Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cruise Getaway.

Ok, continuing on my cruise weekend!
I am on a mission here, 'cause the last time I went on a cruise (end 2006), I resolved to blog all about it-- but ended up not doing so... So now I must!

Camwhoring in our room which is barely bigger than a shoe box, SIGH.
And this is the outfit I was referring to here where my mom called me an Indian woman wtf.

Plenty of time to camwhore while waiting for everyone to get ready. One bathroom, 4 vain women-- bad combination!

Jing looks so pretty here! *heart*

Teeny munching away on her necklace. -__- 'Cause too eager for breakfast but we took so long to get ready wtf.

That thing that my arm was resting against-- that's actually the upper bunk bed!!!!
Haihhhh very hard to explain, I show you all in my next post. T__T

Outfits! :)

Teeny, with her new cheap-ass Cotton On shoes.

She bought it in S'pore, during one of our meet-ups in Orchard last week. There was an array of colors for the shoes, but the moment I saw her picked electric blue, I eyed her warily and asked her, "Confirmed you brought a lot of blue clothes to wear in S'pore right!!!"

At first she denied. But you all will later see that all her outfits in S'pore are blue! She purposely bought a pair of flats to match her outfits in S'pore. -___- \
I know my sister too well!!

Jing, who only brought flats to wear on the ship, 'cause her feet was dead from all the walking she, Teeny and mommy did (without me I might add, 'cause I was at work T_T) in the days before the cruise.
But who looks in envy whenever she saw me clicking my heels (fine more like stomping wtf)) on the wooden deck!

Floral button-down top: Thrifted
Denim overalls with braided straps: Free Fusion, Target Australia

Bracelets/bangles: Thrifted/Diva
Beige suede heels: Topshop

Tummy status: Protruding wtf

O.M.G. This is too rare to not post up! My skin looks so so nice here! T___T

Breakfast time!
Fine, ok, it was LUNCH time. 'Cause we only woke up at noon. T_T
We were trying to decided what to do/where to eat by looking at the itinerary, and my mom was like: "Errrr I think we can just ignore the top half of the page 'cause we have missed half of the activities in the day already" wtf

We decided to sit outside on the deck, so that we can enjoy the light sea breeze.
And that's my mommy there! :)

Mommy used to have gorgeous long curls, but she snipped it off one day, and voila, stylish bob!

Mommy's darlings:

Eldest: Teeny calls me Man (my name in Cantonese) the Elderly. -____-

Middle: Middle child syndrome-- attention-hogger wtf

Youngest: Mommy's pet!

SO HOWW!! Which one of us look like mommy the most? :P

Sitting on my mom's lap-- my mom is thinner (but taller) than me, god, life is unfair wtf-- I was so afraid I would break her bones or something! T_T

But I used to sit on my mom's lap all the time (until Jing and Teeny was born la stupid things, fight for attention with me wtf)-- in the car's front seat, reading story books, revising, sing-alongs.. The good old days. :P

Err, if you think I was kidding when I said that Star Cruises *might* close down because of the way we eat, think again, hahaha!

We decided to play some board games, so we went to borrow some form the activity centre.

Squinty Jing-- she has the sun with a vengeance, haha.

We settled on Scrabble! And yes, this is the same table as the food-laden table depicted in a few pictures before this-- we managed to clear off quite a bit yo!
The leftover food here are supposed to be snacks/brain fuel food for us during the game! :O

Err, left the deck for greener pastures. Or rather shadier pastures, haha.
The deck was getting rather sunny and hot... Bad for scrabble chi-chi! So we moved indoors. :)

(as you can see, we moved our food along with us too wtf)

Teeny's victory sign, 'cause she was leading in the game.
SIGH, lost to a girl who used to think WIT is spelled as WHEAT wtf.

Jing, the infamous sore loser, who cannot lose, no matter what. Here she is, taking the game super seriously, and looking damn grouchy, HAHA.

Which is no surprise, especially when Teeny and I pretend to be blind while playing the game HAHAHAHAHHA.

Irritating Jing further hehehe. Teeny and I are at PERPENDICULAR angles! (the word later came up in a competitive game of Pictionary wtf)

Mmmm, playing board games with a warm cup of tea, and the sea beneath you, beside you, around you, now that's a smashing feeling. :)


ally said...

eh? i always thought hui jing was the youngest! silly me :P

Anonymous said...

Jing looks like Rumi from Fashion Toast in the 2nd pic! lol

Sue Lin said...

I've always said one sister is enough, but now i'm wishing i had one more! HAHAH

Ur mom looks so elegant there =)

Joshua said...

Haha, yes I know of Jing's Scrabble/board game personality. Wtf.

One time we were in the Attic, she switched the pieces when she thought I wasn't looking, I waited till she finished then I raised my eyebrow, haahaha.

But she usually wins in Scrabble though, damn greedy with points and blocking others' chance at triple word score wtf.

revel in me said...

ally: Haha 'cause Teeny is the tallest is it!! (she gets real sensitive about it SHHHH wtff) :P

miss hazel: Wahhh Rumi is damn hot!! Especially her long and leaned body! Ok now I sound like a pervert T_T

sue lin: Haha, but 3 is a crowd WTFFF. Nono I don't mean that!! T___T I love my sisters. <3 And haha, if you see my mom doing her 'feng tao/feng LEG' dance, you would reconsider her elegance HAHAHAHA.

joshua: OMGGG she tried to cheat???? -__________- Shit man, I wasn't even paying attention during scrabble that day, maybe she cheated eh!! *eyes crossed* She has always been like this wan, super sore loser. T__T If she loses, then she won't want to play anymore. -___- Omg, wait till you find out how she is like in Cluedo, hahaha!

Anonymous said...

Lol..u saying Jing not as hot as Rumi. *hor~ hor~ i dunno~*

mustardqueen said...

EHHHH I WHERE GOT MOTHER'S PET??? wait till u see what did you BROTHER bought today during shopping =___= buy so much until can become MEMBER wey quiksilver la wtf but still!!! -_- YAYyy i won scrabble wtf i didn't know how to spell WIT cause you all "yam" me saying its WHEAT MA!!! that word never appear in the dictionary of my life before can!!! -_- I'm so WHEATY that's why i go on Atkins wtf

Suet Li said...

eh looks so fun your mom is soooo pretty so nice to have so much fun with your own family!!

yiqin; said...

So fun! I have never been on a cruise:(

Vivien said...

omg your mum so pretty :D
no wonder her daughters also pretty :P

oh oh, baskin robbins has this new flavour called Quarterback Crunch, it's gooood :)

revel in me said...

miss hazel: Why you twist my words around! T_T I merely said that Rumi is damn gorgeous and very long and lean.. T__T

mustardqueen: WTFFF brother is a member of quiksilver??!!! At his age mommy wouldn't even buy Roxy for me ok! T____T And /boo but now your scrabble skills damn can make it! <3

suet li: But family trips would be rare and far between now that I have started working! :(

yiqin: Go with your bf!!! It's really easy! It departs from harbor front. <3

penguin: Hhahahahah ironic that you said that, coz according to my mom she was the prettiest girl in uni WTF. -_- And OHHH I have tried quarterback crunch before!! I don't think it's a new flavor, coz I tried it ages ago, but HEEE you know my taste so well! It IS something that I would like! :P

Anonymous said...

hahaha why ur dad neglected cannot come on the cruise! wtf

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

I think your mum looks super young la, really one!

Anonymous said...

hie was curious do all 3 of u sisters wear contact lenses? couz I saw b4 u, ur mom n dad all wear specs=p
I wanna go on cruise toooo=(

Champagne said...

The food looks delicious and I tried to play scramble, but never really got the hang of it. Playing with children doesn't help either.

The Faux Fashionista said...

Awww....mother/daughter love!!! :) So sweet. I like how you all bersemangat dress up for the cruise, and damn you girls can really eat! Your mum looks so young and fashionable, hahaha and I am rather curious to see her feng tau/leg dance. I wish my mum would be more label conscious so I could steal her bags. She's getting there. Its Coach now, can't wait till she upgrades to Chanel :P

revel in me said...

aud: 'Cause he has to work to pay off the cruise HAHAHHAHHA!

siewkwan: She does!!<3 Here's to hoping that the genes are passed down! *prays* :P

anonymous: OMGGGG did you see me without make up and damn haggard!!! 'Cause usually with my parents I look like crap HAHA. Teeny and I are shortsighted, so yaaa we wear contacts! :) Jing, damn that lazybum, never study wan, so she has perfect eyesight, haha.

champagne: HAHAHHA why did you play with children!! Then you would have won quite a few rounds right. :P

faux fashionista: Aiya, you know us, we will find any occasion to dress up, haha! My mom has her scary moments too! Wear super OTT.. T__T But definitely, that woman is CRAZYYYY!! The feng tao/leg dance is just the tip of the iceberg wtf. But hahaahha yaya I am quite thankful that my mom is quite a brandwhore! Amongst the few of us, I think our bag collection is quite the <3.:P

Anonymous said...

XD jokin ny la :P