Monday, November 10, 2008

Mama mia, here I go again!

After I snapped this picture, I waved my camera to the boyfriend and quipped "Bee! Bee! See see see! My legs looked so hot here!!!" and scared the boyfriend wtf.

But damn, lace-stockinged legs look damn good, heh.

Black satin bow hairband: Forever 21
Gray shift dress with asymmetrical sleeves and pearl-strands collar: Junkyard sale
Black lace tights: Dorothy Perkins
Black & cream maryjanes: Singapore

Wore this to watch Mama Mia with the boyfriend! The boyfriend was super duper excited about the show-- despite the fact that he has already watched it with his parents the week before. In fact, he couldn't stop raving about how good the show was, and swearing how I must go watch it. He was always singing or humming ABBA songs for that whole week after he watched the movie with his parents, and everytime I called him/messaged him online, his standard reply to me was "I am listening to ABBA now!"
I swear to god, I am dating a 60-year old trapped in a boy's body. -_-

Anyway, the reason why he insisted on bringing his parents and I to watch Mama Mia the movie is 'cause...


Wheee, damn damn damn excited!! This musical by London's West End is apparently the best rendition of the musical, so we really can't wait! :P

Anyway, back to the Mama Mia the Movie. Before I watched the movie-- based on the boyfriend's feedback, and all the reviews I read online-- I gathered it was a happy-clappy, feel good movie. And hey, I am always up for movies which put a smile on your face, and set your feet tapping halfway through the movie!

But why I cried during the movie wan. T__________T

In fact, I cried a few times. T________T

The boyfriend was just laughing his head off when he saw me cry (repeatedly wtf). And then I would be crying and laughing and slapping his shoulder to stop him from choking on laughter.

But really! There were a few parts in the movie which was damn sad ok! :(

Like the part where Amanda Seyfried (playing Meryl Streep's daugghter) was going to be married away, and Meryl Streep was reminising on how fast time flies, and how her daughter is slipping through her fingers. T_T
Damn sad ok. Will my mom be equally emotional when I marry off wtf. When I have a daughter, and I need to give her away on her wedding day (not literally giving her away on the aisle, but just figuratively speaking), I will definitely weep like a baby! T__T

And another part which elicited nonstop tears from me is the part where Meryl Streep did an astoundingly superb rendition of the song "Winner Takes It All"

It is just really really sad and touching. :(

I am sorry, but I am just really empathetic like that. T_T That night, we accompanied a friend of ours at a playground whilst he lit up a cigarette and thought back about his first love-- the playground was where they used to meet and play, and it was also the place where they broke up. It was terribly saddening for me... Though we left him alone to his own thoughts, I couldn't help stealing glances at him to see whether he was ok. I just can't imagine how it is to still yearn for that someone, but.. to have him or her out of reach. My heart just breaks when I think of it. :(

Ok, this is getting a little too emo, happy thoughts.

Pray that I don't shed any tears during the musical k. :P


Anonymous said...

hi hui wen! u are so tiny..what size do u wear? im a uk 8-10 and i look chunky in tights...quite down 173cm but 55 kg..


yiqin; said...

OMG I love those tights! You look so good in it! Ah I wish I can catch musicals too.

Anonymous said...

hey,i love the way u bundled up ur hair.any chance of u telling me how to do it? thanks.

p/s; u look fab!!!!

Anonymous said...

your tights are fantastic, but not mamma mia the movie :P i found it very lacklustre la *don't kill me* i think the singing really killed it for me, not many awesome-take-your-breath-away-bulu-roma-raising moments, which is what musicals are supposed to have! :P

i do think that the west end version would be more impressive :P

and what is bulu roma in english?!

revel in me said...

anonymous: Wahhh I am not tiny!! Unless you're referring to my height. T_T I am a size 8!!! Which is gargantuan for my height wtf. DON'T BLUFF! There's no way you look chunky in ANYTHING, your height + weight is perfect-- modelesque in fact! *adoring*

yiqin: Hehe, thank you dear! Lace is my current craze now. :P

ann: Aww, thank you! :) Actually, I just took the easy way out and twisted it into a knot (letting down some tendrils) and used a black rubber band to tie it up messily! *sheepish* You can use pins instead (get those big hairpins), I usually don't use pins 'cause my hair is too thick for them! :)

foongjin: Haha, actually I didn't find the movie THAT great too! It wasn't happy enough for me! But certain parts really damn sad la, like I have mentioned wtf. But the musical better be tonnes better, consider the exorbitant prices we are forking out for the tickets!! T_T

Bulu roma... I can only think of goosebumps.. T__T

Anonymous said...

dun worry...i'm sure u'll enjoy the musical...its much better compare to the movie...FAR better..i manage to catch it during one of my flights to London...paid 70 pounds for it! T_T damn heartpain but its definitely one of my fave musicals of all time! 0:D

The Faux Fashionista said...

Meryl Streep in Mama Mia vs Meryl Streep in the Devil Wears Prada. Damn that woman can act~~!

Lovin those tights of yours!! 2 more weeks till I'm home!!!<3

Vivien said...

heheh the tights are so cute! :) i cried too, during the movie wtf. :D

Ashleigh said...

YES!! I CRIED TOO!! Every time I tell other people that I cried during Mamma Mia, I get a blank look or laughter. Usually both. Sigh...

etcetera; said...

i love your blog! gonna link you yeah =)

mustardqueen said...

eh that tights not from DP in fact it's from i-socks wtf that one is mine!!! the DP one is buried under jing's smelly clothes WTFFF BOO can ask mommy to belanja us to watch ar (exclude u wtf) cause she love ABBA HEH!

Anonymous said...

Zouk Flea!

16th November '08, Sunday
2pm - 7pm
Zouk, Jiak Kim St

Anonymous said...

lace stockings are hot!! and you look so cute in them! i wanna wear lace stockings too but i have very sensitive skin and have eczema so i can't :'(

i loved mamma mia the musical! it was such an awesome experience. everyone was into it, and some even danced in their seats!!

the movie is not as good, but it was still pretty fun to watch. but yeah, i agree that it's got some really sad bits, especially "Winner Takes It All". i was tearing while watching that scene. i watched the movie after the musical, and i was singing along to the songs while watching, haha. my poor boyfriend had no choice but to tolerate, lol.

oh! to both you and anonymous.. don't compare, i'm the chunkiest of all. i am a UK 8-10 too. i'm only 154cm and i'm heavier than anonymous!! (real weight too horrendous to be revealed wtf)

revel in me said...

joycezhi: Yayyy reassurance from someone who has watched it!!! They said west end is the best la, even better than broadway!! So I am really excited. :P And omg, can you believe we are paying around the price of 70 pounds too? More in fact! T__T 'Cause the cheaper tickets ran out, but we really wanted to watch... T__T

faux fashionista: YAYAYA I forgot that I wanted to mention that! She is damn good la! In Devil Wears Prada, I really hated her man, she was such a cold-hearted BITCH. But in mama mia, she was totally this kooky hippy, and I actually BELIEVE IT! Unlike pierce brosnan, whom I covered my eyes (and ears) everytime he began to sing. T__T

penguins: SEEEE I am not the only one who thinks the movie is sad!! Wait till I tell the bf, haha. Did you cry at the same parts as me!! :)

ashleigh: The boyfriend is MEAN MEAN MEAN, 'cause he can't stop reminding me how I cried during the movie.. T__T

bellifer: Aww, thank you love! Sure, go ahead! <3

mustardqueen: Err NO this tights is mine! I got it before I left for s'pore.. And I took it from my own closet, and unwrapped the DP wrapping myself, so I can safely say it's definitely mine. =/

joie: OH NOOOO I am so so so pissed! :( I will be back home. :((((

irene: Which mama mia musical did you watch! :))) Wahh, dance in seats, I am totally capable of that, hehe. And why ezcema cannot wear lace! :(

Aiya, 154cm is damn cute ok! Look at my super short friends (smalls and aud), get damn alot of lovin' from guys sumore.. T__T And not that I am that much taller than you! *wails

Bhavani said...

Eh. It's Amanda Seyfried la. Seychelles is the island =D


Anonymous said...

I've been refusing to watch that movie coz i'm scared I will be bored... hmm should i be regretting?!

Anonymous said...

I love your lace tights! *envious* haha. I've been looking all over for them but can never find a nice one! I must head to Dorothy Perkins tomorrow!! lol. As always, your outfit is really nice! :) I can never find such unique clothes at junkyard sales :( whats your secret?

Anonymous said...

where's i-socks? haha sorry for the long & now second comment :|

revel in me said...

bhavani: Aaah, feck. Don't know what I was thinking! -_- But damn, she is hot! <3

moi: Hmm, I was slightly bored during the starting of the show, but midway, it picked up! Just go in without any expectations, and I reckon you will enjoy the movie more! :D

rg: I got the tights from DP a couple of months back, and they were on sale! *whee* But I think even Topshop has now. :D And hehe, I have no secrets la! Just keep an open eye and mind-- anything could be an amazing find! :D

ps: i-socks is in times square! :)

Anonymous said...

yeah! goosebumps! :D thankssss! now i can go to bed with peace of mind! :P

your sis will be meeting up with my sis for handover of baju tmr. lol. finally :P

Sue Lin said...

Shit, i dunno where the lace stockings i bought fr Supre is. Never worn =(

And yeah, ur legs look hot in those stockings! =)

Anonymous said...

short and cute then okay la. but short and not cute.. not so okay. -_-"

erm can't wear lace when have eczema cos lace will irritate the skin, and i'd get rashes from it. same as why i can't wear wool either. :(

mustardqueen said...

OH SHIT i kena yam is it... T____T how much u got urs for T______T cos mine damn ex lor i wanna die wtfff (u know la it's cheaper when u get in bulk wtf but i refuse -__-)

Wendy said...

Agreed. Patterned tights work so well on legs.

jeanchristie said...

hmmmmmm.... it seems like such a long time ago since i watched Mamma Mia at the cinemas haha :p

Anyway, isn't the musical in KL/SG bloody expensive?????!!!! The boyfriend managed to catch it while he was in Melbourne for a less than 60 AUD cos it was the last few days -_________-

Btw .... is UK 8-10 the usual sizes we see on our clothes wtf sorry la I don't pay attention >.<

Have you been to Shanghai??!!!

revel in me said...

foongjin: Hahhaha I am like this sometimes too!! If I want to know something I must know it NOWWW, if not I will be itching all over, haha. Whee, hope you like the top! :)

suelin: Aww, thanks love! :) Sigh, I have goodness knows how many pairs of stockings/tights all over which I can't locate.. T__T

irene: Omg, you poor thing! :((( My friend has ezcema too, but IF I am not mistaken, she still wears lace! And haha, short automatically = cute already! :P

mustardqueen: ERRR not that bad I think! For DP standards la wtf. Yours i-socks, it's a whole different league already WTF. *pats your back sympathetically*

wendy: YESSS!! I am on a quest to find all sorts of crazy patterned tights now! Wish me luck! :P

jean: Haha, yaaa, mama mia was ages ago! I watched it.. 2 weekends ago? And wow, how come your bf watched itfor 60aud only? Is it the west end one? =/ We got the RM400-plus tix! What to do, the boyfriend too excited wtf. And em, those are UK sizes, usually for clothes from UK. A rough gauge would be: size 6- XS, size 8 - S, size 10 - M, size 12 - L.

And why so random with shanghai! Nopes, I haven't been before!

jeanchristie said...

Because I have decided to take a long break from work (helps that by some miracle the job I was booked on is now handled by another team, it was an orphan initially ^^) ...

So........ I'm going to visit my boy!! <3<3

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Unknown said...

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