Monday, October 20, 2008

No more mellow, canary yellow!

Went to eat my favorite siew yuk with the boyfriend and his parents over the weekend. And got such a big headache over what to wear! 'Cause usually when I go back during the weekends, I find myself dressing up in colorful, relatively funky things-- caused from deprivation at work (my body can only take 5 days of stripes and slacks wtf)-- but funky isn't the look to meet the parents right!

Do you all have the same problem, thinking of what to wear to meet the boyfriend's parents? ;)

In the end I decided on this:

My bangs are so scarily long, damn those layers!

- Pale yellow happy vintage dress
- Volcom very long bronze belt-- worn in 2 loops
- Topshop heaband
- Tea & Sympathy brooch (pinned on headband)
- Topshop mustard yellow bag
- River Island diamante sandals

Couldn't resist channeling my whimsical side: vintage-esque brooch pinned on the fabric headband.

The boyfriend let out a shriek of terror when he caught sight of my brooch...


... and proceeded to asked me whether I am going for a horse show, and that I looked like I won a ribbon at said horse show. -________-

And when I started merajuk-ing, he told me, "No la no la, you're not a horse ok" and continued with "You're more like a pony, 'cause you're so small-sized" WTFF

I swear to god I was a magpie in my past life 'cause I am so easily attracted to glittery things! :P
Btw, the shoes are my mom's-- I am almost the same size (shoe and clothes') as my mom, which is GREAT, 'cause my mom has a lot of pretty things. :D

At Dome for my Espreski fix.

The boy and the girl: how different we are!

But good for each other. :P

My solution to re-wearing my clothes now is to wear them for casual Fridays. *smart* :P

I am really happy!! :)))

My dad wants to get me an Mac notebook! :)))) And apparently my whole family knows except for me wtf. When I exclaimed happily to my sisters, they just lazily replied me "Ya, since damn long ago he has decided, you didn't know meh" -_- My dad asked me to check out the prices of the Macbooks, and 'cause I expressed my concern over the incompatibility issues of Macbooks and some other software (like MSN and Skype.. Is this true? =/), he also said I am free to go scout out whatever laptops I like! :D

I have yet to decide whether I will accept my dad's offer (since I am already working and all), but god knows I desperately need (and can't afford) a laptop. My current laptop is 4 years old, and the "Ctrl" key has dropped out, my "I" key is not working properly now (I have to press really really hard for the character to show), and I think there are ants residing in it. -_- And as of these 2 weeks, my "U", "E" and "O" keys are kind of wonky too-- I suspect there is some kind of jinx against the vowels on my keyboard wtf. But I am just really happy that, well, my dad actually thought of getting me the laptop! :)

Jing has always been daddy's favorite-- she was the one who got an Ipod for her 17th birthday-- the first and only one of us siblings to get one from the family. She also got her dream handphone, the N80, when it was released. Ah boy (the rarely mentioned brother wtf) is obviously mommy's pet; but mom has always had a soft spot for Teeny as well, 'cause Teeny was this emo moody thing. Thus my mom tends to give in to her (out of fear or love, I don't know wtf).

Me? Being the responsible, level-headed eldest daughter, I get my parents' trust and respect. My mom always tell me that she can count on me to make the right decisions, that she knows that I am very mature. But precisely 'cause of that, my parents don't show me much attention, they know that I can be left alone and not have to worry about me. Which is why they didn't call me often when I was in Melbourne. Or even now that I am in S'pore. Neither did they ask me about school or university or my exam grades. Because they know that I will do well. That I will manage. Because to them, I always do.

But sometimes I just want them to show that they care. To shower me with attention.

However, it's just that the more you grow up, the harder it is to ask of this from your parents.

Which is why the whole laptop news makes me so happy! And all warm and fuzzy inside. :)


mustardqueen said...

dnt sd la at lst gt nw lptp

wtf u realise i didnt type a e i o u except for at anot wtfwtf can still communicate ma wtf no need new one la... =PP And my moody-i-hate-studying phase over liao mommy no longer accept that offer T___T she jst ask me "u very stress ar so many pimples" I nodded then she flew off -____-

Anonymous said...

aww /boo

actually i dunno what i am-- the unloved middle child wtf

yishyene said...

My parents treat me the same!! Sometimes my mom calls me by a different name that I cannot identify with, but I dont mind as long as she doesn't call me carrot.

Btw tomorrow I'm being dragged to Manchester for you-know-what.. well, beats going to work I say!

Anonymous said...

hahahahha ur bf is so funny!! boys will always be boys

Anonymous said...

OMG The new Macbook (just released in the States, coming to Malaysia, next month/before Christmas) IS AMAZING!!!

Has all the cool features of the Macbook Air (illuminating keyboard etc) but only wayyyyyy better!!! It has a solid aluminium body and a one touch mousepad which I can't decide whether I like or not!

Oh Oh!! But if you're not too fussed about the new Macbook then now it's a good time to get any Macbook cos the Apple shops like Machines, etc are slashing down the prices for the normal Macbooks, Macbook Pros and the Macbook Air to get rid of them so as to welcome the new range of Macbook and Macbook Pros to our country!!

I know I sound like some insanely excited Apple geek or whatever but you should really check out the new Macbook! I give you link lol

Happy surfing!

The Faux Fashionista said...

LALALALAA I want a Macbook tooo! I'm debating between a Macbook or a sewing machine for my birthday present. I know I know...damn tough decision right? *rolls eyes*

Usually when I meet the boy's parents I just wear something that isn't too revealing and shoes that aren't too high (cos the bf's mother will ngam me say its bad for back. pfft!). I really like your yellow dress and how you pinned the brooch on the fabric headband. Boys just don't know how to appreciate such things....

The title of your post made me think of "yellow yellow dirty fellow" :P

Anonymous said...

hello there,
it is best if you buy a mac online through apple website rather than through dealer, because you will get better services.
There is a mac version of all the softwares that you ever want / need in a window pc and better.
Just go to the apple store and they will explain everything to you in detail, further more you will get free tutorials in how to use your comp when you get one. :)
it is a machine worth investing in. cheers.

Kathryn said...

y ur bf so mean ???? =_="
but guys and fashion sense dont really click :P lol

and ya... i alwis have trouble finding the right outfit to wear to meet the boy parents.. cant wear too revealing or too colourful.. :/

i cant comment much on laptops because i am it noob.. hahaha...

Suet Li said...

eh macbook here so cheap! $1000 and get macbook PLUS apple touch PLUS printer!!! damn good deal leh!

why your mom's style damn good also is there where u got yours from too /shy
the only thing i can borrow from my mom is..her broom wtf

mustardqueen said...

oh yah!! daddy wanted to get u the new one cause he say very good blablabla he ask u to check out wtf... ask US friend to send back la wtf

Anonymous said...

teeny is hinting to suet wtf.

estherlauderlyn said...

I'm the unloved middle child too. MCS :( the older we get the more parents dont show they care? thats what boyfriends are for!

At twentyfifth said...

where did ur mum get tht pair of shoes?! i love bling bling flats.

Anonymous said...

pale yellow HAPPY vintage dress --> LOLLL

vss3t said...

ooo! i love that warm fuzzy feeling as well.

I'm the eldest so im deemed to be the good and kuai one. but after the horrible week bk in UK being to depressed, my dad called me up every day every minute to check on me. sniff sniff. i realized im owas his lil' girl in heart.

<3 daddy!

Anonymous said...

i hate thinking of what to wear when i go over to the bf's place. cos his parents complained the clothes i wore were too revealing. i wore shorts in summer. forgive me if i thought it was too hot to wear a bodysuit lor wtf. somemore, his dad commented why i look fatter each time he saw me. *cry* so tempted to say cos i'm carrying your son's baby and have to eat for two wtf. as you can tell, i have issues with the bf's parents. i'm not allowed to wear skirts above the knee, no shorts, no shirts with low v-neck, no singlets or camisoles, etc etc. and worst of all, i know the bf's dad secretly wishes his son would break up with me. *sob* ok my rant over byebye. lol.

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: HAHAHHA wtfff don't laugh so much k, daddy said when I get my new lappie, you are going to get mine WTF.

Hahahha why is mommy so cold! T_T

jia meei: Why all middle children always complain they are unloved! I feel that middle children always get a lot of attention-- 'cause they are usually very noisy and brash wtf.

y: WTFFF why your mom called you by a different name!! As in she forgot your name?? Or she was just being affectionate!

OOOH have fun in manchester!! Get me a signed jersey if you can!! Or a vintage flag HAHA.

jen: Funny meh! MEAN more like it.. T_T

joyce: Hahaha your excitement is infectious!! I feel like jumping up and down going "Mac Mac Mac" heehee. I am still in disbelief that I might get a Macbook!! I always thought Macbook was for the rich and cool kids. T_T

Thanks for the heads up, love! My dad did ask me to look out for the older range.. But my sister just told me that he asked me to check out the upcoming ones too! Wheee!

faux fashionista: HAHHAHA why are you like this!! Why do you even need to decide!! :P And hahah I can so imagine an auntie nagging you about heels. My bf's mom doesn't like dark colors and 'revealing' outfits! Headache. T_T

anonymous: Book online? Will they ship to M'sia/S'pore? But ooh, thanks for clearing my doubts about the incompatibility issue!! I still can't believe I might be getting a Mac, AAAHHH! :D

baby kat: Haiihh he everyday insult me wan. T_T And haha, I am an IT noob too! But I have a double degree in it WTFF. YAA every time I know I have to see the bf's parents I will need to plot and think what I want to wear wan! *stressed*

suet li: WHAT THE HELL why 1k can get so many things! -______- OHHH my mom's style can be quite scary!! Haha, 'cause she likes to put everything on herself wtf. But she has a lot of pretty things though! <3

mustardqueen: He just told you ar! WHEEEEEEEEEE

aud: Eh why you like lurking!! HAHAHHAHAHA

estherlauderlyn: I am the eldest, and I don't get any love too! :'( But haha, I like what you said about the bfs! :D

25th: It's from River Island, dear! :) There's one in S'pore!

miss hazel: Hahaha ya all my clothes have names wtf. Most of the names are the same-- 'Happy' wtf.

vss3t: What happened in UK that made you so sad? :( Aww, but that's really so so sweet of your dad! Just the thought makes me smile already. :) I am not so lucky la, my parents don't really know when I am sad.. But oh well, I will take whatever I can get. :)

jeanchristie said...

i also like the shoesssssss!

Anonymous said...

it's ok i know how teeny feels! my mom is liddat to me too because i wrote in my diary that i wanna commit suicide and left it lying around WTF. so i dont think my parents love me they are just scared i would do what i threatened to at 13 wtf.

aih middle child syndrome! but u r oldest child wor! but i get how u feel also cuz my parents nvr ask how im doing in uni all that wan cuz they think i'm very clever! which is a good thing for me also wtf i dont have to lie wtf

-k said...

Hello! Long time reader, first time commenter. I'm glad you've started tagging your outfit posts with where you got stuff from. I rather enjoy knowing where people's awesome clothes come from. :)

revel in me said...

jean: My mom got it from River Island!! There's one in Vivo! :)

pangtzeching: Hahahha is that how you got your mom to get you all the SKII products WTF!! I also dunno why I am the unloved eldest child! Maybe 'cause I was ugly when I was young WTF.

-k: Haha, I just did it on a whim, not sure whether I will continue, I mean, is anyone actually interested to know? =/ And whee, thanks for the comment, now I have someone new to stalk! :P