Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Fash bash!

I hope you guys aren't bored of me posting pictures of yet another fashion bazaar, because today, the spotlight would be given to one in Singapore. :P

The boyfriend's first day in the City of the Merlion. :)

Wearing pleather leggings ala American Apparel, but unfortunately it doesn't show in the picture!

Giant satin and lace bow, from my shopping escapade here.

I was going for a blend of hard edge + girlie romance, thus the leather leggings (sure got lotsa stares!), the laced up peeptoe oxfords, the slightly gothic bow, the yummy lace and ruffles in a soft pastel shade. :)

The boyfriend saw my bigass bow and asked me "You think you're a doll ar!"
To which I quipped chirpily, "YES! I am a rock doll!" :P

The itinerary for the boyfriend's first day was a fashion bazaar, much to his -_-, heh.
But reading THIS is enough to make me itch to go! And I have always wanted to see how S'pore bazaars are like. :)

Energy power-up for our shopping trip!
Ayam penyet, Singapore version! (go here for the M'sian eatery)

Gado gado! Indonesian salad-- with really scrumptious peanut gravy.
If salads come with prawn crackers, I would diligently eat them, hehe.

MMMMM Indonesian ayam penyet (flattened chicken)!
So so so good! And the chilli was even spicier than the one in M'sia, ouch!

Only took picture of myself, 'cause my other two comrades (the boyfriend and Bing-- mutual girlfriend and fellow shopping partner) were a flurry of activity with their meal wtf.

And then it was Fash Bash time!
It was held at the S'pore Art Musuem, and upon reaching the glass doors which would lead to shopping heaven, I brushed past the boyfriend and murmured"You go buy a ticket or something for the musuem see you later" hahahahha why am I so bad!

Goodies galore!

Being somewhat of a veteran in junkyard sales/flea markets in M'sia, I am quite familiar with quite a lot of the sellers and even the layouts of the common venues. In fact, more often than not I know which seller has the awesome stuff which I would like to steal, and who has 'meh' things that are not really for me. But brought out of my comfort zone here, my eyes was just darting furiously left and right, eagerly devouring all the pretty thing set upon me! :)

Tie belts! Such an awesome idea! And looks really cool as well! The best part is, each tie is embellished in its own way, so no two ties look the same!

But each tie belt would cost SGD55! :( Why not I make my own tie belt. :P

Lovely lovely bags!
I love how they are totally quirky and random, haha by now you all should know I have a soft spot for these sort of elements. :P

Each one of these bags would cost about SGD100!! :O :O :O

HAHAHHA this purse when turned upside down-- is a BIRD!! I got a shock when realization dawned on me wtf.

After that I felt this compulsive urge to turn all the bags at the bazaar upside down just in case they are birds too. -___-

Vintage bags! :)

Another stall which sells handmade bags-- cutest things ever! I bought a clutch here. :)
In fact, I am going to get them to custom make one more for me!!

Loads of gorgeous vintage dresses! Like, when you go through them, every piece has a little something that makes you want to bring them home, be it a breathtaking beaded bodice or a sweet crotcheted neckline. :)))

Unfortunately, most of them cost up too 100-over SGD!!! Sigh.

The stuff at this fashion bazaar appears to be really pricey when compared to KL ones, especially when you convert the SGDs (I still convert! :P). But I guess this is partly due to the fact that most of the things there were sold by actual (vintage) shops-- they don't do bargains, and their stuff generally already come with a premium; else, they were pre-loved designer duds. Trust me, shopping in S'pore is really expensive!

That said, I am looking forward to rummage through a junkyard sale/flea market in S'pore! Anyone know of any/has any good recommendations? I am most interested! :)

Canwhoring at the musuem with Bing! Blur pictures make me look slimmer. T__T

Still cannot see my pleather leggings! :(((

Oh, when I was stepping out of the hall, these few fashion school students stopped me and wanted to interview me for a project that they are doing. :) They said I dress very well and that I have awesome style! *tears* I felt very proud when I told them I am Malaysian, 'cause fuck S'poreans, they think M'sians don't know how to dress!!! Grrr.

And they interviewed me using a tape recorder!! Damn scared, 'cause I always sound like a mouse on recordings, HAIHHH. When the interview ended, I spotted Bing and started dashing to her, but I could hear the fashion students exchanging notes and whispering, "Wahh she is damn random!", hahahhha damn!

After that we called the boyfriend and I expectantly asked him whether he was browsing the musuem ('cause I thought he really bought a ticket wtf), and he told us that he has walked to another mall-- one MRT station away! -_______- He thinks he is Singaporean already. -_-

Guess where we went after that!!
MOTOR SHOW. T_________T

The boyfriend made me, 'cause he said he accompanied us to a fashion bazaar. -___-

Upon entrance, we saw this long long queue in front of us!

Bing: Ehhh let's be Singaporean and start queueing up just 'cause everyone is doing so!!!

Hahhaha wtff.

Pictures of the Motor Show!

With a bus, HAHAHHHA.
And those are the brochures/pamplets we were holding.

With bicycles, HAHAHHAHHAHA.

Ya la, we made a big joke out of the whole thing, 'cause frankly speaking, the show sucked! It just showcased a lot of Honda and Subaru cars, I can see them on the roads what!!! YAWNNN wtf.

Then the boyfriend and I went to Din Tai Fung for dinner 'cause we couldn't decide on where to go.

They gave me a little basket/rack thingy to keep my bag! And even lovingly covered it with a cloth. Which is great, 'cause it's dangerous to keep your bag out in the open!

The only problem was I kept on having the urge to coo a lullaby to the rack!! Baby in a cradle WTF.

The boyfriend's favorite soup in the world is chicken soup!!

Damn CINA my boyfriend. -_-

You will be seeing loads of pictures like this throughout the boyfriend's S'pore trip, don't say I didn't warn you! :P

And as a customary ending, my buys from Fash Bash! Didn't get a lot, 'cause firstly, the things were too expensive, and secondly, I have to save money 'cause the boyfriend was down.

Equestrian hat in dark brown, although I know it looks black here.

The clutch that I bought! Damn cute right! I feel like bursting into songs whenever I look at it. :P

And 3 vests:

Tan suede vest! Have been looking for a tan vest, preferably with fringe. Pocahantas wannabe, haha.

Crotchet vest. Because of the crotchet shells, when worn, this vest looks like a crotcheted bustier! :)))

Black suede vest with fringe!!

It even has studs! Bad ass wtf.

Though I didn't buy much, I was actually quite satisfied with my purchases, 'cause I felt that I bought things that are not my usual style!

Things that I would have lots of fun experimenting with. :)


The Faux Fashionista said...

Wahhh, this girl! Hahaa I am quite speechless at your post because there's sooo many things to comment on that by the time I finish reading it I forget what I want to say :D

Did you ask the fashion students if you would ever get a chance to see their project? It would be interesting!

Anonymous said...

I was at the fashbash too! and guess what, i bought the SAME clutch as you did too! maybe our tastes are similar! *so fast to judge by one item* one of the most fab fleas here is the Zouk Flea where you can get really cool stylish stuff at affordable prices and yes, you can try bargaining too!

fourfeetnine said...


mustardqueen said...

Eh u better dun bring back ur clutch ar if not I take scissors *snip snip* and cut off ur horse AMUAAHAHAHA i don't want clutch I don't want no buttons I just want horse AHAHAHAHAA And hor ur equestrian hat thingy look like a big black blob only wtf no shape gehh

revel in me said...

faux fashionista: What do you mean wahhh this girl!! :P WHY SPEECHLESS!! I am getting very scared now.. T___T

Oh no, that completely didn't occur to me!!! But damn, I don't want to hear the end result of the project la, 'cause I always sound like Minnie Mouse on helium on recordings wan. T___T

joie: IS IT! What time did you go? :) I was there around 3 I think! I WANT TO GO TO THE ZOUK FLEA MARKET!! WHEN IS IT WHEN IS IT!! When it's on drop me a comment PLEASE!! :))) And HAHAHHA my taste quite weird, are you sure you want our tastes to be similar! Although this clutch IS the cutest thing ever! <333

fourfeetnine: HAHAHHAHAHA why are you like that!! It's SGD39!!! Quite ex, but damn cute right!! I give you the site on msn later, you go browse!! They have a lot of cute things! <333 Then I help you buy and bring back for you the next time I am back! :D

mustardqueen: I saw quite a lot of horse things, and I thought of you!! But all cost damn alot so I pushed the thought out of my head WTF. But nice right my clutch!!! *protective* And hahah the hat got shape la! Which is round shape WTF

Anonymous said...

OMG you make me so jealous cause you went to Fash Bash. *cry a river.

I think you need flash to see the pleather. :( But I swear you work it like no other. Love love love the way you paired it with lace. Romancing the rock wtf.

Fashion students are even more random.

Anonymous said...

I went around 4! actually i was there around 3pm and my boyfriend insisted on having lunch first which is so annoying for a girl who wants to shop straightaway! i like the clutch so much, it's the candy colors that makes me go crazy! zouk fleas aint set, but will drop u a comment when it's on AND DO GO EARLY AND DRESS LIGHT BECAUSE IT'S REALLY REALLY REALLY SQUEEZY darn crowded too!

Joshua said...


JING la. Went to Taiwan, she found one tan one with fringes and studs for me, but it was at a place with a snotty shopkeeper :(

So she didn't buy :(

I emo till today. :(


*sigh. Dowan to friend her, wtf.

*ignores the fact I just came back from shopping with her* Lol.

And the clutch damn cute.

PS: I haven't worn my leggings yet. Jing has been poking me about it again. Beh.

Joshua said...

and you got interviewed. HOW COOL. Yes I agree more Singaporeans need to know that we Malaysians have pass-able fashion sense okay!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAH! *points to Josh's comment*

It would be damn funny to see how he resolve the VBL (WTF!) problem RIGHTTTT? ;P

Anonymous said...

Jing: I told him to wear on Sunday. He say duwwan. -_- I mean it looks okay what. Long tops cover VBL.

revel in me said...

binnie: But Fash Bash was so terribly expensive! And aww, don't flatter me so! <3

Why are fashion students random! I don't know many of them. T_T

joie: Hahahaha we went for lunch beforehand too! At first I was damn grouchy 'cause I wanted to straightaway go shop-- what if the goodies run out!! But then I thought if I ate first I will have energy to fight my way around and I cheered up wtf. Thank you first for the head's up for the zouk flea market k! :D :D :D

joshua: YAAA Ting told me about the suede vests too!! Somemore they were much cheaper in Taiwan. T___T Why my sisters don't know my taste/style WTF. HAHAHHA when I wore my tights I kept on thinking of you, 'cause all your raves (and excitement) were running through my head! :P WEAR SOON and post pics! :P

jing: What is VBL!! Why got B wan! And I am not sure I want to know... T___________________T

binnie: What's happening on Sunday!! Hahahahha!

Anonymous said...

We had hi-tea! Haha...and Josh didn't wear pleather leggings :( I did.