Friday, November 14, 2008

I love you berry much!

A friend raised her eyebrow to me when she found out that the boyfriend and I have been in a long distance relationship for the past 2 years, and will be in one for the next few as well.

Silently, she told me with the slightest touch of disdain:
"When you're in a LDR for a long time, you will just continue to be in the relationship".

Though it caught me off-guard, I was quite unfazed.
But it really got me started thinking.

And the verdict? Whilst long distance relationships can be the tomb for some couples, I think so far, the boyfriend and I have managed well. :) There were days when I missed him so so much I think I could die, and there were times when we fight, but there were no make-up kisses or hugs, only screaming down the phone because that is the only form of communication we have. Times when I looked at other couples with bitter jealousy, when we celebrate birthdays apart, when I eat his favorite food and be reminded that he is not there.

But there were also the times when you do silly things to each other over the webcam.

The boyfriend showing me a pyramid.

When you recount your day to him, running over every minute detail, catching up on each other's life; laughing, giggling, chattering.

When you receive mail, real post. And when you rip open the envelope to find the familiar handwriting greeting you; the pet names, the slanted 'i's, the faint hint of cologne.

When you hug the T-shirt that he passed to you to remind you of him... As you buried your nose into the soft fabric and murmur to him over the phone how much you miss him, and how much he means to you.

Of course, the most worthwhile moment is when you finally see him after all those aching months, standing there, waiting for you. And you enjoy that one brief moment of just looking at him, thinking to yourself, "That's him, that's my boy", before he realizes you are there, and you run into his arms with all abandon.


There were many ways the boyfriend and I used to maintain our relationship while being apart-- surprise emails, long phone calls, and Skype being the more common methods. But what you all didn't know was that before I left for Melbourne, the boyfriend and I actually planned to start a blog together! :)

We first toyed with the idea of a 'relationship' blog, a private blog for both of us to just update on our lives, and basically tell each other how how much we miss the other person, haha. But the boyfriend was worried that it will challenge his masculinity I guess, 'cause soon this idea went out of the window. Then we talked about starting a food blog together, for obvious reasons-- the boyfriend and I love to eat, and LIVE to eat. But the food blog concept wasn't too appealing, 'cause as we would be in a long distance relationship, we would be blogging about food separately!! Which kind of defeats the purpose, 'cause part of the reason of doing a food blog together is so that we can try new places together. So that idea was left shelved too.

Nevertheless, I am still kind of hung up on the 'couple blog' concept-- I just think it's cute, y'know, to see things from the perspectives of both genders. Kind of like a "He says, She says" thing!

Which leads me to and! I came across these two sites on a whim to search for cute relationship blogs. In short, Berry and Lemon each gives its own take on their relationship-- a young flourishing couple. Just read through, and who knows, it might ignite memories of your first love, or your current sweetheart. :) Follow on the ups and downs of this growing relationship, blossoming into something bigger, bolder, and stronger. And hey, as you run through, you might even pick up a tip or two great ideas of things to do for your other half! :P

Remember to visit and k!

Now if you will excuse me, I will go pester the boyfriend to start a blog with me. :P


jeanchristie said...

ah. initially this was posted under October!?!

I use Skype/MSN very often too.. and yes they like to do funny things on cam ahahah

Sue Lin said...

U two are amazing! =)
Good luck with getting him to do the couple blog! =)

Alison said...

-did you copy sally jane vintage outfit description style? hehehe.. nice idea... :P good to know where you get your stuff.. ;)

-I "salute" Teeny (in her yinyang leggings in Carat club) i dont even dare to wear my pink leggings out!(i do have a pair..) and her to Carat Club??? And you and your sister's dressing style! Love them! Envy how close you and your sisters are!

-Eh Jing managed to get a channel bag! does that means she did make lots and lots of $$ with VR? I wanna open a boutique also! :P

-And you and your bf.. 5 years eh.. thats a long journey.. esp LDR.. mine dint even last 2 years.. :( can we also read your couple blog when you do get your bf in doing it?? :P

Ashleigh said...

Wow! You guys actually went through an LDR for so many years! *big shiny eyes* There is hope for me yet!!!

Anonymous said...

i first read about these two sites from suetli's blog.

hmm huiwen, i am just asking out of curiousity, really. these two blogs are personal blogs, yes? why do they wanna advertise their blogs? hmm

revel in me said...

jean: WAHHH how come you checked till my october posts!! =/ Err, ya accidentally published my draft instead!

Hahaha the boyfriend doesn't let me post the other more compromising pictures of him! :P

sue lin: Aww, that's sweet! :))) Hehe, I dunno whether he is still up for it. :P

alison: Err, no dear, I didn't copy sally jane vintage's way of description.. =/ Just thought of putting descriptions 'cause people always ask me where I get my stuff.. And I reckon alot of people are doing it nowadays! :)

Hehe, my sisters and I thank you! <3 And as for Jing's bag, she has been saving for it for the longest time! :) And HAHA, yess, if we ever have a couple blog, it will be public! :P

ashleigh: Will you be in a LDR soon!

joise: Haha, all will be revealed soon! ;)

xiang yun said...

oh my god.. my tears actually welled up with tears after reading that entry.. even more so after reading the 'I missed him so so much' post.. I am going to start LDR-ing with my bf soon as I'm going away to school next year and I am scared as hell. Thanks because your posts gave me hope. Really, thank you.

Anonymous said...

i guess this has somethign to do with ribena?

yiqin; said...

I know how it feels!!!! There are times when I dont meet my boyf often. & I feel so upset because who else can I turn to for hugs & kisses?! Sounds so childish, BUT STILL!

Accyee said...

i SALUTE how stable you 2 are! *salut!

revel in me said...

xiang yun: Oh dear! *hugs* Don't cry dear! You don't have to be afraid! It's my solemn belief that LDR actually makes couples stronger.. :) TRUST ME on this. :))))

anonymous: How do you know!

yiqin: Haha, omg you and your bf are so cute la! <333

accyee: Hehe, thank youuu! :P

Anonymous said...

you are really amazing. i am sure you will suceed.