Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I’m Going Silent this Halloween with Nokia XpressMusic.

At first I thought I wouldn't be able to go for the Nuffnang Halloween party, 'cause it clashes with Smalls' birthday bash. But fate has it, her party is now on a FRIDAY night.

Friday = work day = Hui Wen in S'pore.


And the best part is, her party has a Halloween theme (it even falls on 31st October)! I have never been to a Halloween party before-- heck, I have never even dressed up for Halloween. :(

Which is why now I am mentally imbalanced-- don't want to miss another Halloween party!! >=(

Anyway, why Nokia XpressMusic will make Halloween better:

1. Apparently, the party will be entirely silent-- everyone will be listening onto their on music devices!!! It would look really WEIRD, and in a twisted way, totally apt for a Halloween event! Imagine if you accidentally stumble into the party, you will see a big group of scary looking people (or monsters, depending on what people come dressed as wtf) bobbing their heads to soundless tracks... It would look eerie right! :P

2. Imagine if everyone was listening to different tracks, and starts dancing to the tunes pounding into their ears! So if someone is listening to hip hop, he will start popping and locking; a wannabe girl listens to Pussycat Dolls and starts grinding; a guy listens to techno and starts shuffling.. Hahaha don't you think it's damn amusing to see all these people dancing together!!

3. You can go around scaring people when they are listening onto their headphones!!! Usually when people are with earphones, they are very engrossed right.. So you can just tap their shoulder suddenly and go BOOOOO TRICK OR TREAT! and scare the hell out of them!! Heehee.

4. I have something to confess:

There was something that I left out about my recent Night Safari trip with the boyfriend.

You know the saying "Laugh like a hyena"? Many a times in my life I have been labeled that wtf.
Well, while being on the tram ride, I finally heard how hyenas sound like!!!!

And I have to admit, I do sound like that. T_____________________T

So if everyone wears earphones during the party, no one will be able to hear my loud chatters and hyena-ish laughter. T_T 'Cause I remember in the last event, Audrey and I laughed so loud that no one wanted to come near us at the end of the night wtf.

All in all, I think the party will turn out to be really fun this time, 'cause quite a lot of people are going! Especially Mey and Victoria.. It will be a nice catching-up session! :)))

And I will still be going for Smalls' birthday!! But reaching there at 2am WTF. And as I will be going to her bash straight from work + 5 hours on the bus, my costume for the night would be disheveled office lady wtf.

I told Smalls that I don't have time to look for a costume, so I need to make do with whatever I have at home, and she told me to go as a bolster. -_-

Okies, ideas time! :D I want something sexy and easy!
Easy as in easy to make/wear, not easy as in sleep around k. T_T


KITMEY said...
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Anonymous said...

meh, halloween is just girls excuse to dress slutty.

good luck with yours though xxx

mustardqueen said...
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smallswong said...

kitmey: wth! you are taking the nuffnang as the perfect substitute?

i am deeply insulted! :(

KITMEY said...

dear smalls, i booked tickets to go home for your bday party, but now i cant even go :( i just spent like 2 hours checking ALL bus tickets AND plane tickets trying to squeeze my brain juice thinking how i can still make it for the party but earliest i can show up is 3am! I am that desperate but i dont know if the party will still be on T______T

im sorta performing for my company event on oct 31st night too arghh *pulls hair* this shucks.

mizzvickz said...

IT'S a friday?
i didn't check the date!!!

i kept thinking that it was a saturday but i'll still be there!!! LOL

fourfeetnine said...

hoe hui wen what nobody wanted to come near us!!!

i think ur a bad influence la wtf cos normally i laugh but not this loud i think just cos u laugh loud i feel like your laughter can cover mine WTF

Anonymous said...

yay! hope to see you there. and me too, no time no look for costume so i'll also make use of stuffs i have at home! hehe.

revel in me said...

kit mey: HAHHAHAHA why you deleted your comment! You scared Smalls see and get angry again is it!

anonymous: Haha, you took the words right outta my mouth! :P Thanks! <3

smalls: You can't blame us, we purposely got tickets to come back for your party!! But now like that, I think we will have to find any substitutes we can wtf.

kit mey: *hugs you and cries* We are so unwanted! T___T But try to come at 3am also la! Slumber partayyy! But smalls will be drunk la, HAHA!

mizzvickz: Ya la, I think smalls purposely made it so that we can't go. T______T

fourfeetnine: I wanted to counter you, 'cause everytime I am with you also you damn loud ok! But then like you said maybe it's 'cause you thought I can cover your laugh right from the start WTF.

vvens: I don't know whether I can get ticket! Apparently writing an entry doesn't guarantee one. T____________T

Holly said...

That party sounds absolutely amazing. It would totally freak me out to show up at a party full of people dressed up for Halloween being completely silent.

morena said...

I love your hair!