Monday, September 29, 2008

Yellow birdie tee.

My little disappearance act was due to a mini visit back home again! ;)

It all started last week when I was looking on forlornly while my sisters packed for Taiwan.
Jing heard my exaggerated sniffles, patted my head and said pitifully: Come home next week! We go showpink k!

And me being eager to shop, zoomed off straightaway to get bus tickets for the recent weekend wtf.

To make things clear, contrary to popular belief, this was the FIRST time I purposely went home because of a junkyard sale ar!

But no pictures from the junkyard sale as of yet, lazy to sift through the pictures of my buys la. I feel so lazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. All I want to do is just sit here and watch ANTM cycle 11 the whole night.

ANTM is loveeeeeeee. :)))


Teeny caught in a compromising position, HAHA.

I can never do the peace sign properly! I always look as if I have my fingers stuck right up my nostrils. T__T

If you peer closely at this picture, you can roughly gauge how much taller Teeny is than me. T_T

There is a black corsage attached to my headband, but of course, as fate would have it, it doesn't turn up in any of my pictures, and I ended looking like a mad kung fu lady. T___T

My sisters both wearing things from Taiwan. T___T

When I asked them what did they got me from Taiwan, Jing shoved ONE skirt into my eager hands, and told me with shify eyes that she hasn't started unpacking the other things. T____________________________T

Father Father Father help us Send some guidance from above Cause people got me got me questioning Where is the love?

Anyway, the dress I was wearing for the day is a cocktail dress I got for my Malaysian Society ball in Melbourne during my frst year there!

HAIHHHH it is painful to look at my old pictures. T__T
Click here for pctures of the night. I can't believe I used to look like that. T___T How come I had friends last time. T____T
I have changed so much! *wipes tears*

The dress was an impulse buy from Bardot, and it cost me 100over AUD. This might be a small sum to some people, especially considering that it is a cocktail dress. But I have to make one thing clear, whilst I might seem like a shopaholic to some people, I am really very frugal and cheapo when it comes to clothes! Partly 'cause I have a bad habit of wearing things only once. Which is why this dress was considered a splurge for me. Which brings me to my new resolution, I am trying to rewear my old clothes more, in new interesting ways! :P

Hui Wen circa 2006.

How Hui Wen will wear the dress now.

Sometimes, I think it's really amazing how much my style have change in a a really short time. :)

And it felt so good, 'cause we were finally reunited in Kim Gary's! :P If you have followed my blog for some time, you would have caught on that my sisters used to eat there almost ever week. *shy* Connecting with our Chinese roots wtf.

Jing wearing this ultra bushy falsies she got from T!!

Oh ya, my sisters are damn considerate, there is a new taboo word in the house now-- Taiwan. It's replaced by T in the household when I am around. -______-


Me with my Korean noodles. I am well aware that it tastes like instant noodles-- but instant noodles are so yummy, don't you think!!!

I actually wanted another noodles, but they were out of it. The waiter saw my face dropped, and told me kindly "Come back next time la!" I felt like throwing my iced yin yong over his head and tell him that I am not back very often ok!!!

Potato skin in Kim Gary's! Don't bother ordering it, it is soggy and lacking in cheese and bacon, BOO!

Oh yaaa,random, today I saw this headline in a Chinese paper:

Bat drowned in Coffee Woman mis-drank
Woman infected with rabies


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Food Spurts

I have been so busy this week!! :(
Really tight deadlines, as tight as Jessica Alba's ass wtf. Sorry, stress makes me as crude as a man. T_T

At least my humor is still intact. :P

And so is my mood to blog!
Short entry k, so here is another one of my food spurts-- short, sporadic food entries. ;)

Food spurt 1

Appetizer wtf.

I was extremely dressed up for a casual dinner.
I have a tendency to be overdressed wtf. But always overdressed, rather than under-dressed, I say! :P

Where we went-- Waroeng Penyet in the Curve!
An Indonesian eatery which serves ayam penyet, i.e. flatten fried chicken!

TADAAA, flat chicken.
Eh, look closely at the bottom, it looks like a chicken with its beak half-opened eh!!!

Very nice, 'cause the chicken is very crispy and fresh, and 'cause it's flattened-- it's boneless and sort of remind me of a chicken fillet. I hate bones, y'see!
And the sambal is killer. ;)

Cold cendol drink, so niceeeee!

But a little fattening la. *nervous smile*

The boyfriend insisted on ordering the keropok. Which are just prawn crackers!! With pretty color trimmings wtf.

But STILL!!! Prawn crackers are reserved for Chinese New Year!!! 'Cause can eat for free wtf.

Fried kangkung.
Which is my least favorite leafy vegetable.

My ultimate most hated vegetable is CELERY! And PARSLEY!
Most disgusting things ever. *wrinkled nose*

Very pretty picture of me! My chin so pointy and my eyes so big.
But why don't I look like that anymore. T___T

Damn you, worklife! *waves fist*

Food spurt 2

A brief introduction to this place...

Dad: Oh ya, there is this place in Bangsar, got quite nice cupcakes... I think it's called Tasty.. Or Yummy...
Me: -____________- DELICIOUS is it???
Dad: Errr maybe... Oh no no! It's something like Delight!
Me: -____________- DELISH???
Dad: YA!

Tasty/Yummy/Delight WTF.

If we ever have children, I pray for their forgiveness-- 'cause they are going to have the smallest eyes in the world. T___T

The boyfriend's Shepherd pie.
I can't make any comments on the taste, 'cause it's LAMB.

I don't take lamb!!! *crosses arms defiantly*

Chicken pie for me.

Aiya, I don't know why I took a picture of my pie also. You know what they say, "You see one pie, you see all pies" WTF.

Anyway, the pies at D'lish are quite nice, though a tad expensive (about RM13 for one)... BUT! Go after 9pm and everything is at 30% off!! :)

It used to be 50%, but oh well. :(

What I would really really really recommend from D'lish though, is their cupcakes!!! One of the bestest. :))) Aaah, one day I will do a post on their cupcakes! :)))

Matching outfits!! Not deliberately though, 'cause that is passe wtf.

I always feel so happy when I find out that our outfits match, haha. 'Cause I would feel that we are meant to be. :D

Outfit! It was just a wraparound dress fastened by a sash-- I was so afraid the dress would just unravel!!! The boyfriend would like that though, haha.


I want silk bathrobes!

Anyway! There is a reason why I put up food spurt entries of the boyfriend and I.
Guess what!!!

The boyfriend will be coming down next Tuesday!!! For 5 WHOLE DAYS! :D :D :D

What are we going to do! Where are we going to go! What am I going to wear! Oh noooo my room it is not ready yet, I still have 3 bags I haven't unpack!!


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Unloved girl.

I held up a black organza + tulle ball skirt, and turned to him, squealing excitedly, "Damn niceeee!! Can wear for work right!!!"

You could see the boyfriend's eyes widen a bit, but he just nodded solemnly and told me: "Why, I don't know, I haven't kept myself up to date on women's work clothes fashion lately."

HAHAHHA why he so maintain!!! Didn't dare to contradict me when it comes to dressing up wtf.
Well trained! :P


I swear am the most unloved girl in the world. T_T

Me, upon reaching home after a gruelling bus ride from S'pore:
"Ehhhh I damn pretty la!! Just now in the bus, a man actually stood up and let me have his super nice and comfy double seat (in the lounge area of the double decker bus that I took)!!"

Sister: "Maybe 'cause he thinks you are so fat that you need a double seat."

Me: "..."
"No laaa!!! After that when I went to sleep, he helped me off the lights!!"

Sister: "Maybe he thinks you're damn ugly that he switched off the lights so that he doesn't have to see your face!"


And you might remember my emo entry here, where I lamented on the fact that my colleagues are making bets that I would no longer be myself in 6 months' time.
All troubled, I confided in the boyfriend, hoping for some reassuring words.
"Beeeeee! Howwwwww!!! I am very scared now!!"

The boyfriend:
"What how!! Help me win money la! I go bet also!"


Nobody loves meeeee, everybody hates meeeeee, I'll just go eat worms. :(((
(ehhhh anyone knows which song is this ar, I used to hear it all the time on Cartoon Network HAHAHAHAH)


Anyway, guess what I found while digging pictures for a hair evolution tag by Jia Meei!!

Happy Melbourne pictures! :P

With Victoria on a sunny summer day!
(too bad you can't see the houseflies zooming left and right wtf)

Love at first sight for Victoria, HAHAHA.

Terrorising the State Library.
Look at how long my neck looked here!!!! Like flamingo wtf.

Sunbathing on the lawns outside the State Library, one of the most awesome things in the world! :)

Vidal Sassoon girl!
Actually she was shaking some houseflies off, HAHAHHAHA.

Bring me back to Melbourne, please!

Mid-laughter. :)

Can someone remind me why I have so many friends who are above 5'7!!!!!

Oh, I know why, 'cause I have friends like Smalls and Audrey to make me feel better, HAHAHA.

And if you have ever wondered how I sound like, this is the most annoying video of me wtf. Sorry that the video is terbalik. For maximum effect, click stop and play and stop and play repeatedly. T_T

And yes, I was holding on to my blusher brush by the brush part only-- the handle fell off eons ago wtf.

HAIHHHHHHHHHHHH why do I sound like that!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Me... No more?

I am set to leave for the pool party anytime now, and my tummy is still protruding proudly as ever. Why didn't my efforts to flatten it do any good!!!

Oh, you mean praying doesn't count as efforts ar WTF.

My back-up plan was to buy a one-piece (it's an emergency what, I have a tummy!!), but my trustworthy swimsuit shop has closed down. T__T Is it 'cause I went to S'pore and the shop lost its source of income ar wtf.

So my solution is to wear a high waisted skirt with my bikini HAHAHAHAHA.


I have to get this off my chest.
There is something bothering me.

Yesterday, amongst playful banter with my colleagues, my senior told me that she can't wait to see me in 6 months' time.

I returned her a quizzical "???" look.

She replied me that she wants to see how I will be like after my first peak period.

(Note: Contrary to what you might think, peak period is not an orgasm WTF. For auditors, it refers to the ultimate busy period of financial year-ends-- we are talking about working through nights and not seeing daylight for a few months T__T)

I raised my eyebrow.

She proceeded to explained that she she has a friend who was like me-- quoting her, "very cute (haha, I swear to god, she said this), always laughing and smiling, very bubbly and happy".
She said: "But after she went through a peak period, she was never the same person anymore! She is now very quiet and solemn. Very serious. Not like last time."




Worst still, during lunch, they brought up this matter again, and everyone agreed that I will turn out different. -_-
And they are now taking bets on how long it will take to "un-happy-sise" me. -__________-

With my colleagues, I was going "eyeeerrrr why you all so bad to me", but inside, I am quivering with terror. I don't know what to do if, well, I am not myself anymore!!

I am so scared now! What if in 6 months' time (peak period will be start sometime in Jan and end in June for me) I never smile again and start using black nail polish wtf.

Ok I know I seem to be making it a big joke, but really, I am very very worried now. :( Is it childish to be worried. :( It's like foreseeing that you will lose your soul in the near future, but you're still taking big strides to meet doom's end.

What am I doing to myself...?

I always joke about how my biggest fear is to lose my hair, lose my youth (wtf), lose money etc, but I guess now I know. I am most afraid to lose myself.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


As you all know, I am damn emo 'cause my family is going to Taiwan this Saturday without me. Their trip also coincides with the weekend that I will be back in KL. -_-

And my reassurances to myself that --never mind, I will just spend more time with the boyfriend then-- gets flung out of the window 'cause he will be working like a dog this weekend rushing for deadlines. So essentially, I will be alone. T_T

So can you blame me that:

Jing: i am very happy, i bought a trench coat today!!
Me: for taiwan is it.. T__T
Jing: :( Yaa... 'Cause taiwan has typhoon now.. so it is quite cold... :(
Me: i hope the wind blow until all your hair drop out WTFF
Me: 'cause i am bitter.. T__T


Haha, in actual fact, I am being a very good sport about the whole thing. The fact that my sister just told me that my mom said they might bring me to Hokkaido next year helped wtf. I am so nice that I discuss with Jing what to wear in Taiwan:

Me: what are you going to wear!!!
Jing: i dunno.. T___T
Jing: i googled 'what to wear in Taiwan' and this came up... T__T




I feel like blogging about food now, 'cause I am hungry wtf.

This meal is very meaningful. *big shiny eyes*
'Cause I treated the boyfriend with my first pay! :)))

We made it a fancy dinner out-- complete with dressing up and the works. Dressing up on my part, and the usual for him wtf.
It's so sad to be male!! No chance to primp yourself up. *brimming with sympathy wtf*

We went to Shook! in Starhill Gallery! :)

Haihh, must post up picture of us first to sustain your interest, 'cause I know if you all see food pictures you will just stop reading wtf.
Seriously, do you all read my food posts. T__T

Shook!'s interior.
Please pardon the fact that it looks like a gentlemen's bar in the second picture wtf.

Bird's eye view!
I took great risks on the escalator to snap this picture k. *grave*

Of our amazing culinary adventure:

Adventurer and adventuress. :P

On the house: thinly sliced bread with an amazing tomato dip which looks like sambal.

The boyfriend: Like that also want to take picture ar???

Why he doesn't know me well enough wtf.

Starter: snow mountain prawns or something like that.

This platter cost RM59-- when I first read the menu, I thought there was going to be like 50 prawns wtf.
There were only FIVE prawns. T___T

But before you all express disbelief and shock, do hear me out!! THEY WERE THE NICEST PRAWNS I HAVE EVER EATEN!!!
It was just supposed to be pan fried prawns with mayonnaise and walnuts or something like that, but omg! I can't even begin to describe how good it was! So good that I felt like ordering a 2nd plate. And a 3rd plate. :O

My grilled spring chicken.

I know, of all the things to order right. -_-
But Shook! has the thickest menu you will ever see-- it resembles a Tax Law textbook. =/ And when I am faced with too many choices, I crumble wtf. So I ended up with a boring and safe option.
(that, and the fact that even a simple plate of Cantonese fried noodles would cost RM68 =/).

But I have to give the restaurant a thumb's up though-- even for such a common dish, it was very well done! Tender and very very flavorful, with a really delicious BBQ/salsa sauce of some sort... Bravo. :)

Aglio Olio linguine with fried king prawns.

The boyfriend made an excellent choice with this one! But thank god he was the one who ordered it me, not me-- 'cause I would never be able to navigate my way around those nasty giant prawn heads. T_T

Anyway, the meal cost me about RM200-ish, and I think it is easily one of the most expensive meals I have paid for myself. However, I would say that the food of Shook! was excellent, and that is saying a lot, for I am a fussy, fussy eater. ;) I won't be going there anytime soon, purely because I need to recuperate from that costly meal-- but for all it's worth, it was money well-spent. :) So if you're looking for somewhere with quiet ambience (minus the annoying lounge singer at Starhill's lobby) and very good food, think no further. ;)

Feast Floor, Starhill Gallery
181, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel : +60 3 2719 8535
+60 3 2719 8536
Fax: +60 3 2782 3818
Opening hours : Mon.-Sun. (12pm - 1am)

One more thing... While I was looking for Shook!'s details-- I came across Starhill Gallery's site-- and I like the French song that is played! So cheery and happy! Anyone knows what song it is? :)))

We then proceeded to Haagen Daaz for dessert! :)
Just to clarify-- I am a Baskin Robbins girl through and through. Haagen Daaz ice cream doesn't taste as nice!! *challenging*

I looked like I have a giant cleavage in the middle of my dress. -_-

Our cookie special sundae.

Which sucked. :(((
It sounded so delicious in the menu-- cookies & cream ice cream and cookie chunks and chocolate sauce...
But the cookies were actually just Chipsmore cookies. Wtf???

Not even Oreos! BOOOOO.
We even asked for extra cookies, so I felt ultra cheated. :(
Cookies & cream ice cream + Chipsmore biscuits is just wrong. :(((

I think this cost us almost RM30!! So don't order this ok, guys!

Mega blink jewel earrings!

And I think I look kind of young here. *shy*
Aah, I let you all in into a secret! Sometimes when I go out, those aunties (selling drinks or cleaning tables wtf) will call me 'xiao mei mei', which translates to 'little girl'!! And I will be cheering gaily inside wtf.

Remember mentioned that I am cancelling my leave for the Hari Raya Haji period, and thus will be staying back in S'pore? Well, not all is lost, 'cause the boyfriend will be coming down! :D :D :D

Okok, I musn't get too excited, 'cause he is really busy, but he said there is an 80% chance of it happening.

And I will bve going for a pool party this weekend! Am kind of nervous, 'cause Julie, the birthday girl, plans to get 2 bottles of Jack Daniels, 2 bottles of vodka, 2 bottles of Chivas---for a party of 15 people. -____-

The pool is filled wth alcohol wan is it! -_______________-

And how to lose a tummy in 3 days!!!!!!