Friday, September 05, 2008

Cream pie.

Thank you for all the concern and sweet comments on my accident!
I will update the previous entry on the details of the accident later-- I don't really feel like reliving the sordid affair now. :(

Anyway, I am back! Contrary to my original belief, I didn't take much pictures in KL, 'cause it was such a hectic trip! Just errands after errands (and accident T_T), so much so that I was mostly makeup-less and bespectacled. Geek alert. :P

I did get my hair done though!

But I am don't want to show you all wtf. Acting coy wtf.

Hahaha, no la! We were actually out at Nirwana's (banana leaf rice is love), but it was raining when we reached home! I couldn't let my hair get wet 'cause I just dyed it... And there wasn't any umbrella in the car, so I frantically asked my sisters whether there was a plastic bag or a book or anything which I could shield my head from the rain.

Then Jing passed me the Tea & Sympathy paperbag and asked me to wear it.

I really put in on my head but it couldn' cover my head, and somemore I worriedly asked them, "eh cannot cover my whole head, got hair poking out! How ar!"

Then the very wordly and wise Jing pointed out that I only dyed my roots, so as long as the paperbag covered the top of my head, I am safe.

So I proceeded to run to my house with the paperbag cupped on my head like a proud Red Indian. T___T


Yaaaaa, I only touched up on my roots, and got a trim! Didn't do anything too drastic 'cause I chickened out last minute, HAHA. I decided at the 11th hour that I am not that keen to rebond my hair, I really do like the volume and puffiness of my layers now, and I am afraid rebonding hair will make it look limp and lifeless (though my hairstylist assured me that it won't happen). Not to mention that my heart aches when I think of putting my hair through so much chemical thrauma! Rebonded it once in January and 2 dye jobs subsequently, I feel that my hair needs a breather. So my plan is to let it be for the meantime, and see whether my hair remains poofy and happy till my next hair appointment! :)

I am contemplating going back to blunt straight bangs and curls for my next visit.


Because I want to look like Lena Lena. T____T

The day before, I caught a glimpse of my reflection from the corner of my eye, and I thought I beared a little resemblance to Lena Lena!!!!!
Like when we smiled... 'cause our eyes crinkle! (for different reasons: 'cause her eyes too big, and mine too small wtf)
When I told Jing and Teeny, they laughed so hard that the car shook. T_T

And they told me that the only similarity between Lena Lena and I is that we are both human. WTF.

Btw, I took a cab from Times Square (where my hairstylist is located at), and I didn't know that taxis there run by coupons!! I am sorry, but I haven't taken a cab in KL since.. forever? 'Cause taxi drivers in M'sia will rape you and then chop you into pieces what!!! But I took a risk 'cause I wanted to do my hair but I had no transport wtf. The things I do for beauty, haha! Anyway, back to the story, I walked to the long stretch of cabs in front of the entrance, and this Indian taxi driver stopped me and asked me where I wanted to go. When I told him where my place is at, he quoted me RM30 straightaway! In a rather matter-of-fact, only-for-you-I-charge-so-cheap way, I might add. I quickly shot back, "Why aren't you running by meter?" and he LAUGHED at me. He said that no one goes by meter in Times Square and that it is all done by coupons. He then cut his quotation to RM20, and said that it is very "murah" ('cheap') and that coupons are way way more expensive.

I was very pissed and wary (and a little scared, 'cause all the cab drivers looked like potential rapists T_T) at that point, but I decided to take a walk to the coupon counter anyway. And guess what! It only cost me RM16 to take a ride via coupon payment!! Bear in mind that the shopping mall takes a small cut out of the amount, so essentially it costs even less than that. And that bloody bugger tried to charge me RM30!!! Arghh, now I know how bad the cab system is like in M'sia. :(

Anyway! Everyone has been asking me why I went home in the middle of the week. And everyone chastised me for not taking an extra day leave on Friday to stay in Kl for an entire stretch till weekend. :(

I admit, I have been farsighted! I completely overlook the fact that had I took today off as well, I will have FIVE days at home. :( But upon deeper pondering, I can't be home this weekend! 'Cause it's moving time. :(

So, the reason I was home was so that I could... attend a dinner.

I know, damn wtf right. Long story cut short, my dad is a member of Lake Club in KL, and they extend memberships to members' children. My dad decided that it might be difficult for me to pick up a membership in the future (they have all these prissy requirements; gee, I hope they won't ever find my blog =/), so he got me to apply for it now. In short, I got the membership (had to go for an interview -___-), and I had to be back for the Induction Night! Apparently if I don't go for it, there will be terrible consequences. -___-

Which is why I flew to and fro in 2 days. Rushed like hell!

It was a formal event! At first, I was quite excited about it, 'cause I thought I have tonnes of formal wear which I don't really have opportunities to wear anyway.

I was hopelessly wrong.

I had half an hour to get ready for the night (was in KL doing my hair before that), and I found out that all my cocktail dresses were too short, too slutty, too bright, too youthful!!! Just wrong, basically.
('Cause I assumed the event to be quite solemn, the members are all old dudes. Not to mention Lake Club is really strict about dress codes)

So I had nothing to wear. T_T

Which is why I was really proud of my outft for the night. ;)
I threw on a cream lace front-hooked corset that I got from Lapsap in Feb, and dug up my mom's Donna C's skirt from a couple of years back-- did a bit of random tying, and yay, I got myself a cocktail dress! :D

Showing the lovely layers that is the gorgeous skirt.
Pictures do not do it any justice!

Btw, Donna Chew (or Donna C which she is more well-known as) is a local designer, which makes really lovely feminine clothes, with a specialisation in cocktail wear! I always see people seeking advice on where to get formal dresses in M'sia for proms and parties, well, seek no further! Donna C really makes such lovely, pretty dresses. The ready-to-wear formal wear don't come cheap (ranging from averagely RM400 and above, but this was a couple of years ago so I am not sure whether there has been a price increase), but rest assured, they are truly beautifully made pieces! She custom-makes pieces for customers as well. :) Donna C can be found in Sungei Wang, em, at one of the higher floors-- they call the shoplot '8 M'sian designers' or something like that-- where she can be found with Melinda Looi, Khoon Hooi and a few other local designers. :)

Full outfit.
Damn pleased with it, 'cause I put it together in less than 5 minutes, hurrah! :D

No more ugly roots showing!!!

The color looks quite dark here, but everyone asked me in office today whether I dyed my hair. T__T I was super shifty, 'cause my company is against 'non-natural' hair colors and all along I was pretending that I was born with brown hair wtf.

Okies, I can't resist posting a few more narcistic pictures of myself, 'cause it's really rare that I am all white and virginal wtf. More often than not I am clad in crazy psychedalic colors and prints. :P

Moving the furniture in tomorrow! Pray for me that I have hot, muscular burly movers k! :P
But most likely they are banglas wtf.


Anonymous said...

the cream lace corset top is loveeee!!!! ah if i hadn't splurge on shopping yesterday, you know what would be sitting in your inbox now haahah :P

and congrats on your new place! :D show pics asap! :D

L.I.N said...

you look soo adorable in that outfit!! about the cab thing, i experienced it too. haha. and psst. you have been linked!!

sarah said...

Curl your hair next time~! I think you'll look pretty with curls..and that outfit you wore is very elegant.

p/s: I didn't know abt the coupon system too. but I think it's quite good as most taxi drivers will overcharge passengers rite..

Anonymous said...

in some ways u do actually resemble lena lena....

but after telling u this...please arrr...don't kembang kao kao. HAHAHAHA

mustardqueen said...

HAAHAHAHAHAHA oh and u two have pepet wtf!! unless lenalena is transvestite wtf!! Oh and add 2 moles on ur smile line cause she has 2 moles there ppl might mistaken it's dimples wtf since you dun want me to throw pots on ur face and get dimple haahahahahahahahahah

ally said...

<3 i love your corset dear!!!! why everytime the corsets you buy also so nice but i can't find any :( :(

but even if i could find a nice corset i doubt i'd look good in it lar. there'd be a big empty space where my boobs are supposed to be WTF

jeanchristie said...

later the banglas oogle at you until don't know how to hammer stuff together already sigh :P

Miss Steph said...

Nice outfit!

Anonymous said...

how much is ur corset? me likey :)

cowiemoo said...

You mentioned Donna C!! I'm so happy! She's one of my favourite local designers, my 2 cocktail dresses for both my brothers' wedding was from off the rack, the other custom made. The one off the rack was actually featured in a couple of magazines.. :P Oh, and she's my cousin sis so i get discounts! YAY!! :P

revel in me said...

foongjin: Haha, how much did you spend on shopping la! :P And booo, I am very nervous about moving! :(

eleh: Haha, thank you! :))) Oh no, did you experience the cab incident in KL? =/ I am going to link you now! :D

sara*: I am still unsure about curls on me-- on one hand, I think I look pretty ok, but then sometimes I think I look older! T_T And people say I look nicer with side bangs as compared to staight-down blunt bangs wor, how! :(
As for the coupon system, I guess in a way it is good 'cause there is a standardised charge, but it's kinda sad right, then taxi drivers are so untrust-worthy to the extend we need to implement such systems. And the consumers end up suffering, 'cause we pay a slightly higher premium-- the portion which the mall would take a cut out of!

mizzvickz: HAHAHAHHAHA which ways!!! Why are you so nice to me.. T___T How was the lake club thingy that day? Gosh, we need to meet up asap! So that I can pester you on the similarities between lenalena and I, HAHA!

mustardqueen: WHY YOU SO MEAN TO ME.. T___T Actually I think only she can carry off the 2 crazy moles on either side of her mouth... If I have those moles, I will look like joker! Two round circles next to the mouth WTF. T__T

ally: Haha, somemore these corsets I got from junkyard sales, super bargain! *rub it in wtf* I usually get my corsets from Topshop and Selfridge... Oh! Try BNT in melbourne, they have these corset-like tops without the wiring, so they will mould to your body! :) And ehhhh do you know that sammi cheng purposely wore loose corset for her concert, so that the top stands a good whole 2 inches from her boobs, and from far it looks as if her boobs are bigger (sideways)!!!!

jean: Haha, no la, I won't wear skimpy! SO they will have nothing to oogle at wtf

miss steph: THANK YOUUUU! :)))

alicia: Do you mean how much I plan to sell it for? :) I don't think I am letting it go for the moment, 'cause I thought of a few outfits to go with it, HAHA!

cowiemoo: OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS!! Can she pass some discounts to me too, HEEHEE. We used to know her quite well a couple of years back, 'cause my mom religiously buys from her, but we stopped after that ('cause KL too far for my mom -_-)!! Aaah, lucky you to have custom-made clothes from her... I really love her clothes, they make me feel really feminine and pretty! <3

Katie ♥ said...

you look like a ballerina princess! :)

i wanna get this tiered dress but what if my boyfriend looks at me and says "eee, why got layer layer wan" -_____-

oh when I moved my stuff I got these two Lebanese guys who wore shorts in winter wtf.

wah so you are now a member of like a club full of round old men puffing cigars is it wtf. sorry la stereotyping T_T

AsherLasherAtNine said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Sorry it was me, one of the owner of that online boutique, didn't mean to advertise here. Sorry about that, but wanted to comment on your 'cocktail dress', it's so cute. I was thinking I should introduce myself first.

eggster said...

zomg i had the stoopid cab issue too like 3 weeks back. it was after i finished class and i wanted to take a cab to summit to get my car and when i got a cab i told the taxi driver i want to go to summit. he said "oh summit, 15 ringgit ya". i went wtf. mind you my im studying in metropolitan. so freaking near to summit ya allah...

then i got another cab, this time around it was a chinese driver. he didn't say how much when i told him where i wanted to go. so i assume its running on meter and he was asking me some questions etc then i told him the previous cab driver is charging me rm15 to summit la. he then said "oh i dont charge that much wan.. that driver is over charging you". in my mind i thought oh thats good. as soon as i reach summit i ask how much and guess what? he said "rm8 only" WTF. is this called not overcharging too? T_____________T

WTF so long. nice outfit, as always! : D

revel in me said...

katie: Wah why your bf so fashion-phobic, he can't even take layers! T_T And haha, yaya, a club full of RICH old men puffing on cigars! My back-up plan in life WTFFFF.

neong: Which online boutique? :) Haha, thank you dear! <3

eggster: Is RM8 expensive??? How much would it cost!!! I am so noob when it comes with cabs man, I sure get cheated kao kao! Which is why I don't take cabs.. T____T

Anonymous said...

What accident?

Anonymous said...

i mean how much did u spend to get it? :)

revel in me said...

nana: *points down to entry below* :(

alicia: The original price is 40AUD (yaaa I got it with brand new with tags attached from the junkyard sale, how awesome is that! :P), I fetched it for a much better price, of course! :D