Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Unloved girl.

I held up a black organza + tulle ball skirt, and turned to him, squealing excitedly, "Damn niceeee!! Can wear for work right!!!"

You could see the boyfriend's eyes widen a bit, but he just nodded solemnly and told me: "Why, I don't know, I haven't kept myself up to date on women's work clothes fashion lately."

HAHAHHA why he so maintain!!! Didn't dare to contradict me when it comes to dressing up wtf.
Well trained! :P


I swear am the most unloved girl in the world. T_T

Me, upon reaching home after a gruelling bus ride from S'pore:
"Ehhhh I damn pretty la!! Just now in the bus, a man actually stood up and let me have his super nice and comfy double seat (in the lounge area of the double decker bus that I took)!!"

Sister: "Maybe 'cause he thinks you are so fat that you need a double seat."

Me: "..."
"No laaa!!! After that when I went to sleep, he helped me off the lights!!"

Sister: "Maybe he thinks you're damn ugly that he switched off the lights so that he doesn't have to see your face!"


And you might remember my emo entry here, where I lamented on the fact that my colleagues are making bets that I would no longer be myself in 6 months' time.
All troubled, I confided in the boyfriend, hoping for some reassuring words.
"Beeeeee! Howwwwww!!! I am very scared now!!"

The boyfriend:
"What how!! Help me win money la! I go bet also!"


Nobody loves meeeee, everybody hates meeeeee, I'll just go eat worms. :(((
(ehhhh anyone knows which song is this ar, I used to hear it all the time on Cartoon Network HAHAHAHAH)


Anyway, guess what I found while digging pictures for a hair evolution tag by Jia Meei!!

Happy Melbourne pictures! :P

With Victoria on a sunny summer day!
(too bad you can't see the houseflies zooming left and right wtf)

Love at first sight for Victoria, HAHAHA.

Terrorising the State Library.
Look at how long my neck looked here!!!! Like flamingo wtf.

Sunbathing on the lawns outside the State Library, one of the most awesome things in the world! :)

Vidal Sassoon girl!
Actually she was shaking some houseflies off, HAHAHHAHA.

Bring me back to Melbourne, please!

Mid-laughter. :)

Can someone remind me why I have so many friends who are above 5'7!!!!!

Oh, I know why, 'cause I have friends like Smalls and Audrey to make me feel better, HAHAHA.

And if you have ever wondered how I sound like, this is the most annoying video of me wtf. Sorry that the video is terbalik. For maximum effect, click stop and play and stop and play repeatedly. T_T

And yes, I was holding on to my blusher brush by the brush part only-- the handle fell off eons ago wtf.

HAIHHHHHHHHHHHH why do I sound like that!!!


yishyene said...

HA Ha ha you sound like a BIRD!!

mizzvickz said...

omggg ugly pics of me T_T

Syahnaz said...

oh! such a 'loving' bf. hahaha.

Anonymous said...

You know all your readers love you to death! Back to blogging and no EMO ok?

Natasha Lim said...

i love you lah babe. come we eat gummy worms together wtf.

Anonymous said...

I find it hard to envision you as a "grown up" per se. So nyeh, you won't change wan lah...If all fails, hike to Sentosa and indulge in the luge! Guarantee will bring out all the happy child feelings all over again! :D

If that doesn't work...P L E A T H E R. ;)

BTW, have you tried the Mango Sorbet at Ichiban Boshi at the Esplanade Mall? Very syiok, that one.

ally said...

:( fly season coming soon :(

revel in me said...

y: !!!! What kind of bird! Sweet canary or old crow wtf. T__T

mizzvickz: Don't have! All pretty! Maybe except for the one where you were shaking off the flies HAHAHAHA

shahnaz: YA LA must recruit new bf already!

anonymous: T___T My heart swelled with joy and pride with your comment. T___T Emo all over again wtf. Good emo, haha! <3

natasha: Hahaha I don't like gummie worms though!! Am I weird. T___T

binnie: Is that a compliment. :( When I said that I want to be forever young, I didn't want people to think I am an overgrown kid!!! :((( Omg, can you believe I haven't been to sentosa since I came overrrr!!! Blasphemy!!

And haha, noted, mango sherbet! :P

ally: NYEHEHEHE happy fending them off! :P

KITMEY said...

nice nice niceeeee greeny pics!

and that worm song.. you girls sing before dont know how many times before lol. bloody fuuny.

c r y s t said...

HAHAHA I DID click play stop play stop play repeatedly HAHAHAHAHAA!!!

Anonymous said...

Just LOL. You just met the emo ppl in audit firm, that's all. Look at me! I survived 2 peaks and I'm still sane.. prolly. Just don't let the stress get into you. Life is so much more I say. ;)

I miss Melbourne too. :(

fourfeetnine said...

HAHAHA idiot why u say until like that!

eh maybe we are the same height la has it ever occured to you just that maybe your head is bigger than mine WTF

Anonymous said...

Lol.Where is yr hair evolution entry?Swt.

Kathryn said...

babe u dam cute.. haahah ...
and can take picture inside state library one ar ?
dont they like forbid ppl to take pictures ... ahahhaa

and that video.. hehehee ..

revel in me said...

kitmey: WE have nice nice greeny pictures too!!! Remember the ones on campus lawns!!! And we had our legs waving in the air hahaha!And the SONG! Why you never sing with us! :P

cryst: Laugh so hard somemore... T___________________T

somedude: WAHHHHHH you survived TWO peaks??!! Then you're my master audit! GURUUUU!!! SIFUUUU!! *kowtow* Haha, give me tips wtf. Make me a better auditor, HAHA.

audrey: Actually my head IS bigger than yours. *bows head down* But do you have to bring up this type of thing here!!!! wtf

nana: Do you think I am some kind of blog factory! Very busy now! T_T

babykat: Haha, they DO forbid people to take pictures in the library!!! Which is why we either hide behind the statue, or stealth around in the dark WTF

NSAZ said...

omg the food!
i puasa2~
owh ur bf is so sweet~