Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy thoughts vs low spirits.

That day, Jing wore a woven head band around her head, and suddenly, my aunt rubbed her chin thoughtfully and told her that Jing reminds her of someone.

Jing flipped her hair, expecting my aunt to say 'Jessica Alba' or 'Cecilia Cheung' wtf.
The my aunt said....

"AAAH I know who! Sun WuKong!!!"


Then she further explained that it's 'cause my sister's hair is gold-ish (like monkey), and the woven headband looked like the headgear that Sun Wukong always wear... and on top of it, Jing was wearing something red that day!


Jing and her primitive side WTF.

And on the ship, I was wearing a midriff shirt... Then suddenly my mom called out: "Indian woman!". When my sisters and I started looking left and right to locate the mysterious Indian woman, my mom told me she was referring to me 'cause of my midriff top. -_________-

Getting on with the Indian rhythm wtf.

(All pictures are taken during the cruise)


Actually I was in a really really foul mood just now, but after looking at these stupid pictures, I feel a teeny bit better.
Let's just say that everything went wrong today. I had to work ultra late, which always dampen my mood; on top of that, I had to bring work back home to do. Never mind that. Then when I left client's place to go home, I decided to be adventurous and took on a new bus line. Guess what. I took the wrong bus, and ended going further away from home!!!

My client's place is already super super super far from where I stay. But I took the wrong bus and ended up at another further place (marked X), so I had to changed transport and go one big round to head back home. And when you're tired and hungry and you have work waiting for you to finish, every single minute counts! Pissing off.

Something else happened, and it's going to cost me loads to rectify the problem. Fuck. And if the problem isn't properly resolved, I am going to be mightily screwed on Friday. Double fuck. Make that triple fuck.

And one more thing. Hui Wen Hui Wen, when will you learn to not get your hopes high.

Arghhhh I can feel myself getting depressed all over again. :(


sulynn said...

i'm a silent reader (well, till now hehe) but i hope things get better! :) :) cheer up!!

oh and i love love your style and outfits!

fuzkittie said...

LOL~ that's too cute.

The Faux Fashionista said...

HAHAHA your "stupid" photos are sooo cute!

Aww cheer up hun! Tomorrow is another day *hugs* I'll leave you my phone number on MSN. When are you coming to KL next?

jeanchristie said...

Poor dear, its terribly shitty to go even further from home when your spirits are so low. Why didn't you take a cab though? .. I thought after a certain time its allowed? Or its not applicable for your firm/engagement?

Hmm ... something went wrong with your booking of tickets to come home is it?

*big hugs* cheer up dear :) everything will sort it self out in due time

-k said...

You and your sisters are adorable. And cheer up! Tomorrow is another day, and with it bring fresh new possibilities. Everything looks better after a night's worth of sleep. :)

Ashleigh said...

Awwww!!! *big hug* Cheer up, yeah?! And you must teach me that sexay Indian dance! Wtf?! Lol!

revel in me said...

sulynn: Thank youuu!! You're good in cheering me up.. *shy* :P And why is your blog locked! :(

fuzkittie: Hahahaha for the wrong reasons I think!

faux fashionista: Hahahah I think the stupidest picture is the illustration of Sun Wukong WTF. Okies dear! I will be back on the 5th Dec weekend! :)

jean: Yaaa for this engagement, the senior doesn't allow us to claim cabfare! T_T So it's bus bus train train HAIH. Err no, nothing wrong with tickets, it's something...bigger..:(

-k: You are right. :) It's now the day after, and although I only had 6 hours of sleep (sorely lacking for my standards), I am feeling much chirpier now! :)

ashleigh: HAHAHHAHAHHA OKOK but I charge wan ar HAHAHAHHAHAH

mustardqueen said...

no thanks to google hope you find ur way to action city wtf! haha you WILL eventually find something la DUN WORRYYYYYY!!! :D

smallswong said...


Anonymous said...

i'm a random reader...*virtual hugs* for you! hope you'll feel's gonna be weekends soon!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHHAHAHHA, IDIOT, I am Cecilia Cheung! *in denial wtf*

Anonymous said...

don't be angry. boo. i will still <3 you long time. boo.

ok, i give you RM50 topshop voucher. *shy*

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: I found it! :))) Thank you my resourceful baby. <333

smallswong: :(

vivyen: Hello random reader! *waves* Thank you so muchhhh!! Now THAT's happy thought-- FRIDAYYY! :D

jing: With sex scandal or without? wtf

jaclyn: Accepted! wtf *shy*

mustardqueen said...

HAHAHAH wtf with sex scandal or not AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! cannot la, sun wu kong so hairy later gutterpost complain wtf AHAH

fourfeetnine said...

love cheer up la!

oh happy thing to tell you, i'm going to singapore for the weekend in 3 weeks! if got time wanna meet up? /beg

Julie Ann said...

dont sad.

think pink.
exam fever. gah.
think pink

will see u soon k after my exmas. and then we'll play pink monopoly while sipping on pink alcohol. hahaha

Anonymous said...


revel in me said...

mustardqueen: HAHAHHAHAAHAH gutterpost!

fourfeetnine: Weren't we talking together on msn when you comment!! /boo And gosh, how I wished we COULD meet up in s'pore! :((((

julie ann: When does your exams finish? I am holding you to your word k! PINK MONOPOLY NIGHT wheeee!

jing: You are one to talk SUN WUKONG hahahhahah!

Joanne said...

your mom looks so young haha!