Saturday, November 01, 2008

The 2 C's

C No.1:
Cuppacakes @ Wondermilk!


Teeny, possessed by a marching soldier wtf.

Jing, and her standard Velvet Ribbon pose, haha.

Joshua, Jing's best friend, aka Lacquer & Lace owner. I love his outfit!! He seemed to be glowing, HAHA.


White top with braided back (not shown): Esprit
Black drop crotch pants: Singapore
Velvet black heels: Charles & Keith
Bracelets/Bangles: Topshop/Taiwan
Bag: Chanel

Tin soldier brass necklace: Junkyard sale
Red lips: I got it from my mama WTF

I have never, ever worn lipstick in my life!!! Unless you count the time I was 4 years old, and I performed in my kindergarten concert. Oh wait, I have applied lipstick, (rather haphazardly, I might add) -- I used to steal my mom's make-up when I was young-- all of us have done that before right! :P

But I have never USED lipstick before! I am more of an au-naturale girl, I am uncomfortable with color on my face, except for a rosy blush!! But I just thought I needed a pop of color with my monochromatic outfit. :D

At Wondermilk, proudly showcasing the free cupcakes that we got!

As overrated as it is, I still think Cuppacakes make some of the tastiest cupcakes! Especially their strawberry dream cupcakes, SO NICE! And their designs are always adorable as hell... I can't recall a single time when I look at their cupcakes and not feel the urge to smile. :)

Joshua, me, Jing, Teeny, Nadia from Honey Pumpkin, Jezmine.

When we were taking pictures indoors, Joshua told me that my face detector only detects my red lips. T___T

Then when we asked a passerby to snap this group shot of us, she told me that my camera is very naughty, 'cause the face detector only focused on my crotch!!!
'Cause I wore drop-crotch, so it is more in your face is it. T_______________T

With Jezmine!

And I noticed in almost every picture I was crossing my legs-- self conscious of the crotchjimajiggy WTF. I got so many lovely comments that day on my pants though!*shy*

Hmm, the event was ok, there weren't many stalls, I just got a suit (inclusive of blazer and bottoms) for RM15 WTFFF, a black satin dress which I plan to do some DIY on, and 2 belts! GOOD GIRL, HUI WEN! :D

Thank god we got free cupcakes! :P

C No.2:

Jing has achieved one of her life goals. *shiny eyes*
In fact, it is one of my life goals too! It is the life-long dream of many girls. :))))

Guess which bag she got from Chanel? ;)

At Dome!

Pretending that her bag is a Dome patron too wtf.

Was she afraid I would kiss her with my pouty red lips! *shy*

And, err, guess who was caught red-handed in breaking her shopping ban...

*shifty eyes*



The Faux Fashionista said...

I know I know!!! *raises hand and jumps up and down excitedly*

I know the style and color and material and hardware too!!!!!! XDDDDDD

*sobsob* Still so jealous! :(

The Faux Fashionista said...

So damn cool la to have fashionable sisters who are about the same size! Do you guys share clothes? Cos then your wardrobe will be 3 times the size!!!!! :)Love the red lips, but my bf don't like, and I don't think I can carry it off too well :(

Oh ya, and I'm really envious of your relationship with your sisters. I only have a little brother who's definitely no fun to shop with :( The bf on the other hand has no appreciation for overpriced leather goods X((( *sigh*

Anonymous said...

aww sisterly love = :D

haha i think your shopping ban is no use. it's the same with me. when i'm not supposed to shop, i go crazy shopping. when i actually have money to spend, i don't feel like shopping. lol.

and recently to stop myself from shopping, i refrained from going out. but i still did shopping - online shopping!! just bought some stuff off VR and other sites too. why la why are we girls so easily tempted by pretty things??

Anonymous said...

u sisters are so pretty ok! =)

Anonymous said...

Ooooh! Chanel 2.55! le sigh

Anonymous said...

ahhh! may i know how much does that bag costs? :D

Joshua said...

Why my face like that! :(

Jing seriously needs to be a plastic surgeon lor, so she can save me, wtf.


Anonymous said...

oooh this is the first time i've seen jing's face from the front :D very pretty! and her hair colour suits her very well! :)

and is it the 2.55?????? what colour!

revel in me said...

faux fashionista: SHOW OFF! :P Em, jing and I are more of the same size, Teeny is too tall, boo! But we still share clothes all the time, along with mummy dearest's! ;)

And haha, my bf hasn't seen me with the red lips yet, yet to know his feedback, hee. And YES, my sisters are my BEST shopping partners! *whee*

irene: Omg, you totally summed up my life! Hahaha! But ehhhh my shopping ban is up again after my shoes, I am determined to stay strong (at least for awhile la) :P

anonymous: Omg, thank you! :) My mom will be proud! :D

anonymous: So smart! :D

amelia: We-ell, as of today, the bag is probably 10k-plus!!! Jing got it 'cause there was going to be a price increase (of about 17%) effective from 1st Nov! T___T

joshua: Yess, let's please talk her into specialising in cosmetic surgery, I need FREE botox next time, hello! :P

foongjin: Haha, what do you mean!! You have never seen her face before mehhh!!! And she got it in black!! :)

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

I love your red lipsssssss...oh sooooooo erm, stylish(wanted to say sexy and hot, but those 2 words are so overused...HAHA)

Anonymous said...

beb, chanel in melbourne is so much cheaper now that the rate is so low! :P it was so packed with people the past few days due to the low rate and price raise next week.


Anonymous said...

She got them for 9k + ?

Anonymous said...

She got them for 9k + ?

Katie ♥ said...

did jing buy the 2.55 or the classic flap? :P i keep trying to convince my mom to get a chanel clutch but she is fiercely loyal to LV to the end, and she thinks Chanel is very auntie! WTF sometimes I don't think we are related, haha.

Katie ♥ said...

btw love the red lips on you, not many Chinese girls can carry it off! :)

Ashleigh said...

I LOVE Chanel!!! So jealous!

Anyway, how was the Cuppacakes show? I wanted to go but the bf dragged me around for Diwali grocery shopping. T__T His excuse was that since I drag him for shopping too, so should he.

Loving the fierce red lips!! =D

mustardqueen said...

EH u know what is extensive photoshopping anot?? WHy didnt u do that on me??? T_______T

JOSH: I'll be the first to go under her knife cos it's free wtf and risk my nose being cut into pig's nose -_-

Anonymous said...

her face was always tilted or angled, so i never got to see her full frontal before...:P :P

Anonymous said...

Harlows. I am a silent reader who don't usually leave comments but i must say i am very attracted to jing's gladiator shoes.
If you dont mind,may i know where did she get ti from n how much?

revel in me said...

siewkwan: STYLISH red lips? I can never live it down! T__T Can I just stick with hot and sexy, hehehe.

michelle: I KNOWWW!! I was super emo too, if I am still in melb, I would have grabbed myself one of those babies too! (with what money I dunno -__-) SIGHHHH maybe the low rate will continue till next year? (I am heading to melb for a holiday! :P)

anonymous: No, lower than that! :)

katie: She got the classic flap! :) Wowww, your mom thinks that? I love my LV alma, but to be honest, I actually think LV is way way more auntie then Chanel! LV is just a more mature brand, which is why I use my Lv for more serious events, and jing uses hers..for school. -_- But haha, I remember you mentioning that you won't get your mom to buy your chanel 'cause you feel that the bag is suitable for you? :P Buy in melb now, so cheap! <3

ashleigh: Chanel is no.1 to me too! <333 The cuppcake show was quite meh, not enough stalls, so you didn't miss much! :)

mustardqueen: Why must do extensive photoshopping!! You look nice what! And what if I photoshop, then next time people don't recognise you. T_T

foongjin: Haha, full frontal sounds very wrong! :P

anonymous: She got it from F21, it was RM109! :)

Anonymous said...

What size is her bag? around how much is the bag?
I wanted to get one =D
Ask her to show us the bag =P

Anonymous said...

My bag is still sitting in the box! ;P So i'm not too sure what it looks like as well! *shy*

And don't ask for the price laaa! *shy* :) Just REVEL in Chanel WTF! Start a new tag for a new family member my love wtf! :D

Anonymous said...

And school IS a serious event okay! *defensive* :) I'm very serious when it comes to school! *shifty eyes* :D

revel in me said...

copykatie: "LV is way way more auntie THAN Chanel!"

"...feel that the bag ISN'T suitable.."

Sorry love, I am just fucking anal about grammar! :(

anonymous: I can't remember the exact price she paid, too big already the number WTFF. Erm, it's the medium size one! Haha, I will get her to use it soon! :P And YESSS every woman sure have at least one chanel 2.55, MUSTTT! <3

jing: Haihh, you no hope already la! :P

Anonymous said...

I think you should know that there is a difference between the classic flap and the 2.55. It's a common mistake that people who don't know a lot about bags make.

FYI, the classic flap is the usual one with the CC clasp and a 2.55 is the one with the mademoiselle clasp.

(End of PSA)

Anonymous said...

@ jing ~ don't be shy about the price least have me know roughly around how much so i can convince my parents (damn old fashion) to get it for me on my birthday =D 6k+, 7k+ or 8k+?

Anonymous said...

@ jing~ again =P u should be damn proud u can afford to buy a chanel 2.55 at such a young age yourself! be proud,be proud =D

Anonymous said...

YES madness! 2.55 jumbo for only 7820 and classic jumbo for 7240 when i bought them! HAHAs


revel in me said...

s: Sophia, is that you? HAHAHHA. Anyway, I did some research some time ago, and from my understanding, 2.55s refer to all the rectangle quilted bags with flaps (shit, my description sucks, haha). Specifically, the mademoiselle lock ones are called the reissue bags, whereas the ones with the classic double-C locks are called the classic flaps. Sort of like set and subsets, if you get what I mean. :)

Also mentioned in
"However, it has become convenient to call all 2.55s that resemble the original 2.55 Reissues and all 2.55s that have the interlocking CCs Classic Flaps."

anonymous: Why your parents so nice!!! Get you chanel for your birthday.. T__________T

michelle: OMGGG OMGGG OMGGG!! I know this sounds so wrongm, but that is effing CHEAP!! SHIT MAN!! I should have just failed some papers last year so that I could be in melb this year to reap the benefits of the low exchange rate, haha!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA yes they were really cheap. My mom was all mad about it too! Actually I kinda regret for not getting more :P