Sunday, October 05, 2008

Hennessy Artistry.

Hennessy Artistry, from last weekend!
I had to rush to get the pictures up on FB 'cause Smalls told me that uploading pictures is my life's main responsibility, and threatened to either crop me out of all her pictures or delete me from Facebook altogether. -_________-

And she sends me instant messages like:

u haven't uploaded *holds knife*


Yay, buat celebrity. :P

Cynthia, me, Smalls, Sara.

Cynthia and her new hair!!
The first thing I said when I saw her was: "It's not a wig!!?!" Haha, cynical 'cause I got cheated so many times by people who 'claimed' to have done new hairstyles wtf.

Who needs cups when you have jugs. :P

Individualistic sohai faces.

One of the performances at the event. Wtf is a name ike The DEY???
Obviously they were Indians wtf. And it started spawning endless bad puns like: "Why are they like that la dey!", "Drink la dey!" T__T

The Dey was rather confused, the lead girl draped a sari over herself, before taking it off to reveal a hip hop costume, and they do latin as well. -__-

Andrew Kwan! I don't know why he is always being called his name in full wtf.

Don't ever ask Shannon to help you take pictures.

I love this picture of Smalls! So so so hot. :)

But short! Stupid woman stands on steps the whole night to pretend to be the same height as everyone else. -_-

Girls are naturally camera-sensitive! :)

And so is Shannon wtf.
He is the one whose back is facing the camera. His natural pose. -_-


Alcohol gives a nice rosy blush to everyone. ;)
Which I desperately needed! 'Cause I only took 10 minutes to get ready. T_T

Shane Ward!!! *teenybopper squeal*

"We've got the you hang up no you hang up kind of love..." :P

Then Audrey came!
And I scared her when I started petting her Salvatore Ferragamo bag, HAHA.

Pink was the uniform for people below 5 feet that night. :P

With Joelyn! Whom I glimpsed at the VIP area upstairs, and I started flailing my arms madly to get her attention. And Smalls thought I was creating a new dance move wtf.

HAHAHAHHHA Shannon's expression damn funny, tak layan!

Who is the most camera sensitive!

WAHHH Shannon's pucker so sexy wtf.

HAHAHHAHAHA after that we started playing Truth or Dare, and we dared Audrey to go get the number of some guy.

THIS guy to be precise HAHAHHAHA.

He is such a weirdo!!! He was doing this weird worm/octopus dance ALL the time!! His arms and legs just couldn't stop wriggling, it was so scary. And when we egged Audrey to get on with it, she said "But I am waiting for him to stop moving!!" HAHAHHAHAHAHHA

At the end of the night we were convinced that the guy was employed by Hennessy as an entertainer WTF. 'Cause how else could we explain how he couldn't stop moving and making us laugh, HAHAHA.

In the end the guy just wouldn't stop moving so we found another (easy) target for her-- this is Audrey in action! :P

With King.

HAIHHH Shannon again.

Nick, Smalls' very cute cousin. ;)

A very cute Audrey.

I have the honor of finding out that Andrew's nickname is Princess wtf; hence the crown! :D

Andrew calls me an 'angel' 'cause of the headband I was wearing. Words of a drunk man can be trusted ar!!


Brown hair vs black hair! Feels so liberating to say that wtf.

Again, I have the lightest-colored hair!
The boyfriend said that my hair color is like an orang utan. T__T

Smalls yanked Audrey and I to go around the club to check out hot guys (for the 2 single girls la), but we got distracted by mirrors, haihhh.

I have never seen Shannon so attractive before!!! :P

Okies, off I go now! The reason why I disappeared for so long is 'cause the boyfriend was down for almost a week! :)))

But in 7 hours' time he will be gone. T____T


fourfeetnine said...

HAHAHAHAHAH eh i am very unsatisfied over the fact that only i had to do the dare ok! cynthia never approached the indian bar staff also WTF.

The Faux Fashionista said...

Bf down for a week? Have fun!

OOOOO parrrrty~~~ I feel like an old woman; I haven't partied for almost 2 years already T__T The Dey sound like such retards!

Is Smalls' dress the tulip dress from Shopaholics? And btw please let me know soon if you want the shoes, I'm leaving soon!

Simon Seow said...

Aiyah. Didn't see you that night.

revel in me said...

fourfeetnine: HAHAHHAHA there were too many Indian staff to choose from that she got confused wtf. Nvm, velvet next HAHAHHAHAHAH

faux fashionista: I did have fun! <3 How can you not party for 2 years! T__T Smalls' dress is from the dressing room, and YES the Dey are total idiots, haha!

Change of plan for the shoes, I want to talk to you on MSN! :(

simon seow: YA LOR! I saw timothy there, and he said all of you nuffnangers are there, but I didn't see a single one of you! =/

smallswong said...

Uploading is an essential code of ethic :D

Btw, more truth and dares to come! This time will be your turn!