Sunday, October 05, 2008

My lunch box and I.

The boyfriend is officially 325km away from me again. :( (source wtf.)

My emotions are a little raw now, as always when I get used to having him with me 24/7, then to have him being taken away from me again. So at least for today, I don't feel like relieving the pictures and moments we have during the past few days.

But I, however, can share with you happy shopping pictures from Showpink last weekend. :P

ShowPINK! :P
The aptness of all my pink glory didn't occur to me until much later, haha.

Only Jing and I went! 'Cause stupid Jing forgot to coordinate with Teeny, so Teeny blindly went for a facial appointment instead. We tried and tried calling Teeny, but she was too busy getting her pores picked at wtf. I think the pain made her really bitter and angsty too, 'cause when I persuaded her to come, she yelled at me over the phone. T__T

Jing! Pantsuit is love!! But I can never find one that fits me, 'cause they are all made for giants above 5 feet 9. T_T
Why do you think Jing folded her pantsuit wtf.

School nerd.

Wearing old-school snowflakes sweater top/(self-declared) dress , gray opaques, cream & black maryjanes, pink geek glasses, and my favorite accessory of the day-- pink lunch box as my handbag, hahaha! :P

Said lunchbox cum handbag, HAHAHAHA.

It's cute ok!!!! A little noisy, 'cause when I put my keys in the box, it clatters against the tin body a lot wtf. But CUTE WHAT! :D

My stupid shoes!!!! The heels are too thin/spiky-- so hello, speared dried leaves!
Teeny saw my shoes and said: SATAY!!! T__T

Embracing my inner geek in Showpink.

Which came naturally 'cause haihhh, I think I was the greatest geek in school. There are sacrifices to make to score straight As wtf.

And hahaha, I met Smalls at the junkyard sale, and she didn't recognise me 'cause of my glasses!!! I tapped her on her shoulder, and when she spun around and stared at me in confusion, I swear to god I saw day and night passed us by before recognition dawned on her, hahaha.

Too excited over the bargains I scored, hence the blurred motion! :P

My kuli!
Err, all the bags except for one small one were mine. *shifts feet uneasily*

Lunch time at Miss Read, Bangsar Village 2.
I half-expected to see a friend there, 'cause everytime I am there I see someone I know! *deja vu*

When Jing looks like that, I don't mind it when people tell us we look alike, haha. :P

Minestrone soup, which I greatly regretted-- look at the amount of parsley!!!!
I have GOT to sign a petition soon to ban restaurants from using parsley in food, grr.

And now to the fruits of my labor!! (do you think it's easy to be wearing opaques and long sleeve and having your skirt barely cover your ass wtf)

Vintage blue and white striped satin dress shirt, but I am going to wear it as a blazer! :)
The blue is brighter than shown in the picture-- a cross between navy and electric blue.

I was still in a F1 mood when I bought this shirt! :P

Royal blue silk top with puffed tapered sleeves...

... and a huge bow at the back! Love this top. :)

Sailor midriff top! I am gonna be Popeye! :P

Quilted granny bomber jacket, like that it has this military feel to it.

I am a sucker for adorable prints and cute trimmings...

Anchors and yachts, SO CUTE! :D

I got this vintage top simply 'cause of the random clown embroidery! 'Cause my randomness translates to my dressing. :P

When I tried on this top and showed Teeny, she told me, "Clown in clown". T___T

I am embarrassed to admit that I have yet to own a single maxi dress, 'cause the cheaper ones are too common, and the ones I really like (chiffon billowy ones in Zara) are way out of my price range! Saw a couple in a vintage shop in S'pore, tres cute, but too too long!

But all that has changed. :P
This dress fits really well, and I like the quirky, dolly feel of it! The frills, the happy peach red/pink, the cream lace, yayyy! :D

In fact, I am thinking of incorporating this dress into a happy theme for a new blog layout! Any ideas? ;)

80's leopard print cropped top/jacket with funky puffed sleeves, another awesome find. :)

Bright colors and a bow already make this cropped sweater a irresistible find...

... but check out the adorable back!!! Can't say no! :D

Vintage knit crotchet skirt in a dusty navy blue. I fought for this skirt with Smalls' ex-schoolmate, HAHAHA.

Another great find of the day! Lace button-down dress-- really, the lace is the most most most awesome and gorgeous thing! :) I am already planning how I want to wear this when I visit Teeny in Melbourne during winter next year, haha!

Some accessories:

Plastic vintage bra on a bronze-y chain. La Perla, anyone? :P

Tin soldiers!!! LOVE this one. :D

Coming up next, want to see the first fashion bazaar that I go to in Singapore? :P

I now know where my diva cum drama queen genes come from.
My parents' 25th wedding anniversary is coming up soon, and they are planning to throw a gathering/party for the occasion.
And they want me to take leave to attend the party! -________-


yishyene said...

Was it Fash Bash!

Rebel said...

Hey, I know it's pretty hard with the LDR between you and your boy but heck, I have faith that you guys will make it through. Hang in there!

PS:Oh the Tin soldiers necklace is so cute!

ally said...

<3 i loveee the blue silk top! can so imagine it with a high waisted black skirt <3

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy you're updating more often once again :) Your school nerd outfit is so chic! very nice! Couldnt go for showpink cause my bf went to Taiwan & I had no transport!!! :( But I love the Royal blue silk top & the popeye top!! & the cropped sweater!!! haha update more :p

revel in me said...

y: Why you so clever! :P

simplecheryl: Thank you my loveeee! :D And YAAAA I damn love the neclace! It reminds me of nutcracker somehow, haha.

ally: The top is very 80's!!! The arm part is puffed, then it'tight at the forearm part, very chic! :P

rg: Haha, yaya, now that I am free again, it means more updates! :P Aiyo, you should have stil gone ahead!!! Take bus or something wtf. :P But then again, luckily you didn't go!! What if you fought with me for goodies! :P

Julie Ann said...

ahhh so adorable your schoolgirl outfit!
and omglaR that lunch box!! cute can die.

alarr.. u have to take me to one of these eventsla. you always manage to dig out funky items!

The Faux Fashionista said...

I know exactly how you feel, love! You'd think that being 300+ km away would be easier than 15000 miles away, but I guess not huh? :S

Anyways, GOOD BUYS! My faves are the navy/white stripe dress shirt, the navy top with the bow in the back, and the crochet skirt. All navy wtf.

The Faux Fashionista said...

I just read your previous reply to my previous comment - I want to talk to you on MSN too but I never catch you online!!! When are you online? :(

Oh my parents celebrating their 25th this year too! Theirs is in Dec. So funny cos dad wants my help to surprise mum; mum wants my help to surprise dad. Haih see la the daughter not even home yet immediately put her to use :P

Anonymous said...

you do look very different with the pink specs!
and i know most of them have said it here butttt the royal blue silk top if very nice!! =D

don't eeeemoe so much, so maybe you can take more time to blog bout your new room, and places you went with ur bf lol

Anonymous said...

Hey, i <3 your pink-nerd-kaboom-specs. Wonderfully paired with such a bombastic dress and cutesy lunch box. Hmm you know what,(just a smelly thought) you could tie a lacey lace or a crochet string to the lunch box or even a pinky strap to make it into a sling-lunch box. : D just me stinky elephant ideas.

your sis has great fash taste like you. sisters indeed :) love here 1piece jumpsuit, any idea where from? been searching high and low for a perfect one with h perfect length but it never happened.

Just a note of encouragement - don't let the distance get into you. it will hurt more when you think about how far you both are. you're tough babe this i know: )

tk cr ight?

Joshua said...


I think I know which store you got it from, the one with all the accessories and the white stands right? I toyed with the idea of getting something from them but nothing caught my eye, you took them all no wonder la. :P

I want that lunchbox in blue, wtf.

Anonymous said...

heys, how do you know about all these junkyard sales? i wanna gooooooo. . . sad case la. one year in KL and i've never gone to ANY! makes me miss chatuchak weekend market in bangkokkkk!!!!!!

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

Oh I've always wanted the square and round lunch box from lovely lace, sooo cute, but too expensive T_T You look so cute, and Jing looks elegant :)

Anonymous said...


i love the cropped sweater!
how much did u pay for it?

i saw one at hartamas shopping centre which is really nice but it costs more than 100bucks! how ar how? T_T

revel in me said...

julieann: Thank you darling!! :D :D :D I actually bought the lunch box in S'pore, when Jac and Erin was there-- they both give me extremely weird looks!!! If you have been there, you would have defended me right?? HAHAHA! :P

And yes yes yes, let's go shoppingggg! :D

faux fashionista: Yaaa, LDR is LDR no matter what I guess. Why all the things you like navy wan!!! Secret fantasy to be a sailor girl ar. :P And so cute, your parents want to surprise each other-- I think that's really sweet! :)))

eevon: Very different meh! Good dfferent or bad different. T__T Hahahahha you're trying to make sure I blog blog blog right! :P

And oooohh I have tried tony roma's!! We can go again! :D

anonymous: Fellow fashionista indeed! <3 I love the idea of making it into a sling bag!! :D And haha, yesshhh I love it that all 3 of us sisters love to dress up, 'cause it makes getting ready such a fun affair. :) She thrifted her pair of pantsuit, trust me, I HATE HER TOO! But I think you can try Topshop.. And if not, am pretty sure River Island in S'pore have some! :D Thank you for all the words of encouragement, babe! :)))

joshua: HEEEEE that's one of my favorites too!!! I forgot where I read it, but tin soldiers/nutcracker themes are coming back into style!! Or maybe I dreamt that up, HAHA. Err, I got it from this straw suitcase from the floor, is it that one? :P They have another soldier necklace, but as Jing said, the soldiers of that necklace have faces on them, VERY SCARY AT NIGHT wtffff!!!

HAHAHAHHAHA blue lunch box!!! You know what, you should check out Showpink/Tea & Sympathy, they carry this type of square box bags! Else, come to S'pore, we go shopping!! :D

anonymous: You made me more sad! 'Cause I have never been to chatchuchak before! T__________T I don't really have a set source of finding out about junkyard sales, more often than not, it's though word of mouth or facebook; but a good place to start would be! :)

siewkwan: IS IT?? They have?? How do they look like! :P Aww, thank you lovee!! Ya la, now that I am 23 I rather look cute than elegant HAHAH!

miss hazel: Hahaha yes yes I am back! :P The cropped sweater with a bow? HAHAHA you won't believe it, but I got it for free!! Hahahha! I am quite close to the seller, he said he want to give his regulars some perks. :P Hmm, 100 plus, is it very unique, and is it a one piece (or is it very common and anyone can get one)? If it is, then I think 100-ish is justifiable! I thnk paying slightly more for something that no one else has is worth it. :P

Anonymous said...



tak percaya betul!! hmph! *cross arms* :(



de.. ha..ha.. am afraid the owl is the one an only i could find, so im keeping that one hun.. but there's horses if u tgk nanti.. btw, ur sis will be pickg up he goodies this friday dear.. hope u'll like them! muaxs.. oh..i lorve ur buys, espesh the bow sweater..

Joshua said...

OooO, I want! :D DAMN CUTE.

Yaaa, I wanna go Singapore, I saw fringe shoes I want from Streething, from a store in SG.


One of the shoes I've been looking for.

The 7th pic. I damn like it. And I see the tan version behind the vase on the 5th pic! :D

I WAAAAAAANT! But it's gonna cost a bomb.

Accyee said...

why? whats so bad abt parsely :S

Anonymous said...

sailor top!!
i've been searching high and low for one..halloween is coming and this year i plan to go as sailor girl...already got the skirt and hat..only left the top...hmmmm...wonder if any kind soul out there is willing to sell that to me??

Anonymous said...

after posting the last comment i just realized that i still havent get the stuff i reserved from months ago..T___T
babe..wen free? lets meet up and do some serious shopping!!

Anonymous said...

i love that cropped cardigan!!!

revel in me said...

miss hazel: HAHHAH I am afraid they are very much free! Why you in denial, hahah! :P

old blossom box: Aaaah but the owl is so cute!! Haha, okok, I'll keep a furious lookout for the horsies. :P Thanks babe, can't wait to get my hands on the goodies! <3

joshua: HAHAHHAHA why your eyes so sharp!! Shoes behind vase pulak. :P YAAA I saw in your blog, moccasins, I want too! :D Come come come to s'pore!! Jing told me you guys have plans to right? :)

accyee: They are positively EVILLLL. :(((

joycezhi: Oooooohh you should have told me earlier! There is this shop in Cineleisure which sells cute sailor tops! But closed down already. T__T The tops were a little too literal for my liking, but they would have been perfect for a costume! :( YAAA when you want to meet up! <333

vvens: Is it the one with the bows? I LOOOVE it too! :D

Anonymous said...

hey gal, based on 1 of ur pic "Vintage blue and white striped satin dress shirt", i hv one, Exactly the same, it was frm ZARA. oh wait, i thk the buttons are different LOL. anyway, u bought clothesssss again .. poor wardrobe XD

revel in me said...

tracy: HAHHAHA mine is not from ZARA la!! Vintage, from some caplang brand, hahaha! EH WHY POOR WARDROBE! I beg to differ wtf :P