Thursday, October 23, 2008

Carat Club.

This entry is brought to you by Velvet Ribbon.
(as instructed by Jing wtf)

Guess where I was!

Some hints: It sounds posh, expensive, and is indicative of my near future!

Hehe, we went to Carat Club, at Pavilion KL! Mmm, carats and diamonds, damn right I can foresee them in my life. :P

A point to note though, the night was courtesy of Jing! :) (as instructed by Jing wtf)
Jing started her online shop, Velvet Ribbon (I call it VR for short, heh), a couple of months back, and it has been doing rather well, thus Jing promised to treat Teeny and I to a nice dinner! As a celebratory dinner, and also as a sign of thanking us for our mini contributions to VR. Teeny helps Jing in taking her pictures and also advertises about it on her blog, whereas I came up with the name Velvet Ribbon, haha! Jing came to one day and asked me for name suggestions for the shop, and me being grouchy and busy, just muttered the first thing that popped in my head-- the next thing I knew, she was setting up a Velvet Ribbon blog and email account! :P

Our outfits:

Did you notice that she is sporting a new hairstyle! :)

Teeny, with Yin and Yang tights! And one of the prettiest skirts ever-- a white mermaid scale skirt from Taiwan. T__T And the sad thing is I can't even borrow it, 'cause it is a little too big.. T___T
Unless I steal it and alters it! *lightbulb lits up* :P


Yellow bustier dress with assymetrical chiffon tiers: Melbourne
Shoes: Charles & Keith
(faux) Ostrich skin bag: Vintage
Pearl bracelets: Diva/Taiwan
Sky blue corsage (pinned on bag): Axcezz, from my high school years!
Antique-esque brooch (worn in hair): Axcessorize

Pretty pretty interior!

Ok, fine, I admit it, I just wanted to show how glowy I was.

THIS, is a much better depiction of the gorgeous layout of the Carat Club! :)

And heh, can you see the Forever 21 shopping bag hiding in the corner. We were late for our 7.30pm C. Club booking (1 hour late in fact wtf) 'cause we got distracted! *shifty eyes...*

Moving on to our food (please pardon me for the less than satisfactory names of our food, 'cause I honestly can't remember them!):

Starter: Soft shell crab.

At RM38.90, I would say give this a miss! It was just ok. I think we would have done better if we stuck to the chef's recommendation: the foie gras (at about RM40-ish)!

Jing's duck confit.
This was very very good! :))) But the serving is really small though, much to Jing's terror (her appetite is comparable to a cow's wtf). Which is why I can't comment much on this dish, 'cause I only had a very small bite, haha!

My slipper lobster pasta. This was also ok-ish... The lobster wasn't top-notch fresh, 'cause it was slightly mushy!

Teeny's forest mushroom rissoto with truffle shavings.
This was rather good, although it was a vegetarian dish (and god knows I love my meat)!

Coy with my ginger beer... I know this sounds a little stupid, but what IS ginger beer? =/

I realised I have no pictures with Teeny at all during the night!! Most of my pictures were with Jing... Haiya, what to do, her treat, so obviously I had to make her happy! Guest relation officer WTF.

Sisters. :)))
And I still don't understand how I am the smallest in my family, but I am the one with the biggest head WTF.

Dessert time!

Chef's brownie.
Nothing to shout about, my say is that you're better off tucking into the Warm Molten Chocolate Cake in Chilli's. BUT, to be impartial, this brownie probably paled 'cause we had...

... the banana and walnut cake/crumble/heaven!!!

Burnt sugar on top (the crystalised-like thingy), then creme brulee, followed by cubes of banana, and finally the banana/walnut cake, drenched in vanilla custard sauce!!! And you're supposed to take in all these layers together at once, OMG SO GOOD. And I don't even like bananas!

Jing said we will purposely go back to C. Club for this dessert. :D

Why do I have so much teeth!!
And you can see my brooch here better! I am into putting things onto my head now wtf. Since I watched Project Runway Season 5, and see Kenley (one of the contestants) with the nicest headpieces... Anyone watching/finished Project Runway 5!! :D

Teeny: EH let's take a picture and made it seem like FOUR people came for the dinner!

Clambering onto countertops when no one is looking. :P

Collage of some pictures of the night! I don't know why it appears so tiny. :( Maybe you can click on it and see it in its full glory? But don't peer too closely k, my collage-making skills suck, heh.

And some randoms that I couldn't fit into the collage wtf:

HAHAHAHHAHA what is wrong with Jing!!
Somemore she dare to tell me her pose is very fierce. -_-

I love DLSRs. :)

And I love my sisters even more!!

It was just a super good night out, I laughed so hard that my stomache ached, and all pretenses of being classy and feminine dropped wtf. It was like everyone's sense of humor was on tip-top form that night, hahaha!

Hopefully more GNOs will come! The next one to treat is Teeny I think, but I don't foresee it in the near future 'cause she is bankrupt 90% of the time wtf.

Anyway! Thank you, Jing, for the lovely dinner! Carat Club did burn a hole in your wallet, and I appreciate it, hehe. :P

Many thanks to some of my friends and readers who have supported Velvet Ribbon! :)))

VR ROCKSSSS. (as instructed by Jing wtf) Haha!


Suet Li said...

hello! goodbye wtf
everyone is looking good! wtf
vr is my fav shopping site ^_^ wtf
(no it's true haih if only shipping frm msia to here is not so exp)

Joshua said...

Yay! :D

I love DIY, haha.

Anonymous said...

Eh, did i instruct that?! *shy wtf* And OMG why my poses sooo try hard wan?! T_________T I think i caught an episode of ANTM the night before WTF! And thanks Suet Li, you're sooo sweets! *sniffs* <333

And you're right, my little bag was totally empty at the end of the night, well unless you want to count necessities such as lip gloss, blusher, concealer, EYELASH GLUE WTF and.. documents! (The last cos not important, hahaha!)

Love you dear, can't wait till you come home this weekend! *muacks*

P/s: I'VE GOSSIP!!! ;P MSN wtf! =P

Anonymous said...

Hey hey.

I watch Project Runway!!! I love Kenley's designs but her attitude seriously stinks man. Was pretty disappointed with the finale results though.

As for picture collage, try using Picasa. Very easy to use but there's a bit of cons here and there.


The Faux Fashionista said...

OOO I like all your outfits, but I especially love your yellow dress, so pretty! And I seriously "pui fuk" your courage to pose in public man, haha I damn shy to take pics in public. You must teach me!

The Faux Fashionista said...

Oh I forgot to comment on the food, so EXPENSIVE but so small!! :( And also, YOUR STUFF HAS ARRIVED!!! :)

mustardqueen said...

ERROR: the bracelet from tesco wtfffff oh and my chin so hook i can go fishing T_____T why keep putting as instructed WTF hahahahaha i think soon VR will zap lap wtf cause I won't be there to take pictures *HINT HINT* where's my pay vr wtf... i'm like along here

Anonymous said...

Biggest head? Whatever la.. You are still the prettiest one.

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

Yes I watched Project Runway 5, and I loved it!!! And yes, I was inspired by Kenley also to do head pieces!! :D *high five*

I actually thought Kenley's background was inspiring but I was more inspired by Leanne's, just cause she can draw inspiration from anything, and I love architecture details, always have a soft spot for architecture!! :)

Anonymous said...

me is no likey kenley. her attitude super CMI and her designs are so tres boring after a while, though her headbands are so pretty =P

revel in me said...


Errr maybe you can ask my sister to chup for your first! Then you pay her back when you're back.. Some of my friends (in aus and UK) do that! :)

joshua: Huh, what DIY!! Ummm Jing's dress? :P

jing: Aiya people advertise for you, you just accept la WTF. Thank you my darling! I hope you enjoyed giving as much a I enjoy receiving wtf. This Sunday is another meaningful day! *shiny eyes*

Samantha: I like Kenley, 'cause she is very pretty!! Love the 50's style and her red lipstick.. But ya, she gets really annoying, 'cause she just can't lose!! Bah!

faux fashionista: YAAA seriously not full after eating! T____T And hahahha we only dared to take pictures 'cause the restaurant's lower floor was closed off, and no one was there! :P


mustardqueen: It's from Tesco ar!! T_________T I thought you bought from Diva.. T____________T When are you going to treat us to ah yat abalone wtf.

anonymous: Wahh!! No la, we are all pretty in our own ways! :))

siewkwan: Jing doesn't like leanne, but I do love her clothes! Like you said, her architectural details are GORGEOUS! But I have to admit, her runway collection was a little boring though. Very very gorgeous clothes, but a littl boring. =/

jaclyn: I kind of like her clothes, 'cause I love the whole 50's vibe! :P But I agree la, her attitude sucks... But I can identify with her though, 'cause I am damn kiasu too WTFF.

Anonymous said...

omg you and your sisters have such wonderful fashion sense! i especially love teeny's yin and yang tights! they're awesome!

i had a look at velvet ribbon and everything's so pretty there! i'd love to buy but so broke right now.. :'( must save up so can shop shop shop

Accyee said...

hehe i think jing is very pretty and her hair is nice1

Anonymous said...

me think jing is very pretty tooooo :):):)

mustardqueen said...

BOO everybody hates me

sign off emo angsty blogger wtf

Anonymous said...

accyee: Thanks dear! *sniffs* <333 Besides my bf, you're the only person who can accept my HELMET hair! T_______T

anonymous: B, is that you? :DDD

Anonymous said...

personally i think teeny has the prettiest face (very rich woman's face). u sisters are so sweet and loving to each other awww :D:D

Anonymous said...

I DISAGREE... Hui Wen is the prettiest!

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree too. I think Teeny's problem is her jaw. Sry

Wenfang said...

The stairs photo which you took with Teeny is really nice!

revel in me said...

irene: Haha, thank you! <3 And you can have your own yin & yang tights! Just wear both at the same time, and the leg of the opposing colors around your hips, hehe. :P

accyee: YAYA I think her new hair is very nice, but she is super self-conscious with it! =/

anonymous: SHE IS! <3

mustardqueen: You are very pretty too!! *sends sympathy kisses wtf

jing: HAHHAHAA paranoid alrdy HAHHAHAH

anonymous: HAHAHA rich woman face!!! But yaya, teeny has very nice features. <3 And YAYYY I love it when people puji our sisterhood. :D :D :D

anonymous: T______T You're too nice! T_____T But we are all pretty in our own way! :)

anonymous: Hhahaha is it 'cause she has the rich woman jaw WTF. No la, I think we have all came a long way, and we are all beautiful in our own ways. *deep* :P

thywhaleliciousfairy: THANK YOU! The power of a DSLR. :P