Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

My girlfriends and I:

"Halloween is just an excuse for us to dress slutty."


Check out what I will wear to the upcoming Halloween parties over the weekend! ;)
My first ever Halloween party. *shiny eyes*

Actually I don't even know what I am wearing tomorrow night. I am just going with the flow. SO UNLIKE ME TO NOT KNOW WHAT TO WEAR!! =/



Anonymous said...

um what DID you go as? i can't tell from the side alone. so fun to go for halloween parties! i've never been to one either, and halloween isn't big in nz at all. hardly any kids go trick-or-treating either.

Julie Ann said...

i dont care what u wear, U ARE COMING. ROOAR. hehe.

revel in me said...

irene: I was this burlesque dancer/senorita person, hehe! I have never been trick or treating too! Maybe I should start one! Tonight! HAHA!

julie ann: COMINGGGGGGGGGGGG! You don't get drunk before I come ar!

mustardqueen said...

BOOO I'm a ghost wtffff happy halloween aka pumpkin day wtfff

Joshua said...


I've never been to a Halloween party.

Jing suggested self-inviting herself and then inviting me to the one Ting is going to tonight. Hahahha

KITMEY said...

Ooou.. miss those fishnet stockings & see-through tops :) expect another slutty-ish outfit from u this yr!

Katie ♥ said...

^ the BB eyeliner is selling for RM60 only! BUY! :D

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: Casper the friendly ghost wtf

joshua: I only went to my first halloween party this year, so there's still time for you to catch up! wtf

kitmey: DAMN SLUTYY.. T__T 'Cause Julie raped me left right and center.. T___T

katie: Haha! You're so resourceful! <3

Anonymous said...

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