Thursday, September 25, 2008

Food Spurts

I have been so busy this week!! :(
Really tight deadlines, as tight as Jessica Alba's ass wtf. Sorry, stress makes me as crude as a man. T_T

At least my humor is still intact. :P

And so is my mood to blog!
Short entry k, so here is another one of my food spurts-- short, sporadic food entries. ;)

Food spurt 1

Appetizer wtf.

I was extremely dressed up for a casual dinner.
I have a tendency to be overdressed wtf. But always overdressed, rather than under-dressed, I say! :P

Where we went-- Waroeng Penyet in the Curve!
An Indonesian eatery which serves ayam penyet, i.e. flatten fried chicken!

TADAAA, flat chicken.
Eh, look closely at the bottom, it looks like a chicken with its beak half-opened eh!!!

Very nice, 'cause the chicken is very crispy and fresh, and 'cause it's flattened-- it's boneless and sort of remind me of a chicken fillet. I hate bones, y'see!
And the sambal is killer. ;)

Cold cendol drink, so niceeeee!

But a little fattening la. *nervous smile*

The boyfriend insisted on ordering the keropok. Which are just prawn crackers!! With pretty color trimmings wtf.

But STILL!!! Prawn crackers are reserved for Chinese New Year!!! 'Cause can eat for free wtf.

Fried kangkung.
Which is my least favorite leafy vegetable.

My ultimate most hated vegetable is CELERY! And PARSLEY!
Most disgusting things ever. *wrinkled nose*

Very pretty picture of me! My chin so pointy and my eyes so big.
But why don't I look like that anymore. T___T

Damn you, worklife! *waves fist*

Food spurt 2

A brief introduction to this place...

Dad: Oh ya, there is this place in Bangsar, got quite nice cupcakes... I think it's called Tasty.. Or Yummy...
Me: -____________- DELICIOUS is it???
Dad: Errr maybe... Oh no no! It's something like Delight!
Me: -____________- DELISH???
Dad: YA!

Tasty/Yummy/Delight WTF.

If we ever have children, I pray for their forgiveness-- 'cause they are going to have the smallest eyes in the world. T___T

The boyfriend's Shepherd pie.
I can't make any comments on the taste, 'cause it's LAMB.

I don't take lamb!!! *crosses arms defiantly*

Chicken pie for me.

Aiya, I don't know why I took a picture of my pie also. You know what they say, "You see one pie, you see all pies" WTF.

Anyway, the pies at D'lish are quite nice, though a tad expensive (about RM13 for one)... BUT! Go after 9pm and everything is at 30% off!! :)

It used to be 50%, but oh well. :(

What I would really really really recommend from D'lish though, is their cupcakes!!! One of the bestest. :))) Aaah, one day I will do a post on their cupcakes! :)))

Matching outfits!! Not deliberately though, 'cause that is passe wtf.

I always feel so happy when I find out that our outfits match, haha. 'Cause I would feel that we are meant to be. :D

Outfit! It was just a wraparound dress fastened by a sash-- I was so afraid the dress would just unravel!!! The boyfriend would like that though, haha.


I want silk bathrobes!

Anyway! There is a reason why I put up food spurt entries of the boyfriend and I.
Guess what!!!

The boyfriend will be coming down next Tuesday!!! For 5 WHOLE DAYS! :D :D :D

What are we going to do! Where are we going to go! What am I going to wear! Oh noooo my room it is not ready yet, I still have 3 bags I haven't unpack!!



Simon Seow said...

The Waroeng Penyet chili is da hot. But I like.

Kathryn said...

u look hot babe..
and i love all ur clothes...

Katie ♥ said...

how can you not eat lamb! is it because you think its cruel or is it that you don't like the taste? it's so gooood! (:

my little sister doesnt eat sharks fin soup on principle because she thinks its cruelty to sharks, eventhough I said that if she were served to sharks they wouldnt have the same principles. HAHA. but she eats ostrich, so I cannot understand her -____-

revel in me said...

simon seow: Haha, yaaa, very chi kek wtf.

baby kat: Awww, thank you dear! Too sweet of you! :P

katie: I don't like the taste! Taste like mangali armpit.. =/ I think eating sharkfin is cruel, but I damn like sharkfin soup! T__T

vss3t said...

dear fashion guru (like seriously! I'm so going to label u that!),

I've got a satin waist coat which i adore badly (coz it looks like alexa chung's), but how should I layer it with working attire in order not to induce any 'can i have another glass of red wine please?'.

how how?

a waist coat lover.

p.s: strange enuf i manage to mix it quite nicely wif casual outfits, but some how doesnt goes well with my formal OL ones. arrgh!

Cherie said...

How come you don't like spicy kangkung and celery! Boohoohoo. and ya see you always dress up so prettily!

The Faux Fashionista said...

Ooooo I like your robe...err...dress :D

Anonymous said...

Wow! I love that CENDOL drink!
and your dresses are lovely as you :)

revel in me said...

vss3t: AIYOO why you flatter me so! *shy* Is the waistcoat black? I get what you mean, there's a tendency to look like a banquet waiter, haha! Hmm, what I did was I wore my black vest with a white satin pussy bow top and match it with gray slacks. I guess most importantly is to incorporate colors into the outfit... And try to steer away from black vest + black bottom combo. And try pairing your waistcoat with a dress, I think it will look hot. :D
Have fuuun! <3

cherie: Ok la, kangkung I still can take, but CELERY!! YUCKKK, so disgusting!! T___T

faux fashionista: Haha, it's my secret fantasy to always drape myself in silk nightrobes/bathrobes! :P

ee von: Have you tried that restaurant before??? The cendol drink is damn KAO. <333 And hahaha, why are you so sweet! Thank you! :)

vss3t said...

wah....tqtq!! my next shopping must is a satin top, since i havent got one (omg!omg!).