Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cruise know-it-all.

I have had quite a few people asking me about the cruise, like: how much it cost, what do we do there etc etc.

The problem is, I didn't take many pictures this time around! Or at least, pictures of the ship/activities. *shifty eyes* So I came up with a brilliant idea! I am going to post some of the cruise pictures that I didn't get to post up the last time, and hopefully give you all at least a rough idea of how being on the ship is like. :P

For the past 2 times, we went on the Superstar Virgo, supposedly the largest, most luxurious ship amongst them all (our first ever cruise was on the Superstar Aries).

(all pictures below are from end 2006)

Baby Virgo-- a ship model at the waiting area before you check into the ship.

Yes, there are the same customs/checking procedures as you would observe in a airport! 'Cause the cruises would usually go across international borders.

You can pick the destinations-- for example, the Virgo goes to different destinations (such as Langkawi, Redang, Phuket etc) for different cruises. In 2006, we departed from Port Klang to Singapore, whereas this time around, we took the cruise to Nowhere.

Meaning... the ship just goes to the middle of the sea and stops there wtf. -_-

My mom actually wanted us to take the Phuket cruise, but unfortunately they only do it during weekdays, and I can't take any leave, so weekend cruise to nowhere it is, boo.

Virgo in the flesh! Or tin body, hahaha wtf.

The very grand lobby. Look at those glass lifts! It should give you a rough idea of how massive the ship is right. :P

This is how I looked like in end 2006!
Relegated to sleep on the top bunk as usual, 'cause I am the shortest. T__T

And OHHH! The top bunk can actually be folded to lean against the wall! Because the cabin is really really small. -_-

I actually have a picture of the room. but unfortunately, it has Teeny in it-- Teeny in her Dark Ages to be precise, and I just know that she will KILL me if I post it up, haha.
Anyway, basically it's a room with 2 single beds at a glance. But it is actually a room for 4 people-- the pulled-down top bunk, and a pulled-out sofa bed. We would have taken the Balcony Rooms, which are way more spacious and luxurious, but unfortunately it only fits 3 people. :(

The top bunk even comes with a safety belt WTFFF.
Look at how sad I looked to have to sleep there! T_T

The ballroom-- spot the pianist!
There will be one night where a fancy dinner will be held, called the "Captain's Night", whereby you will get to dine with the cruise Captain! Damn cool right!

We woke up one morning and to our shock, we saw a guy outside our window!!! But we were in the middle of the sea!!!!
Turns out he was cleaning the windows wtf.

Caught red-handed!!!! Stealing food from the kid's area. *shifty eyes*

But this time around, we are way cleverer! While we took food from the kid's area, we say very loudly to no one in particular, "I WONDER WHETHER BOBBY OUR BROTHER WILL LIKE THIS *insert name of food we were stealing*" HAHAHAHAHAHA.

The theatre! Where we watched the acrobatic show (I think they have different shows for different cruises), when all we really want to watch is the topless show WTF.

Sisters circa 2006! At one of the many flight of stairs-- there are altogether 12 stories in the ship!

Roman influences on the deck.

The pool by day and by night: gorgeous both ways! :)
The pool is set on the highest deck btw, and it's entirely al fresco... It's an AWESOME feeling to be swimming there!

Mad woman on Virgo.

Helipad! While I was posing, I kept on rushing Teeny 'cause I was worried that a helicopter would land on me WTFF.

'I am the queen of the world!'

Anyway, regarding the cost of the cruise, I am not entirely sure how much it costs, as my mom just deducts points from her Genting card. But according to her, the price is seasonal-- sometimes it's higher and sometimes it's cheaper.

According to the website, the price starts from USD255 though. Food is fully inclusive, so you literally can march to anywhere and eat to your heart's content. Nevertheless, there are a few restaurants which you have to pay, so do be careful where you eat wtf.

As for what to do there, a cruise is really for relaxation. That is, to just eat and chill. :P There are, of course, activities all planned out, which will be laid out in the itinerary. I would suggest to pick a cruise with a destination, as the ship will then stop there, and you can disembark for a little sightseeing. In my opinion, a cruise is best to go on with a few good friends, 'cause it can get boring if you do not like a slow pace. Or bring your loved one so you can pass the day by having wild sex WTF.


Enough with going back to the past, here are more pictures from the recent cruise weekend! :)

That's a swimsuit cover-up-- it was BATHING SUIT TIME! :D

Exposure of skin makes us a little wonky in the brain. :P

With a packet of chocolates in my hand! Haihhhh tak insaf-- right before going out in public in a bikini, still want to binge on junk food WTF.

In the lift:

It wasn't till AFTER we did all these silly poses that we remember it was a glass lift. *shy*

The pool discriminates short people! >=(

The shallowest end starts with 4.8 feet. T___T

So we stuck with the boiling hot jaccuzi instead. :P

Blocking the stairs to the jaccuzi so that we could have the jaccuzi to ourselve WTF.

Swam until the skies turned dark!!!!
Haha no la, actually we only went to the pool at 6pm, heh.

Trying to lift the ruffles on my bikini bottom. Curtsy wtf.
Omg why do I have to tiptoe so much! :O

Teeny's first bikini! *shy*

Tiptoeing again. T__T


Look closely at my header...

It was on this same cruise that I took that picture of me in the pink bikini!! :P :P :P

And 2 years later. ;)

Should I be making a new header with pictures from the cruise this time around ar. -___-


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I HAVE KWASHIORKOR!!!! T____________________________T

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EHHHH i was saying "Remember to get more food for BILLY zai ar" not bobby -______- wtffff AHAHAHA thank goodness you did NOT post up the picture or else i will MURDER YOU and ban u from my party wtf... Dark age... pun intended HAAH fat and dark wtf

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your sister jing has the sickest body. and i mean that in a good way :)


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