Monday, September 15, 2008

I will do it all over again.

*added shopping pictures as per requested wtf*

Haihhh, boring.
Why are people creating a hoo-haa over what I said about the pseudo-Jing comment. Yawnnnn wtf.

Seriously man. Saying that I am making a personal attack at the commenter. 'Cause she was sharing a problem. Errr. Right. Bragging about how her buyers are stupid sure sounds like a problem. And haughtily claiming that I am disrespecting people's secrets. -____- I totally see the connection. Uh huh.

In any case, I am extremely appreciating of those people who have share their personal story with me, with us here. The comments are still pouring in steadily, much to my surprise, and I am really really touched by it. I respect each and every one of your tales, because I believe everyone has a story to tell.

Anyway, I don't have to explain myself. But no, I do not regret what I said. Unless YOU are the one who made that offensive Jing-soundalike comment, and it was not meant to defame Jing. If not, who are you to speak as if you know what was the intentions behind that comment.

I don't care whether the person deliberately imitated Jing. Or whether she was just boasting about her own sales. Do you know after I posted that excerpt, how many people messaged me online to apologise for thinking that the comment comes from Jing??And Jing herself got numerous text messages from her buyers/friends, apologising to her for thinking that she was the commenter.

So, I don't care what the original commenter intended-- but the truth is, A LOT OF PEOPLE DID MISUNDERSTAND THAT IT WAS MY SISTER.

I don't give a damn if you flame me or pepper my page with nasty comments, BUT IF MY LOVED ONES ARE AFFECTED, hell yes I am going to defend them and set things straight.

And flame all you want. I am not bothered. I am the type to go "wheeeeee flamer I am so femesssss" WTFF and proceed to forget about the statement. Because the truth is? I am really comfortable in my own skin, and I know where I stand and what I stand for. :)

So if given a choice again?
I will fight for my sister's innocence like a proud warrior, tall and honorable. ;)

Haih. Spoil my mood only. I wanted to post up happy pictures (of shopping wtf).
Another day! :)


Hmm, I notice I have a habit of appending updates to entries. 'Cause starting a new entry takes great commitment wtf.

Anyway! Very short update here. I just want to declare to the world that I have officially diagnosed myself with an obsessive compulsive problem (check out my other eons-old obsessive post).

How else could I explain why in one night I bought:

2 pairs of white shoes.

This pair of shoes is so pretty! Love the subtle braiding around the shoe, and you got to love the oriental knot. :) Got it for work, 'cause I am becoming lazy and not feel like wearing high heels to work. (this pair has a slight 1-inch plus heel) T___T

Preppy schoolgirl-ish pumps with court heels, suitable for work and play, I likee! :P

4 belts.
Quoting Smalls: Hui Wen has enough belts to go around the earth.
So why in the world I need another 4 belts, I don't know wtf.

And my favorite favorite buys of this month!!!

5 vintage bow hairclips! Aren't they absolutely GORGEOUS. *blissful sigh*

I am so so so so happy that I stumbled into this vintage shop! And the owner is so cute, 'cause one of the clips were dusty, so she cut me a 50% discount. :D And aah, she is so adorable, 'cause when she talks about vintage clothes, she uses words like "passion" and "fate" and "let it be", hahaha. But she didn't let me buy this fantastic maxi dress 'cause it was too big. :( And she tsk-tsked me when I said obstinately that I could alter it, 'cause she said I have to let things be and be patient, haha.

I am so going back there again! :D
(Close-ups of these beautiful accessories when I wear/use them :P)

And another 100 hangers wtf.

Sigh, I have always wanted to get those pretty girlie fabric-covered hangers with bows and embellishments!! But judging by how I seemed to be getting 100 hangers every other week, if I invest in those hangers, I could easily be the first person in the world to go brankrupt by buying hangers. -___-

Anyway, no pictures of my room for another 2 weeks! 'Cause my curtains are not ready yet. =/


yishyene said...

Those people are all a bunch of raw carrots!!!Get a peeler and peel them!

Anonymous said...


I GOT ALL TEARY-EYED! Thanks my love, i know i can always count on you wtf! Wait, i cannot be so touchy-touchy later u complain we're drifting apart WTF!

Thanks all for believing in me! *oscar speech wtf* :D

Natasha Lim said...

was all enthusiastic to clickety click 'revel in me' for happy posts of shopping damages, oops i mean sprees but

aiyoh i thought this is not your blog wtf cos you're always a ball of sunshine to me lah so angry one your last two posts T_T

and did you go get your phone line in the end or ended up straying off to boutiques the other day without me ah love? cos if its the latter ah....

/stomps feet angrily wtf hahah

Kathryn said...

babe, there are some people that like to comment all these nonsense .. either trying to deliberately hurt u or just LOA ... *rolls eyes*
but true friends will alwis defend you :)

*big squishy hugs*

anddd postt picturesss.... cos u dresss dam niceeee :D :D

Anonymous said...

post happy pictures ... tell us what you bought! oo oo and your new room too? :p

Anonymous said...

I wanna help fight too. How???

Anonymous said...

When i read that comment i felt that person is trying to impersonate ur sis Jing.

But then come on la! who is stupid enough to believe it's actually Jing herself! Like she not scared it will affect her business like tat -.- Obviously someone is trying to assault her lor.

weird people out there.why they wanna flame you. u r just trying to protect ur sis from the person who wrote such offensive comment.

anyway, looking forward to ur happy shopping post! :D

Eeflin said...


Lynn said...

I support you!And, also your sister....even though I havn't bought anything from her yet......
Oh, I can help you fight too. haha...
Quote ""-People with doctorate degree are better in fashion *winks* "

People with doctorate degree will not post such a stupid comment loh!!!!

Anonymous said...


revel in me said...


jing: No la, it's only when you tell me "thank you" very primly that I feel that we are drifting apart. T___T

Haha, eh, I defend you, I get flamed, do I get any compensation from you ar WTF.

natasha: Hahaha cannot always be happy right! 'Cause there are such things as PMS WTFFF. Err I only bought my phone line!! But I can't say the same about yesterday night. *darts eyes nervously*

baby kat: Awww, thank you darling! <333 And haha, yes yes pictures up soon! :D

eevon: Hahaha, okok! I go take pictures after this! :P But pics of my room, not yet lerrr, it's not ready yet! =/

sam dang: YOU SHOULD!!! Defend her honor and all that. :P

miss hazel: Ya laaaa I still feel that the person is trying to get my sister.. 'Cause of the 'doctorate' part. Unless she was referring to a PHD degree la! 'Cause seriously speaking, how many medicine students do you know who are selling clothes online!! And as bimbo as Jing WTF.

eeflin: HAHAHAHAHA SHE IS ALWAYS LIKE THAT WAN!!! You see all her comments, ALL have something to do with carrots HAHAHA! And you should see the emails she sent me, HAHAHAHHA!

shirley lynn: Thank you. T____T Both of us are ever grateful! <3

anonymous: Which sister do you want!! And for what purposes!! *nervous*

Anonymous said...

not for one moment i thought it was hui jing, because she doesn't seem like a malicious person to me :) and yes, i agree with defending your loved ones. hello. if you asked me to choose to defend a loved one or some anonymous commenter, i think the choice is quite obvious.

Anonymous said...

Omg those vintage bow hairclips are lovely!!! LOVELY!

Suet Li said...

eh i damn like the vintage bows lor!!! omg i must try to find here!

Anonymous said...

Weee! Where did you get your heels and antique-os!

Anonymous said...

where is this vintagey shop? is it in Singapore???

Kim L said...

I've been finding for bow hair clips like that for ages!!!!

Tempted to make one for myself, I used to own one ages ago, but now it's gone. you lucky girl.

Love your bows :)

revel in me said...

foongjin: Thank you for believing in her! :D and ya la, if anyone tries to mess around with the people I love, WATCH OUT ARRR wtf.

gwencws: I KNOWWW they are gorgeous right!! I am all smiles whenever I look at them. <333

suet li: <3333 I think it would be easier for to find them in US, 'cause the vintage trend is more prevalent over there? :)

i ling: Haha, antique-os! :P I got the heels from charles & keith, and got the bows from a vintage shop I stumbled upon! <3

joie: YUPPSSSS! :)

bombshell: Omg, me too! I have been looking all over, but it's really hard to find 'em-- the only hairclips I always see seem to have hello kitty on them WTF. What happened to your bow!! :(

And thank you love!! :))) These bows are from the 70's, but they are in such great condition! I am a happy, happy girl. :)

Joshua said...

Thanks for recommending Lacquer & Lace in one of your comments before! I keep forgetting to thank you because always got drama here lately caused by wtf people.

I want to borrow your tan weave belt, haha.

Eh, post some looks on Lookbook! :D

Katie ♥ said...

I wonder when they will make you Nuffnang's featured blogger! :) As far as I know, anyone who comes across your blog will instantly get hooked :D

Ashleigh said...

Yeah!! I totally get why you're so protective over your sister! Even I would do that! =D RAWR!!

And to those people who think that Jing would actually say that online, I'm sure they were feeling rather foolish.

I love your belts and the red bow!! So awesome!

yishyene said...

You know what hangers I use..

*hmm should I tell*


I have over 100 of them!! They're really great because they're so so thin - saves me heaps of space!! HAHAHAHA

PS love the bows!

The Faux Fashionista said...

LOL at being bankrupt buying those pretty hangers...I love that red bow hair clip! So pretty <3

Anonymous said...

hoho just saw ur reply, if you dont mind me asking, which part of sg is this vintage shop? i like vintage stuff too! is it granny's day out?