Thursday, October 16, 2008

Peak period.

I just claimed my first overtime!! :)))
(overtime converts into overtime leave for me, which means, more days off, yay!)

That said, wow, it's only October, and my audit peak period has already started. And it's going to get worse. I got a shock when I looked at my staffing schedule, and saw that my schedule is packed with back-to-back jobs/clients from now until the day after my birthday (end April) next year!!!!!




And I brought work home to do. Doing now. T_______T

No joke, the stress is already taking a toll on me. My body has gone bonkers-- my last period was late by 2 weeks! The best part? After it barely ended, it was time for the next month's period!!!! So I am going to have 1-month long period, GREAT. And I am so worried now, 'cause I don't know whether it's because of the stress, or something is genuinely wrong with my body! :(

I think I am going to bleed to death. :((((

Peak period? Literally. -_-


Sue Lin said...

Doesn't the next period come AFTER the first day of the late period???

Thats the way it is for me and i love late periods! The less of it the better

Anonymous said...

audit job is so damn stressing! my eldest sister works as audit too. she only came back to home at 4-5am in the morning during the peak seasons. sometimes, she doesn't even have the time to go home at all. she have to brought some formal attire, toothbrush and everything along so that she could work for 2 or 3 days w/out coming home! and, she works 7 days per week too. that's horrible. she even involved in few accidents due to lack of sleep. wtf. i hope all these doesn't happen on you. do have a nice rest if you could!!

lacquer&lace said...
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Joshua said...

*points at Isabelle's comment*

Sounds like my future now. Only I still go home whenever I can even if it's 8am in the morning, wtf. If only to shower in my own bathroom and change clothes!

Even an hour of sleep makes a whole world of difference, always go back when you can.

*pats* Tell me when you have reached the stage of have all the available take-outs on your cellphone contact list, and/or start eating 7/11 food. Packing your whole day of meals also counts.

That means you've officially joined the club, wtf.

You can do this! I'm a survivor too, wtf. Aside from the bleeding, :/

PS: Sorry, used the wrong account just now.

Anonymous said...

i think it's the stress, which can affect the hormones in your body i think. but if you're worried, best to see the doctor just in case. no such thing as being too careful, right?

p/s: just started reading your blog, but i already love your sense of fashion!! :)

mustardqueen said...

WHO CUT YOU??? if not then why u keep bleeding keep keep bleeding lovee.... <33 hahah wtf EHHHHHHH SO SADDDDD!!!! U won't even be here on my birthday!!! =(((((( You won't be with me to get my very own birthday present!!?? HOW ABOUT THE PRESENT FROM U??? T_______T this is my 3rd year not celebrating birthday liao, so sad T___T now my heart bleed wtf

girl-in-wonderland said...

how can dat possibly happen? Periods are a cycle, aren't they so they have to get to certain cycles to go on!

If it's late once, means it will delay the consecutive ones as well, right!?

Other than that, just try to stay healthy. Falling sick would be the most disastrous thing to happen!

Anonymous said...

When i get a late period, the next period would come a month after the late period. Means one period gets delayed, it all gets delayed for life. Try evening primrose oil. Might help. Take care!

Anonymous said...

nice pun
hope u feel better =)

Anonymous said...

Nah no worries, coz if you're continue stressed out, your nex period gonna come late as well! LOL

Anonymous said...

Haha Hui Wen now you believe what your colleagues said? It's not an easy job right?

At twentyfifth said...

i have the same problem too...
though i'm not an audit.
eversince i started work 5 mths back, my period has been late a week every mth...

and during tht week "waiting" for the day to come, i'll feel totally awful.

Anonymous said...

i think it's most likely due to stress...

jeanchristie said...

You too!!! I also just saw my latest booking schedule and its all the way till April without any breaks in between! *pats* lets console each other wtf.

My only saviour at the moment is my CA exams -______- Cos I have 2 weeks of study leave, and might possibly take the 3rd week off too .. (cos the doink doink exam is on a Tuesday laa..and my manager said nobody wants to adopt me for 2 days wtf).

Sleep deprived, fine lines, wrinkles, break outs and disturbed period cycle .. just the beginning my dear! If you suffer like the rest of the auditors during peak, be prepared to see an "older" version of yourself after peak.

My batch of mates and I didn't believe it until it happened to us *SOBS*

revel in me said...

sue lin: Err, the next cycle begins after the first day of the period-- but I got my actual menstruation straightaway!! Maybe it's the same cycle, I don't know.. T____T

isabelle: WTFFF T_____________________T Give your sister a big hug for me ok! That's TERRIBLE!! What kind of life is that.. T_______T Cross fingers for me that my peak period would be a little more easy on me, hehe. Thank you dear! :)

joshua: YAAA I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN, must go home to change and bathe right! I can't shit at other toilets wan WTF. HAHHAHAHHA asicde for the bleeeding HHAHAHAH. I hate take-out food, I hope I won't ever reach that fate! :'(

irene: Yaa, I think it's the stress too, and it's also possible that it's 'cause I was sick 2 weeks back + took a new medicine for it (I googled up on causes of late periods, heh) I will go ask my dad later (he's a doctor wtf).. Thank you dear, err welcome to my blog! :D

mustardqueen: Fuck off la bleeding damn cham ok wear pad straight for few weeks.. T___T OHHH I am coming back for your b'day la! *loving sister mode wtf* Damn stupid, I purposely took 1 week's leave on your birthday, but they rejected it, RAWRRRR!!!

girl in wonderland: YAAAA that's what I thought too! Hmm, maybe this is still bleeding from the same period..=/ Oh gosh, I think after this entry I am going to lose all my male readers, HAHA!

gwencws: Aaah, everyone is asking me to take evening primrose oil! But I don't get cramps... Does the oil regulate periods as well? Anyhow, thank you dear! :)))

sam dang: SUCK UP!!! Hehehehe, thank youuuu. :D

forbidden tales: Why you so baddd curse me to have forever late periods.. T_________________T

anonymous: Haha, why you made it sound like I thought it was an easy job to begin with!!! I have always know that audit comes with a very steep learning curve.. T___T

25th: Oh no! So it's more of a WORK thing? Dammit it, now I really miss my student life. T_____T And yes, late periods are very scary! >=(

anonymous: That's my deduction too! 'Cause I haven't really had any stress for agessss wtf.

jean: At least you get to have 3 weeks off!! T____T And I am particularly emo 'cause why la why my peak ends ngam ngam the day AFTER my b;'day, what kind of mean joke is this.. T___T And WOII don't scare me la!! I cannot get old ok!! CANNOT CANNOT CANNOT!!

*runs out to buy la mer cream*

Sue Lin said...

Shud b the same one la

If i had Joshua's life in auditing i'd be long gone. The past 7 months of my auditing life has been a real blessing in comparison. Prays hard that its gonna be the same for the next 2 years and 3 months! Am i asking for too much?

And unlike u, the first 3 weeks of work, i starting shitting at work already. Its like... too many hours spent there in tht building