Thursday, September 04, 2008


I just got into an accident.

What a way to end my 2 days-stay at home.


Got into the accident right before I had to fly.
Am back in Singapore now. :(


Anonymous said...

AH! what happened?
aiks. hope u r fine. :)

Alex Yap said...

r u hurt?

bad? whose fault?

you have a bad day...

Anonymous said...


take care ok
hope everything's alright!!

Vivien said...

are you too hurt to swipe yr credit card or shop anymore!?!?!?!?!?!?!
because if you are, i would send the shopaholic mug and a mix of saturday night fever songs to pump up yr mood k! :) ooh and some chocolate o_o

i hope everything's alrightt :]
P/S: i love the blue pompom shoes!

mustardqueen said...

jengjengjeng... why didn't call home or sms us that ur back?? ur bf crash his car?? :|:|:| or u crash trolley with another person's trolley wtf

Anonymous said...

oh dear! hope that it's nothing really, really bad >.< take care aite.

Anonymous said...

eeps!!! hope you're not hurt or anything :(((

Anonymous said...

oh dear! what happened?
hope you are alright now :)

revel in me said...

miss hazel: Banged a car! :( I am fine physically though, thank you! :)

alex yap: I am not hurt! And well, I don't think it's my fault la! The damages aren't that bad (I think), but it's just the timing, sigh! Y'right, very very bad day.

eevon: Thank you dear! :(

penguins: HAHAHHAA why you judge my welfare by my ability to swipe cards! :P OOOOHH I WANT THAT CARE PACKAGE! :D :D :D

mustardqueen: Why are you like this.. T__T I am the one who got into the accident la, not chor min.. T___T

syahnaz: It's not really really bad, but I feel really really bad though! :( Thank you, love, that helped! :)

foongjin: I am ok! :)

vvens: I am still slightly shaken, but most of all, just feel guilty la. :(

Alex Yap said...

Now my turn get liwat.