Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I would give you my last cookie.

insidious embodiment: the other day sylvia and yvonne asked me
insidious embodiment: who buys my clothes
insidious embodiment: haha
insidious embodiment: then they ask why you never outfit me
insidious embodiment: -_-
insidious embodiment: esp sylvia
insidious embodiment: cos her brothers all never ever go shopping
insidious embodiment: the wife will buy for them
insidious embodiment: and layout what they will wear
insidious embodiment: haha
hui wen--I sold my soul for soles: your conversation with yvonne and sylvia came at the right time!!!
hui wen--I sold my soul for soles: coz i feel like dressing you up wtf
insidious embodiment: we are at opposites
insidious embodiment: i feel like undressing you
insidious embodiment: :P
insidious embodiment: ahaha

I thought he meant we were opposites 'cause he is conservative whilst I am funky!


And there was a period (still ongoing actually wtf) when the boyfriend was on a Rocky craze-- he even watched all the sequels repeatedly!!

insidious embodiment: bee
insidious embodiment: i want to chase chickens
hui wen--I sold my soul for soles: ...
insidious embodiment: that's how rocky trained
insidious embodiment: hahaha
hui wen--I sold my soul for soles: ...
hui wen--I sold my soul for soles: -____________________-
insidious embodiment: his coach gave him chicken and ask him to chase
hui wen--I sold my soul for soles: -_________________________________-


In the supermarket:

The boyfriend: BEEE!!! The keropi frog looks like you!!!
The boyfriend: GOT! The keropi frog on the far left looks like you when you PMS... And the keropi frog on the far right looks like you when you wear glasses!!!



The boyfriend: Bee! Have you seen a horse penis before!
Me: *caught offguard* Err.. I don't think so! But I have seen a donkey's one before! *kiasu wtf*
The boyfriend: Damn long wan! Even without being erected, it is like about 1 metre long!
Me: ...
The boyfriend: Wait a ninute... 1 metre long?? That's about your height!! You are as long as a horse penis!!! Hahahahahha!!!



That said and done, thank you for this sweet message that greeted me at work today. :))))

To the angel who has lit up the last 59 months of my life, the person who's both my best friend and lover, the one missing jigsaw piece in the puzzle that is my life, my ever loyal and unwavering partner, the person whose love for me has been my pillar of strength, inspiration and guiding beacon in my darkest hours, and the person whom I believe I've found my fairy tale ending in... May it be known on this special day that my adulation, affection and love for you has always been and always will continue growing, and it burns as bright as ever despite the limitations of time and the challenges of distance of our jobs.. :) You truly are the special someone who completes me, and it will be my dream come true to have you by my side for every step in life I am bound to take... Happy 59th month anniversary, hui wen! =)

When he refers me to my name (he usually calls me by varying pet names), you know he means business. ;)

Random pictures from Penang 2006.

Happy monthniversary, baby, you know I love you so much. We are hitting the big 6-0 yo! :D


The poor boyfriend is in the hospital now, for some nasty bacterial infection. Pray on my behalf that he gets well soon, and gets discharged as soon as possible? :(


Sue Lin said...

*Prays he gets well soon*

smallswong said...

59 months?!

That is nearly as old as i am :P

Happy 59 Months you two love birds!!!

Ashleigh said...

Happy 59th Month!! And hope he gets well soon!

Anonymous said...

hahaha the frog damn cute lor! hahaha

fuzkittie said...

Hey girl!

Sorry for getting back to you so late! I will allow you to submit your contest entry on the 15th... but you must keep it a secret. ;]

Suet Li said...

eh eh i always remember yours cause it's the same as mine!!! it's our 47th month today next month will be 4 years wooot!! and it's 5 for you! yays! yays! happy us! wtf
yays! 12/12 roxxxxxx lets get married 12/12/12 but i'll only be 24 wor how ah

Anonymous said...

aww you guys are so sweet!! hope he gets well soon :) so nice that you guys celebrate monthniversaries. it just makes every month that you're together all the more sweeter, doesn't it??

Anonymous said...

Happy 59th month anniversary! wow,it's going to be 5 years soon~
^.^ share the secrets of how you keep the sparks in the relationship in your next post la ok?? lol~

anyway,hope your bf gets well soon!

Hayley said...

happy anniversary hui wen!
hope your boy to get well soon!

Anonymous said...

wow 60 means 5 years lar!
congratulation :)

hopes he get well soon too!

Irked said...

Wow still count by months ah? You guys super rajin la :P

Congrats! That is one sweet note! Hope he gets better soon!

us said...
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Anonymous said...

HAHAHHAA he meant 1 foot issit hahahaha

Get well soon Hui Wen's bf!

And happy 59th! Tat and I will be lucky to reach 5 years without physically hurting each other

estherlauderlyn said...

dayumn. IF Joel could write like that! Your boy's gifted, girl :p haha. And you guys have been dating for *counts with fingers* almost 5 years!

wait let me get a calculator make sure I got that right I've lot whatsoever ability left to count ever since archi.


The Faux Fashionista said...

Referring to fuzzie's comment above, CHEATER! :P Hahaha jk, I can't wait to see your ensembles, sure damn nice wan! My entry is almost complete, I just need to photograph and edit my final outfit. :)

You guys are sooo sweet la, and your bf is so funny, damn random but its great cos he makes you laugh :) Happy 59th!

Anonymous said...

wow! hitting 6th soon, such a long long journey you 2 been thru! Happy 59th month! hope you bf get well soon..=))

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

awwww...seriously...this is sooo 'awwww'-able. And I will pray for your bf! :)

yiqin; said...

Happy monthsary! That frog is SO adorable!

Anonymous said...

happy 59th to huiwen and boyfriend!

'twas my 60th 2 months ago tooooo


superumi said...

i'm sorry to hear about your bf. hope he gets well soon. happy anniversary btw. cheers!

superumi said...

oh, lets exchange links =)