Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hair evolution.

If that wasn't bold enough a hint, this is the hair evolution post I was talking about sometime ago!!!

I feel that it is one my most picture-laden post lor! 'Cause once I start posting up pictures of myself, I can't stop wtf.
But actually I don't know why I even bother to do a hair-volution write-up, considering that I have had the same hairstyle for the first 20 years of my life WTF.

OH WAIT I didn't!!

'Cause at one point of my life I had hair like THIS:

Taken from here wtf.


As you can see, or rather deduce, I didn't like my hair much when I was young, and for good reason WTF. Just a little history of my hair and I: to cut it short (the story, not my hair wtf), I have always had horrible hair (bushy, frizzy, slightly wavy), and my mom absolutely forbade me to straighten my hair until I was out of high school.

Then boom, SPM was over, and for as long as I could remember, I have rebonded hair ever since. This hair evolution post can only start from pictures of me circa 2006, 'cause before that digital cameras weren't invented yet wtf.

OHHHHH I found a picture of me in 2003!!!!

At MUFY ball 2003.
I am the one on the far right!
Oh lord, even though the picture is so blur, you can see that I looked like a man. -_-

Ok la, because I am at peace with my past, I'll show you a close-up of my that night...


Obviously I didn't know what make-up was! And look at my hair!!A perfectly good example of my old hairstyle-- straight and flat and boring. How could I have lived all those years without bangs, I don't understand!!!!

Don't mind me that I smiled funny in the picture-- it was the first night I had my braces off!! So I wasn't used to not having a mouth full of metal anymore. :D :D :D

Sometime in 2006 before I left for Melbourne.

This was my pin-up-my-bangs-'cause-it-is-too-long-but-I-am-too-cheap-to-cut-it stage!

Then I trimmed my bangs a little, and went over to Melbourne.

One wrong move though-- 'cause I didn't straighten my hair before my departure!!! I was being cocky, 'cause I thought that I don't want to rebond my hair anymore-- my natural hair is nice enough; without remembering that my natural is hair bushy and frizzy. -_- So I really suffered for my first semester in Melbourne!

Very big bushy head of hair-- around July/August 2006.

Early 2007-- Joleen's birthday party.

The first thing I did upon reaching M'sian grounds was to straighten my hair! So it was back to the stereotypical M'sian hairstyle for me-- black, long and straightened. But I had a little more layers this time.

I toyed with pushing my bangs sideways, but it was too big a change for me wtf. And I went back to my neither here nor there bangs.

And then one fine night, magic happened!! :)))))

Early 2007, back in Melbourne.

This was a SIGNIFICANT moment of my metamorphosis phase k! We were dressing up to go to the Notts (a popular bar for Monash students), and 'cause I was the first one to get ready, I got bored and started playing with my hair.

I combed my bangs sideways, but left it untucked; perched a headband on my head, and fluffed up the layers of my hair. When I looked into the mirror, I was astonished! Simple changes I made, but I looked so different! And so much hotter, in my humble opinion. :P

From that day onwards, I was a big advocate on volume and layers, and never looked back! :)

I was actually pretty. :)))
And check out the dog's aviators wtf.

And then after half a year, I got bored with my hair. And decided I want to look like a Japanese-- with the shorter layers on the top of the head, with long-ish hair at the bottom. So when I went back to KL for summer break, I decided to take the plunge.

And my hairstylist heard my instructions wrongly, and made me look like a BOY! T__T

The 2nd day of my haircut.
She gave me the short layers on top alright, but that's all she gave me!!! I looked like a punk boy. :((((

Around August 2007.
'Cause I fet like I look like a boy, I started making myself very girlie wtf. In the picture I was wearing a pink bow in my hair!

I wasn't too fond of my hair, and that's an understatement wtf; despite my friends and my mom telling me that it looked good.

I knew something is wrong when my mom likes my hairstyle!! My mom is the type of mother who only likes haircuts which actually lead to a difference wtf. She doesn't believe in trims! To her, must cut at least 4-inches away only will it qualify as a hair-CUT. -___- Can you imagine the trauma I went through as a kid! :(

But then my hair started to grow out a bit, and I began to appreciate the slight edginess of my hair. :)

Later in 2007.
Then it started growing even more!!! And it started to become unruly again-- that's why sometimes I pin my layers up to create a mini beeehive. Smalls and Jac said that this is their fave hairstyle of mine!!! But don't they know that whenever I pin/tie my hair up, it means I hate my hair. :(

Late 2007.
I discovered the wonders of a curling thong! And itched to have my hair permed.

Dec 2007.
In fact, towards the end of the year, my hair was really long, and though it looked like shit when it was left on its own, damn it looks amazing when curled!!!

Then in Jan 2008, I did something that I have always always always wanted to do to my hair, but never ever ever had the courage to do so!!!

My coconut bangs!

When I first got it cut-- the bangs were done too short and basically I looked retarded wtf.

Wahhhh you should see the amount of names I get called with this hair of mine!!! And the number of times I hear the song "C-O-C-O-N-U-T" a day wtf.

But looking through these pictures now, when my bangs grew out a bit, they looked pretty good eh! :) Maybe I should consider exploring this hairstyle again. :P

Then come March/April 2008, what else is new-- I got bored with my hair again. And this time, I got bored not of my hairstyle or the texture whatsoever-- I got bored with something more fundamental: the color of my hair. Being a hairdye-virgin, I was ecstatic yet so so nervous to change my hair color!! There were people who advised me against it-- 'cause my hair was just so BLACK. For as long as I have remembered, I always get comments on the natural jet-blackness of my hair.

But I decided it was time to go for a change.

My first ever hair dye job!!!

The color was quite subtle, much to my disappointment. But my hairstylist was super against me getting anything too light for my first time. This hairdo also began my relationship with the ever-talented Yen Lim, my beloved hairdresser. :P

I wasn't too crazy over my bangs though, 'cause they made me looked a little... for a lack of a better word, sohai wtf.

So I started pushing my bangs sideways again. And this time I even did a poll on my blog (which is still on it btw), and I think >70% of the people voted that I look better with side bangs!!!

At my birthday (late April 2008). (Temporary) curls again!
Pictures like that made me bitter-- 'cause Jing's hair color is so striking, whereas mine just looked like black!!!

So in late June 2008, I went for a further transformation. :)))

Went for a much lighter color, and never looked back! :D

Though it pretty much emo-fies me, 'cause when I had undyed, black hair, everyone around me had light-colored hair!! But when I decided to go light, my friends dyed their hair black. -______-

Anyway, I look like this now. :)))

I am getting bored of my hair again!!! Suggestions, anyone? :P

I am very easy to be satisfied!!! I just want hair that makes me look like this!

Angelababy WTF.


Suet Li said...

omg the first few pictures almost made me spit my food out (although i wasnt even eating wtf)

anywayyy i told u right once u dye your hair you'll never go back wtf

i want angelababy's hair too /boo

Anonymous said...

eh that punk boy hair cut look nice on u what!

aiks mom will never ever let me dye my hair! :(

Kathryn said...

the punk boy hair look is wat my hair loos like when i first cut few weeks back
i nearly cried and hide in my room until my hair grows T_T

Stupid hairstylist didnt hear my intsructions properly and gave me layers at the top and not at the bottom ...
i wore hat for the first few days : (
i und how u feel T_T

andddd angelababy's hair is my oh so dream :D hahaha

Caro said...

your new hair looks so great!

Anonymous said...

cut ur hair into a concave bob and dye it ash :p

The Faux Fashionista said...

Boohoo I want angelababy's everything! :D

Anonymous said...

hmm where do u go to get ur eyebrows trimmed? so neat wan :)
u should do an eyebrow evolution too. quite different from last time hehe

jmeei said...

actually you look quite nice with bangs! maybe cos your forehead's high /shy

i wanna have angelababy's hair too AND look like her wtf

Anonymous said...

hello. nice post=) maybe you should do an entry on your makeup too.

ineedmoredrama said...

this is a super comprehensive post about your hairvolution! brilliant i must say. btw, love that green tiered skirt you wore in your last post.

Cherie said...

you and your hair (yes i believe hair deserves to be called on its own as a separate.. being wth) look good in the first photo! Prettypretty.

but quite an amazing hair-volution! If I remember correctly, I've had the same hair for about like a gazillion years till I decided to get bangs this year.

To cut or not to cut, that is the question with hair.

Ashleigh said...


I wanna dye my hair too la then if I can look like Angelababy!!

I must say I agree with your mom though. For me a haircut isn't one without drastic change. Hahaha!! I love changing my hairstyles because I get bored very fast.

Eunice said...

Angelababy's hair is perfect!
I think your color suits you too ;)

Anonymous said...

I think i know what kind of jap hairstyle u are talking about... it sounds like my current hairstyle! short layers and long hair...i dunno how to describe but it sounded like what you wrote haaaaaa

Jing said...

Ashleigh: I heard you mentioned i was impatient and was unfair to you, funny how you cannot tell that to my face!

Love: OMG, SPOTTED J WITH HELMUT LANG WTFFFFFF! I think i'm gonna die! :((( WHYYYYYYY! T________T

revel in me said...

suet li: EHH which first few pictures!!! Suddenly you tell me the first 20 pictures WTFFF. YAYAYA when I look at my old pics with black hair I feel disgusted wtf.

I want angelababy's FACE. T_T

miss hazel: But I looked exactly that-- punk BOY! :'(

baby kat: SAME FOR ME!! I got the top layers but not the long ones at the bottom.. T___T But don't worry love, you look great now! <3

caro: Thank youu! :) But I am bored with it again though!

xoxo: What's a concave bob? I keep on having images of my head bashed in WTF. I can't carry off a bob!! Didn't my old picture tell you enough. T___________________T

the faux fashionista: I will turn lesbo just for her! <3

anonymous: *quickly goes back to my entry to perve on my brows* Why are you so observant!!! Sometimes I don't even remember I have brows WTF. Hahahha how to do a post on eyebrows!!! Like bushy .. bushy.. trimmed!! ar wtf. I used to do my brows at my mom's facial place in DU, after that I did it in Lancome!! Nowadays I get them done when I get my facial at cellnique. :)))

jmeei: Is it! Last time you told me "It doesn't look THAT bad *soothing* " WTFFFFF

This is your tag /boo

jodi: Hee, thanks! :) Oh no, I am no expert on make up! My make-up regime is very simple and foolproof, haha.

evie: It was actually a tag by a friend! :D THANK YOUUU!!! And I love the skirt post that you did in TIC! Thank god I didn't do it. :P

cherie: HAHAH me and my hair!! Like my spouse like that wtf. No la, I thought my entry was quite boring actually! 'Cause almost same hairstyle all the way. =/ Bangs are godsent right! :D

ashleigh: Hmm? I don't get what you mean you will dye your hair too if you can look like Angelababy???

eunice: Correction! Angelababy is perfect. T__T

Sigh, I am thinking of changing my hair color now! Any suggestions? :)

joie: Hahahah eh you comment to rub it in is it!! Show pics! :D :D :D I still want to try that hairstyle la! But I don't have the patience to grow my hair long long long. :(


Anonymous said...

sorry ah comment a bit slow cuz no internet fuck this shit i hate my life wtf.

anyway ya your current hair looks the best! looks a bit like mine now /shy

Anonymous said...

i think your hair now looks the best too! hahahaha bob hair ok?

At twentyfifth said...

bangs did wonders to me too...

love the curls on you.
consider curling more often! =)

fourfeetnine said...

eh i do the beehive thing too when i hate my hair /boo/boo


Anonymous said...

Honestly a really good post. And I cnt repeat this any more, you really look good now. And definitely will get more leng in time. :) That Punk hair looks edgy on you eh.

revel in me said...

tzeching: YAAA our hair DO look alike! <3


25th: I knowww! I don't how my life was like before I got bangs, haha. I love curls too! But I am too scared to get a permanent one, but too lazy to curl my hair temporarily everday. =/

fourfeetnine: But I rarely see you with the beehive thing! Is it 'cause bad hair days are so rare for you. T____T

And fuck off laa T____T zaman kegelapan what T____T I thought you for one would be understanding WTF

nana: Aww, thank you so much!!! The boyfriend insists I look better with black hair though, pffft. My 'edgy' hair was a scary phase! T_T

ladyesah said...

angelababy is sooo hot!! :D