Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mix and Match Challenge.

5 items, 5 looks.

Oooops! This entry was supposed to go on earlier than this, but aah, as fate had it, I could only post up the pictures now. :(

This is actually in conjunction of Fuzkittie's Mix and Match Challenge, whereby you are required to use 5 items to create three looks!

Yes, you got it, THREE.
*points above*
Stupid me didn't read the rules properly (had a really hectic week, so even when I read blogs, I speed-read!), so I mistook it as five looks.

Oh well, all is over and done with, might as well enjoy all 5 looks. :P

Anyway, here are the 5 items I have picked out:


Black satin oriental brocade bustier dress: Forever 21


Red and white striped tank: Topshop


White dress shirt with pleated bib: Seed


Electric blue tutu: Topshop


White biker jacket: Times Square

To be honest, if I have known that its using the 5 items, I might have chose different items instead, heh. Everything was so hectic!!! In fact, my pictures were taken in Sunway Hotel-- yep, you got it right, the reason why I was back in KL this weekend was 'cause my dad got a free room in Sunway Hotel (some medicine convention for doctors), and he offered the room to us 3 sisters! :P So basically, I packed in a frenzy on Saturday and just grabbed whatever my eyes laid on-- and only started experimenting in the hotel itself. T_T

Now on to pictures of the looks! :D

Look 1


Getting in tune with my childhood geek. :D And it reminds me of something a reader has commented on my blog recently: "Nothing beats geeks and tutus", haha!

And heh, my face is half-censored 'cause I was looking yucky after packing and unpacking in a rush! You can just pretend I was blowing a bubblegum. :P

3. White dress shirt with pleated bib: Seed
4. Electric blue tutu: Topshop


Black and white silk tie (knotted around neck): Topshop
Black satin bow headband (cannot be seen in picture): Forever 21
Lenseless geek frames: Thrifted
Gray knee high socks
Tan mary janes: River Island

Look 2


I have always had a fascination with flapper girls! This is my take on it with a modern twist. ;)

1. Black satin oriental brocade bustier dress: Forever 21
4. Electric blue tutu: Topshop


Black silk corsage with feathers: Salabianca
Black lace gloves: Sungei Wang
Electric blue shiny beads: Sister's
Black gladiator shoes: Forever 21

Look 3


My happy July 4th outfit, hehe. I love crazy colors, the more clashing the better-- which I am sure is no secret now. :P

2. Red and white striped tank: Topshop
4. Electric blue tutu: Topshop
5. White biker jacket: Times Square


Giant blue tartan corsage: Topshop
Black studded heels: Zara

Look 4


My sisters call this the "Air hostess". I can't decide whether it's 'funky secretary', 'new power woman' or just a hybrid of vintage + equestrian. :P

1. Black satin oriental brocade bustier dress: Forever 21
2. Red and white striped tank: Topshop
3. White dress shirt with pleated bib: Seed


Bauble-like pearl studs: Topshop
Khaki green polka dot scarf: Vintage (stolen from mom's old stash)
Brown gladiator-like waist cincher: Online
Tan vintage-esque pumps with lace trimming: Junkyard sale

Said yummy tan pumps. :D

Look 5


Rocking the rock chick in me. :P

1. Black satin oriental brocade bustier dress: Forever 21
5. White biker jacket: Times Square


Vintage scarf (tied around neck): Thrifted
Black studded heels: Zara
Gold chain suspenders (knotted around waist): Online
Grecian rope (knotted around waist): Sister's

I told you I packed for the hotel in a rush!! I was actually planning to pair the look with a black studded belt, but I forgot to bring it-- so I made do with that I had with me. Knotted the chain-link suspenders and the rope to create a layered belt look. :)

Anyway, that is all! These are some of the other looks. I *think* I might be disqualified for submitting a late entry. T_T But if I am not, remember to vote for me HERE ok (on the long side bar on the left)!

'Cause the first price is a La Mer product, and peak period is coming, so I need all the help for my skin I can get. T_T

And heyyyy, if that doesn't inspire you to vote for me... Think of this equation:

I win La Mer = yummy skin = feeling good about myself = I feel beautiful = happy and inner peace wtf = chirpiness = being talkative = I will blog more = you being entertained more = you laugh more = produce more endorphines = YOU look more beautiful!!!!

It's a win-win situation, haha! :P


fourfeetnine said...

i like the last outfit best! your hair damn sexy /boo and not because it's covering most of your face WTF

Mirthe said...

Gosh, I love your looks so much. They're really creative. Love it!

The Faux Fashionista said...

AWESOMENESS! If you aren't dq-ed I will vote for you cos damn girl you are creative!!!

Anonymous said...

OOOOHHH! I love your hair in Look 5! :D

fuzkittie said...


Anonymous said...

i honestly would say you have a good sense of style!!! unique and dare to mix and match all your clothes. bravo! definitely love the geek in tutu look.

Ashleigh said...

Dayum, babe! Your looks are all so hot!! =D You're gonna win for sure!

revel in me said...

fourfeetnine: Thank you my love you are too sweet, although you made me doubt my face WTF. <333

mirthe: THANK YOUUU!!! Happy! :D

faux fashionista: Haha, I am not in the competition! T__T Late bird gets not worm wtf. But awww, thank you, just the thought makes me smile! :)))

gwencws: HEEE I cut it myself! :P

fuzkittie: Hee! :)))

dakota: Woww, so many lovely words! :))) Thank you dear, brightens up my day! <3

ashleigh: Wahhh!! *shy* Hehe, I am out of the competition!! ('cause submitted too late T_T), but I had fun! :D

-k said...

Regardless of how you do in the contest, you look fab doing it anyway!

S h e r v e said...

J'adore the chain link suspenders and the black satin corsage! <3

vvens said...

nice one!!! :)
all the best ya!

k said...

if i entered this contest i will definitely absolutely confirm-one LOSE.

cause i'll just pair everything with black legggings, a cardi, something from mng and an oversized bag.

i only have one look. -___-

k said...

OH btw...(and this may seem a little weird..O__O)
you mentioned this last time that if we see anything on your blog and we want it we can offer you a price and you'll consider?
i want e tutu skirt.
what size do you wear?
please do consider selling it to me.

revel in me said...

-k: Gosh, that's sweet!! :D :D :D

sherve: Hee, you like S & M things! :P

vvens: I am disqualified alrdy, HAHA. But thankssss! <3

skim: But your look is hotttt! :P And ohhh, no dear, not selling this tutu! :(

Anonymous said...

Love hOw u do it . A lOt.