Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Feeling :D

Tan braided headband: Diva
Denim vest: Glassons, Melbourne
Tie-dyed skirt, worn as bustier dress: stolen from sister
Waist cincher: Topshop (I think)
Patent green wedges with wooden heel: Target, Australia
Bracelets: Assorted

Antique-esque brooch, from Axcessorize.

This was what I wore to my parent's 'wedding anniversary' dinner! Inverted commas, 'cause I GOT CHEATED. It was just a fake dinner to humor me! T___T My parents will be going out for a nice dinner with their couple friends on the actual day (29th Oct). T___T

When I found out that what we were having was just a normal family dinner, I exclaimed to her that I purposely brought back a sequined coat 'cause I thought it was a fancy affair! My mom nodded her head pensively, and ran away! Now I know where my crappy and dodgy genes came from. -__-

Ya, anyway, now you know why I dressed like a hobo-- it was as retaliation wtf.

Went yum-cha with the sisters:

Dress with yatch and anchor details: Vintage
Navy patent pumps with back bow: Cineleisure
Tan braided belt: Dorothy Perkins
Rattan folder bag: Thrifted

Although I am now dead tired (bloody bus only reached back in S'pore at 2am, and by the time I actually went to sleep, it was already 3), and my laptop is playing PMS with me tonight-- I just can't help but feel smiley and upbeat. :) I had a really good weekend back home; I am so thankful that I made the decision to go home for the long weekend-- the extra 1 day at home really helped.

And Tuesday is almost over! Wednesday and Thursday will be here in a blink of an eye, and not only then it will be hallelujah, Friday, but it also means another weekend back home! :)))

There seems to be more and more things to look forward to. Pretty soon, it will be mid- November, and Jac will be back! And I am crossing my fingers and toes that my leave for the Christmas + NYE period will be approved... we are talking about almost 2 weeks back home, YEAH BAYBEH!

This week will be a breeze! :D


Anonymous said...

hey can i ask which bus company do u take to singapore every time? and what about a post about ideal shopping places in singapore :)

Anonymous said...

but i liked the hobo look.. or is it the boho look? haha.

i'm planning to go on a work holiday programme in singapore next year and i'm quite worried that i won't be able to cope without my family, my boyfriend or my friends. luckily i have cousins living in johor so i'll probably take the bus over every weekend haha.

Simon Seow said...

Normal dinner also can wear fancy mah.

Anonymous said...

Hello Hui Wen! I think I left you a comment here some time ago about the time you went to remove your mole on your arm? I was supposed to email you for your doctor's details but my laptop crashed and lost your link =/. Im back in KL this weekend so I was thinking it might be a good time for a consultation. I sent you an email already so let me know okay? Thanks!

Vivien said...

zara shoes are like, 300bucks++ o_o can feed a small family in africa fr a month! haha :D picpicpic!
oh, have u decided on whether to open a stall this weekend? :)

revel in me said...

anonymous: I take aeroline, love! :) Oooh, shopping places in s'pore? I don't think I know all of them la! But maybe one day I will! :D

irene: BOHO! Hobo are tramps right.T__T Work holiday program? Is it like an internship? If it's a short stint, I don't think you have anything to worry la! And haha, yaya, having relatives nearby in Johor would definitely help I think! :D

simon seow: Not a sequined blazer!

anonymous: Hi love, yaya I got your email! But I forgot to reply you. =/ Hmm, I am not sure I have the number myself... I will let you know over the weekend? :))) bug me via email again! :P

penguin: Unfortunately, mine cost almost double of the usual Zara price! T_T And OHHHH I don't think it's happening! :(

Anonymous said...

Hobo = homeless bodies.. But you said hobo in your post leh. I was thinking you really meant boho instead.

It's not an internship, although it'd be nice to get one in this economy. It's just they give you a 6 months work visa to work anywhere in Singapore. But after 6 months, I'll probably travel for 3-5 months. That's like nearly a year gone!!

mustardqueen said...

AHAHAHA HOMELESS BODY AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh yah WHY bijou not happening ar?? T_T I tried calling and sms-ing yoke yin but but but no news lor!! T______T will bug her tonight go her house! Hmmph...

-k said...

You look lovely! I'm really loving that hobo look. I think I've got that same braided hair band from Diva. LOL..

revel in me said...

irene: OH SHIT, sorry, typo! Did the post after my OT.. -_- Ooh, so which industry are you going to work in..? :) And travel travel travel! Delay worklife as much as you can! T_T

mustardqueen: No time la, got 2 parties! T_T And the bf emo that I never spend time with him.. T_T

-k: Haha, what a coincidence! :D Thank you! <3

Anonymous said...

i was thinking of working in the mental health department. i'm about to finish my psych degree but a bachelor's degree means nothing when looking for a job. so i'm hoping for an internship or something in singapore.

if not, i'll just enjoy myself and travel around. haha. i'm not too excited to launch a full-time career yet.