Monday, November 03, 2008

Hey there, little one.

Remember this?

Nov 2006.

Where we tied you to a chair and wrapped you with toilet paper and proceeded to sing you Happy Birthday songs and give you cake and presents. :P

Nov 2007. Tipsy you.

And wow, this is like the 3rd year I am doing a birthday post for you!! Has it only been 3 years since we have known each other?! Sometimes it feels like we have known each other longer than that, yet sometimes it still feels like yesterday that I bumped into you during orientation in Monash Clayton. :)

It feels strange to not be celebrating your actual birthday with you this year, considering it has been so for the past 2 years in Melbourne. Heck, it feels strange that I have seen you less than 10 times this year!!! But I guess that's the wonder of our friendship, or maybe the wonder of you, 'cause even though we haven't seen each other for a long time, when we get together, it's still a bundle of laughter, a flurry of chatter. :)

I have said all I have said in last year's entry, dammit, I really think it sums up all my best wishes and my appreciation for you. But probably what you don't know is, after graduating, after leaving Flat Hair Flat, it really hits home how much I miss having you around. From having coinciding cravings for Max Brenner, the knowing looks to hit Crown Casino for a mocha for me and a latter for you, the MSN chats although we stay next to each other-- furiously typing away to elicit laughter from the other and shouting through the wall "I CAN HEAR YOU LAUGHING hahahahahah!", to sneaking into your room and just start chatting/bitching while you munch away on honey soy chicken chips in a bowl, to sharing secrets and dreams while you whip up our classic Flat Hair Flat staple food-- the fried broccoli... Some of my happiest memories in Melbourne were shared with you. :)

We don't see each other much now, but rest assured, if I were to rattle off a list of my best friends, you will be one of the top of the list. :)

And just something that you don't know,
When I am stuck in the MRT during peak hours, crammed and packed with smelly sweaty people, I will think of the time when we were trying to act as stable as we could in the train in Melbourne, and someone told us that being stable just means that we are short and fat (something about lower center gravities, haha), and straightaway we started falling over and doing waving dances just to act 'unstable'-- that always bring a smile to my face. :)

And another you didn't know-- it has became a habit for me to automatically type SMALLS when I want to say 'small'!

And alot of things remind me of you...

Hehehe someday I will show you a collage of all the SMALLS pictures I have taken. :P

What can I say, but BFF? :)

Happy birthday, Smalls. :D


Anonymous said...

having a bff is one of the best things in life.. unfortunately i have yet to come across mine but i'm still searching :)

smalls is lucky to have you as a friend. *envious*

lacquer&lace said...
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Joshua said...

Aww, so sweeet. Happy Belated Birthday Smalls.

Hahahha to the undies picture. :P

smallswong said...

what a lovely birthday post! thank you hui wen!

it was awfully sweet reading about how our crazy antics in melbourne still keeps you smiling for it works the same for me as well. i remember the times where we are already 15 minutes late for class, but we still kept on talking in the kitchen :)

the best times in melbourne were with you and i predict we will have many many more moments as such.

thanks for travelling all the way for my party *mwahs*

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Smalls! :D

I like the pretend to fall part, HAHAHAHAHA! :D

Ashleigh said...

Awww!! So sweet! May I know why she's called smalls? Is it her size?

revel in me said...

irene: Haha, why you made it sound like it's your one true love! :P Aww, we are both lucky. ;)

joshua: Hahahah I know! Classic. ;)

smallswong: sigh, I feel like our replies to each other are super lovey, and brinking on lesbo! Hehe. Muahhhs you know I love you! :D

jing: Hehehehhe it's not pretend ok! We really fell down 'cause we are too light and thin!!! * cough*

ashleigh: Haha, she is barely 5 feet tall! :P

Anonymous said...

but finding a bff is hard!! harder than finding the love of my life (already have him hehe)!