Monday, September 29, 2008

Yellow birdie tee.

My little disappearance act was due to a mini visit back home again! ;)

It all started last week when I was looking on forlornly while my sisters packed for Taiwan.
Jing heard my exaggerated sniffles, patted my head and said pitifully: Come home next week! We go showpink k!

And me being eager to shop, zoomed off straightaway to get bus tickets for the recent weekend wtf.

To make things clear, contrary to popular belief, this was the FIRST time I purposely went home because of a junkyard sale ar!

But no pictures from the junkyard sale as of yet, lazy to sift through the pictures of my buys la. I feel so lazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. All I want to do is just sit here and watch ANTM cycle 11 the whole night.

ANTM is loveeeeeeee. :)))


Teeny caught in a compromising position, HAHA.

I can never do the peace sign properly! I always look as if I have my fingers stuck right up my nostrils. T__T

If you peer closely at this picture, you can roughly gauge how much taller Teeny is than me. T_T

There is a black corsage attached to my headband, but of course, as fate would have it, it doesn't turn up in any of my pictures, and I ended looking like a mad kung fu lady. T___T

My sisters both wearing things from Taiwan. T___T

When I asked them what did they got me from Taiwan, Jing shoved ONE skirt into my eager hands, and told me with shify eyes that she hasn't started unpacking the other things. T____________________________T

Father Father Father help us Send some guidance from above Cause people got me got me questioning Where is the love?

Anyway, the dress I was wearing for the day is a cocktail dress I got for my Malaysian Society ball in Melbourne during my frst year there!

HAIHHHH it is painful to look at my old pictures. T__T
Click here for pctures of the night. I can't believe I used to look like that. T___T How come I had friends last time. T____T
I have changed so much! *wipes tears*

The dress was an impulse buy from Bardot, and it cost me 100over AUD. This might be a small sum to some people, especially considering that it is a cocktail dress. But I have to make one thing clear, whilst I might seem like a shopaholic to some people, I am really very frugal and cheapo when it comes to clothes! Partly 'cause I have a bad habit of wearing things only once. Which is why this dress was considered a splurge for me. Which brings me to my new resolution, I am trying to rewear my old clothes more, in new interesting ways! :P

Hui Wen circa 2006.

How Hui Wen will wear the dress now.

Sometimes, I think it's really amazing how much my style have change in a a really short time. :)

And it felt so good, 'cause we were finally reunited in Kim Gary's! :P If you have followed my blog for some time, you would have caught on that my sisters used to eat there almost ever week. *shy* Connecting with our Chinese roots wtf.

Jing wearing this ultra bushy falsies she got from T!!

Oh ya, my sisters are damn considerate, there is a new taboo word in the house now-- Taiwan. It's replaced by T in the household when I am around. -______-


Me with my Korean noodles. I am well aware that it tastes like instant noodles-- but instant noodles are so yummy, don't you think!!!

I actually wanted another noodles, but they were out of it. The waiter saw my face dropped, and told me kindly "Come back next time la!" I felt like throwing my iced yin yong over his head and tell him that I am not back very often ok!!!

Potato skin in Kim Gary's! Don't bother ordering it, it is soggy and lacking in cheese and bacon, BOO!

Oh yaaa,random, today I saw this headline in a Chinese paper:

Bat drowned in Coffee Woman mis-drank
Woman infected with rabies



Anonymous said...

my gosh why are you so fashionable! hahaha :D

mustardqueen said...

wheres the glasses picture me want!!! hahaha T.... stands for TING wtf =D

electronicfly said...

Your hair wavy nicer then when it was straight~~

Anonymous said...

dont be sad, you can try sg's kim gary though , it might not taste the same without your sisters, but your friends will make it taste as nice i hope :)

Simon Seow said...

Getting kinda bored with Kim Gary's food adi.

Anonymous said...

OMG direct translation *points at Chinese newspaper headlines. ROFL!

I like your style! So eclectic.

revel in me said...

wanli: Why got hahaha behind! T_T

mustardqueen: Probe me on msn! :D

electronicfly: Erm... You mean my hair now = wavy? It's not la, just that I have loads of layers, so it depends on how I comb my hair, haha.

joie: Haha, yaya, I know there is kim gary in s'pore, but it's so far! (vivo right) Not to mention I don't want to pay double for what I can get back home WTF

simon seow: I was bored at one point, but I haven't had it for MONTHSSS!

binnie: REALLYYY, direct translation, haha! Thank you love! <3

Anonymous said...

Yesh its an interesting way of rewearing the dress. hm hope you're not mad at me of saying those stuff last time. =(
Which Kim Gary you went?I didnt know got potato skin there lol.I always order the french toast,the supreme rice thing or fried p/apple rice.Only THESE!But thank you,since now I wont even bother to order.It sounds blahhhhhh.Whichh is a shame cos I love potato skins!

Anonymous said...

OMG, why u look like that last time!!! =P Those were the ear-digging days wtf! You've come a long way my love, HAHAHAHA!

Joanne said...

you really changed a lot. I nearly cant recognize that was you hehe! is like hard to buy those hippie headband in Malaysia, hardly see them...

Anonymous said...

hello!!:)hw u doin?
OMG!!ure really conscientious in updating ur blog:)

i seriously cbf at times;p
btw,i'm sorta an aquaintance/friend of smalls.
bumped into her in Supre, Bourke St agesss ago.prob about 2yrs ago?didn't notice if u were thr tho..but i bet u wud hv.she was with a couple of gurls and her Man, then :P

anyhoo,jz tot i'd say hi&mk myself known:)
i'm a rather faithful reader of ur blog.
keep up the Fantabulous job..more so on the clothes bit.hehe..i NEED to funk myself up a tad*blush* &ur dressing up gives me inspiration...but then i realise, i hv NO WHR to go -____-pfht!

i'm stil in Melb..& willb here so if u ever plan on coming this way, don't forget to look me up hey;)


mustardqueen said...

did u photoshop my legs in the "im so much taller than u" picture cos if not my legs damn pretty wey why my legs so pretty wtf

revel in me said...

nana: I LOVE potato skins too! And you frequent kim gary often? I have a few staple orders there too as well. Mmm, french toast! <3 And, haha, why should I be angry!!!!

jing: That was considered evolved already ok! T___T Haih, I think I only turned pretty after 22 WTFFF.

jiayi: Hahahah 'cause I damn ugly last time right! T___T Ohhh, the headband I got is actually a real headband-- meant to be worn the proper way, just that I wanted to try something new. :P Anything can be hippe headband wannn! :D

nore3n: Omggg IS ITTT!! Hmm, it is quite possible that we might have met then! Since smalls and I are mostly inseparable in melbourne WTF. And thank you so much for your extremely sweet words! <333 I usually don't have anywhere to go to (for dressing up) too, but I a) either make my own plans or b) just super dress up for any other outing, HAHA. I am planning a trip to melbourne next year, hope to see you then! :)

ps: What is cbf??!!!

mustardqueen: I didn't photoshop!! Also so nice right!! <333 Maybe 'cause compared to me --short, so appeared even longer. T___________T

ally said...

T____T why u say the potato skin not nice but it looks damn good in the picture.

of all the odd things to make me hungry wtf

Anonymous said...

Dear,do u mind telling me what brand n color of lens that u are wearing? it looks super gorgeous!!

smallswong said...


i think i looked better back then *sob*

love what you did with your dress though!

so velvet this saturday? *denial*

Anonymous said...

yup yup!!!!:D
yeah...i reckon u might hv been thr as well...just that we got excited FINALLY i think i just didn't bother about the rest of the world around us that time...*blush*
my bad ;)

owh..hee!my pleasure!it's really might as well make it known to u :D

hhhmmm...maybe i should start really dressing up for my outings(which rarely happens...too busy with Uni & work..urgh!)just so my clothes get fully utilized!-__- hahha...

really??!!Rockin!!!meanwhile...i'll be in Msia(JB to be precise) sometime late Dec...would prob be in Spore off and on to visit my friends thr so yeah, hope to catch u at some point:)
would be Great!!:D

btw, cbf = can't be f**cked :)


Christian Girl in Harrods said...

Hahahahaha...come back next time pulak, and you feel like throwing your yin yong at him...LOL! Love what you did to the dress, yes, rewearing stuff in a whole new different way really inspires ppl! :)

Anonymous said...

haha yeah. Cos the other day yr comment was like you were pissed with me. anyways yesh you look really good now compared to last time. well people evolve too, and yours is a damn good evolution!

revel in me said...

ally: It looks damn good right!! I was so disappointed when I tried it-- too soggy. :(

anonymous: Thank you love! I wear Honey, from Freshlook (monthly)! :) I used to wear Acuvue (by Johnson & Johnson), but I prefer Freshlook, 'cause the color is more stark! Have fun experimenting! :D

smallswong: NO WAYYYY!! We all look better now!! * kisses floor* OIII faster plan your party and tell me the dress code, I need to start outfit-hunting! :P

nore3n: Haha, are you Smalls' junior??? Nvm la, even if you've saw me last time, you wouldn't have recognised me wtf. T___T And can wan, dressing up is a type of lifestyle, haha! :P Mwaahhs, hope your s'pore trip works out! <3

siewkwan: YA LAAA why he so insensitive wtf. Thank you dear! You are always so creative with your outfits yourself. <3

nana: Hahaha NO LAAA!! I am not so short tempered, haha!! *sayangs* HAHAHA damn good evolution 'cause I really was damn ugly last time right!! HAIHHHH.. Haha!

Anonymous said...

Fresh look has any enlarging effect?or pure color lens?Thanks dear for answering my question. appreciate it a lot!!

Anonymous said... no.i'm pretty sure i'm NOT her junior.i'm ANCIENT!!!*sobs*

haha..ok ok,i'll try*winks*
yeah...spore trip shouldn't be a prob i reckon..i'm just "next door"... :)


revel in me said...

anonymous: Nono, not enlarging effect! I am not sure I am suitable to wear enlarging lenses, 'cause I have seen small-eyed people wear them, and they look cock-eyed! T_T No worries, love, now go get yourself some colored lenses and start having fun with them! :P

nore3n: Haha, I am older than Smalls too!!! But I die die also won't admit that I am ancient.. T___T

Anonymous said...

u r???o_O
thought u guys would be the same age or smthing...
owh..erm...i'm TRYING to sink in that thought...can't run away frm reality unfortunately...*wails*

Anonymous said...

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