Thursday, November 06, 2008

Sunday Morning.

I get on a shopping ban, but today I spent SGD20 on a tub of Ben & Jerry's and a packet of Tim Tams. -__-

If you don't let me indulge in one of my greatest life pleasure (shopping, duh!), I will just find my joy elsewhere, sigh.

I am going to talk about food today! 'Cause if I am going to be binging over food and feeling guilty,I want everyone to feel hungry too. *vengeful wtf*

A Sunday breakfast, to be precise! :)

Sweater with embroidered bow and red plastic buttons: Volcom
Faded black denim cropped pants: Miss Selfridge
Red velvet bow hairband: Zara
Bag: Kate Spade
Navy patent pumps with back bows: Curve

I was going for this preppy, goody-two-shoes vibe, 'cause... I dunno, of the whole Sunday brekkie thing?

Y'see, it's been ages since I woke up in time for breakfast (minus work days, unfortunately)! So going out for breakfast is a big deal for me! :P

I have never been a morning person. *shifty eyes*

Haha, in fact, there was one period in life (namely for the past 2 years WTF) where I only woke up in time for TEA! I purposely arranged for all my classes to be in the afternoon-- and when I have unavoidable morning classes, I skip them WTF.

And whenever the boyfriend and I go for holidays-- I could never EVER wake up for those hotel buffet breakfast! He would be all up and ready by 9am, frantically trying to wake me up before the buffet ends-- and it never works! Then he would forlornly go have breakfast alone... and come back to find me still sleeping, HAHAHA.

Anyway, I really have to blog about this, because this is such an awesome place to have breakfast at, and at very reasonable prices too! :)

Decanter! Not the infamous bar joint at Hartamas, but rather, the original Decanter branch in D'sara Heights! I never knew such a place existed, but hallelujah to a boyfriend with exceptional navigating skills. ;) This branch is more of a restaurant/cafe, and as you will see soon, totally worth a visit!

The interior is sunny, cheery and cosy, and utterly charming! :)

You will see families, friends and couple (we were the only one *shy*) sipping on cuppas, flipping through newspapers, feeding toasts... and for one ang mo, puffing on a cigar wtf. It's just really pleasant to see people starting off their days. :)

And now, to the really yummy food!

Banana pancake with caramel sauce.

I was going to take the Blueberry pancakes with vanilla sauce, but the waiter recommended this banana one. And oh yea, it was GOOD! It's more like crepe than pancake actually, which made it even more suitable as a breakfast goodie. And the caramel sauce, sinful as it was, reminded me of vanilla and butterscotch and custard.... MMM.

The best part? This pancake only cost RM5.90! :D

The Big Breakfast-- sausages, scrambled eggs, baked beans, toast and ham.

I think this was RM15.90, and it came with a coffee/tea. Totally worth it! Back when I was in Melbourne, the girls and I occasionally treat ourselves to those yummy breakfasts on Degraves Street. A simple breakfast like that will set you back about 15AUD!!

In fact, there was once Jac and I were feeling particularly indulgent, so we ordered many sides for our breakfast-- without realising that each side cost about AUD5. T___T Our breakfast came up to 20-over AUD each. T____T

Scones! I LOVE scones. :)))

And this is a total bargain, haha! It cost RM5.90 for FIVE scones!!! FIVE!! 2 scones at Delicious will set you back about RM8!!! Admittedly, the scones at Decanter is a tad too hard/crunchy for my liking-- I like scones slightly crumbly and soft inside; but it more than makes up for it with its price, and the variety of spreads that come with it! Jam, cream, butter, and KAYA! How often do you have scones with kaya, haha!

We were overlooking the playground! And I suggested going out to play after our breakfast. :P

Sigh, I was so happy the whole day, after the breakfast. There is some truth in it that a breakfast is the best way to start the day ('cause I usually don't take breakfast)? :P So people, if you ever feel like treating yourself to some good old English, or even Malaysian breakfast (Decanter serves nasi lemak and whatnots as well), remember to drop by Decanter k! :)

The boyfriend said he will give me some money soon to help him revamp his wardrobe!
WHEEEEEEEEEE isn't that so fun!
My mind was already running amok with fedoras, scarves, brogues, briefcases, vests...
Then he nervously told me to "Tone it down, can ar, baby..."


But really! Don't you think it's so fun to dress the boy up! *rubs hands in glee*


Anonymous said...

Yes it will!
U think what comments his friends will have ar!

Bhavani said...

Hey! I know this place, I used to have lunch there every now and then when I was working in real estate with my uncle (he like their strawberry milkshakes heh) and we spent a lot of time in d'sara heights it's a cosy place isnt it :D

..never been there for breakfast though, i usually wake up just in time for lunch -.-

Anonymous said...

i dreamt of it before and also the post after.

mustardqueen said...

BOOOOOOO WHENNN????? I need goood breakfasts lor I dun wanna eat stupid pork ball noodle!!! -___- YEAYYY PICNIC WHENNN????

*~The World is My Catwalk~* said...

Oh my.. those foodie pictures are making my mouth water!!!!

Girl I love your sweater... your outfit looks so preppy and SWEET at the same time!! It suits your personality really well!

Anonymous said...

oh you evil woman hahaha! it's 3 in the morning and i'm drooling over the banana pancake! (no really, thanks for the recommendation :P) now the bf will be hearing non stop about this place. RM 5.90 so cheap! :P (the bargain hunter in me cannot pass up a good bargain, no matter what type it is :P)

Anonymous said...

i found a place that serves really HUGE breakfast that can probably serve 3 for like AUD 22. I MUST TAKE YOU THERE.

oh i miss you, fellow food kaki, and our thursdays spent exploring nice eating places. kev's no match for you!

Anonymous said...

i know this decanter! cos i use to stay nearby and it's near my old primary school wtf

hahahah your shopping ban never mind it's the thought that counts

Anonymous said...

that place rocks..yeah..a tad pricey for brekkie...but it's pretty much standard pricing everywhr here i reckon..

but u can get cheap,relatively good foccacias for like aud6.50!!

and...and..the lil'boutiques on Degraves can sometimes fetch u good stuff too..hehe!

have a good day lovely:D

Joshua said...

Daaamn cheap. Now I just have to drag Jing up in the morning, wtf.

Yes, dressing up a boy is fun, I do it every morning, wtf. :P

Ashleigh said...

Wow!!! I wish I can dress my boy up... D= He's so unbelievably stubborn in his shirt-shorts-Crocs ensemble.

Anonymous said...

shopping ban doesn't apply to food wan okay?! (that probably explains why my expenses on food are ridiculously high when i'm on a shopping ban lol)

i love your sweater! and the bows! on your shoes AND your sweater!! too cute for words. :)

it's absolutely fun to dress a boy up, but more often than not, our boys always refuse. like as if we're going to turn them into a freakshow or something. pfft. on the other hand, i refuse to allow my boy to choose my clothes. he always points out the most lala looking clothes in the mall -_-"

revel in me said...

nana: Hahaha, I think they will kick him out of the gang wtf.

bhavani: How are their lunches!! I wouldn't mind dropping by to try out. ;) And don't worry, breakfasts are rare occurrences for me too. T_T

april: WHATTT!! That's so scary!!! Can you predict what I am going to blog about next, haha.

mustardqueen: HAHAHA pork ball noodle!!! Let's go! Both our picic and decanter k! <3

the world is catwalk: The food taste as good as they look! :P And aww, thank dear for the compliment! <3

foongjin: HAHHAHA bargain hunter wtf. Damn cheap right! :D I don't think you will regret going to the place! :)

jaclyn: I KNOWW!! I was thinking of all those times we went food-hunting.. T_T Next year k, you bring me to the huge-ass brekkie place! And we go makan-makan again! *kicks kev aside wtf*

jiameei: Food doesn't count as breaking the ban right!! HAHAH the thought that counts, I like the way you think WTF. Then have you eaten there before? Bring litat! :D

nore3n: I love eating breakfast and sipping mochas with my gfs on degrave's!!! Sigh, how I miss melbourne. And MELBOURNE SANDWICHES, the bombo! <3 You should try this place called Red something, they have this really fantastic caesar salad pizza! :P

joshua: We can go together if you like! The you me ting can wear our boots and leave jing out WTF. HAHAHAH I am still looking forward to find out what you wore for last day of school! :P

ashleigh: NOOOO not crocs! :( You have to persuade him! Everyday show him justin timberlake's pics WTF. But surprisingly, my bf willingly approached me, without any coaxing from me, haha!

irene: You always come up with the sweetest things to say! T_T OMG I am like that too, I LOVE spending on food! With or without shopping ban wtf. Haha, my bf IS a little scared of my dressing sense la, it took him 5 years to accept it WTF-- He is the conservative type! So if I let him dress me up I will be in tees and sneakers. T_T

Anonymous said...

Red something??!!!!HAHAHAHAH...hunny, that SO helps.i'm sure i'll find this Red something place...hahah..ure soo cute!


KITMEY said...

you and your SGD$18 and below only... not working on me hui wen. Nah ah.

i mean, looking at your brand caption.

Anonymous said...

Haha that Decanter is next to Secret Recipe right which is near Cempaka haha we used to go that alot after school or errr during school HAHA!

revel in me said...

nore3n: Haha, nono, it's quite easy to find! It's at one end (I forgot which end wtf) of Degraves! And it looks new and bright, HAHA! I remember there was this mural of a funky cat, if that helps, HAHA!

kitmey: Haha, really la, I don't shop in s'pore, 'cause everything is more expensive! Only for brands which we can't get back in KL.. the only one I can think of it River Island. -_- And I only buy 'branded' items for basic items like jackets or bottoms k! :P

When are we going shopping.. *shiny eyes*

sofia: Is it near Cempaka? Aha, I am such a jakun! When my bf brought me there, I was like WAHH WHERE IS THIS! It was only till I googled for the map I found out it's in d'sara heights, haha! :P

Natasha Lim said...

shopping ban for 5 whole minutes only you mean...


Anonymous said...

lol...alright..will be heading towards the City tomorrow arvo for this Vintage sale thing and i'll prob chk out this Red something ure talkin about...prob have lunch thr or smthing..

will DEFINITELY keep a look out for the funky-cat-thingamajig ure on MIGHT help tho :P

jeanchristie said...

i really like the sweater!!

Isya said...

oohh, ive been to that decanter and had the banana crepe thing. it was to die for!!! and im craving for it now...

revel in me said...

natasha: Hahaha, that is relative WTF.

nore3n: What vintage sale? Omg that sound so awesome!! And HAHA err you never know, the funky cat could be the ultimate landmark! :P

jean: Thank you!! <3 I got it from Melbourne, General Pants & Co.! :)

isya: DAMN NICE RIGHT the crepes! At first I was a little wary that of the caramel sauce, 'cause I was afraid it'd be too sweet, but it was just AWESOME! <3

Anonymous said...

yeah...there was this vintage sale thingamajig on bourke 2frens had a stall that's how i knew about it.was pretty good i reckon:)

btw, didn't manage to catch funky cat*sob* the Man was not feeling well towards the end so had to go bck home.i'll chk it out sometime soon i guess;)