Saturday, November 08, 2008

Princess Saltiest Smalls!

Wahh, glorious weekends. :)
Slept like a baby till 1pm today, and dreamily opening your eyes to check the time, to find out that you can continue to sleep on-- is the BEST feeling ever! :P


In fact, I am feeling so energetic now, that I went though all the toil and trouble of sifting through Facebook pictures for Smalls and Shannon's birthday bash!
The one that I rushed straight after work/traveled 6 hours/went across country borders wtf for.

To find myself reaching at 1.30am.
The party started at 9pm. T__T

Though my estimated arrival time was actually 2am! So good job, hui wen! wtf

Anyway, enough nonsense, and let's move on to the happy-clappy pictures-- of my first ever halloween party nonetheless! ;)

Princess Salty Smalls 22nd Birthday Bash:

(Those are BOMBS strapped on her-- drink alcohol somemore! BA-BOOM wtf)

If you think he was dressed as a ninja master you are wrong, HAHAHA. His costume will be revealed later, haha!

And the party was called Princess Salty Smalls 'cause it was actually a joint-birthday celebration of 3 people! Sarah (aka Princess, born on 1st Nov), Shannon (aka Saltydogg, born on 2nd Nov) and Smalls (aka Smalls wtf, born on 3rd Nov), such a coincedence right! :P

With devil-ish Victoria here! She went as a kick-ass corpse brider for the Nuffnang halloween party the following night! *shivers*

And hehe, I was a geisha for the night! Super kan cheong ok, I didn't know what to go as (no time to think, 'cause it was a busy week for me)-- even on Friday itself (the day of the party), I had to sneak out during lunch break to go to S'pore costume rental shops with Mey!!!

In the end, I decided to just go with the slutty geisha thing-- bought a silk robe and a sakura (cherry blossom) hand-painted fan (super last minute) from Chinatown. Used Jing's super long belt obi belt sash, and voila, I was ready to go! :P

With Joelene (dark angel) and Julie (Red Riding Hood)!

Joelene looks SO SO SO hot here. *admiring*
And stupid sister and Mey asked me to draw my lips really small when they found out about my geisha idea. T__T

Chris, the geek! Which is really funny, 'cause in real life, Chris is really smart and intellectual, but totally cool k! :P

Everyone came in such cool costumes! Like, everyone really put in effort, and everywhere you turn, you're just amazed! :)

Chinese ghosts. T_T

They are so scary k! When I first went into the apartment, they were sitting in a row on the sofa, and just.. staring offspace. Immersed in the character wtf. T___T

With Andrew! Who was supposed to be Phantom of the Opera? But it's the wrong mask, tsk! :P

And I realised from the pictures of the night, I was pouting in practically every single one of them! It's like, either I didn't know what to do with bright red lips, or maybe I was deluded enough to think that geishas pout a lot wtf, I don't know. T_T

Pout count = 1

Pout count = 2
Why am I like this. T___T

And as you can tell from the picture, obviously Julie and Smalls were drunk drunk drunk right! They insisted that they will remain sober till I arrive-- what a load of bull! :P

Pout count = 2.5 ('cause half-pout wtf)

With xxxx xxxxx xxxxx the Third or something like that! Haha, I swear to god, he really rattled off a really long name when I asked him what he was! And he even bowed!

He also told me that 'cause of my costume, I looked like Sora Aoi -- a Japanese porn star WTF. -__________-

(I googled her up, and she is quite hot WTF)

This is Sarah, aka Princess, aka one of the birthday girls! And Power Rangers hahaha. Don't ask about the guy far right, I will get to that later wtf.

Sarah came as Alice in Wonderland! Which was what I intended to go as at first. Thank god I didn't, 'cause Sarah bought her costume online, and it's the cutest thing ever! Whereas I was planning to make do with a blue dress and an apron wtf.

Mad scientist, and slut. T________T

HAHAHHA the saber is so pointing at the wrong place!

Princess Jasmine, Alice in Wonderland, Dark Angel, Red Riding Hood, and Ailin, I am not entirely sure what she was that night though,didn't get a chance to talk to her!

I originally wanted to go as Red Riding Hood too! 'Cause I have a red cape. But in the end I thought a cape isn't slutty enough, HAHAHA. And thank goodness too, 'cause Julie makes such an adorable Red Riding Hood! :P

Ti Cheng, as James Bond. HAHAHHA damn not used to seeing him so suave!

If you haven't guessed already, this is Shannon! And Jonathan, as Joker (eh why this Joker sticking out his tongue wtf).

When I stepped into the hall, Jon was one of the first few people I saw. I stared at him, did a double take, and hugged him while exclaiming "JON!! Haven't seen you in ages!! HOW ARE YOUU!!" The Smalls looked at me in amazement, "HOW the hell do you know who he is???? When he arrived I stared at him for a good whole 10 minutes! And I thought he was a party-crasher!" Hahaha!

With terrorist bomber.
And Brian, the karate kid. Why is Brian so weird. T_T

Pout Count = 3.5

Giong Si wtf (Chinese jumping zombie hahaha)

And Pout Count = 4.5

HAHAHHA in Facebook, Jon (aka Joker) commented that he and Giong Si are brothers from a different mother HAHAHHA. Look at the make-up geddit geddit! HAHHAHAHA

Drunken girls are scary! Look at how scared Petrina (far right) was!

Especially Julie. T_T Who kept on jumping on me, and toppling me onto the bed the whole night. And trying to pull down my robe. And kissed my neck.

I felt so violated! T___T

Hahahahah this picture looks so wrong! The new Bond girl wtf.

Darth Vader has spoken!!!

I think here Shannon was actually instructing everyone to keep quiet 'cause apparently the whole building was complaining about the noise we were making, and the guards were threatening to forfeit their deposit!

Morpheus! :P

Superman vs Neo. *gushes* hahaha!

There was one point when I saw Morpheus (aka Sam) walking around in casual clothes, so when I saw Neo (I forgot his name, damn), I asked him why did he strip Morpheus wtf. Then in one fluid motion, he put on his sunnies and told me "I am Neo", and awestruck, I went "Oh I see", hahaha!

HAHAHHAHA Joker holding Darth Vader hostage. Gosh, Jon just give me the chills la!

And he was totally into his character!
I asked him innocently where he got his face paint (I thought I could incorporate it into my geisha costume next year WTF), and he grabbed my chin, and told me in a hissing tone:

"Do you know how I got the scarrssss on my face?" *hiss hiss* "My wife...."
Just like how Heath Ledger did it! Damn scary. T____T

And he would do it everytime I as much as lay my eyes on him! After that I just walked about avoiding his eyes. T_T

Wahhhhh Superman flying off! And Joelene just looks so cute here. :P

I was wondering why Superman (aka King)'s cape is bellowing behind him, when I realised that most probably someone is holding it up hahaha.

With Sara! Who didn't wear a costume. >=(

Pout Count = 5 (another half pout here again wtf)

With Hui Loo (aka hot doctor, but she removed her white coat) and Jason (aka devil/male slut).

A friend of mine commented on this picture on Facebook: "welcome to the real side of huiwennn!! +)"


Pout Count = 6

or Pout Count = 7 if you include Joker's pout at the corner WTF

On the bed where I spent most of the night at. Gosh, look at Jon, he is just SCARY!
Whereas I looked scary in another context altogether wtf.

Anyway, there was way way too many pictures and cool costumes which I didn't capture, but before I go, let me present you with one more picture of myself wtf:

Pout Count = 7

Move aside, Angelina Jolie, haha!


Anonymous said...

hun what's kan cheong? And you look prettyyyy omg omg

jeanchristie said...

so more halloween parties to come yes???! haha :P

anonymous: kan cheong = nervous/excited/anxious (in cantonese)

fourfeetnine said...

eh u should have worn one grey contact then you look like sayuri in memoirs of a geisha WTF

Anonymous said...

where did u get the flower ? the one on ur head i mean haha

revel in me said...

anonymous: Haha, kan cheong is anxious/rushed/nervous in Cantonese! :) And goshhh, you are too sweet! You are making me kan cheong already, HAHA!

jean: Haha, more to come, but have to wait 1 year la wtf.

fourfeetnine: Omg that's brilliant, why didn't I think of that!! *suck up wtf*

alicia: Haha, I got it from Axcess! But I got it when I was in form 1 or 2! :P

Anonymous said...

WAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh u guys had the most awesomest party EVER!!!!!!!!!

i like the lady kiong sih,,,she luks effing scary!!! muahahaha


Anonymous said...

baby, you can pout at me anyday *wriggles eyebrows

Irked said...

LOL actually Shan's bday is Nov 1 and Sarah's is Nov 2 :)

LOL I think Kwan was just meant to be himself LOL

revel in me said...

yee: Hahaha, it was awesome, 'cause everyone was so sporting! And it didn't hurt that almost everyone was tipsy-happy! :P

jia meei: I will give it to you!! *pout pout*

sophia: Haha, oops I must have heard wrongly! It's really hard to keep track, what with all the S in the names and the sequential dates, haha! And that andrew arrrr, cannot make it. -_-

Anonymous said...

the superman damn cute. not supposed to be blue one meh! hahaha.

you have got a pout-o-meter ;p

Ashleigh said...

Hahaha!! Trout pout alert! =D

mustardqueen said...

pout-o-meter EH all ur pout not geng enough lor!!! WHY U DIDNT DRAW UR LIPS SMALL SMALL LIKE SAYURI??? >=(

Joshua said...

Hahah, yalah! And add flour make-up wtf.

:D Damn nice to see people dress up for Halloween!

revel in me said...

vvens: Haha you meant the costume was cute, or the BOY in the costume is cute!! *wink wink wtf

ashleigh: Haha, it's a sexy trout ok! :P

mustardqueen: CANNOT LA, I can't carry off ok. T___T

joshua: Yaya put flour, and take the risk of my mischievous friends throwing eggs on my face WTF. YAAA damn fun to see what people came as! :P

Julie Ann said...


i waited for u k. i wasn't drunk. i was tipsy. cos i waited for u! *shifty eyes*

and i didn't violate u. i was helping u pull up your robe cos u wanted to take it off. and i got kiss your neck meh? *shy*
and i was tipsy.. tipsy!

Anonymous said...

babe..excuse my ke-pohness but is it true that sonia n her gf slapped Cynthia at this party?? Their names r out but did u actually witness it???

Anonymous said...

Not sure where to post this but I wanted to ask if anyone has heard of National Clicks?

Can someone help me find it?

Overheard some co-workers talking about it all week but didn't have time to ask so I thought I would post it here to see if someone could help me out.

Seems to be getting alot of buzz right now.