Saturday, October 18, 2008


Went to watch the House Bunny with Mey recently! :)

Outfit for the evening:
Rattan bag, very musty smelling vintage dress, Topshop suede platform heels (cut-off in picture).

Sorry, my photoshopping skills suck wtf. I erased the background of my room 'cause it's too messy, heh. And my dress actually comes with pretty ruffled cap sleeves! But I ter-photoshopped them away. -__-

Happy yellow daisy earrings. :)

The House Bunny is just another dumb blonde flick, with occasional shiver-inducing cheesy lines; but hey, we all need no-brainer movies at times right? :P

I really enjoyed the movie 'cause it came with spectacular make-overs for some of the girls!!! I LOVE makeovers! But watching the movie really depressed me la, like someone so ugly could turn out so hot... WHAT ABOUT ME!!! WHat if this is the best I could ever look. :(((

And I am all obsessed about abs now. ABS ABS ABS.

Spot Bruce Willis's daughter in the movie! ;)

Mey and I suffered a mini meltdown after the movie-- 'cause it touched briefly on one of our biggest fear in life wtf-- aging. And we also talked about how working seems to have made some people looked older. T____T

I am being very very paranoid of growing, or more accurately, looking old now!!! Though I would say my family has pretty ok genes, 'cause my mom and my grandma look pretty good for their age; but I don't want to take things for granted! And we all know prevention is better than cure right! Especially when there is no true cure to wrinkles save for facelifts.

I am very lazy, I don't even use sunscreen religiously. :( So what can I do to preserve my youth wtf. Mey and I were debating whether we are too young to start using anti-aging products-- my take is that it's too late if we wait till our first wrinkle, but Mey argues that those products are too rich for our skin now... So how?? All those beauty experts please stand up! And recommend me products/regimes/good habits etc etc. Oh and a good sunscreen wtf.

And for the moment I will just stop smiling. I don't want mouth wrinkles. T_T

I never realised I have an okay side-profile, heh.




Click here for the site!
I have even bookmarked the page, it's where I will be going whenever I feel down or upset HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAAHAHHA


The Faux Fashionista said...

Pffft I wanna watch my movie but no one has uploaded it to my favorite free streaming movie site yet! :( The girls on both ends in the makeover picture still dont look hot.

Your dress looks very pretty! Dont worry can't smell from here hahaha! And I wish you could've posted a clearer pic of the shoes...

The Faux Fashionista said...

Watch *the* movie.

Oh, and the bunnies sooooo FLUFFFYYYY!

Ashleigh said...

The bunnies look more like small dogs!!! =D

Kathryn said...

go search for jap brand sunscreen
its very good ..

and i think we should start using a mild anti-aging cream
because prevention its definitely better than cure : )

jeanchristie said...

L'oreal and BioEssence's sunscreen seems to be good :D

Speaking of anti-ageing products, who said we are too young!! Bloody hell, audit makes us age prematurely okay!! Like, seriously, cos my friends and I compared ourselves now to the video we took of an event when we first joined the company. Outcome: SOBS!

I told my mom: Bio Essence will save me from effects of the peak period wtf cos they have all the essential stuff I need. Creams to prevent fine lines, dark circles and remove eye bags *big wet eyes*

My peak.. ends after my birthday I believe.. I can't even go back for Christmas - and CNY is just the weekend, birthday also might have to stay here cos its early April -_-

I must consider moving before the next peak in Singapore o.O

Anonymous said...

one of my aunts used to be overweight and really unhealthy. then she decided enough was enough and lost tons of weight and had a total makeover. she just told me that we don't really need those anti-aging stuff since it'll be too rich for our skin, like what your friend said. all she said is to look after the skin, i.e. cleanse-tone-moisturise. and not overuse makeup, especially when you're having breakouts, cos you're effectively applying chemicals on them >_<

so i guess it's based on age, and possibly skin type i think. actually i don't know how old you are. i'm guessing you're 20 ish??

Anonymous said...

Shiseido's Anessa sunscreen is good. well at least gd enough for me :D

btw, what blusher do u use? the colour looks pretty!

revel in me said...

faux fashionista: Haha, yaya, actually it's not worth it to watch it in the cinema! But boo, I felt the makeovers were really quite extreme! Why your standards so high. T_T

And the shoes, plenty more opportunities! :P


baby kat: What sort of japanese sunscreen? Shishedo? And yaya I want to start on a mild anti-aging regime, but am not really sure what to get.. =/

jean: Ooh, I have used both of those before! but I want to try something else.. You don't scare me la.. Aging is my nunmber 1 fear and enemy ok! T_T

OIIII don't la move back so fast, who's goinf to teman me have Japanese lunch? :P

irene: Wow, I wish I have your aunt's determination!! I really need to change my lifestyle soon. :( I KNOWW, when I was younger I din't understand the importance of good skin, but now I know, even good skin, you don't even need make up in the first place, sigh! but I do think we need to pamper our skin a little la.. :P

OOOHHH I am 23!! DO I LOOK TWENTY-ISH!!! *panics wtf* Most people thinks I am around eighteen. *hopeful*

miss hazel: OMGGG aud recommends the same brand to me too! WHERE WHERE WHERE CAN YOU GET IT!!! She said only japan has it?

And heehee I am using some cheapo brand now, 'cause I am really broke, silkygirl wtf. Don't even bother getting it!! The texture sucks, and it always streak, meh. usually use Lancome.. But I hard Chanel is good, and I super want NARS! :)

Sue Lin said...

Love the 2nd of ur side profile pic! =)

Anonymous said...

no la you do look 18, but guessing from the fact you're working full time for a while now and from the way you dress.

but i'd never guess you'd be 23 lor. 23 year old looking like 18 year old is very amazing already!! judging from your face alone (and not looking at your fantastic fashion sense :D), i thought you were younger than me, but actually not at all...

Anonymous said...

no... it's now available at any Shiseido counter. I bought mine at Jusco and i saw it available at Metrojaya too so i guess u can get it at any shiseido counter around.

LOL...silky girl.hahaha. NARS's orgasm me want too! :D

Anonymous said...

nars makes the best blushers ever! they are so pigmented (pigmentated? wtf) and unlike others u dont have to take loads and loads until you can see it on your skin! plus the colours are all so prettttyyyy *sigh. nars also makes the best eyeshadows (i dont have one cuz im broke and my friends keep telling me i have too much makeup) cuz the colours are all very rich! get nars ok it is the best! and i dont think u r too young for anti aging skincare... maybe just try like the serum or something!

Katie ♥ said...

i love my NARS orgasm blusher for day, but i think MAC's blushers are even more pigmented. oh and dont bother trying out the eyeliner, cause MAC's gel eyeliner is still the best! :)

oh can you please do a post on how you do your eyes! it's so pretty! :D

revel in me said...

sue lin: Hee, thank you! <3

Irene: What do you mean the way I dress! Do I dress very old.. T__________T

miss hazel: HAHAHAH WTF are you serious!! This sohai audrey always get people to buy for her from Japan, hahaha! Yay!

And oh oh oh , I am trying to get my hands on some NARS blush now!! :D

tzeching: Thank you for wise words, love, I am definitely going to get my hands on some NARS now! Orgasms to be exact wtf. And I think serum counts as a type of anti-aging regime la! :P

katie: So is MAC's blusher better than NARS? You know what! I might switch to try Bobbi Brown's gel eyeliner! 'Cause the MAC's one smudges for me. :(((

And oh no la! My make up skills damn cannot make it k. T_T

Anonymous said...

womennnnn WHY is ur blog SO SELF-OBSESSED...I've come across so so many blogs yet I've nvr come across a blog as self-involved as urs...somemore U're working ady 23/24 yrs old somemore 0_________0

Anonymous said...

woohoo I can see ur black panties in ur 1st pic.. *salivates*

Anonymous said...

aiya there's like no winning with you wan wtf. i meant you're very fashion forward la. omg is this good enough for you? lol.

Anonymous said...

hahaha two morons above are just so funny! mehhhhh

URGH where are u getting ur NARS? :(

oh ya, i have BB's eyeliner but i can never apply it nicely so i just put it aside and grow dust wtf. Only use 1% of my expensive eyeliner duh bazir duit

Anonymous said...

eh babe you really should swap to the bobbi brown gel eyeliner. ive sensitive eyes and mac irritates them plus ive oily skin and most eyeliners ive tried smudge really easily. you can see how much black eyeliner i pile on everyday so yah bobbi brown is really good- lasts the whole day too. (: p/s ive something to confess to you. pls msn me when you see this. its sorta important. heehee

revel in me said...

anonymous: Wait till you meet me in person! ;)

ham sap lou: Err, I don't think so, I was wearing a thick cotton slip underneath, you wouldn't have been able to see anything even if you shine a torchlight through my dress.. Sorry to disappoint!

miss hazel: Tze suggested that I get someone to get for me from US, 'cause it's cheaper there! :) And my colleague actually swears by bobbi brown gel eyeliner!!!! But my MAC one still has a long way till it will be finished... -_-

xen: OHHH sounds like we have the same type of skin! Sometimes MAC makes me tear. :( And I have really oily skin too!! Dammit, I feel like switching over to bobbi brown RIGHT NOW. It's so infuriating to see my eyeliner disappear by the end of the day! :'(

And WHAT IS IT!!! I messaged you on MSN already!!!! FASTER I VERY EXCITED! :P

jeanchristie said...

xen is xen from mufy ah

Anonymous said...

very pretty!! I love your yellow daisy earring, wondering where u get it :]

revel in me said...

jean: Yes yes! :)

anonymous: I got 'em from Topshop! <3

Linnéa said...

OMG! is that a bunny!! They are so cute.. in a sad way ;P

revel in me said...

linnea: HHAHAHAHHA ya they are bunnies!! Though I swear they are monster dogs. :P

Anonymous said...

I told my mom: Bio Essence will save me from effects of the peak period wtf cos they have all the essential stuff I need. Creams to prevent fine lines, dark circles and remove eye bags *big wet eyes*