! =)

Go girl, lets get rid of the "auditors are boring" perception! =)

revel in me said...

sue-n: I am taking your word!! :D :D :D Aaah so excited, I think I am going to buy my furniture this week! :)))

sue lin: Haha, boring and me cannot be in the same phrase wan! :P

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