Saturday, October 11, 2008

Being tourists.

I noticed that my hits dip quite q bit on weekends ever since I came to S'pore. Is it because everyone is so used to me going back to KL on weekends (and hence won't blog) that no one bothers to visit on weekends!! So this weekend the joke is on you all!! Because I am in S'pore!!! And I will blog!!

Haihhh. Sorry, I think I slept too much, I woke up at 1pm today, and went back to sleep at 5 something! And only woke up at 7-plus!! Overdosed on sleep. -_- So the mind is not really right at the moment.

And I still feel sleepy. -______-

More pictures from the boyfriend's stay in S'pore!

At Vivo City! Hmm, I notice that 'cause of my, erm, height deficiency, whenever I take pictures of us, the boyfriend always get cut off! *shifty eyes*

Wearing the Cleopatra neckpiece that I snagged at a junkyard sale sometime ago. :)

The boyfriend's eyes bulged when he saw how dramatic and huge the piece was, hahaha.

While we were poring over the mall directory, this little Caucasian boy placed his Darth Vader figurine on the directory and made it do flying kicks while going "bishibishi ba booom!"

Is it possible that I marry the boyfriend but give birth to a Caucasian baby ar!!! They are the cutest. T___T
Do you all remember Barbie has a little sister, Kelly! And a baby brother named Todd. When I was young, they were the perfect blueprint of how I wanted my kids to look like!!! Hahaha!

We purposely went to Vivo City because the boyfriend wanted to try out this German restaurant, which he read about in one of his many tourist brochures.

He brought over so many Singapore visiting/tourist brochures!! Books and books, pamphlets and pamplets. -_-I am amazed that he didn't pack over a canvas hat, a Hawaiian shirt and socks and sandals to match his tourist image wtf.

Brotzeit, supposedly one of the top restaurants in S'pore!

I am not that huge a fan of German food (except for those yummy pork knuckles), but one look of the glass walls, earthy benches and the magficient sea viewset upon us, and I was a goner. :)

We sat indoors at first...
And I to say this again, sunlight is the best Photoshop! :P

Then we decided to not let the sea breeze go to waste, and moved outside!
A fantastic move. ;)

This is the boyfriend with all our mouthwatering good, and whatelse, but a good German beer!
Oktoberfest yo!

Our food:

Garlic pork sausages with buttery mashed potato and sauerkraut.

Please don't think too much to my following phrases, but I like the sausages 'cause they are thin and long! (I think of the Japanese WTFF). That sounds so wrong, but it's trueee!! Then you can taste it more delicately, as compared to big fat ones!!

OK you know what I am going to stop on this subject. T____T

German pizza! Bacon rinds and assorted vegetables on pizza rye crust.

I really enjoyed this 'cause the pizza was thin and crunchy, and I loved how healthy it tasted *in denial* Slightly too big for me though. :(

Our sides: Spicy potato wedges.

This was awesome! Quoting the boyfriend-- the best wedges I have ever eaten. My only slight complain is that it wasn't spicy enough.

Overall, really an enjoyable meal! Details of Brotzeit:

VivoCity, 1 Harbourfront Walk,
Tel: +65 6272 8815

Walking off the calories around the habour.
That's the Aries at the back!

I have taken the Aries and the Virgo before! Which reminds me, I never did get around to posting up my Virgo cruise pictures *looks left and right*

But I *hope* to go on a cruise trip with the boyfriend in the near future, so maybe then! :P

Outfit! Comfort was the name of the day... 'Cause firstly, the Night Safari was on the agenda, and secondly, my feet were screaming and crying from wearing my Nine West Oxfords the day before. T_T

Wearing Toshop tank top, Dorothy Perkins green layered frill skirt, gladiator sandals (all hail to comfy flats!), vintage patchwork bag, and of course, my Cleopatra neckpiece. :p

I am convinced that the boyfriend and I are one!!! *big shiny eyes*

'Cause for the whole trip, we seem to coordinate our outfit colors unintentionally!! Couple-matchy clothes are kind of cheesy, but when it is undeliberate, I get all squealy with excitement, haha. Especially 'cause we had an understated matching theme going on! Here, his mustard yellow shirt matches the patchwork on my bag, and hey, mustard yellow looks good ith green! :P

And the day before, he wore his pink Lacoste tee, and it went pretty well with my dust pink top! :D

At the Night Safari!

All the twigs and flames made me feel like I was an extra in an episode of Survivor. :P

I love the toilet!!

Omg, I wouldn't have expected such a clean and well, nice toilet in a zoo! There was a mini waterfall, lush greenery, and even recordings of crickets and the occasional tiger roar... This washroom gives the luxurious ones in Starhill Gallery a run for their money. ;)

At the Night Safari show.

No pictures taken, 'cause no flashes were allowed in the zoo, and I just couldn't capture a good picture! But oh my god, OTTERS ARE SO CUTE. :D :D :D

Night Safari is *quite* a rip-off, 'cause the whole zoo visit basically consists of the show (barely 45 minutes) and the tram ride (about 45 minutes, but it cost an extra SGD10). You could choose to go walk around (to make your money's worth), but frankly speaking, it's so dark you can't really see anything.. And I keep on quaking in terror-- what if you accidentally walk into the lion's den!!! (most of the animals are in the open in the Night Safari)

BUT I got to give credit to the show though, the host was really really really good and funny, and thus it was just very enjoyable. And OTTERS ARE SO CUTE! :D The tram ride was a good way to rest those tired feet, but you really have to squint to see the animals. And watch out for those stinky elephants. T__T

(upon seeing this zebra-striped trams)

Boyfriend: Bee, if you are a tiger, do you think you'll be confused?
Me: *confused wtf* huh?
Boyfriend: If you are a tiger, you see these trams, you won't think, eh why these zebras got wheels and go vroom vroom vroom meh!


We had the whole last seat to ourselves at the back of the tram, but we didn't make out!!! Damn those Tapirs for stealing our attention.


Anonymous said...

Hey hi!i came from schmae's blog.hehe noticed ur comment about 'stumbles about and plays' keke. found that funny! post pics on virgo cruise lor..i wanna see..i only got on gemini long long long time ago.. ^^

Joshua said...

THe Cleopetra necklace was from the time we went to Showpink right! I think, I sort of remember it wtf.

ANYWAY, sorry la about the "passable" fashion sense comment, I meant not all Malaysians can dress well, a lot still buy lycra floral print dresses or spagetti strap tops from Cat Whiskers and claim to be fashionistas!

Nothing wrong with dressing down, these people just have to stop claiming to be awesome possum when they're not!

Thank gawd for people like you and your sisters, save our muka in the internation crowd okay, now at least the purata for fashionable people in Malaysia has increased, wtf.

revel in me said...

evo: My virgo trip was a loong time back too! Even if I post pics you recognize me wtf. :P How's the Gemini! :)

joshua: Yaya from showpink! :P Hahaha you saying that 'cause you want the vest right! :P but HEHEHEHE to the cats whiskers thing!! I understand your angst. :P

And eh thank you!! <333 But ada banyak orang yang fesheneble jugak in M'sia WTF. RUBBER DUCKIE! :D

Anonymous said...

I want your amazing bone structure! *bangs head on the table* WHY WHY WHY am i not so lucky T____T

Accyee said...

whats a tapir :S

Jaclyn [Yian] said...

I have to say this...

I love your frinch XD

revel in me said...

katie: Haha what bone structure!! I only see plump cheeks.. T__T

accyee: HAHHAHAHAH how can you not know tapir!

wan yian: WHYYYY!! I don't like my fringe this time around, 'cause it's too sparse! :'(

mustardqueen said...

HAHAHAHA OMG next time when i go I walk la save the 10 dollars ma can I wear leopard tights wtf so they think I'm friend wont bite hahaha and hor I found my stash of huge ass bow *fly kiss* haih so happy =3

pinkpau said...

omg i so want that cleopatra necklace. i'm going to be an egyptian princess for halloween this year, and i so wish i actually bought a pair of gladiators when it was all the rage and brought them over here, so i dont have to pay thru the nose to buy a pair here in NY =(

actually, YOU should be an egyptian princess since you already have the necklace and the shoes!!! just need to thrown on a white toga-type thing and lots of gold and turquoise jewelry. hmmmm...

Merily said...

Your skirt is really beautiful, I love the color. :)

Lloyda said...

hi! rwgarding the studded heels. they do not have black anymore but here's the link:

Anonymous said...

"We had the whole last seat to ourselves at the back of the tram"

Me and my bf had the whole last seat too when we were there last time! But i was too afraid that there will be animals attacking me from behind wtf. LOL.

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: Why are you random!!! I don't really think leopards and lions are friends per se.. T__T

pinkpau: Hahaha, egyptian princess, what an awesome idea! Omg, how much did you pay for the sandas!!!! Why la why you never ask people to ship one for you wtf. I super super want to go to a Halloween party!!! I have never been to one before. :(((

merily: Thank you! <333

lloyda: OH DAMNNNNN!! SHITTTT!! :((((((( I love it so much I almost want to pay for the real Burberry ones! :'(

miss hazel: HAHAHHA did you 'chup' the last seat deliberately! :P The stupid bf told me about how this lion bit the head off this guy in the states, and I was so scared during the journey. T___T

Anonymous said...

that necklace is SUCH a great piece...

Anonymous said...

Wow sounds like you had a great time!! The food looks absolutely delicious :)

I love your outfits too, especially the cleopatra necklace, what a statement piece!

Mimi said...

Wow the cleopatra necklace is so pretty and unique.Loves it!
German food is always very good and solid.I'm not a huge fan of it either but have to deal with it ☺

The outfit with the green skirt is super cute.Adore the sandals.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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