Friday, September 12, 2008

Our SATC moments/ 1 month's worth of work outfits


I am really pissed now.

Did any of you notice a comment which went like that in my pseudo-Postsecret entry?

-I sell clothes online(both 2nd hand and new),I sometimes pretend they're new eventhought they're worn but never wash.

-I'm secretly happy because people are stupid enough to buy my clothes/shoes I sells in my online boutique because they're actually very cheap!

-People with doctorate degree are better in fashion *winks*

I didn't give it any thought, until Jac and Mey told me that they thought the comment was made by Jing. -__-
How many of you made the same association???

When I first read this comment, it didn't even cross my mind that it is my sister, 'cause:
1. She doesn't pretend that the things she sell are brand new-- all her items are clearly and truly described/stated.
2. The things that she is selling are actually very reasonably priced, especially when compared to some of the other online boutiques.
3. She definitely has much better grammar than that.
4. Even if she is truly all the things that the comment mentioned, WHY IN THE WORLD would she be so stupid to put such a taunting comment in MY blog???? -___-

I am really pissed now, 'cause I am not sure whether this commenter is just bragging about her online business, or is she out to defame my sister. If it is the latter, I AM FUCKING PISSED. Because according to Mey and Jac, it sounds like my sister. And even Jing's best friend thinks that the intonation and style sounds like her.

So it means this retard is mimicking my sister-- and out to make her sound bad.

It's really obvious that you are one of Jing's online boutique competitor, and you're just jealous and bitter that she is doing quite well with her online shop . What you are doing is incredibly low, foul, and disgusting. After discussing with Jing, we have a pretty good idea of who you are. So fuck off, before you get fucked by us.

You leave a bad taste in my mouth.

*end of edit*

What I love about my girlfriends. :)

miss smalls says:
my birthday is nov 3rd
miss smalls says:
national day

hui wen- -I sold my soul for soles says:
smalls did u read my horoscope then
miss smalls says:
yea i read urs too! ( clearly overworked) and it said ur
hui wen- -I sold my soul for soles says:
miss smalls says:
aggresive, determined, opinionated, strong
miss smalls says:
and then i got scared
miss smalls says:
so i stop reading it

- jaclyn - says:
wtf, u want all that please read self help books
- jaclyn - says:
now all u need is a sex bomb
- jaclyn - says:
hui wen's blog got one with a big dick
- jaclyn - says:
(referring to this person who shared on my previous entry that he has a big penis... as a secret -__-)

miss smalls says:
u got boyfriend
miss smalls says:
miss smalls says:
dbs somemore
miss smalls says:
miss smalls says:
- jaclyn - says:
- jaclyn - says:
is that how u measure swooneesssss? by which bank they work with?
- jaclyn - says:
- jaclyn - says:
eh hui wen, ur bf plenty swoonable
- jaclyn - says:
miss smalls says:
yeah of course
miss smalls says:
jobs are the new dicks

I am going to bed with a smile on my face...
Update tomorrow! :)



I am seated in Coffee Bean now, the wireless at home is fucked. Which explains my lack of an update yesterday, despite my plain declaration to do so.

To pacify the people who have been asking me to post up more work outfits, here's 1 whole month of them! True to the boyfriend's prediction, I am now severely bored of dressing up for work, and have now resort to grabbing the first thing that catches my eye in the morning, and place importance on, hell forbid it, comfort.


Anyway, the reason why I am forcing almost 2 dozens of outfits down your throats at one go is 'cause, well, posting this 1 month's worth of work outfits would clear off all the work-clothes pictures I have taken in my old place! Remember those dark gloomy pictures which more often than not, you couldn't even see me clearly? Well, no more of that after this (I am happy to announce that my new room is as bright as the heavens wtf), and I can start with a clean slate. ;)

Week 1

Belted dress-shirt which I got for my internship 3 years ago. Which I was aghast to find, much more snug now. T_T
And I noticed that I have an affinity to dress more formal/proper on Mondays! =/

Satin black dress shirt with white trimmings. Gone for a monochromatic look, paired with bright red suede pumps. Which is not so red in the picture. Damn you, dark gloomy room!

Some of my colleagues were shocked that I wore red shoes. Auditors. T__T

Sheer-ish top with big bell sleeves, worn with navy skirt and navy pumps.

The top is actually a sheer kaftan that I got as a bikini cover-up! :P

Country Road white semi high-neck blouse which I got from Camberwell market. For like AUD2. :D
Work with black gladiator belt here.

Yes yes, I have too many white shirts. *wry smile*
My happy checkered cigarette pants! Which are a little too long for me at the moment. Alteration is coming its way!

Week 2

Black long-sleeves top with pleated chiffon and velvet ribbon trimmings (velvet ribbon wtf). Worn with dark gray pinstriped high-waisted skirt which looks black 'cause of THE DARK AND GLOOMY ROOM. *angsty wtf*

Pretty patterned fabric corsage which broke T_T, and beige linen slacks.
Love this Topshop necklace I have on-- the cream and gold makes a classy blend. :)

Pink satin top with soft gray cardie and cream swing skirt. Felt like being girlie. ;)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this skirt I have on! One of those last minute shopping decisions before I left Melbourne. It's gold/silver-ish, with 2 big black buttons as accents. And it's actually shorter than what my company allows, but oh well! :P

Bright mustard yellow striped cardie with white slacks. One of my comfy outfits, 'cause I took the bus back to KL on the same night! :)

Week 3

I wore flats for work, gasp! 'Cause I really needed to wear comfy shoes, my feet (or rather foot) was killed by the nude pumps I wore here. T__T
Got this pair of electric blue pumps from Camberwell market as well... It's like the most comfortable thing ever! Like bedroom slippers. :D

Cream knitted vest over silk camisole, gray slacks, and Zara beige wedges with black bows.
My friend asked me, "You think today casual Friday ar!" -___-

I call this my kebaya top! :P
Haha, actually nola, it's mandarin collared, but cuts down to a V-neck. Of a vibrant orange-red shade, and made of a silky/sude-like fabric, another one of my comfy outfits!

You might remember this outfit from here. :D
And someone asked me why I could wear a arm-bearing/halterneck top for work, well, I had my trustworthy pashmina! :P

Week 4

Oversized white linen safari-inspired shirt, worn with tan belt and khaki skirt. And my vintage pearl strands. :D

Repeated the same top refer to above), 'cause I wanted to wear flats again *sheepish* 'Cause I flew home on this day, I wanted to be comfortable!! Paired it with a brown plaid tulip skirt this time.
And I wore another pair of my electric blue ballet flats. Sigh, I swear to god, when I bought this pair of shoes, I was convinced that I do not own a pair of electric blue shoes! But apparently I do. -__-

Friday. No Wednesday and Thursday outfits 'cause I was home! :D
F21 red turtleneck which has peekaboo details all over the shoulder-chest area (shit sounds so slutty wtf), and my beautiful pumps, gotten from one of those junkyard sales in KL! :)


Ok fine, despite the cheerful depiction of my pictures above, I am actually very very very sad now. :(

Quoting Lemony Snicket wtf, it was just a series of unfortunate events la. :(
Or more like, a series of things that are not going my way.

It's the Mooncake Festival this Sunday, and I am not going to be at home with my family.
For the past 2 years, I didn't celebrate it at home 'cause I was in Melbourne; but 3rd year in a row? Man, that sucks.
I actually bought a ticket to home this weekend, but 'cause there was a department BBQ last night, I postponed it to next weekend, completely forgetting that this Sunday is Mooncake Festival. :(

My wireless at my new place is fucked. I don't know how the tenant fucked up the connection, but she did. And the best part is? She went back to KL, so she can't fix the problem. And even better? She will be back in Kl for TWO weeks. Meaning I have to live without internet access for 2 weeks? I am fucked.

I took leave on 2nd and 3rd October 'cause of the Hari Raya Haji public holiday-- I would get to be home for a stretch of 5 days. Was even planning to go somewhere with the boyfriend for a short holiday. But I just found out that the Welcome Night of my company is held on 3rd Oct, and it is actually quite a big deal-- the whole of Zouk would be specially reserved for my company. It would be good for me to be present at this event, 'cause not only can I meet new people, it would also be a good opportunity to bond with my colleagues and superiors. So... I am deciding to cancel that leave. So now I have nothing to look forward to. No time off from work. No holiday. No quality time at home.

And the absolutely, absolutely worst thing is... My family is going to Taiwan next week. It is pretty much an impromptu trip, my aunt/uncle and cousin(s) would be going as well. But barring these details, the main point is that my family would be going. Not me. Without me. When the preposition of the trip first came up, I was really excited, 'cause I thought I could take 2 days off and follow them on the trip. Then BAM I found out this week that during that period I would be put on a shit job. So that means no leave for me. And with that, no trip for me. You can't imagine just how upset and left-out and hollow this is all making me feel. The last family trip we went on was to Japan, almost 3 years ago. The last time I missed out on a family trip was during my internship, when they went to Bangkok. And till today, it still makes me feel left-out, especially when they start talking about the memories and amusing events during the trip. Or when we look through the Bangkok pictures. Because I am not even in the pictures. :( And my parents always don't want to go on a Bangkok trip, because they insist that everyone else has been. I haven't been, I always try to tell them. But it never works. Which is why till today I have never set foot in Bangkok. :( And the irony? They will be going to Taiwan next weekend-- the weekend that I will be back in KL.

I am just utterly depressed now.


yishyene said...

Ah I feel so detached from my girlfriends - they're now spread all over the world. I miss them so.. but one of them will be coming to visit me in London for 2 WHOLE WEEKS soon! YAY!



(i cannot end this comment without saying this word: carrots.)

Cherie said...

omg hi Ikea girl!!! :) ok do you even reognise me wtf. Nola I don't hate you since you ALWAYS have such pretty clothes (wow now I sound like a total hypocrite)

I'm glad you did the share-a-secret thing too! Yay.

Irked said...

How is this a SATC moment? LOL

KITMEY said...

hahaha is smalls going to freak out when she sees this??!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you posted this up! My mum reads your blog! Hahah

revel in me said...

y: I know what you mean!! My gfs are what keeps me sane, and oh god, it's hard to be away from them. :'( And you're so so so lucky!! 2 whole weeks, WOW! Just ONE weekend that my flatmates came down was enough to give me a happy high high to last for some time, so imagine how it will be for you!! Le sigh.


cherie: HAHA of course I recognise you!! You write so well. <3 I was so worried you would mind me stealing the faux 'postsecret' thing! And HAHAHA, I am glad you don't hate me.. (but do you really mean it T_T)

sophia: Haha 'cause of all the witty sex talk!! Trust me, there is more of it where it came from.. :P

kit mey: HAHAHAHHA she said cannot post up! Lalala

smalls: NO WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. Oops. Hiii auntieeee! :D

Anonymous said...

hey hui wen...i love your tops and all! where do u get ur purchases? mind sharing? i'm having trouble searching for lovely work tops

vss3t said...

i dont think i've said this b4, but ur work outfits ROCK!!

Anonymous said...

This is my 5th year not celebrating mooncake festival with my family. First year was at Sunway when I did MUFY there (I was outstation student on that time) and four years in Melbourne in a row as well. Worse than you but I can't feel anything because I get used to it already. I predict I will spend more mooncake festival in Melbourne because I am not going back to work. Most probably will work part time till I got full time job. If I happen to go back , I really need your helps to help me to prepare for work clothes because I am the well known girl that don't like to dress up. Btw, can I have your msn?!

-the one opposite SEF-

Anonymous said...


i haven't been in your position before, but just thinking about it and the way you write it makes me sad :( i can imagine the "left-out-ness" and desolate-ness you feel because my family is also very close knit :(

i don't know what to say to comfort you, except stay strong. all these disruptions are only temporary. i'm sure once everything is settled down at work, you'll be able to plan trips with your family well in advance :)

(btw, it would be so great if we can go to bkk together hahaha! :D)

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

I know how you feel...My family went to Hong Kong, Penang,China without me, T_T and more to come...cuz when they are having holidays I'm on my study break, which I have to study for the coming exam, you say sad or not? :(

Oh I wanna ask how's like being an auditor? Do you still have other dreams other than being an auditor? Like what are your plans? I just want to know more about your insights, because I think I will be in your shoe soon in a year's time T_T

Anonymous said...

hey there, remember me ar?? hehe. i love your blog la, so happy!

and i somehow recognize the black belt you wore on thursday.. ;p

Kim L said...

Hey there! Love your work outfits! I seriously do not know how you do it! Do you plan what you wear the night before? Or you just magically
throw it together in the morning?

I used to do it the night before, but after a while I just couldnt be bothered, work got pretty stressful and all I wanna do is sleep! and sleep 15 mins more the next morning before I get my ass to work! (when really, I can plan a better-and-not-repetitive-outfit for work)

ps: If there's a forever 21 here in melb, I would get the knock off version too. hee!

Anonymous said...

why i read your blog post also i feel damn depressed for you :((((

The Faux Fashionista said...

Nice outfits! Great, when I get back to KL and start working I will remind myself to look at your blog when I'm lazy to dress up for work...My fave piece has to be your vintage pearls. Very pretty!

Ooo I wanted to go to bangkok too (mainly for shopping) but I guess I'll have to scrap that cos of the current political situation. I've been to Taiwan and the shopping is awesome! I bought so many clothes that cost less than RM20 :P I'll probably be going again early next year if my mum can get a special post-Matta Fair price...

mustardqueen said...

Don't sad!!! I'll buy you freshly made pearl milk tea from taiwan!! =D And maybe a special parcel from Gucci leh from mommy what do you know!! :D:D And we're going hiking with ah lian wtf T__T

Anonymous said...

do you send ur clothes to laundry shop? i find it so troublesome so handwash!but too expensive to send for laundry T.T

pinkpau said...

you must be the most well dressed person in your office!!!

revel in me said...

anonymous: Ohhh, I know this is the most cliched answer ever, but I get my stuff from all over!! :P For example, in the work outfits shown here, I have a good mix of things from flea markets, department stores (CK Tang wtf), little boutiques, work-clothes shops (G20000, Key Ng etc), online-boutiques, and the normal shops like Topshop/Selfridge... The things are from KL/Melbourne/S'pore.. I guess my best advice is to just keep an eye out for nice things-- don't bother if it's not conventionally 'accepted' as work clothes, I wear vintage stuff to work! :P And be creative! Match dresses with high waisted skirts, play with vests and cardies, have fun with brooches and other accessories! :D Hope that helped! :)

vss3t: AWWWWW thank youuuu! :)))

the one opposite SEF: I don't know la, I am a super family person, and I get all sentimental and emo when I don't get to be with my family. T___T Ohhh, so you're not going to s'pore now? Good what, it's what you wanted! :) And no worries, I am not in any place to give pointers on dressing up, but if you want some help, sure thing! :D My MSN is my email add-- just look at my blog profile! :)

foongjin: YAAAA I am quite family-oriented! Although I am never at home wtf. But I am just this super sentimental person la... T___T And sighhh, these so-called temporary disruptions are called WORK!!! T__T I do hope that a family trip would be possible at year end, but I can only keep my fingers crossed, I guess! :(

And YAAAAA going to bangkok would be awesome!! Shoppinggggg! <333 But not going now la, what if we kena bombed and killed wtf

siewkwan: WHY YOUR FAMILY SO CRUEL.. T_________T Yours worse than me, why they go to so many places.. T_____T But actually, my family also quite evil, 'cause they have this warped rule of bringing ONE child per trip-- so we seldom go on family trips!! Now you know why I so emo.. T____T And ohhh, of course I have other dreams.. *mysterious wtf* Are you doing accounting as well? Going into auditing too??? *bites nails nervously*

marshmallow: HAHAHHA of course I remember you! <3 Hahahha why are you so cheeky.. :P

bombshell: Haha, thanks! :) I used to run through over the weekend outfits that I would wear during the week... But I stopped! Nowadays I just grab and go, 'cause bored with work outfits already. T__T And I totally get what you mean, that extra 15 minutes of sleep in the morning is SACRED! T___T

tzeching: YAAAA it's not me right I am not being drama right it's really damn damn damn damn sad. :(

faux fashionista: Hahaha I don't believe! I am sure you will dress up for work.. :P And homestly I don't dress up, I just throw things on my body, 'cause half-asleep wtf. T_T Oh, I got the pearls in one of the junkyard sales, RM5, HEEHEE. Aaah, I know, I was planning to go to bangkok at yearend, but seeing how things are there, it is not materialising. :( If you go to Taiwan, who will you be going with!! Bring me. T___T And oh yaaaa, just asking for my sisters, what to wear in taiwan!! And em, what actually is the best period to go there? :)

mustardqueen: FUCK OFF LAA why would I want pearl milk tea. T_____T But if bag I don't mind-- but I don't want gucci, can I have another chanel, thank you. T__T And why hiking?????

jas: ACTUALLY!! I throw everything into the washing machine. T__T I am really lazy like this. T___T

pinkpau: Haha, no la!! Actually being well-dressed isn't a plus point at work, 'cause people might assume you to be a bimbo. T_T

Anonymous said...

thank you dearie.
could you name me a few good online websites?

AsherLasherAtNine said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Christian Girl in Harrods said...

That was me, sorry, helped my friend to do something and forgot to log out, was too shock and needed to comment straight away...

WAHHH I didn't know leh, got lazy to read cuz so many comments hehe, eh the person is SOOOOO EVIL!!!!!! TERRIBLE! Migosh, and Jing, pls, you have excellent taste and I know your stuff are reasonably priced so no worries, you have my support even though I havent bought anything cuz too poor, *shy

Oh yea, going into auditing soon...T_T but going to UK to work cuz have to utilise the PR...and this is what I heard, in UK if you work with the big 4 you have to do CA or other courses with them. And they give amazing deals blablabla. So I dunno la...share share your dream!!! :) I would love to readddddd

Anonymous said...

hehe happy you still remember...
dont be sad la, i always get left out too. ='(

but nevermind, im gonna have a junkyard/clearance sale early november, you can come and spend here ok?? =p

The Faux Fashionista said...

"pinkpau: Haha, no la!! Actually being well-dressed isn't a plus point at work, 'cause people might assume you to be a bimbo. T_T"

WTF that's the problem with the conservatives la just because they have no fashion sense they call the people who do bimbos! WTFWTFWTF....I say its part of being professional to look good at work!

I'd say year end is a great time to go cos its cooler. They have typhoons around August, plus its hot and humid and rains almost everyday so its not a good time to go. Oct-Feb should be good.

LOL eh your sisters have great fashion sense, why ask me what to wear in Taiwan? But ultimately I would say wear clothes that are easily changeable so they can try on more stuff when they're there! MUST GO TO WU FEN PU in Taipei...its this wholesale/retail market, kinda like jatujak in
Bangkok. Cute and cheap stuff!

And do visit the hair salons! Cut, dye, perm, straighten, whatever. They're really good, and cheap too! You can probably afford to get your hair washed and blown out every other day since its so darn cheap. My friend brought me to this really high-end looking place to get my hair washed and blown, it took 1.5 hours! Wash + Condition + Treatment + Massage + Blowdry only cost around RM15!!! So worth it!

The Faux Fashionista said...

I wanted to go Bangkok this year end too!!! T___T Stupid political issues, grrr! So I might just come to Singapore with the boyfriend instead ;P

Ohh, forgot to comment, I'm bringing my mum with me to Taiwan, but you're welcome to come with me next time around :P I want to just stay in Taipei and shop and eat.

Anonymous said...

Dearie,I think maybe you added another Krishna Veni ekeke.
Nvm.I'll add you and send you a message as well.Haiyooo.So susah one just to add you.Btw,I think I met your bf in Laundry on Saturday.He booked a table to watch the game and I was handling the yeah kinda recognise him but didn't say a word cos scared wrong person.Lol. Plus , he is a bit garang-looking.

Anonymous said...

u know i really really seriously doubt it is an attempt to make fun of jing. i think that if you want to put up a post like that for people to share their secrets, you have to be prepared for the things you are going to hear. because there are so many things people are hiding, and it will surprise you how many people have the same problems.

i am disappointed at your behavior. people actually took the time to comment and share their secret and here you are, accusing them of this and such.

Anonymous said...

I don't feel that this person is sharing her problems (I don't see why people buying her clothes is a problem to her), the words she chose to use is in a way bragging, perhaps she should be more careful. Hui Wen made it clear that if this person is trying to defame Jing then she is really pissed, i doubt she has anything against this secret being shared.

Anonymous said...

hie babe...I'm ashamed 2 admit I did think it was Jing too=(( Sorry Jing! Hui Wen who's this ugly competitor u & Jing think it is..I'll like to go check out her online boutique to see what's the fuss about...

mustardqueen said...

i think the first anonymous must be the one who commented thats why she terasa!! HOOORRRRR!!!! whatever it is the competitor must be selling some shit ass cheapo patent shoes and ugly ah lian clothes oh well...

Ashleigh said...

Awww...Poor you. Well, take it as a challenge! How boring life would be without these bumps..

Cheer up! =D

Anonymous said...

I think the personal attack you made on the comment poster on your blog is disgusting. YOU wrote a post asking people to post their secrets anonymously, and so she/he did. No names were mentioned and if people were stupid enough to think that Jing would post a blatant 'secret' on her sisters blog then i dont quite know what to say.
Im not saying this person is right IF she was making an attack at Jing (that makes her lower than scum) and if you're 100% sure it was an attack, deal with it professionally.
Bottom line is, you wrote the post asking for comments only to turn around and make it into a full fledged drama.

Eeflin said...

actually the whole point of commenting was because HOW THE HELL DO YOU HAVE THE SEMANGAT TO DRESS UP TO WORK EVERYDAY! even dressing up to uni with no dress code is so daunting ok T__T

but then i read the anonymous comment above mine and thuff... eh your blog's one of those blogs where i feel won't have to deal with flamers loh cos ok i know it's damn stupid to say this but it's very hard for ppl to dislike your personality >.<

just because hui wen allows people to post secrets anonymously on that one particular post does not garner the right for ppl to pull cheap shots against her sister k.. and she's just being protective over her sister so i don't think there's anything wrong with that.

revel in me said...

anonymous: Hmm, when it comes to online boutiques, I am not that much an expert, it's more of my sister's arena of expertise... :/ But some of my fave KL shops would be: (Jing's shop, haha, promo wtf. But seriously, she has very nice things, and very unique too! :))
I can't think of others for the moment! :)

siewkwan: Did you also thought it was her. :(((( I was just so upset la, why would someone wants to do that!! Even if they didn't do it on purpose, Jng's reputation still got tainted k!! Imagine if I didn't go a clarification post!!! Everyone would just think it's Jing, but it's all kept underground and hush-hush, and forever people will thnk bad of Jing! It just makes my blood boil when I think of it, arghh.

Wow, where will you be doing auditing? :) will be doing CA too, SIGHHH dambn scared what if I have no life after that.. T__T

marshmallow: Haha, sure sure! Where are you going to have the sale? :)

faux fashionista: Sigh, unfortunately there ARE people who will judge you on how you look/dress. But it's ok, I am just doing my own thing, haha. I know what I am capable of, so I am not afraid, let them think what they think, my brains will thriumph. ;)
And /boo, your explanation of taiwan is so detailed and informative! You make me want to zoom over there right now. T____T Set k, Taipei trip!!! Eating and shopping is my idea of a perfect trip. :D :D :D

nana: Is it?? But the Krishna Veni added me wor! So I just accepted her request only.. It's the wrong nana then? =/ And HAHAHAH ya la my bf super garang looking wan. -___-

anonymous: I highly doubt that the person was listing a 'problem'-- she was merely bragging. In any other circumstances, I wouldn't have mentioned anything, 'cause you're right, it's HER story to tell. But I am sorry, in this case it affects my sister's reputation, so I feel a need to speak up. :) And pray don't misunderstand, I highly respect every single secret that has been shared on my entry-- go read my comment on the post if you want to. :)

anonymous: Thank you dear! :) Ya la, I already made it clear that I only find the act disgusting if it was a deliberate act to defame my sister. But anyhow, the damage is done-- there were quite a few people who thought it was her. I am only trying to minimise the damage done by that stupid comment. :(

anonymous: Haha, it's ok! Am just glad that I have cleared things up. :) And nah, we shan't stoop to that level. :)

mustardqueen: Haihhhh some people just have warped thinking what to do. :/

ashleigh: Booo. I sure can do without these bumps. =/ I don't mind a boring life! :P

anonymous: Yep, you got a point right-- there WERE a lot of people who thought it was Jing. And I cannot let someone (whether on purpose) taint my sister's name. It was not a personal attack, though if the person intended to defame my sister in that way , that sick miserable twat, I would gladly indulge in a painful attack to her. Anyhow, I think I defended my sister in the best way possible. :) Anymore more professional, and a solicitor would have to be brought into the matter, haha.

And mind you, my eyebrows are raised at your accusation that I am creating drama. I am very much drama-phobic, I can assure you. :)

eeflin: Hahahahahah will you believe me if I tell you I don't in much effort into dressing up for work?? I am serious, I just throw on things. T__T

Anyway, well said, love! Thank you so much for defending me. <333

And OMGGG THAT IS SO SWEETTTTTT!! You really think I so likeable arrrrr *shy* Haha, actually I think I am not easy to be liked-- 'cause I am too blunt and loud and brash. T___T

Anonymous said...

hmm most probably 1st or 2nd of november. at the my place, the pool area, so can dress up summertime like that..hehehe...

i think i have your email, the old one ryte? will mail you and text hui ting! =p

Simon Seow said...

OMG. I just wear the same attire every week to work leh.

revel in me said...

marshmallow: Where is My Place??? But yaya, I will definitely try to be back! :P

simon seow: Hahaha, that's the difference between guys and girls la! :P

Anonymous said...

hahaha's at my place as in damansara perdana...nevermind, will mail you when it's nearing ok. =D

take care and do update more..i love your blog!

Anonymous said...

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