Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

My girlfriends and I:

"Halloween is just an excuse for us to dress slutty."


Check out what I will wear to the upcoming Halloween parties over the weekend! ;)
My first ever Halloween party. *shiny eyes*

Actually I don't even know what I am wearing tomorrow night. I am just going with the flow. SO UNLIKE ME TO NOT KNOW WHAT TO WEAR!! =/


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Feeling :D

Tan braided headband: Diva
Denim vest: Glassons, Melbourne
Tie-dyed skirt, worn as bustier dress: stolen from sister
Waist cincher: Topshop (I think)
Patent green wedges with wooden heel: Target, Australia
Bracelets: Assorted

Antique-esque brooch, from Axcessorize.

This was what I wore to my parent's 'wedding anniversary' dinner! Inverted commas, 'cause I GOT CHEATED. It was just a fake dinner to humor me! T___T My parents will be going out for a nice dinner with their couple friends on the actual day (29th Oct). T___T

When I found out that what we were having was just a normal family dinner, I exclaimed to her that I purposely brought back a sequined coat 'cause I thought it was a fancy affair! My mom nodded her head pensively, and ran away! Now I know where my crappy and dodgy genes came from. -__-

Ya, anyway, now you know why I dressed like a hobo-- it was as retaliation wtf.

Went yum-cha with the sisters:

Dress with yatch and anchor details: Vintage
Navy patent pumps with back bow: Cineleisure
Tan braided belt: Dorothy Perkins
Rattan folder bag: Thrifted

Although I am now dead tired (bloody bus only reached back in S'pore at 2am, and by the time I actually went to sleep, it was already 3), and my laptop is playing PMS with me tonight-- I just can't help but feel smiley and upbeat. :) I had a really good weekend back home; I am so thankful that I made the decision to go home for the long weekend-- the extra 1 day at home really helped.

And Tuesday is almost over! Wednesday and Thursday will be here in a blink of an eye, and not only then it will be hallelujah, Friday, but it also means another weekend back home! :)))

There seems to be more and more things to look forward to. Pretty soon, it will be mid- November, and Jac will be back! And I am crossing my fingers and toes that my leave for the Christmas + NYE period will be approved... we are talking about almost 2 weeks back home, YEAH BAYBEH!

This week will be a breeze! :D

Monday, October 27, 2008


I just bought the most expensive pair of shoes in my life.
It's my (current) dream shoes! *big wet eyes*

Referring to the shopping ban in the previous post, all I can say is OOPS wtf. But the ban is up again ok! ;)

More pictures when I wear them! *shopping high* :D

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Work it.

I haven't done this in awhile! Work outfits-- but only a week's worth. I am sorry to admit that I have stopped taking work outfit photos. :( Getting lazy. :(

Cream shirt with ruffles and gray pleated skirt. First time meeting one of my clients-- I try to dress more conservatively for these occasions!

Neon yellow/green turtleneck with checkered skirt. Bright colors cheer up boring work days! :P

Striped top with neck tie-sash. I can't remember whether I wore the top tucked in or out for work, I am so indecisive!

Felt lazy, so it was a comfy shirtdress and flats! And my white woven belt rather resembles a snake here WTF.

Friday, yay! This is a silk F21 dress I got almost 2 years back. I have worn it once for our anniversary dinner-- I have decided work gives the best opportunity for me to rewear my clothes! :P

That reminds me, I haven't blogged about Jogoya (where we had our anniversary dinner)-- one of the most awesome places for Japanese buffet! ;)

Topshop necklace... which I have completely forgotten about till I saw this picture. -_-

YAYYYYY I will be home for the Deepavali.. which means technically I will be home for THREE days!!! Instead of the usual Saturday + Sunday rush. :( I couldn't get tickets to go back on Friday night, but hey, Saturday morning isn't too bad too right! Daddy and mommy's 25th wedding anniversary dinner is tonight, woooot! At first they thought of threwing a party, but 'cause time was running tight (I am partly to be be blamed for this, 'cause I couldn't confirm when I could go home), so now it's just a family dinner. :)

When my mom called me to ask me when I can go home so that they can arrange something for the occasion:

Me: WAHHH mommy 25th wedding anniversary??!!! Is it considered paper anniversary ar!!
Mom: WHAT PAPER! Silver already ok!

Ooops. Heh.

And I have morning brunch with the boyfriend, Cuppacake on Sunday... Wooo, I am so happy I made the decision to go back this weekend! :D

Completely irrelevant, but I have decided to go on a shopping ban! Now, before you sniff your nose and walk away, I AM SERIOUS THIS TIME!
I really need to save money. :( So it's a one-month shopping ban for me! But this excludes mini purchases (like hairbands and cheap accessories) and super super super bargains la. Those are emergencies!

I can do it ok!!! If I buy anything, you all whack me la. :(

But I will be doing some beauty-junkie shopping back in KL this weekend though (buying in S'pore is more expensive, tsk)! Sigh, I don't know why, my toiletries always finish at the same time. -_- Things on my list:

- Cleanser
- Toner ('cause the very smart me didn't put the cap tightly on my Clinique toner when I packed my bag back to KL last weekend, and almost everything was spilled. -_- The best part is, just now I fumbled with the bottle, and I have even spilled the last few drops. T_T_
- Hydration masks
- BB powder
- Sunscreen
- Possibly Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner, I am really sick of smudged eyeliner
- Hand cream from Crabtree & Evelyn
- Eyecream

You know what, I think it's cheaper for me to just get a new face. -________-


OHHHH, that reminds me... If I open a stall at Bijou Bazaar next week, will you all go?

The details are as such:

Bijou Bazaar @ Eco Film Fest 2008
ASWARA, Kuala Lumpur
1 - 2 November 2008
Operating Hours: 10 a.m. - 10 p.m.

Ya, I do realise that I don't know where the fuck is the place. But I need to get rid of my clothes! I am thinking of sharing a stall with someone... So how, will you all come! :D

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Carat Club.

This entry is brought to you by Velvet Ribbon.
(as instructed by Jing wtf)

Guess where I was!

Some hints: It sounds posh, expensive, and is indicative of my near future!

Hehe, we went to Carat Club, at Pavilion KL! Mmm, carats and diamonds, damn right I can foresee them in my life. :P

A point to note though, the night was courtesy of Jing! :) (as instructed by Jing wtf)
Jing started her online shop, Velvet Ribbon (I call it VR for short, heh), a couple of months back, and it has been doing rather well, thus Jing promised to treat Teeny and I to a nice dinner! As a celebratory dinner, and also as a sign of thanking us for our mini contributions to VR. Teeny helps Jing in taking her pictures and also advertises about it on her blog, whereas I came up with the name Velvet Ribbon, haha! Jing came to one day and asked me for name suggestions for the shop, and me being grouchy and busy, just muttered the first thing that popped in my head-- the next thing I knew, she was setting up a Velvet Ribbon blog and email account! :P

Our outfits:

Did you notice that she is sporting a new hairstyle! :)

Teeny, with Yin and Yang tights! And one of the prettiest skirts ever-- a white mermaid scale skirt from Taiwan. T__T And the sad thing is I can't even borrow it, 'cause it is a little too big.. T___T
Unless I steal it and alters it! *lightbulb lits up* :P


Yellow bustier dress with assymetrical chiffon tiers: Melbourne
Shoes: Charles & Keith
(faux) Ostrich skin bag: Vintage
Pearl bracelets: Diva/Taiwan
Sky blue corsage (pinned on bag): Axcezz, from my high school years!
Antique-esque brooch (worn in hair): Axcessorize

Pretty pretty interior!

Ok, fine, I admit it, I just wanted to show how glowy I was.

THIS, is a much better depiction of the gorgeous layout of the Carat Club! :)

And heh, can you see the Forever 21 shopping bag hiding in the corner. We were late for our 7.30pm C. Club booking (1 hour late in fact wtf) 'cause we got distracted! *shifty eyes...*

Moving on to our food (please pardon me for the less than satisfactory names of our food, 'cause I honestly can't remember them!):

Starter: Soft shell crab.

At RM38.90, I would say give this a miss! It was just ok. I think we would have done better if we stuck to the chef's recommendation: the foie gras (at about RM40-ish)!

Jing's duck confit.
This was very very good! :))) But the serving is really small though, much to Jing's terror (her appetite is comparable to a cow's wtf). Which is why I can't comment much on this dish, 'cause I only had a very small bite, haha!

My slipper lobster pasta. This was also ok-ish... The lobster wasn't top-notch fresh, 'cause it was slightly mushy!

Teeny's forest mushroom rissoto with truffle shavings.
This was rather good, although it was a vegetarian dish (and god knows I love my meat)!

Coy with my ginger beer... I know this sounds a little stupid, but what IS ginger beer? =/

I realised I have no pictures with Teeny at all during the night!! Most of my pictures were with Jing... Haiya, what to do, her treat, so obviously I had to make her happy! Guest relation officer WTF.

Sisters. :)))
And I still don't understand how I am the smallest in my family, but I am the one with the biggest head WTF.

Dessert time!

Chef's brownie.
Nothing to shout about, my say is that you're better off tucking into the Warm Molten Chocolate Cake in Chilli's. BUT, to be impartial, this brownie probably paled 'cause we had...

... the banana and walnut cake/crumble/heaven!!!

Burnt sugar on top (the crystalised-like thingy), then creme brulee, followed by cubes of banana, and finally the banana/walnut cake, drenched in vanilla custard sauce!!! And you're supposed to take in all these layers together at once, OMG SO GOOD. And I don't even like bananas!

Jing said we will purposely go back to C. Club for this dessert. :D

Why do I have so much teeth!!
And you can see my brooch here better! I am into putting things onto my head now wtf. Since I watched Project Runway Season 5, and see Kenley (one of the contestants) with the nicest headpieces... Anyone watching/finished Project Runway 5!! :D

Teeny: EH let's take a picture and made it seem like FOUR people came for the dinner!

Clambering onto countertops when no one is looking. :P

Collage of some pictures of the night! I don't know why it appears so tiny. :( Maybe you can click on it and see it in its full glory? But don't peer too closely k, my collage-making skills suck, heh.

And some randoms that I couldn't fit into the collage wtf:

HAHAHAHHAHA what is wrong with Jing!!
Somemore she dare to tell me her pose is very fierce. -_-

I love DLSRs. :)

And I love my sisters even more!!

It was just a super good night out, I laughed so hard that my stomache ached, and all pretenses of being classy and feminine dropped wtf. It was like everyone's sense of humor was on tip-top form that night, hahaha!

Hopefully more GNOs will come! The next one to treat is Teeny I think, but I don't foresee it in the near future 'cause she is bankrupt 90% of the time wtf.

Anyway! Thank you, Jing, for the lovely dinner! Carat Club did burn a hole in your wallet, and I appreciate it, hehe. :P

Many thanks to some of my friends and readers who have supported Velvet Ribbon! :)))

VR ROCKSSSS. (as instructed by Jing wtf) Haha!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I’m Going Silent this Halloween with Nokia XpressMusic.

At first I thought I wouldn't be able to go for the Nuffnang Halloween party, 'cause it clashes with Smalls' birthday bash. But fate has it, her party is now on a FRIDAY night.

Friday = work day = Hui Wen in S'pore.


And the best part is, her party has a Halloween theme (it even falls on 31st October)! I have never been to a Halloween party before-- heck, I have never even dressed up for Halloween. :(

Which is why now I am mentally imbalanced-- don't want to miss another Halloween party!! >=(

Anyway, why Nokia XpressMusic will make Halloween better:

1. Apparently, the party will be entirely silent-- everyone will be listening onto their on music devices!!! It would look really WEIRD, and in a twisted way, totally apt for a Halloween event! Imagine if you accidentally stumble into the party, you will see a big group of scary looking people (or monsters, depending on what people come dressed as wtf) bobbing their heads to soundless tracks... It would look eerie right! :P

2. Imagine if everyone was listening to different tracks, and starts dancing to the tunes pounding into their ears! So if someone is listening to hip hop, he will start popping and locking; a wannabe girl listens to Pussycat Dolls and starts grinding; a guy listens to techno and starts shuffling.. Hahaha don't you think it's damn amusing to see all these people dancing together!!

3. You can go around scaring people when they are listening onto their headphones!!! Usually when people are with earphones, they are very engrossed right.. So you can just tap their shoulder suddenly and go BOOOOO TRICK OR TREAT! and scare the hell out of them!! Heehee.

4. I have something to confess:

There was something that I left out about my recent Night Safari trip with the boyfriend.

You know the saying "Laugh like a hyena"? Many a times in my life I have been labeled that wtf.
Well, while being on the tram ride, I finally heard how hyenas sound like!!!!

And I have to admit, I do sound like that. T_____________________T

So if everyone wears earphones during the party, no one will be able to hear my loud chatters and hyena-ish laughter. T_T 'Cause I remember in the last event, Audrey and I laughed so loud that no one wanted to come near us at the end of the night wtf.

All in all, I think the party will turn out to be really fun this time, 'cause quite a lot of people are going! Especially Mey and Victoria.. It will be a nice catching-up session! :)))

And I will still be going for Smalls' birthday!! But reaching there at 2am WTF. And as I will be going to her bash straight from work + 5 hours on the bus, my costume for the night would be disheveled office lady wtf.

I told Smalls that I don't have time to look for a costume, so I need to make do with whatever I have at home, and she told me to go as a bolster. -_-

Okies, ideas time! :D I want something sexy and easy!
Easy as in easy to make/wear, not easy as in sleep around k. T_T

Monday, October 20, 2008

No more mellow, canary yellow!

Went to eat my favorite siew yuk with the boyfriend and his parents over the weekend. And got such a big headache over what to wear! 'Cause usually when I go back during the weekends, I find myself dressing up in colorful, relatively funky things-- caused from deprivation at work (my body can only take 5 days of stripes and slacks wtf)-- but funky isn't the look to meet the parents right!

Do you all have the same problem, thinking of what to wear to meet the boyfriend's parents? ;)

In the end I decided on this:

My bangs are so scarily long, damn those layers!

- Pale yellow happy vintage dress
- Volcom very long bronze belt-- worn in 2 loops
- Topshop heaband
- Tea & Sympathy brooch (pinned on headband)
- Topshop mustard yellow bag
- River Island diamante sandals

Couldn't resist channeling my whimsical side: vintage-esque brooch pinned on the fabric headband.

The boyfriend let out a shriek of terror when he caught sight of my brooch...


... and proceeded to asked me whether I am going for a horse show, and that I looked like I won a ribbon at said horse show. -________-

And when I started merajuk-ing, he told me, "No la no la, you're not a horse ok" and continued with "You're more like a pony, 'cause you're so small-sized" WTFF

I swear to god I was a magpie in my past life 'cause I am so easily attracted to glittery things! :P
Btw, the shoes are my mom's-- I am almost the same size (shoe and clothes') as my mom, which is GREAT, 'cause my mom has a lot of pretty things. :D

At Dome for my Espreski fix.

The boy and the girl: how different we are!

But good for each other. :P

My solution to re-wearing my clothes now is to wear them for casual Fridays. *smart* :P

I am really happy!! :)))

My dad wants to get me an Mac notebook! :)))) And apparently my whole family knows except for me wtf. When I exclaimed happily to my sisters, they just lazily replied me "Ya, since damn long ago he has decided, you didn't know meh" -_- My dad asked me to check out the prices of the Macbooks, and 'cause I expressed my concern over the incompatibility issues of Macbooks and some other software (like MSN and Skype.. Is this true? =/), he also said I am free to go scout out whatever laptops I like! :D

I have yet to decide whether I will accept my dad's offer (since I am already working and all), but god knows I desperately need (and can't afford) a laptop. My current laptop is 4 years old, and the "Ctrl" key has dropped out, my "I" key is not working properly now (I have to press really really hard for the character to show), and I think there are ants residing in it. -_- And as of these 2 weeks, my "U", "E" and "O" keys are kind of wonky too-- I suspect there is some kind of jinx against the vowels on my keyboard wtf. But I am just really happy that, well, my dad actually thought of getting me the laptop! :)

Jing has always been daddy's favorite-- she was the one who got an Ipod for her 17th birthday-- the first and only one of us siblings to get one from the family. She also got her dream handphone, the N80, when it was released. Ah boy (the rarely mentioned brother wtf) is obviously mommy's pet; but mom has always had a soft spot for Teeny as well, 'cause Teeny was this emo moody thing. Thus my mom tends to give in to her (out of fear or love, I don't know wtf).

Me? Being the responsible, level-headed eldest daughter, I get my parents' trust and respect. My mom always tell me that she can count on me to make the right decisions, that she knows that I am very mature. But precisely 'cause of that, my parents don't show me much attention, they know that I can be left alone and not have to worry about me. Which is why they didn't call me often when I was in Melbourne. Or even now that I am in S'pore. Neither did they ask me about school or university or my exam grades. Because they know that I will do well. That I will manage. Because to them, I always do.

But sometimes I just want them to show that they care. To shower me with attention.

However, it's just that the more you grow up, the harder it is to ask of this from your parents.

Which is why the whole laptop news makes me so happy! And all warm and fuzzy inside. :)

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Went to watch the House Bunny with Mey recently! :)

Outfit for the evening:
Rattan bag, very musty smelling vintage dress, Topshop suede platform heels (cut-off in picture).

Sorry, my photoshopping skills suck wtf. I erased the background of my room 'cause it's too messy, heh. And my dress actually comes with pretty ruffled cap sleeves! But I ter-photoshopped them away. -__-

Happy yellow daisy earrings. :)

The House Bunny is just another dumb blonde flick, with occasional shiver-inducing cheesy lines; but hey, we all need no-brainer movies at times right? :P

I really enjoyed the movie 'cause it came with spectacular make-overs for some of the girls!!! I LOVE makeovers! But watching the movie really depressed me la, like someone so ugly could turn out so hot... WHAT ABOUT ME!!! WHat if this is the best I could ever look. :(((

And I am all obsessed about abs now. ABS ABS ABS.

Spot Bruce Willis's daughter in the movie! ;)

Mey and I suffered a mini meltdown after the movie-- 'cause it touched briefly on one of our biggest fear in life wtf-- aging. And we also talked about how working seems to have made some people looked older. T____T

I am being very very paranoid of growing, or more accurately, looking old now!!! Though I would say my family has pretty ok genes, 'cause my mom and my grandma look pretty good for their age; but I don't want to take things for granted! And we all know prevention is better than cure right! Especially when there is no true cure to wrinkles save for facelifts.

I am very lazy, I don't even use sunscreen religiously. :( So what can I do to preserve my youth wtf. Mey and I were debating whether we are too young to start using anti-aging products-- my take is that it's too late if we wait till our first wrinkle, but Mey argues that those products are too rich for our skin now... So how?? All those beauty experts please stand up! And recommend me products/regimes/good habits etc etc. Oh and a good sunscreen wtf.

And for the moment I will just stop smiling. I don't want mouth wrinkles. T_T

I never realised I have an okay side-profile, heh.




Click here for the site!
I have even bookmarked the page, it's where I will be going whenever I feel down or upset HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAAHAHHA