Monday, September 01, 2008

Change: the impending fear.

I wouldn't need to go to work today if I was in KL. :(



Thank you for all you people who did my shoe poll!! :)))
The results were quite half-half (*in denial wtf*), so it was a judgment call, haha. Keep a lookout to see the outcome of your votes wtf.
(and ehhh seriously, which ones of you are the one who voted yes or no!! I am damn curious. :P)

Posting some pictures from my previous weekend back home, 'cause I will be going home tomorrow-- and going home means more batches of pictures! :P After which KL pictures would go through a dry spell 'cause I won't be going home for about 3 weeks. T_T

As promised, a picture of my new sunnies! :)
I think I perched it a little too high on my nose ('cause I was rushing wtf), so I looked like a scuba diver with goggles on. T_T

Wearing this gorgeous champagne-colored satin headband with mini gold studs. It was an amazing find! :) Got it along with this other lovely vintage wooden hand-painted headband. Aaah, begone, boring Diva hairbands! :P

Jing damn stupid (and blind), she called this a 'ostrich' headband, 'cause it looks like ostrich leather. -___-

EH BTW did you know that a ostrich leather Chanel 2.55 bag would cost you SGD55k!!!!!!!
DAMN FREAKING EXPENSIVE RIGHT!! I almost died when I saw it.

Ok, moving on to more affordable things wtf.

Affordable, but priceless.

Meeting up with Smalls! :)
'Cause I miss this miniature woman with a voice louder than a kingdom of crows so much-- spending 2 days in S'pore 1 month ago was NOT enough!
That, and pressure from her, 'cause she insisted that I only go back to KL for junkyard sales. T_T And that the only way to meet me is to go to junkyard sales. T__T

Err, only one picture of us in Paddington's House of Pancakes. I took like, 3 pictures of Chris who was there as well, but the pictures have all mysteriously disappeared!
My camera doesn't like boys ar.

Outfit! I call this... birthday suit, 'cause all nude wtf.

Wearing a really pretty sheer beaded top which I stole from my mom's wardrobe, tweed wool cuffed shorts, and a brand new pair of nude-colored patent platform pumps. Which oddly enough, is really comfortable, but it killed ONE toe of mine. Not one toe from each feet, just the toe on my right. WHY???

I added my hairstylist on MSN so that we can discuss what to do to my hair. Why am I like this! T___T

Ya ya, I will be doing my hair on Wednesday. Since I will be back and no one is free to accompany me during the day (everyone is either at school or work), I thought I might as well do something productive wtf. I am starting on the hate-my-hair phase again anyway (which is why most of the time my hair is up), so it's time.

Anyway! Yen (my hairstylist) said that she will straighten my hair + dye it and it won't kill my hair! Her exact words were: "If I do it, it will be ok" Damn cocky right! :P But I like that in a woman wtf.

I am so shallow sometimes I hate myself. My biggest worry is that if she straightens my hair on Wednesday, what hairstyle can I do for Mambo on the same night!!! ('cause after rebonding, you're not supposed to tie/clip/curl/basically do anything to your hair). I have the perfect outfit to go with the perfect hair accessory, but now the option is thrown out of the window! Life is so hard wtf.


I got all my furniture already!:)))
FINALLY after making so many trips, I paid for everything at Ikea yesterday.

I swear to god, my heart bled a little when I swiped my debit card for the crazy-ass amount. Crazy for only 2-months of salary!! And for what is essentially a big pile of wood wtf.

I get so emo when I think of all the pretty clothes and bags I could get with the amount. It's like I paid so much, but there was no satisfaction in spending, sigh. Retail therapy gone wrong wtf.

But I did feel very, very grown-up though. :) In my entire life, I have shifted-house 3 times (excluding aussie), and each time, daddy and mommy and the muscular movers would do all the work, I just needed to make sure that all my barbie dolls came along with me. Even in Melbourne, we had friends to help us move in/out every single time.

But this time around, I did everything by myself. From choosing the furniture from a catalogue, to picking them out in the showrooms, to picking/loading them myself, to liaising with the delivery guys... The bulk of the work will come this weekend though, which is when the furniture and my stuff would be moved in.

I am really afraid of Sunday-- the day when I will move in my belongings. I have only been in S'pore for 2 months, and I have collected so so so much things. Mostly shopping, I am ashamed to admit. =/ My aunt and my cousins have expressed their shock (and disgust wtf) at the sheer volume of things I have, and they worry for me too, come Sunday. T_T

But most of all, I fear of... moving to a new place. When I express this to people, they go "But why?" But it's still another new phase. Another place to call 'home'. While I am slightly excited about having my own proper room (all the decorating and making the place mine), I am just nervous and weary, I guess. New location, new transport routes,new people to stay with, and so many more.

I am looking forward to sorting out my wardrobe though! I have been living out of my suitcases. :(



What I wore to Ikea yesterday.

No lovey-dovey M'sia post this year, but hey, check out the colors of my outfit! I didn't notice how patriotic I was!! :P
I think my subconscious wanted to scream out its love for M'sia. ;)

Click here for last year's lovey dovey patriotic post.
1 year has passed????
It felt really strange looking at the new batch of Merdeka night clubbing pictures this year-- without me. :(

On another note, I bought 100 hangers yesterday, haha.


Eunice said...

you are so patriotic! :p

Anonymous said...

Nice blog :) u mind if I link u in?

mustardqueen said...

WHY U SO BLUE (pun intended)!!!! haha monday blues wtf AHAHAHAA I'm sucha bad malaysian la i didnt write anything for malaysia... fuck it la im going melbourne soon wtf

Mei said...

So colourful!

You're not the only one, I am working now T_T. Hope that makes you feel better.

ally said...

i wouldn't need to go for class today if i was in kl :(

eh eh and i forgot to comment on ur previous post but you look so sophisticated in ur mirror shots!!! soooooooo pretttyyyyy! <3

revel in me said...

eunice: HAHAHHA I totally didn't notice it! :D :D :D But yayy! *blows at fingernails* :P

laura: Aww, thank you, dear, sure thing! :)

mustardqueen: HAIHHH every monday also get monday blues wan la me.. T__T WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS! Every year that I was in melbourne I declared my love for my country ok wtf.

mei: Colorful is me! :P BOOOO I hate work! *clutches your arm and weeps together*

ally: YA LA fuck this shit why other countries got so little public holidays! GRRR.

And aww, thank you! *shy* Very seldom got people tell me I am sophisticated!! ('cause they hear the way I laugh WTF)

Anonymous said...

Yeah,agree TOTALLY.And I think it really has lost its meaning already. Still very popular but you hardly see the real vintage already? And um,you didn't answer the shopping kakis thing.Any vacancies available?Lol.And you kinda blended with Ikea la when you wore that.Same colour with the logo also ekeke.

eggyoke said...

So how do you find the work in Singapore? Busy, or bo chap kind?

Couture Carrie said...

Love your IKEA outfit!!!


Unknown said...

girl..dropping by to say hi! nice to have someone who has the almost similar bag to mine LOL :)

revel in me said...

nana: Well, I do think the clothes being sold are real vintage clothes... But I think for some. it's more of a case of wanting to ump on the bandwagon than anything else. Which is kind of sad, actually. For me, I still prefer to go dig dig and rummage for my vintage buys! More satisfaction, and you get the authentic vintage experience. :P haha, I am always always up for shopping, JOM! :D And YAAA I know, I was thinking to myself when I was approaching the Ikea building, eh same same! Haih, what can I say, I always dress for the occasion. :P

eggyoke: Err, what is bo chap? I am working as an auditor, so I guess you can say I have no life! :(

couturecarrie: THANK YOU, sweets! :)))

amy: HAHAHAH sorry I was so jakun! But I got that bag in melbourne and I have never ever seen anyone carrying the same bag!! Not to mention I left the bag in melbourne-- my friend was supposed to bring it back for me, but she LIEDDD. :'(

Dhiya said... ur nude color outfit...and ikea outfit too...
most of all i like ur hair style lah..
and pretty u mind am asking where u get it done?
coz i always have probs with my fringe.always tak jadi wan. =(

Anonymous said...

1. your smiling eyes are hidden by ur gorgeous shades.

2. u look sibeh cute in ur ikea outfit

3. how come if i wear my hairband like that i will look exactly like an aunty but nothing like u?!! is there any secrets ah?

4. Ah! i love ur blog!

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

I like the beehive sort you created when you wore that ostrich hairband(it does look like ostrich leather la haha)Oh I like your patriotic post. Haha

Anonymous said...

i voted yes :P

you ikea outfit is so carpenter-ish. :D love your nude lacy top! i thought it was a dress in the first pic :D damn gorgeous!

eggyoke said...

bo chap means dun care loh... you know got many who come to work then knock off, everyday do the same old thing... dun do ot or come early.. come on the dot and go off on the dot...

Auditor leh, so you must earn quite a lot lah.. ACCA grad?

dateipohgirls said...

hi there reveal,

i like reading your blogs.

kindly link me up so that
i can advertise my dating services.

perhaps link me as your friend link.

ipoh mali

Anonymous said...

Sounds good!There's this Midnight Sales happening this Sat,would you be here?If yes,JOMMM! =P

mustardqueen said...

Eh why everytime ppl call u reveal ar?? u got a lot of secrets to reveal meh wtf... see u tonight wtf hahahaha

Chelle said...

eh woman, your merdeka outfit is DAMN patriotic dy lar...i only attempted yellow...

Anonymous said...

OMG I saw you and your sisters in Nirwana yesternight! :)

Was too shy to say hi. Wait actually I was pre-occupied with this really cute baby <3 and then I swore I saw Jing as I was walking out to join my friends but I didn't turn around and see if you were there until I joined my friends and then you guys got up to leave and I saw youuuuuu! :)

By that time I was too shy to say hi already -_-''

You look good babe! :)

Joanne said...

Heylo, may I know where do you have your haircut?

Anonymous said...

hey plz check out our new launching blogshop for more new trendy dresses!!! FREE SHIPPING FEE!!! don miss it ;)

revel in me said...

dyalycious: Aww, thank you love! :))) Oooh, I have my hairstylist to thank for all the lovely compliments on my hair! :P She is Yen Lim (Loreal ambassador and award winner of many titles), at Wenawave in TimesSquare! Go find her! She single-handedly turned my hair around. <333

miss hazel:
1. Why you so sweet! People call my eyes sepet, you call them smiling... They thank you! :P

2. Ikea outfit damn comfy too! 'Cause jean + flats!

3. Haha, I played around with it a bit-- what I did was wear the band slightly more towards the front and really poofed my hair at the back! Just try adjusting the headband on your head to get the best angle/position! :)

4. Thank you! T_________T

siewkwan: HEEE you noticed the 'beehive'! Have to la, if not my head will look flat especially since I had no bangs! HAHAHAHHA DO YOU MEAN MY POST LAST YEAR!!! I still smile when I read it.. This is the reason why I blog! :)

foongjin: HAHAHAH I KNOW YOU SURE VOTE YES WAN! Eh why look like carpenter!!! Since when carpenters wear high waisted pants. T__T And hee, I know, I damn love the beaded top too! I am a sucker for beaded things, though I generally am weary of them, 'cause they might look matronly. And I used to not like nude colors, 'cause I feel naked in them wtf.

eggyoke: Err, no, I don't think auditors do 'bo chap' work! And no la, I don't earn a lot, just the average market rate for fresh grads!
And I didn't do ACCA, will do ICAA soon!

nana: I am home already.. T_________T

mustardqueen: YA LA damn pissing off! Make me sound like porn star wtf

chelle: HAHAHHA it wasn't meant to be patriotic! I completely forgot that it was merdeka day. -___-

joyce: Hahahahhaa you're so cuteeee!! Like that baby wtf. Were you with a bunch of guys??? 'Cause I eyed this table with a lot of young guys to check whether got cute guys WTF. EEEE damn shy la for you to see me, I looked quite worse for the wear 'cause I have been out the whole day! T_T Jing as horrified that you saw her, haha!

Banana leaf rice! <3333

jiayi: Yen Lim, at Wenawave at Times Square! :) Mail me if you want her phone number! She is REALLY REALLY AWESOME (and damn pretty too), I totally recommend her! <3

Anonymous said...

Ya I was with my boys! One is quite cute. But all of them are gay -_-''

revel in me said...

joyce: HAHAHHAHAH NO WAY!!! They all looked quite, err, masculine!! Hahahahah!

Anonymous said...

how much is ur corset? me likey :)

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