Sunday, September 07, 2008

Mooooving... MOVED!

Moving is going to start... NOW!

Everyone is scolding me now for having so much stuff. :(
How in the world did I ended up with over 20 pairs of shoes in 2 months???

I will update at my new place tonight k. :)



I am at my new place now!

Planned to blog earlier, but wireless was not on 'cause I am sharing it with another 2 tenants, and they were out for the whole day-- with the modem shut off and their room locked close! T_T

At least I managed to get some packing done. :)

So far, everything that should be up is up. All my furniture are standing proudly around me now, and my bed is beckoning at me with its fluffy cheery bedspread. I am yet to be done with unpacking and keeping my clothes though. I bought two 2-door wardrobes, and my plan is one for work clothes, and the other one for play outfits. So far, only my 'work' wardrobe is filled up, 'cause I ran out of hangers!

I bought 100 hangers from Ikea and I ran out of hangers. I am speechless. -__________-

You should see me today-- my cousins and aunt helped me to move, and when my cousin sister saw the amount of stuff that I have, she told me that she has been in S'pore for 10 years and she has less stuff than me. -____-

And my aunt stifles a little gasp of horror at every suitcase/luggage bag that I lugged out of my room. -___-

I think I just have very dramatic relatives. I insist that I don't have that much stuff! :P

Anyway, so far, things are good here. :) I took a walk around the neighbourhood yesterday, and everything is within 10 minutes of walking distance-- MRT station, ATMs, food courts, mall, Coffee Bean, supermarket... Convenience is such a major plus point!

And the place is really clean-- my cousin is a complete hygiene freak. Which suits me fine, 'cause I am really particular about hygiene as well (not personal hygiene though WTF)! Like, I don't mind if things are messy or out-of-place, but I get very very paranoid at cleanliness of toilets or even things like light switches.

I like my room; yesterday when I was moving in the furniture, I was a little aghast when I saw it, 'cause it was so so so much smaller than I remembered. I was so afraid that the furniture that I bought wouldn't fit in! I settled on a queen bed and 2 wardrobes in the end, not to mentioned I have a study table and a chest of drawers, so my fear was justified. But alas, everything fit really well! I even have a bit of space, which, as my cousin put it, "can do yoga there". ;)

No pictures of my room yet, I have a lot of paper bags and rubbish lying around. And I want to personalise the room a little further before showcasing it! Be patient! :P


Err, feels strange to have only text so here are some pictures from my high school reunion in S'pore last week! :)

OK, Claire, me, Xin Wen.

I forgot his name, but his initials are really OK ok! wtf

Eek Ping and Cindy, who are siblings.
Wilson and Xin Wen who were two of the most artistic people in our high school! Wilson specialises in comic-drawing, whereas Xin Wen draws human potraits really, really well. :)

I was a prefect in high schoo, and Eek Ping and his friends used to ask me to keep their porn for them when there are spot-checks. T___T

Xin Wen and Hui Wen!

I swear to god, if we are in primary school, I am very sure people will make fun of us. Y'know, XX and YY sitting on a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G... YOU REMEMBER THIS RHYME OR NOT!

ClaireandOK, JiaqiandJason.

I think the cutest thing is that Jia Qi and Claire have been best friends since primary school, and now they are working together in S'pore, staying together, and have their boyfriends with them here as well! So cute right!

Where is my boyfriend. :(((

We went to Popeye's, a fast food joint, which serves chicken and biscuits.

No pictures of our food 'cause we were so hungry that we gobbled everything down! But if you're wondering what the biscuit is, it actually tastes like scones! :) They give you a mini tub of jam to go with the 'biscuit'. But I saw some Malays eating the scone-tasting biscuit with chilli sauce. =/

We had fun in the underpass that night. :P




... and terrorised people in buses... :P

My favorite picture of the night! :)))

And oh ya, we went to Clarke Quay for a walk, and omg, it reminded me so much of the Yarra River in Melbourne! I could almost imagine Southbank sprawled right across me, and I was strolling next to Flinders station....

.... very emo! :(

Speaking of which, I have my study table placed right in front of the window in my room-- as with all my other study areas (in Melbourne and back home).
Eh wait, to sidetrack a bit, it is good feng shui for your study area to be facing the window... I totally swear by it! In fact, I credit my good grades all through my life to this! It's like your brain is more 'open' and the 'chi' flows better.. hahaha. I don't know la, but having a wall in front of makes me feel like there is a dead end. Or am I just too crappy. :(

Anyway, as I was saying, my current study table faces the window, and in my past two accomodation in Melbourne, I have always had a heater under the window where I will warm my toes while I study. So I keep on pressing my feet against the wall, but I find no heater. My toes feel deprived, and I feel a bit lost. :(

I swear I am emo-ing 'cause of my laundry basket! It's the same Ikea one that I had in Melbourne. T____T

Ok la, I better go sleep and not think crap already. Hope I sleep well, considering I am sleeping in a brand-new, foreign place for the first time!


Anonymous said...

yeah i can't wait! :D
and 20 pairs of shoes in 2 months hahaha u damn geng! XD

Anonymous said...

happy moving :D and having 20 pairs of shoes in 2 months isnt a crime!

smallswong said...


you using big trash bags again? ;)

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

OMG that's crazy 20 shoes in 2 months? then how many more in one year and years ahead? I don dare to count. Oh and you look so princessy in your previous post's cocktail dress! Yellow summore HAHAHA :P

revel in me said...

miss hazel: You can't wait for me to move?? WHYYYY!!! T__T Hahaha, nola, got a few pairs I brought from home! :P

wanli: Thank you dearie! :) And YESSSS finally someone who understands me. <3

smallswong: HAHAHA I used shopping bags this time! Have them in abundance, hahaha!

siewkwan: Don't judge me first! There are some shoes I brought from home.. T__T Ehhh it wasn't a cocktail dress! It's a corset + skirt, and they weren't yellow! It's cream corset + white skirt. :)

Anonymous said...

hey! i love reading your blog :) may i know which part of spore are you staying now? :) maybe i can bump into you one day because i'm studying in spore!

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

Alright, I won't judge you then...:P I read your previous post la...and I classify cream as part of yellow, does it make sense? HEHE. ANd I have a similar skirt(it's part of a dress but am gonna make it into a skirt)

Oh and you stand out among your friends! The most stylish one la of cuz

Anonymous said...

Wah...the number of shoes i bought in the past 1-2 years also tak sampai 20 i think...Lol! But then again, u have so many clothes, so u ought to have more shoes to be able to match all those clothes, hor? =D Am i making u feel better? haahha

The Faux Fashionista said...

20 pairs of shoes...and counting ;P

I've been on a shoe binge too, right now I'm looking for a pair of black Maryjane or T-strap pumps, nude pumps, gold heels (to replace my current pair) and something white/silver, navy....urghh don't get me started :(

Please take a pic of your room when its all set up! :) Oh, and do you just ask random passers-by to take pics for you? Or do you use a tripod? I'm always so paiseh to ask strangers to take pictures for me because I'm super vain - if I don't look good I'll keep asking them to retake :D

Anonymous said...

you are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!reading your blog always cheer up my day!!!!!x)

mustardqueen said...

Eh yesterday night this super random question pop up!! Ah lan che che is call ah lan... then what is ah girl cheche's name!!?? I always thought their name is Mok Lan and Mok Girl wtf cause I never knew what names they have... =/ You ask her la since you're living with her now wtf AND OH since u got ur miumiu-esque skirt already no need mine already right? =P

Miss Steph said...

Nice outing!So much of fun u have!By the way the outfit u wore is great

Anonymous said...

i think if i had to leave melbourne i will cry like mad :( cant leave this city anymore ahha

Anonymous said...

Love your skirt! Love. =D and oh,maybe next post you can do a all about shoes post? or maybe about a post about places to shop? Update me on the accident story and your room too!
Ekeke.Sorry .I mmg have a curious nature.

Anonymous said...

LOL. i mean i can't wait to see ur new room! haha faster post up pictures! :p

ally said...

omg xin wen :D i used to go to monash biotech with him!!!

its a small world after all wtf

revel in me said...

anonymous: THANK YOUUUUU! <333 I am in sembawang now! Are you from KL, and studying in s'pore? :) Haih we should all gang up and take over s'pore la WTF. :P

siewkwan: Haha I usually categorize cream as part of the white family! :D Oooh, show show the results of your DIY project k! Sigh, how I wish I go back to my old DIY itchy-hands self.. Nowadays I just don't have time, or the mood for it.. LAZINESS BEGONE! :( And haha, thank you! :)

gwencws: Hahaha, you're like the sweetest girl!! 'Cause you always try to make me feel better.. T___T But don't encourage me already.. T___T Must. Curb. Shopping. T_T

faux fashionista: You know me so well! :P :P :P And HAHA, I so understand your obsession with different types of shoes... Especially maryjanes and T-bars. must-haves this season! :D OHHHH if I am out with friends, it's usually the guys who have to take pictures for us, which is why the number of guy friends I have are dwindling wtf. And if I have no guys around me ('cause we girls usually will all want to be IN the picture), I always shamelessly ask strangers to help us take! And I am like you too, I will ask them to retake for us. *shifty eyes*

lalilolilu: Your name reminds me of the song I learnt in girl guides!! Lulalalulalalulalulalehhhhhh hahaha! Thanks dear, comments like yours is what keeps me blogging merrily! :)))

mustardqueen: HAHAHAHHAHHA Mok Lan Mok Girlwhy you all so sohai!! But the worst thing is I can totally imagine myself joining in the conversation and pondering over it together!! Haihh I miss you girls! :(

ps: EHHHH I still want your skirt! One pencil skirt one full skirt, DIFFERENT K! :P

miss steph: Haha, it was really fun 'cause I haven't seen some of them for YEARS! It just felt AWESOME to catch up. :))) And thank you!! 'Cause I love that skirt of mine, it's so Miu-Miu-esque! <3

jocelyn: When I left melbourne surprisingly I didn't cry, but I emo-ed for 9 months and still counting la. T__T How are you in melbourne, love!! BLOG MORE! :D

nana: Haha, I love you, 'cause you always suggest ideas for me to blog! :P Shoes post, might not be too comprehensive though, 'cause most of my shoes are still in M'sia!! But I will give them good thought k. ;) And accident!! OH YA I still have to rant hor!! And my room, gimme some time first, I want to do it up more! :D

miss hazel: Haha, okok, after this week!!! I will go buy more hangers this weekend, HAHA! :P

ally: NO WAYYY!! I thought you're doing a business masters now??? So I assumed you're a business student leh!! Why are you such an over-achiever. T___T And omg SO NGAMMM!

ally said...

hu hu i am not an overachiever dear. i'm just very indecisive. i switched from science to arts and then decided to do commerce :D

Anonymous said...

Yeap,do so please.I wanna see the complete room too. Cos I am too lazy myself to do one,that's why I suggest it to you to do ma.Cos I know you'd a great job.=D And you havent approve me on Facebook eh.=S

revel in me said...

ally: Ohhhh!! But why did you decide on commerce! It's like the most boring subject of them all. T__T Are you going to stay in melbourne to work? :)

nana: Haha, I feel so used!! wtf. OHHHH what is your full name? I might have rejected your request, 'cause I usually don't approve strangers. =/ Add me again, or give me your name, I go find you k! :)

Simon Seow said...

Ah, Popeye, used to have one in Sunway Pyramid inside the now defunct Sega Land.

timbergurl said...

Hey, I am currently studying in Spore. Could you kindly let me know when do Spore have lapsap sale and where they usually have it? Thanks!

Pamela Tan said...

its okay.. we all have those moments of having too many shoes! :):) hehe..

ilove ur skirt!! :) and if only we have IKEA here (and F21), my world wud be almost-perfect! :)

and i laughed when i read, "ok la" in ur post :) i had friends from malay & sing before and we used to tease them for using "la" to much.. hehe :):)

The Faux Fashionista said...

Hey darls I replied your e-mail, let me know if you received it and if you still need that favor ;)

Anonymous said...

Lol! The name's Krishna Veni.

revel in me said...

simon seow: They did??? I wasn't aware of it! =/

timbergurl: Hey dear, I have only been in s'pore for 2 months plus, so I myself am not sure when and where are all the junkyard sales! But anyhow, lapsales are in KL, not s'pore! :)

faux fashionista: I have added you on MSN already! :D

nana: Added you! :P