Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My mother went to Macao, and all she got me was this lousy shirt.


I swear, my mom hates us.

She just came back from Macao, and if the title of this entry isn't obvious enough, here are some screaming hints wtf:

Afro thing? Hairy mushroom????

The lovely sheepdog. T____________T

Furry Hello Kitty (I hate hello kitty with a vengeance). T______T

When my sisters showed me these 3 sets of pajamas (with trembling lips I may add), I literally didn't know whether to laugh or cry!! Like, WTFFFFFF?????

It was so bad that my sisters and I couldn't decide which pajama was the worst-- we couldn't even decide which one to snap up. T____T

And the irony? My mom got our maid a pair of Prada-inspired shoes. -____-

Anyway, being the good sports we are, we brought the pajamas to Sunway Hotel (where we stayed over for a night, courtesy of daddy), for our sisterly sleepover! :D

Mugshot wtf. HAHAHAHHHA seriously damn ugly la the pajamas HAHHAHAHH.

And if you are wondering how we settled on who gets which PJs.. No, we didn't do lat-dala-lat-da-li-lit-dam-bom WTF.

Sad faces 'cause have to wear pajamas like that. Seriously the faces super sad HAHHAHAHA.

Teeny in a feeble attempt to 'beautify' her Lovely Sheepdog PJs-- to no avail wtf.
And gosh, what kind of ugly puppydog face am I making! I feel like slapping myself. -_-

As much as it seems that we are pouting in almost every single picture, we were actually tipsy with laughter-- everytime we caught sight of each other wearing th ridiculous pajamas, we erupt into laughter. :D :D :D

Happy timer shots:

We were jumping in this picture ok!

You can't fake smiles and laughs like this! :D

Teeny actually sent me these pictures while I was at work (don't tell my boss wtf), and when I browsed through them, I just couldn't stop this stupid big grin from spreading on my face. Just the stupidest, happy smile. :)))))))


When you see this entry, Jing and Teeny and the woman who got us the featured pajamas will be here with me in Singapore! :D :D :D

YEAH BABY, the women of the Hoe family are going on a CRUISE this weekend! Virgo baby! Woohoooooo!!!


As a more apt ending to this entry, let me ask you a riddle:

Why when doraemon says hi to hello kitty, hello kitty doesn't say hi back?



A reader posed a continuation to the riddle:

why when hello kitty says hi back to doraemon, doraemon doesnt reply?

Do you all know the answer!!!! Enlighten me!! Work those brain muscles!! wtf


Irked said...


HAHAHAHA :P Eh cannot challenge me and my friends, k. We are the queens of lame jokes. And we will laugh til kingdom come over them, whilst everyone else gives us the biggest "Wtf eh" look haha!

The PJs are damn funny. Is that all your mum got for you girls? :-O

Accyee said...

ouuu yea they are pretty ugly. :p i dont know why but mums do that, mine does anwyay. once she got me this anime ish ish pink jacket thing and i was 17. i wanted to die.

Anonymous said...

Cuz hello kitty has no mouth?

Katie ♥ said...

'Cause hello kitty says hello! haha wtf.

my mum always gets us the lamest pyjamas also, haha. maybe they learnt it in parenting school, "buy ugly pyjamas for your daughters", HAHA! :P

Anonymous said...

hahaha yeah. coz hello kitty got no mouth.

so assuming that hello kitty has a mouth..

why when hello kitty says hi back to daraemon, doraemon doesnt reply?

The Faux Fashionista said...

I'm in my school's computer lab right now and there's this big fat dude in front of me and his stomach is hanging out of his shirt....I can see stretch marks!!! >.<

Grossness and randomness aside, omg damn funny la this post I had a lot of fun reading it even though the pj's leave much to be desired :D Why couldn't she have bought pretty headbands and accessories instead? Prada-inspired shoes for the maid? Too much!

Have fun on your cruise :)

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that it's politically incorrect to call your domestic helper 'maid' Everyone who's an Australian/Westener should know that. We don't refer to people using derogatory terms. So what if your mum bought her a pair of 'Prada-inspired' shoes? Don't you think she deserves it for cleaning up your sh*t? And you claim yourself to be 'Aussie-nised' just because you went there for uni?!?!?!

fuzkittie said...

Haha! You're too funny!!

electronicfly said...

1: No mouth
2: Their Japanese, so of course they'll say Konichiwa la!

Anonymous said...

because she called Daraemon, not Doraemon. right? right? haha

revel in me said...

sophia: HAHAHAHHA YA YA!! Omg imagine if we get together, we can conquer the world with all our lame jokes!! :P

And YESS that's all she got us.. T__T

accyee: HAHAHHA ya damn ugly man. My mom scares me! T_T Hahahahha pink anime jacket!! Did you wear it out in the end AHAHAH!

hui xian: Clever girl, HAHAHHA!

katie: HAHAHHAHA that is the answer most people would give!! (including me wtf) But the correct one is 'cause hello kitty has no mouth-- it's TRUE, go google it, hahaha! And haihh actually, my pajamas all damn cannot make it, all got holes... Maybe that's why my mom decided to take the matter into her hands wtf.

anonymous: HAHHAHA omg omg I don't know!!! I have just editted my entry to include your riddle!!! Haha! :P

faux fashionista: Stretch marks!!! Stomach hanging out!! *turns green*

Hahhaha omg they really are that ugly, aren't they!! I don't know what is wrong with my mom, she comes back and tell us how gorgeous the things are in Macao, and how shopping is super great there. Then when we asked her why didn't she get us OTHER things then, she said, 'oh I wasn't sure whether you all will like'. So she thinks we will like the PJs is it! T_T

Anonymous: Your comment is mind-boggling.

1. One very important thing, I have NEVER, EVER once claimed I am 'Aussie-nised'. Not once. I am not, not the slightest bit, and I don't intend to be. I have a soft spot for Australia, but that is entirely different from thinking I am aussie. Please make that clear.

2. I find it really amusing that you said "Everyone who's an Australian/Westener should know that." Your justification is wrong. I am not an Australian, neither am I a Westerner. I am Malaysian.

3. My blog is not a 'politically-correct' blog, and that is politically correct, I would say. I write for a mainly Malaysian audience. Malaysians generally know of domestic helpers as maids, it is not meant to be deregotary-- it's just a more well-known term, call it slang or informal speak. If I would have used 'domestic helper', not only would many people be confused, it also sounds pompous and unnecessary.

5. I am not saying that because she is a maid hence she doesn't deserve Prade-esque pumps. What I meant was my mom got a person who's not her daughter Prada-like shoes. If my mom has gotten my cousin or my grandma Prada-like pumps, and us the pajamas, I would have said the same line: "She got my cousin/grandma prada-inspired pumps. -_-"

6. Lighten up, dear, life is too tiring if you read so deeply into everything, and to take things so seriously. :) And if I ever see a sense of humor for sale, I will refer you.

fuzkittie: Hahaha, the joke is on us sisters!!!

revel in me said...

electronicfly: HAHAHAHAH why your answer for the 2nd riddle so deep wan! Is that the correct answer!! I don't know the answer. :(

sam dang: What is Daraemon!! Is that some jargon that only hello kitty/doraemon fans will get. T__T

Anonymous said...

read your post, there was a typo. hahah

Anonymous said...

HEre you go, doraemon don't have ears =)

Anonymous said...

because Doraemon doesnt have ears and he cannot hear =)

Anonymous said...

Cox Hello Kitty only says Hello, and Doraemon got no ears! Hahaha!

Uhh about those pyjamas, well at least you and your other 2 sisters got smtg in common HAHAHA

Accyee said...

hahaha so lame la no mouth, no ears lol. doraemon has no ears meh? haha. and no way i never wore it 0_0

Ashleigh said...

She went all the way there and she only got you kid's pyjamas? =(

Hahahahaha!!! Doraemon hasn't any ears and Hello Kitty no mouth! LOL! XD

Anonymous said...

haha thanx for including that riddle.

ooops. lol i made a typo.. not daraemon. lol meant to type doraemon.

yeah hui wen.. some of u might have already guessed it right.

Doraemon has no ears!! xD


-anonymous that posted the continuation of the riddle

Anonymous said...

But i am curious if Hello Kitty doesn't have a mouth, how can she says Hello??? :P

mustardqueen said...

-____________- assume hello kitty got mouth can say Hello wtf these kinda joke damn hard lor have to make assumptions =.=

Irked said...

The answer is that Doraemon has no ears LOL. Too bad for both cats la, they're both deformed!

Joshua said...


The riddles damn hard okay T.T

ANd how did you all decide who gets which pajamas? I assume the early birds took the ...better worm. WTF. Haha.

The Faux Fashionista said...

HAHAHAA your readers all damn layan lor :D