Wednesday, September 17, 2008


As you all know, I am damn emo 'cause my family is going to Taiwan this Saturday without me. Their trip also coincides with the weekend that I will be back in KL. -_-

And my reassurances to myself that --never mind, I will just spend more time with the boyfriend then-- gets flung out of the window 'cause he will be working like a dog this weekend rushing for deadlines. So essentially, I will be alone. T_T

So can you blame me that:

Jing: i am very happy, i bought a trench coat today!!
Me: for taiwan is it.. T__T
Jing: :( Yaa... 'Cause taiwan has typhoon now.. so it is quite cold... :(
Me: i hope the wind blow until all your hair drop out WTFF
Me: 'cause i am bitter.. T__T


Haha, in actual fact, I am being a very good sport about the whole thing. The fact that my sister just told me that my mom said they might bring me to Hokkaido next year helped wtf. I am so nice that I discuss with Jing what to wear in Taiwan:

Me: what are you going to wear!!!
Jing: i dunno.. T___T
Jing: i googled 'what to wear in Taiwan' and this came up... T__T




I feel like blogging about food now, 'cause I am hungry wtf.

This meal is very meaningful. *big shiny eyes*
'Cause I treated the boyfriend with my first pay! :)))

We made it a fancy dinner out-- complete with dressing up and the works. Dressing up on my part, and the usual for him wtf.
It's so sad to be male!! No chance to primp yourself up. *brimming with sympathy wtf*

We went to Shook! in Starhill Gallery! :)

Haihh, must post up picture of us first to sustain your interest, 'cause I know if you all see food pictures you will just stop reading wtf.
Seriously, do you all read my food posts. T__T

Shook!'s interior.
Please pardon the fact that it looks like a gentlemen's bar in the second picture wtf.

Bird's eye view!
I took great risks on the escalator to snap this picture k. *grave*

Of our amazing culinary adventure:

Adventurer and adventuress. :P

On the house: thinly sliced bread with an amazing tomato dip which looks like sambal.

The boyfriend: Like that also want to take picture ar???

Why he doesn't know me well enough wtf.

Starter: snow mountain prawns or something like that.

This platter cost RM59-- when I first read the menu, I thought there was going to be like 50 prawns wtf.
There were only FIVE prawns. T___T

But before you all express disbelief and shock, do hear me out!! THEY WERE THE NICEST PRAWNS I HAVE EVER EATEN!!!
It was just supposed to be pan fried prawns with mayonnaise and walnuts or something like that, but omg! I can't even begin to describe how good it was! So good that I felt like ordering a 2nd plate. And a 3rd plate. :O

My grilled spring chicken.

I know, of all the things to order right. -_-
But Shook! has the thickest menu you will ever see-- it resembles a Tax Law textbook. =/ And when I am faced with too many choices, I crumble wtf. So I ended up with a boring and safe option.
(that, and the fact that even a simple plate of Cantonese fried noodles would cost RM68 =/).

But I have to give the restaurant a thumb's up though-- even for such a common dish, it was very well done! Tender and very very flavorful, with a really delicious BBQ/salsa sauce of some sort... Bravo. :)

Aglio Olio linguine with fried king prawns.

The boyfriend made an excellent choice with this one! But thank god he was the one who ordered it me, not me-- 'cause I would never be able to navigate my way around those nasty giant prawn heads. T_T

Anyway, the meal cost me about RM200-ish, and I think it is easily one of the most expensive meals I have paid for myself. However, I would say that the food of Shook! was excellent, and that is saying a lot, for I am a fussy, fussy eater. ;) I won't be going there anytime soon, purely because I need to recuperate from that costly meal-- but for all it's worth, it was money well-spent. :) So if you're looking for somewhere with quiet ambience (minus the annoying lounge singer at Starhill's lobby) and very good food, think no further. ;)

Feast Floor, Starhill Gallery
181, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel : +60 3 2719 8535
+60 3 2719 8536
Fax: +60 3 2782 3818
Opening hours : Mon.-Sun. (12pm - 1am)

One more thing... While I was looking for Shook!'s details-- I came across Starhill Gallery's site-- and I like the French song that is played! So cheery and happy! Anyone knows what song it is? :)))

We then proceeded to Haagen Daaz for dessert! :)
Just to clarify-- I am a Baskin Robbins girl through and through. Haagen Daaz ice cream doesn't taste as nice!! *challenging*

I looked like I have a giant cleavage in the middle of my dress. -_-

Our cookie special sundae.

Which sucked. :(((
It sounded so delicious in the menu-- cookies & cream ice cream and cookie chunks and chocolate sauce...
But the cookies were actually just Chipsmore cookies. Wtf???

Not even Oreos! BOOOOO.
We even asked for extra cookies, so I felt ultra cheated. :(
Cookies & cream ice cream + Chipsmore biscuits is just wrong. :(((

I think this cost us almost RM30!! So don't order this ok, guys!

Mega blink jewel earrings!

And I think I look kind of young here. *shy*
Aah, I let you all in into a secret! Sometimes when I go out, those aunties (selling drinks or cleaning tables wtf) will call me 'xiao mei mei', which translates to 'little girl'!! And I will be cheering gaily inside wtf.

Remember mentioned that I am cancelling my leave for the Hari Raya Haji period, and thus will be staying back in S'pore? Well, not all is lost, 'cause the boyfriend will be coming down! :D :D :D

Okok, I musn't get too excited, 'cause he is really busy, but he said there is an 80% chance of it happening.

And I will bve going for a pool party this weekend! Am kind of nervous, 'cause Julie, the birthday girl, plans to get 2 bottles of Jack Daniels, 2 bottles of vodka, 2 bottles of Chivas---for a party of 15 people. -____-

The pool is filled wth alcohol wan is it! -_______________-

And how to lose a tummy in 3 days!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

1. Your dress is so pretty! The collar! *swoons*

2.I am a Baskin Robbins girl through and through. Haagen Daaz ice cream doesn't taste as nice!! *challenging* ---> ME too! somehow i find haagen daaz too creamy? with too much milk ingredients in it? haha don't know la just not as nice as BR la haha

3. u've taken the red chic lover bag! ahhh! :(

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

I'll be praying for you..;)
Dun emo k, at least you gotta eat ALOT at Japan next year, I wanna go tooooo!

Anonymous said...

its je ne veux pas travailler by pink martini =)

Anonymous said...

I've tried the prawns thing at Shook too. It's seriously OMFG!!! I had no idea it costs that much. I had their 5 course meal during some event. You should try their steaks and desserts too. Super duper YUM YUM YUM!!! Especially their desserts.

Damn... now I'm hungry again.

Now don't complain I don't leave comments anymore ya :P

KITMEY said...

Im a haagen daaz girl, cause i love the creamy texture :Pp damn cool lah ur boyfriend coming, happy for ya :)

AND, Julie's birthday!!!
The alco......... not least bit surprising ahem

Joshua said...

C'est "Je Ne Veux Pas Travailler", Pink Martinique

The title means "I don't want to work", it's the CUTEST song ever!

Some of the lyrics:
I don't want to work, I want to always forget and smoke (wtf)

And then something about the sunlight through my window or something. Sorry, my French too cacat to decipher all. Lol.

About the leggings, Bin is planning to find something similar and she'll let you know. :)

Haha, if you need company you can call me! We can check out Bijou bazaar or something although I have no idea where it is T.T and Jing said the last sale at Replacement there were mostly only online boutiques.

Joshua said...


Anonymous said...

Hi boobies /salivates

Anonymous said...

Haagen Daz Haagen Daz!!!
Rum & Raisins rulez!!
sorrie..couldnt help myself...

Suet Li said...

yeah the song is je ne veux pas traveiller! i learned it in my french class =DDD it means i dont want to work wtf i mean without the wtf, wtf

Deluxcious Doll said...

I like Haagen Dasz Green Tea & BR Very Berry Straberry ^.^;;

Yeaaa,don't be sad.At least you get to go Japan next year =D

P/s : Can you hide my in your suitcase next year? =P =P

Michelle Chong said...

beb, you should try their dancing prawns! yummm :)

mustardqueen said...

NEEE I got free haagen daz ice cream!! BOOO jing love strawberry cheesecake can!!! Dun complain so much wtf OH The king prawns didn't turn out to be "Ha Mou" is it wtf (you know mini prawns ha mou wtf)

Anonymous said...

Nice song. I like it!

Anonymous said...

I was a Baskin Robbins girl until they stopped producing my favo something something pavlova and also the moment my tongue touched the Strawberry Cheesecake from Haagen Daz! :DDD

And HAHAHAHAAHHAHA, of all the songs you like it turned out to be 'I don't want to work!' WTFFFFFF! =P

And are you hooked onto the shiny leggings trend too wtf, am i the only one who can't accept it ar! (Refer Josh's comment!) Why are you turning into mummy, spacewoman WTF! =P

Natasha Lim said...

wear tight tight corset for 3 nights in a row and go on detox diet wtf confirm get satisfied results one!

:D:D:D:D:D i know, im brilliant le sigh

revel in me said...

miss hazel:
1. Thank you! <3

2. We are ice cream soulmates then! :P Haagen Daaz damn suck la, expensive and damn little flavors, and I AGREE WITH YOU, it just doesn't taste as good as BR! Oh, my BR. <333

3. HEEHEE, yes I did! You shop there as well? :)

siewkwan: No la, hokkaido isn't confirmed! And it's damn cold ok. T_T I don't like places where I can't dress up wan wtf. And thank you. :)))

shar: THANK YOUUUUU! Damn cute la the song! :P

mizz-sam: What event is that!! Why serve Shook! food wan. T__T Was it free. T___T Okies, noted steak and desserts, will drop by when I strike lottery WTF. Haha, ya la! It's very scary for me when I find out my friends read my blog!! So if you comment, at least I know you read and it will minimise the shock factor. :P

allison: BR not creamy meh!!! And his trip isn't confirmed-- he is still super piled up with work, sigh. And I am so afraid bus tickets will be sold out by the time he can confirm! :(

joshua: HAHHAHAHAHAH DAMN CUTE LA THE SONG! Although your explanation of the lyrics were somewhat, err, lacking wtf. :P You mean there is another bijou this week?? Is it like a weekly affair now? =/

And THANK YOUUU! :))) But I am not letting you anywhere near the collar 'cause you'll butcher it and make it into a neckpiece or something. HMMM. *lightbulb lits up* Hey, that would be cool! :D

jiameei: Haha, wait till you see them uncovered WTFFF

And I am a sucker for cookie-things. Raisins aren't real fruit! *crosses arms* :P

suet: Hahahaha, so damn show off la now, taking French lessons wtf. How they used the song in the lesson? They played the song? :D

deluxcious doll: But you must try BR's versions! Sure nicer wan!! *hardsell wtf*

Haha, no la, the trip is not AT ALL confirmed, so I better not get my hopes high! T_T

michelle chong: YOU KNOW WHATTTT!! I think this IS the dancing prawns!!! Hmm, or is it another dish. I can't remember, there are seriously too many items on the menu! T_T

mustardqueen: Hahaha oh ya hor, but nevermind la, since it's free, we can betray our loyalty to BR for bit WTF. The strawberry cheesecake quite nice la.. *grudging* Oh nonono! The king prawns super, err, KING-SIZED! :) GNO there? ;)

jo: I KNOWWW!!! Somemore the lyrics so apt for me, HAHA!

jing: IF YOU ARE NOT BR FAN WE CANNOT BE SISTERS WTF. Ya la, why they stopped making the honey baklava ar! I think we were the only ones in M'sia who tried the flavor wtf-- 'cause no one I talked to have heard/tasted that flavor before! -_- But damn niceeee. <333 Hahaha, this is not spaceman la! I also dunno how to describe wtf. I told you my style is changing. T__T


natasha: DAMN HARD WORK!! Do you have a plan which allows me to breath WTF

Anonymous said...

hi gal.. i was looking for the SONG played in starhill's website like ages ago, didnt expect tat u r looking for the song too, mahahaha. and btw, thx ur friend- joshua! im downloading the song! Weeeee. thanks joshua!!

cowiemoo said...

the prawns are called "dancing prawns". It's Shook!'s signature dish. It used to cost a lot lesser...

Anonymous said...



if u like cookie-things u should try Ben & Jerry's Chocolote Fudge Brownies!! okie la...not exactly exactly cookies le...but its damn good wei!

but still...



Anonymous said...

Babe,yesh u added the correct person lol! I just checked. Anyways Have you heard of Angel by Norah Jones? Give it a try.

The Faux Fashionista said...

LOL I've had that song set as my phone's ring tone since two years ago...I'm so sophisticated wtf :P

How come I never see you online?? :(

Vivien said...

it's been awhile :)
where did i left off ah.. oh yes! the high heeled door stopper :D it's 32.90 i think. iS, the shop next to Ace Hardware in OU :D
hehe can buy and use for yr new place ;3

i like br too! haha, but most of the branches don't have cookie dough anymore wtf. dulaaaaan :(

pinkpau said...

i was half afraid you were going to post pics of msian food when you said this was gonna be a food post. phew!!! otherwise i would cry

omg why are u not going to taiwan!! go only!!! take boyfriend with you!!

revel in me said...

tracy: Hahaha YAYA I heard it around ages ago, but I didn't know what's the name/title!! And it's not as if I could sing it to other people to identify it WTF. Yayy to us now! :P

cowiemoo: How did I get snow mountain prawns out of that.. T__T How much did it cost last time??? RM59 for 5 prawns is KILLER. =/

joycezhi: Hahahaha eh I don't allow such blatant disregard for my darling BR here! :P Cookies are so much better than fudge!!! But mmmm one of the nicest ice cream I have eaten in my LIFE is this vanilla fudge brownie ice cream from Movenpick!! but it was in sydney. T__T

nana: Haha, yayy! Hmm, not sure whether I have heard it before, I may have, just that I forgot the name... I will go check it out, thanks! :D

faux fashionista: Guess what is my new ring tone, hahahaha! :P And I am always online wor!! At work and at home, haha. :D

penguins: OMGGGGG I have found my BR buddy! Chocolate chip cookie dough is my MOST MOST MOST favorite flavor ever! :D :D :D But I agree with you, I can't seem to find the flavor anymore!! :((( You know which branch sells ar? :(

pinkpau: Hahahhaha I totally get you, 'cause when I was in melbourne, if I see people mention 'lotsa food pictures', I will quake in fear wtf. CANNOT LA! Work! T___T But I am thinking of a HK trip now to cheer myself up, heehee.

Vivien said...

OMG reallyy!!??
none of my friends like it.
dulaaaaan =(
hehe i especially like the cookie bits! yum. only OU's one, in the middle of new and old wing. everywhere else dont have. ughh.

Anonymous said...

i love your food post!!

revel in me said...

penguin: How can anyone not like cookie dough!!!! It's the best best best thing in the world!! God-sent. <333 Omg, I am going to get myself some this weekend! Thank you for the head's up! :D

anonymous: Thank you. T______T I thought everyone skip my food posts. T____T